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1. US 84-145 LOVE AND TRUST / RAPID FIRE GURURAJ: ...depend on machinery. OK? Sounds better. I don't know if it has been explained to you, but the way that we greet is this. It means that the thought, word and deed... I salute the divinity within you, for divinity is always all pervading and in every cell of your body. So that is the divinity we aim to recognize within in all. That recognition comes firstly by recognizing the divinity that is within you. Then you will see everything around to be divine. Good, what shall we squeak about tonight? I mean, speak about tonight? Hmm? Question? Don't you want this slightly louder? Because I can't hear myself speaking. Yes testing, testing, testing. And he has tested well. Thank you. CHELA: Beloved Guruji, what are the constituents of love and trust? GURURAJ: Love and? CHELA: Trust. GURURAJ: And trust. Sometimes I have a bit of trouble with the American accent. There are so many languages I do speak. You know, English, Americanese, Pekingese. What are the constituents of love and trust? As soon as you try to break up love into parts or segments, love disappears. Love is a totality, a oneness that is beyond any definition. And that which is definable can only be defined by the limitedness of your mind. And your mind is very limited. So is everyone else's. Hmm? So love is something infinite which the mind tries to understand. The mind, being finite, could never understand the infinite. So how do we go about recognizing love? We go about experiencing love because there's a great difference between experience and understanding. Understanding is limited only to your little mind, twelve billion cells in this little brain box, and yet you use only one millionth of twelve billion cells. So the capacity of the mind is small. So love is understood by the heart. Now by heart we do not mean this little physical organ that's there. We mean the c ore of your personality, the core of yourself, and that core is divinity. Call it God, if you wish to. And God is love. For if you can ever define love, then you can define God which is indefinable. For in love we do not know we are loving. True love does not ever know that it is loving. True love is a happening; it's an experience. It is a celebration from the core of

2. US 84-145 yourself, and everything around us is celebrating. Hmm? The flowers, the trees, the birds. All celebrating in its own joyousness. But, why do we not feel that celebration? It is because we try to superimpose our minds upon that celebration. And life itself is a celebration. You can not separate life from love. On one of my recent talks in America, a person asks me, "I go through life. Plus, plus, plus..." I said, "No, you do not go through life. Life goes through you; and who are you? That is the pivotal question that you have to ask yourself. Hmm? Who am I? Am I real? Am I unreal? What is the conception of myself?" All of you sitting here have two arms, two legs, and all of the various organs of the body. But yet, you are so different from each other, aren't you? Your difference between each other depends entirely upon your perception. The greater awareness you develop, the more will you experience love. The greater awareness you develop, you will see life from a totally different perspective. What do we mean by perspective? It's the angle of vision. From where are you looking? Hmm? You are not looking at all. You are just seeing. And seeing involves your five physical senses, and seeing is one of the five. They all work in combination to all of them. Hearing, tasting, seeing, smelling, feeling. They work in combination. So your perception is limited to the sensory input from the environment. And how true is that sensory input? Hmm? Someone would look at this glass here and find it to be beautiful. Another person might be looking at the same glass and not find it beautiful at all! Because the mind will start thinking that this is just an ordinary glass. It's not that crystal, that pure crystal glass, so therefore it's no good. But to me the glass is the glass. That even if it were a pure crystal or an ordinary glass, it would still contain... would contain the same amount of water according to its size. So this is what perspective is all about and attitude is all about. Am I going to drink the glass, or am I drinking the water? Some of you will say this glass is half full. And some of you will say this glass is half empty. Do you see? Perspective. Changing of attitudes towards life and living. Now, how does one change these attitudes? There lies the secret of life. Because as your awareness grows, as your awareness develops, you would find everything beautiful. There is no such thing as ugliness. The ugliness is in your own perception. And that goes to prove the old saying that beauty lies in the eye of the beholder. For example, you see a boy and girl walking down the road. She is very pretty, and he might not be good looking, as the word goes. And then many people ask a question. I wonder what she saw in him? They ask that question. So you are looking and judging from your perception, but are you looking from the mind of the girl that found such beauty in the person who seems ugly to you? Now, how do we change our perception of things? Hmm? It is very easy. It is only by diving deep within in ourselves. We function on the surface where the waves are turbulent; yet it just requires diving slightly deeper down to find that calmness that is there and forever there. And yet if you have to be mixed up in the turbulent waves, then why not become a surfer and enjoy surfing. So even the turbulence of the waves could be made into great, deep pleasure and pleasurable. So when it comes to love, you do not question love at all! I've said this before, in some lecture somewhere,

3. US 84-145 I've gone right around the world and I think in the past ten years I've done over four thousand talks. And if you love someone, and the person asks you, "Why do you love me," and, if the reply is this, that you've got a cute nose or lovely eyes or beautiful hair or a beautiful ... something like that. Hmm? Whatever. That is not loving. But if the person answers to you, "I don't know why." There is love. There is love because love requires no qualification. It can not be quantified and neither can it be qualified. It is a happening that happens within oneself. Now in order to love someone deeply one has to learn to love oneself first. Through the meditational and spiritual practices which thousands and thousands of people round the world are doing , they start discovering themselves. Discovering, that's a lovely word. You are now covered and "dis" means negating the covering. That is dis cover. Hmm? Not uncover, discover. It has a stronger connotation. So, through spiritual practices we dive deep within ourselves to the Kingdom of Heaven within. Hmm? To that vast reservoir of energy and of light. We start using that little mind we have, and through a systematic, scientific process we dive deeper and deeper within ourselves. We go beyond the conscious level of the mind. We go beyond the subconscious level of the mind until we reach the superconscious level which is totally clear like clean glass. Unblemished at all. And we allow that inner self, that inner core which we might term the spirit to shine through that clear glass so that it starts penetrating the subconscious level of the mind to the conscious level of the mind, and the conscious level of the mind naturally must have an expression, and it expresses itself through our daily action. Now this is not compartmentalized. It is a continuity. A continued wholeness. It is a wholeness, a totality. So at the one end you find the gross level of the mind and at the other end the subtle level. Now the gross level of the mind is influenced by the subconscious mind. The subconscious mind is a memory box that contains all the experiences that you have gone through in this life, or previous lives if you believe in that. It does not matter. Every action you are performing physically is controlled by the conscious mind, the thought level, and that in turn is controlled by the subconscious mind which has all these impressions. That is why two people in a similar circumstance will act totally differently because of what is contained in the cubbyholes of the subconscious mind. So, are you really living? No, you are a puppet controlled by the impressions that are imbedded in the subconscious mind. And it is the subconscious mind that makes you think in certain ways that you think. Hmm? In any case, people think that they think, but they really do not think! They are just bringing out memories that are in the subconscious. They are just bringing out those memories and comparing it to the daily happenings around you. You draw out the files of a cubbyhole. You see this glass and you recognize the glass because there is an impression of a glass the memory of a glass it is in your subconscious. And because there is that memory, it will start comparing. The subconscious starts comparing and tells your conscious mind that this is a glass. And that is the level on which people function.

4. US 84-145 That is the level on which people function even in love. The experiences you have had of love go only as far back as your subconscious mind. Therefore, the experience is not real. It is not love. It is a kind of infatuation. You get attracted by certain qualities of a person. There might be some physical compatibility. Uhh. You know, the western system of trial before marriage and all that. Then you have mental compatibility. You enjoy the same kind of music. You enjoy Bach, Beethoven, Mozart... You enjoy the same kind of art. You might like Van Gogh, both of you. Van Gogh poor fellow, he cut off his ear. He should have cut off his brain. But he was a great artist. Ahh. Why was he great? Because he was brainless. He never functioned from the brain level. He functioned from a deeper level that goes beyond the thinking brain. Therefore, it is portrayed in his art. So, if you want to experience love, it must not come from the mind or brain level. Love is something irrational, and as soon as you make love rational, love loses its value, and you can't trust it. Because tomorrow something else will happen and that love will take a right about turn. Hmm? Now if in the beginning, if it was real love, it could never take a right about turn. Two people seemingly in love with each other should never look into each other's eyes. But, two pairs of eyes must look in the same direction. What's the sense of me looking into your eyes and just melting away? Ooh, la, la, la. Surface level. You're playing with waves of the ocean, but you haven't dived deeper within yourself. And spiritual practices and meditation help you to dive deep within yourself. Mar riages today in the Western world: you will find one divorce out of every two marriages. Hmm? Sometime ago it was one divorce out of every two and one half, but now the figure is closing up. One divorce in every two marriages! Why? Because people are fragmented. One thought pulls this way, the other thought pulls the other way. Hmm? All different kinds of angers develop. Anger leads to anxieties. Anxieties lead to mental turmoils. You are upset. Hmm? Do you see? Because of fragmentation. Now what we have to do, what people have to do and that's 99.999% of the world's population is to lead themselves from fragmentation to integration where they function in wholeness. Mind, body and spirit. It is a continuum. But we, with our little, thinking, rational minds, create compartments where there are no compartments at all. Hmm? When I love someone I would never say I love you. No. Because there is a dualism there: I and you. I would rather say, "I am love and you are me. You are love and I am you." No separation exists. A total oneness. For I'd be viewing it not from the little, thinking mind and not from the emotional side of myself. Because emotions are also conditioned. Emotions are produced by thought and feeling. But I'd be looking from the deeper side of myself which we call the spirit. And the spirit knows of nothing else but oneness because there is only one spirit. There is only one God, to put it in theological terms.

5. US 84-145 So how can you discriminate love from trust? Trust is also a mental quality. If I have five dollars in my pocket and I give it to you and say look after it for me, it is because I have trust that you will look after it. How far can one go with trust? Because there is a lot of "rust" in trust. And yet funny enough, the entire world operates on trust. It does. How do you know you are your father's son? Hm? Because your mother has told you that, and you trust her. She might have gone for a walk. Who knows? You make a business deal with someone. And I have been in big businesses. At one time I was the director of twenty eight companies, right, from films, finance, textiles, properties, and blah, blah, blah. Yes. Most of the deals I've done was at the dinner table or over lunch. We agreed on something and shook hands, and then later the secretaries would type up the papers. Hmm? It was done. Trust. Right. How do you know that you are going to reach home safely tonight in your car? You trust that you are going to reach home safely. You trust you are not have a puncture, or someone else is not going to knock into you. So trust is a vital factor. When you love, trust is one of the ingredients of love. It is one of the ingredients. It is not something conjured up by your thinking mind. It is something inbuilt in that which you call love. Right. You come to listen to Gururaj tonight, and your husband says, "Look here. I want to be out with the boys." How do you know he has gone out with the boys and not to some other girlfriend? How do you know? But the important thing to keep that marriage happy is to trust. You take his word. That's what you do. That he is going out with the boys. Do you see? So trust is a very, very elementary quality of love. When you really love, you trust in totality. When you really love, you surrender in totality. When you really love, you are totally sincere; you're totally faithful; you're totally honest; you are totally total. That is the basis of love. Though love is indefinable, we can talk about its expressions. What love can manifest in people's lives. The person that truly loves will always be at peace with himself and herself. Yes. The peace that passeth all understanding.... Hmm? You do not even need to understand, you stand under. Which means, humility. To be able to stand under is a sign of humility. And every word said to you by the one you love, you will believe it implicitly, although it could be a blatant lie. So love is not dependent upon the person. At first you start independently, then later you become dependent on the object of your love. (You can always do that later, dear.) So at first you start ndependently, and you feel somewhat sure of yourself. Then from independence you go to dependence with the object of your love. You are dependent on him or her being nice to you, being kind to you, doing this or doing that, appreciating you. That is dependence. But then you go a step further stil l where you become interdependent with each other. And then after that phase independence, dependence, interdependence then you complete the full circle by becoming independent again. But the first independence is at the lowest rung of the ladder, while the final independence is at the top rung of the ladder. It's like sound. Sound at a very low pitch is not audible to the human ear and neither is sound at a very high pitch would it be audible to the human ear. But

6. US 84-145 look at the vast difference. When you achieve that independence, then interdependency disappears, dependency also disappears, and you stand on your own feet as love incarnate. If someone asks me, "Do you love me?" I say, "No. I don't love anyone. I am love!" And if you are love, then you have held in your arms the entire universe. So then you cease from sharing love. Those are primary stages. And sharing means the mind is involved. You cut it in portions. That portion is for him, and this portion is for me. And sometimes the me in me wants to have the lion's share. That happens, do you see. So in love you do not require thoughtfulness, but you require forgetfulness. When you have the deep love within yourself and you are totally forgetful of the outer circumstances or the inner workings of the mind, then you'd really know what love is all about. It's a wonderful experience. Blissful. It is beyond pain and pleasure. It takes you into the land of joy, of ecstasy. And you just love, love, love for the sake of love. Ahh! so love, then, becomes purposeless, and yet serves the greatest purpose in your evolution. It serves the greatest purpose. And that is the royal path to meet your Maker. Because the Maker, Divinity, is pure love, unadulterated love. And you could never reach that pure love unless you yourself have become pure love, and then you merge with infinite love. So, here the individual love that you have cultivated becomes one with the universal love which is divine. So if we have to qualify love, we could say, love is divine; God is love; and love is God. And, we understand nothing about either of them. But with spiritual practices... Those that are not meditators look at the faces of those meditators who are here. There is a gentleness, a softness, a kindness filled with compassion. These are the outer manifestations or expressions of those that can truly love. Love is an opening, an opening of that which is within. And very systematically and scientifically to repeat again we use the mind by special practices given to people. And by using them you make contact with your real self and not your assumed self. You are always assuming things or presuming things. There is not a single man or woman in this world that thinks that he isn't better looking than what he is or she is. Oh, yes. People live in a kind of daydream. They are always projecting their minds far above their level. Always. So where do they live? They do not live within themselves, but they live within the projection which their mind has conjured up for them. They live in that projection which is unreal. That is the greatest illusion in life, that unreality. You are real as long as you can face yourself squarely in the mirror. Then you are real. If you can face all the turbulence and turmoil going around in your mind, then you are real. That is the best way to get rid of the turbulence, all the problems, all the troubles. Actually there are no problems really in this world. No problems at all. We exaggerate. We make molehills into mountains. That's what we do all the time. That is the source of all your illnesses. It has been proven by the medical profession that 80% of your physical illnesses are psychosomatic. Hmm? So even your illnesses are projections of your

7. US 84-145 own mind. It is a patterning; it is a conditioning. You condition yourself to a certain thing, and surely, as the saying goes, you are what you think. Yes. Here's a little experiment. But I would advise you not to do it. Four friends get together. They work in the same office. Jack when this say, Jack when Jack walks in, the one friend says, "Jack, what's wrong with you? You look terrible this morning. Did you sleep well?" He (Jack) says, "No, no. I'm ok." Tea time comes, tea break. You have it at ten o'clock, eleven o'clock? The second fellow comes up to him and says, "Jack! Oh my god! What's happened to you. You do look ill, you know?" And then in the afternoon break, the third friend says, "Oh! You're going to make me spend twenty dollars on a wreath soon. Looks like it." And then before knock off time, the other one, the fourth friend says, "You go to bed right away, my friend. You go on and I'll make the apologies tomorrow to the manager, to the boss, that you are not well." And surely enough that man when he reaches home, he's going to feel sick. Like a dog. Now, the point is this: How much are you influenced by outer circumstances? You are influenced by outer circumstances because you do not live the real you. You are living in projections of yourself. So these four friends made Jack's mind project himself into that illness. He felt sick. That is how life goes on all the time. What we want is reality. And you could never ever find reality without going inside yourself through meditation and spiritual practices. And then you will find gradually how the inside intermingles with the outside, and it forms the continuity that is required in living a peaceful, joyful, successful life. It is yours for the asking. Twenty minutes in the morning, twenty minutes at night. Many people tell me, "Oh, Guruji, we would like to meditate but there is no time." I say, "Do you have time to go to the toilet?" "Yes, yes, we do go to the toilet." I say, "Meditate on the toilet instead of lighting your cigarette there." Do you see. There is a time for everything. We make time to go to the movies, theaters, restaurants, this, that. We always have so much time, but when it comes to improving ourselves, we've got no time. That is why people suffer. Why not make suffering into an offering? Hmm? An offering to divinity which is deep down within you. How to lead the conscious mind successfully, steadily, systematically, scientifically to the deeper layers of yourself. And you find that peace, that quietude. Then you will really understand the meaning of that phrase: Be still and know that I am God. Do you see? Even our scriptures are not really understood. "Love thy neighbor as thyself." How can you do it if you can't love yourself first. So, when you love yourself, you are automatically transmitting that love. I have never found anyone in my life that hates me. No one at all. Because I love each and all, equally, totally with my entire being! And fill them right up to there. If you have a headache, I will feel your headache. If you have any sorrow, I will feel that sorrow. Hmm? Those are the only problems I have, taking upon me the illness and sorrows of people because I know if you have a problem it might take you five, ten years to shake it off. If I take it on from you, and I can shake it off in ten minutes. So why not? Why not? What is ten minutes in the framework of eternity? What I'm trying to

8. US 84-145 show you are the dimensions of love. How vast it is. Right from the bottom level of a mutual kind of attraction to the highest level where you can embrace the entire universe within your heart. And know the universe. Those of you who might have not been on courses with me, (End of side one) GURURAJ: I will be returning in June plus other TV and radio shows, the news media and what have you, but if you could find the time to come to one of the courses where I will demonstrate to you the communion practice we use that word for want of a better word where I go into deep meditation and become totally one with God. And the people sitting in the audience feel that energy in various forms and ways. Some visually, some audially, some through the sense of smell, this, that. Hmm? Try and come to a future course. And of course Vidya will give you her phone number, and you can always ring for further information. So love. Do you want to love? No! You must not want to love! Love is not something which you beg. And any wanting is synonymous with begging. You do not want to love; become love! And when you become love, you become at the same time loveable. Many people, you find, you hear them saying, "Oh, no one loves me. No one loves me." And I tell them, "You become loveable first. Then you will see how people will start loving you without reservation. Not because of how beautiful you are or whatever you are." Hmm? Because in this entire world ninety nine point nine percent are functioning in unreality! In assumptions, presumptions, projections. They think that they love when love knows of no thought at all! Because once you put thought in love, love is not there any more. You just love. That's all. It's as simple as that. But it is oh so difficult. So, those of you that would like to learn to meditate, contact Vidya or any of our teachers here. There are a few sitting around here. And receive that gift. The proof of the pudding lies in the eating. The pudding might look so, so fancy, but it might taste bitter until you taste it. If you don't like it, chuck it away. So I shall never beg for love; just be loving. The husband comes home in the evening and is wild. He might have had a bad day at the office. And many of you married women must have experienced that. He tries to take it out on his poor, beautiful wife. Idiot. Ahh, that's the one side of the story. Let's look at the other side. Then she would stand there with her rolling pin. She says, "You have your blooming trouble at your work and come and take it out on me! Who do you think I am? A trash can to dump all your rubbish in?" That's the way they live, don't they? But if she would just be a bit patient and hug him and kiss him and tell him, "You look so upset today. I'm sure it must have been a hard day at the office. Let's not talk about that now. Let's

9. US 84-145 forget it. You're not at the office now. You're at home with me. So hug me once more. A little closer." It works wonders . Hmm? And the same applies both ways of course. There's a mutuality. And that mutuality is the actuality of love. Love is actual, and anything which is actual can be activated. I never get angry. You can swear me now, all of you. Go on, all of you, start swearing me! I won't be angry at all. What for? You are only expressing what's going through your turmoil. Why must I be mixed up in your turmoil? And some of your cuss words might even sound beautiful, harmonious. I could make a song out of some it. [LAUGHTER] Do you see? Sometimes I do show anger to a student of mine, a chela, as we call them, a pupil, but it is not real anger. It is just something I show outside to teach. Like for example, you spank your child for doing something wrong. Naturally, it is hurting you more than the child, but he needs that strapping. So that way, I show anger sometimes but it doesn't come from within. It's just up on top there. As a matter of fact, after I leave I have a good old, merry old laugh. And then come back later and see if what I have done or taught has penetrated or not. Yes. Bu t firstly we have to start teaching ourselves. Hmm? People go and try and force their will. I will this and I will that. Doesn't work. Hmm? No. No. I will not drink this water. You say that over and over again, and you will feel more and more thirsty. Reverse psychology. It doesn't work. You can't will yourself to love. Right? Just be. Just be. Be yourself. I've said this many times before that so called religious teachers say be like Krishna, be like Buddha, be like Christ! I sa y forget it! I don't want to be a second grade Buddha or a second grade Krishna or a second grade Christ! I want to be a first grade Gururaj! Because I want to be me! So when people learn to be themselves, then they would start appreciating what reality is all about. Ninety nine percent of people's problems are nothing else but their projections. If you dive deeper into those problematic areas, you will find that you have magnified it out of proportion. And there could never be a problem without its solution buil t in. A problem can not exist without its solution built therein. Hmm? So stop thinking of the problem. Give it a rest. You will find the solution emerging which will work. That is why the old saying... You want to do a business deal or something important. You say, "Oh let me sleep it over." That's what it means. Where you are forgetting the issue and you sleep it over. Then with a fresh mind when you're not involved in the problem or that decision making, the answer comes to you. It happens all the time. All of you must have experienced this, I'm sure. So you can not will yourself to love. You can't make yourself to love. But you can become love. And that love becomes an emanation from you. Everyone emanates something all the time, all the time there are emanations. Like you sitting here. I don't see your faces at all. I just see blobs of light. Some brighter, some dimmer, various hues and colors. So beautiful. So beautiful. And those beautiful blobs of light, those colors, come from one prism. Yeah. That prism is here. Crystal clear white.

10. US 84-145 Because all colors come from white. Refraction. Do you see. So now if you gather all of those colors into the crystal here, then how can there be others? For all is yourself. There is no separation. And whenever we think of separations there will always be conflicts. As they say, it takes two to tango. War within yourself. So through meditation one goes through the conscious mind to the subconscious and then to the superconscious level. That superconscious level is the universal mind. And you get directly connected with the universal mind which is the first manifestation of divinity before it grossified itself into all these various names and forms. That's more than an hour. Now I don't know what arrangements you have made. You'd like to have a ten minute break? Hmm? All right, a ten minute break, then we'll gather together. Then the next session will be a lot of fun. What we'll be doing is, uhh ... The one question I've spoken for more than an hour on, but in the second half anyone can ask any question you like even how to make pea soup or how to make a Christmas cake or anything, anything, anything. We'll have a lot of fun and jokes and things in between. OK. So stretch your legs. I suppose some of you ladies will want to go and powder their noses. You're most welcome. (Resuming after the break.) ...Ah, but how we project ourselves into other things, and we trick ourselves. In the end we become the victim of our own little tricks. Tell you a little story. These two young men, rascals, they got onto a train. Now in India you might have seen it on telee. Telee? TV? Hmm? See? Good. You might have seen it on TV that trains are so full that people even sleep or sit on the roof of the train. Now there was this old man, Mullah Nasrodin, sleeping on top there, and these two rascals were down there in the train. But this Mullah sleeping up there could hear the conversation between these two guys. So the one says to the other, "Let's do something mischievous. Let's be naughty. What we can do is pull the chain in the train which will, of course, stop the train." We have that system here too, I'm sure. So, the other fellow says, "Look if we do that and get caught, we'll be fined three hundred rupees." So they both looked into their pockets. One had a two hundred rupee note and the other had another two hundred rupee note which was a bit torn. They pulled the chain. The inspector comes along and asks them, "Did you pull the chain?" They said," No, no, we did not! That old man up top there, he pulled the chain." So he got the old man down and the inspector asked, "Did you pull the chain?" The old man said yes. "Why did you pull the chain?" "Because these two rascals here robbed me at the point of a knife, and if you want proof of this the one has a two hundred rupee note in his pocket and the other one has another two hundred rupee note which is torn." So both of these rascals were searched, and they found the four hundred rupees which they gave to the old man, and the two got arrested. Do you see? The tricks we pull on others rebound upon ourselves.

11. US 84-145 Therefore, in love, if sincerity is not there it also rebounds on us in some way or another. Right. Questions? Yes. CHELA: Can life be prolonged? Can we choose not to have another life? GURURAJ: Life can be prolonged at any time depending at what mental level you are operating. If you are operating just as a machine, then naturally parts of the machine wear out and the body collapses. But, if you operate from the superconscious level, you can extend life indefinitely. Hmm? I was supposed to be dead at the age of fifteen, and I am fifty three on the twelfth of December. I had an open heart operation. Right? I'm a diabetic. I've got to take insulin injections every day. And, I've got cancer. Hmm? And the doctors are just amazed. "How did he manage to live?" I said to them, "You people know of physical energy. You know of mental energy. But, what do you know of spiritual energy?" I told them, "I'm going to outlive you guys." Like you must have heard of Chris Barnhard, the one who did the first heart transplant, Professor Beck, Professor [Marie?], they're all good friends of mine. And sometimes we discuss things like that. So, life can be prolonged indefinitely depending at what level you are operating and how much you can draw on that inner strength that is within you, that reservoir of energy that can keep you alive. You can not choose if you want to take another life again. That is not in your hands at all or your thinking power because choosing involves thinking. It all depends upon the impressions, or in Sanskrit we call it samskaras, that are in your subconscious mind. So we take birth to learn. We come to school to learn to get rid of as much muck as possible. So therefore, if there is still a lot of dirt left, you would have to take another body to work out that dirt until you reach that clarity, total clearness where you merge into divinity where no more lives are necessary. So it depends upon impressions, samskaras, and karma. Yes? CHELA: If we are born divine, how do we end up in such a mess? GURURAJ: You say you were born divine. I say you were not born divine. If you were in total divinity, you would have not taken on this life. But, potentially you are divine. Every cell in your body is permeated with divinity. And you have superimposed by your thoughts and thinking thoughts of this life and past lives, all the samskaras that we spoke about

12. US 84-145 you have superimposed that upon divinity. What one has to do through spiritual practices is to get rid of those samskaras so that you could merge back to the source. And when you merge back to the source, you will come to one realization, as I have had, that the path and the goal have been the same. The path was divine, and the goal, the end of the path, is divine. And I'm just mixed up thinking that I was away from home. I never left home at all. Do you see? In this asylum, lunatic asylum, there was one of those lunies on the grounds. A seagull flew by and splattered on his eye. You know what I mean. Droppings. Splattered on his eye. There was a nurse nearby, and she said, "You just stand where you are, and I'll go and get some toilet paper." So the lunie replies, "By the time you get back with some paper the seagull will be miles away." Next question. CHELA: I would like to know if there is ever such a thing as a war that is justified. GURURAJ: Ever such a? CHELA: Is war ever justified? GURURAJ: War. Is war ever justified. CHELA: And if a person is called to go to a war that is unjustified, what should that person do? GURURAJ: Unhuh. Ask Muhammad Ali. War is never justified, and war comes not from the outer world. The war starts from within yourself. All the conflicts that are within each and every individual being becomes collective, and that collectivity creates war. Taking of life could never be justified. The reasons for war are so many. The ordinary man in the street, but I've been in touch... I've been invited to the Pentagon and spoken to naval chiefs and the defense department and things like that, and we know the inner reasons that war is based mostly on economy. Economics is the basis of all wars. And then, of course, there is the power struggle. Look at this idea of nuclear energy. Some maintain that it should be done away with. Other maintain that it should be kept to protect ourselves. But now if a missile is shot from the Kremlin, Soviet Russia.... And here we have other kinds of missiles that would stop that missile and blow it to pieces so that the missile won't fall. But what about the radiation?

13. US 84-145 Where is it going to fall to? It's going to fall here on Earth and it's going to be so damaging. And we know about Hiroshima, that people were maimed and you know many of their minds... They went out of their minds and all kinds of things happened. So what's the use of this kind of technology? Hmm? So one creates a missile and the other creates an anti missile, and they both collide. But their droppings, huh? It's going to be down here on Earth, all the radiation. Therefore all these things could never work. You know, one day President Reagan was in his office and there were five hundred missiles aimed at Moscow, the Kremlin. And of course in his office there are switches. He just needs to press a button and five hundred missiles will shoot off to destroy Russia. So one day inadvertently President Reagan sort of, you know, touches the button and in a moment the missiles are going to shoot off. So hurriedly he got onto the telephone and called the Kremlin. He asked, "Who can I speak to because I've made a terrible mistake here by touching that button, and five hundred missiles are coming over to Russia. Who can I speak to to say that I'm sorry?" You know this fellow went to a psychiatrist, and the psychiatrist drew four horizontal lines and asked, "What does this represent to you?" So he says, "It represents to me a woman's breasts." Then he drew four vertical lines and the psychiatrist asks, "What does this represent to you?" He says, "It represents a woman's buttocks." After that he drew a circle between the two sets of lines and says, "What does this represent to you?" So he says, "That represents a woman's navel." He might have said something else but nevertheless it represents navel. So the psychiatrist says to this person, "You are sexually obsessed. You have a sexual obsession." This man got wild and he stood up there and said, "What? I am sexually obsessed? When you were the one that drew these dirty pictures?!!" Next question? Hmm? CHELA: [Indistinct in the background] My mother had... GURURAJ: Come on. We're all one family. VOICE IN BACKGROUND: I'll talk to you when we get home... CHELA: What do you think is the greatest motivating force? GURURAJ: Uh, in life.

14. US 84-145 CHELA: For individuals, yes. GURURAJ: For individuals... CHELA: And do you think it varies from individual to individual? This is a three part question, and the third part is: What do you think of fear as a motivating force? GURURAJ: Uhhuh. Now everyone cannot live in this world without any form of motivation. And from person to person and according to the patternings of their minds they would live in this world with different motives. Someone might have the motivation of making tons of money. Someone might have the motivation of doing this or that or buying Brooklyn Bridge or whatever. You see? So everyone is governed by their own mental patternings which form a motivation. Fine. Then motivations to repeat again differ from person to person. The true motivation that should be there in a person's life is to love. That should be the true motivation to become love itself; and by becoming love one becomes God like and merges with divinity. Fear can also work as a motivation. Good. So any factor, any emotion one has, can work as a motivating factor, but these motivations such as fear or anxiety or whatever can be removed by proper analysis. Hmm? On a dark road someone might be standing there and you see the person, and you find fear in yourself that you might be mugged and you start running. Meanwhile that person could be a saintly, godly person just standing there for a moment perhaps and walking on. So where did the fear come from? The fear did not come from the object, but the fear was subjective because you in your subconscious mind had the idea of being mugged. There are ways to get rid of these various fears. There are ways through a systematic procedure which would take too long to explain... It's a subject on its own. How to get rid of these fears. How to get rid of anxieties. No person can live without motivation. When I was a child I ran away at the age of four and a half to seek God. Why did I want to see God? There was a motivation. I wanted to know for myself. I wanted to know if there really is a God. And after several months I was found by my parents ragged and bare footed. At the age of fifteen I ran away again because of that motivation, I want to know God. I want to know God. I want to know who I am. Why am I here? And where am I going to? It was such a strong force that I trudged around in the Himalayan Mountains and all over India going from teacher to teacher to teacher until I found my true teacher. And from everyone I learned something for which I am very, very appreciative, until I really found myself. Hmm? And I found myself within myself. Hmm? All those temples and pilgrimages and ...

15. US 84-145 It's like a musk dear. The musk dear was running around trying to find the scent. You know, musk. Musk? You call it musk here? That scent. It ran around and around and around until it was totally exhausted and fell down. Then it discovered that the musk was in his own navel. So next time you buy musk perfume remember it comes from the navel of the musk dear. Next. Uhhuh. C HELA: Can you elaborate on the function and purpose of the communion practice? GURURAJ: The function and purpose of the communion practice is to show you that man can go so deep within himself that he can become one with divinity; and such an energy is generated in the room that people go through various kinds of experiences. Some see me just bathed in light. Some see me disappearing altogether. Some others get fragrant smells. Some hear a sound. It depends on with the five senses, five senses of perception as you would call it... Every person has one sense that is more developed than the other; so when a person has a stronger visual sense, then he sees a vision. People normally see, you know, my face changing from one to the other. You know. You've seen that. Hmm? Hmm? Things like that. Yes, that is the purpose. It is to show people that you can become one with God. If I can do it, you can do it too. Purpose number two is to impart the divine energy to all those that are present there so they feel uplifted. There has never been a course and I've conducted courses all around the world where people have not left uplifted, totally uplifted. That is the force that the true master imparts to people. Otherwise you have a lot of fake gurus trudging around. Hmm? Trying to make their millions and what have you. I'm the poorest guru in the world. Can't even afford to buy an ashram. An ashram is a place, a retreat where people could come, you know, to spend a weekend, to listen to talks and do practices with me under my supervision. Where they could stay for a weekend or for a week or for month depending... Hmm? That's an ashram, a place of pilgrimage to retreat. You get away from it all and you be with a spiritual master all the time, as long as you can of course. Everyone has their home responsibilities. That's an ashram. While you're thinking up another question, let's see if we can find something here. Uhh, this Mullah Nasradin was flying in an airplane. So he hears over the intercom the pilot announce... It was a four engine plane. So he hears the pilot announce that one engine has failed so we shall be five minutes late in arriving at O'Hara... O'Hare? At O'Hare Airport. Good. After awhile the pilot came over the intercom again and said the second engine has failed, so we will be late in

16. US 84-145 landing by half an hour. Hmm? Little while later another message came through on the intercom saying that the third engine has failed but there's nothing to worry. We'll be late in arriving at O'Hare, late by one hour. One hour delay. So, here Nasradin was talking to the people and he says, "Oh, why worry? So what's it? Even an hour late. These things happen." "But," he says, "If the fourth engine fails, then we'll be up here all the time!" Next? CHELA: You know, I want things from God. I want Him to solve problems, and... Is it a kind of love? I think, you know, we should love God for the sake of love, not for the sake of wanting things. GURURAJ: That's right. Beautiful. CHELA: It... It's harmful, you know? GURURAJ: Right. Right. Right. I understand completely. When people say they pray, they don't really pray. They are bargaining with God. Oh, God, if my child passes, you know, his doctoral examinations, I will give a hundred dollars charity to the American Meditation Society. Huh? Oh, Lord, if this should happen to me, you know, this that, I will give so much charity to this. Hmm? So you're doing business bargaining. You're telling God, "You do this for me first, then I will give the charity." Now that is wrong. Totally wrong. With God you don't bargain! You get not what you want, you get what you need. So, first deserve, and then the demand is automatic. You don't even need to demand, it just comes. Falls into your lap. So, to become deserving is very important. Not bargaining with God. In any case who are you to bargain with God. You don't even know the guy. Huh? So you're bargaining with a nonentity! Yes! CHELA: But he can sure solve your problems, right? GURURAJ: No. God does not solve anyone's problems at all! Do you think that divine energy, as I call him, is unfair? That he should solve your problems and not that one's problems or that one's problems. You think he is so unfair? God is a neutral energy like electricity. You plug it into a stove you get heat. You plug it into a refrigerator you get coldness. It's a neutral energy that you can use in the best way possible without having unnecessary expectations. And people's expectations are always 95% of the time unnecessary. Person sits down to eat and say there's a lovely bowl of soup and

17. US 84-145 bread or whatever. Depending. That person says oh, why can't this be a nice turkey or... Oh, I don't know what you guys eat. Hmm? Right. Always expecting something, something, something. The secret is to go beyond expectation. And then it works. It works. But you can work it in your mind in another way. You know, I was in big business, as I mentioned earlier. Tomorrow morning I’ve got to see the owner... when I was in films for example. I haveto go and see the owner of a chain of cinemas, movie houses as you call them here. He's got a chain of fifteen cinemas, and tomorrow morning I want to go and see him to do up his contracts for the following year. That night when I go to bed, I would close my eyes and picture him totally there. Something nice to learn, Pat. Picture him right there. Right? I would see him in my mind's eye, him signing the contracts for me to supply his cinemas with films and how many weeks of the year I want. In the film business you work it by weeks. Fifty two weeks gets divided up between various different companies. So I will demand him there in my mind's eye that I want twenty weeks out of the year. And next morning when I go to his office at the appointed time I will see him dressed in the exact suit that I pictured him in, I would see him with the exact kind of pen in his hand that I had pictured him in, right, and without much selling, he would sign the contract. Now, what is the law that is working there? That by diving deep within myself to the superconscious level of my mind I have been in contact or contacted his superconscious level. So therefore whatever I wanted I got. And this has worked a million times over. All the time. Just need to think of something and it can work. Oh, yes. No impossibility at all. Never use the word impossible! Always say, I'm possible. Just put that apostrophe between the I and the M. I'm possible, not impossible. But you've got to reach that level otherwise thinking on the surface level is just mental gymnastics. It doesn't carry the force or the power. Now here, for example, I'm sitting talking to you people. It's not only the words that are so important . But something else is happening. As I'm speaking I'm pouring out a spiritual energy to each and every one of you. Yes, that works! Because that goes to the heart, to the heart level and not just up top there. Hmm? You know, let me check here. There should be a few more here. Oh, yes, umm. In the middle of the night, this person phones Dr. Padmini sitting here. Phones Dr. Padmini and says, "Doctor, please you must come and see me!" So Dr. Padmini asks, "What's wrong with you?" He says, "I've got fever and it's 150 degrees." So Dr. Padmini tells him, "Look. You don't need me. You need the fire brigade." **** END ****


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