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1. U S 84 - 16 THE CRIME OF DISCRIMINATION ...which is negligent. Their consideration is centered upon themselves. Their consideration is never centered to those that they love. So therefore they forget to put the belt on your pants. Good, let us forget that subject. [Laughter] What shall we talk about this morning? Q: I have a question. GR: Yes. Q: God is love. We are all expressions of God and His love. God accepts, He does not judge. My question is: At Mt. Sinai, were the Jews punished? Did God punish the Jews for idol worshiping? What is the real story? GR: The real story is God is not love, but your conception of love. Divinity punishes no one. Divinity is equal to everyone, and if He is equal to everyone, He would have no discrimination between the Gentile and the Jew. For what sin have the Jews committed? None! I have lived in a life of a body of a Jew, the greatest Jew ever, and that power that be, that energy, that being, is impartial to any Jew and any Gentile. So, why do those that regard themselves to be as Jews to be so persecuted, because I know very well, and having so many Jewish meditators and friends, they control the entire world. When I was in the film world every person was a Jew, and yet they would discuss film problems on the telephone with another Jew i n Hebrew. I have known of so many friends and meditators that are the greatest in their professions: physicians, psychologists, psychoanalysts, psychiatrists. So why is the Jew to be blamed? Only for one reason, because they crucified our Lord, Jesus C hrist. And yet, where does the blame lie? Does the blame lie in the Jewish mentality, or does the blame lie in the crucifixion? For that was the method at that time, of crucification, as is the method of this time hanging and capital punishment. Where is the difference? Where is the Jew? Where is the Gentile? Where is the Hindu? Where is the Moslem? Have they not all behaved in the same fashion? All [ ???? ] So why blame the Jew? Why blame the Gentile? Why blame the Hindu, or the Moslem? Why blam e anyone? For everyone throughout the existence of this world have been the same. Why form the discrimination within your mind a Jew, or a Jew, and you're a Gentile, and you Danish, and you Swedish, and you American, and you English? Why discriminate? Rather have one idea in the mind: that we are all human beings

2. U S 84 - 16 formed in the oneness of Divinity. You might have your way of belief, you might have your way of belief, you might have your way of belief. But let not your personal beliefs interfere in hu manity, for humanity is one, and your beliefs start discriminating. And when your beliefs start discriminating, you are discriminating against humanity. When you discriminate and separate that which is human, hu man, u man, that is where all your problem s start. That is where all the problems of life start, because you do not remain a hu man, u man. Now, let us know the meaning of man, u man, that is created of wo man. Who is the "who" that treated you as ["u"] [you?] into a man? When you study this qu estion deeply you will find that wo man is the same as u man. You are the product of that wo man into u man. And once you cease to find the discrimination you will find your self; and when you find your self there will be no discrimination. And all exi stence becomes one. All existence is one. It is only because you discriminate and find differences in existence your problem begins. Why should there be this problem if you can reach the realization that there is no differentiation, and by knowing there is no differentation, there cannot be discrimination. Discrimination is perpetrating a crime, because within the word "discrimination" is "crime." Dis cri mination. So why perpetrate this criminality within yourself? Hm? Is Laura apart fro m me? Is Je nny apart from me? Apart all of you, hm? You feel apart from me because of this great crime in dis cri mination. The English language is so stupid. And when discriminality disappears within you all, then you will know of no criminality and you will k now of no dissension. You will start knowing of oneness. And when you know the oneness between you and I and all around us, you will know the oneness, Divinity. That's all it is about. So simple. No great big deal. And when you know that oneness withi n humankind, you will know the oneness of God kind. So where is the Jew? Where is the Gentile? Where is the Hindu? Where is the Moslem? Where is anything? So in this humankind, this humanity, you achieve that oneness, and when you achieve that onene ss is humanity, you achieve oneness with God, huh, because He is not so far away. He is in that humanity, in that hu manity, for you are manity. I don't know where the word "hu manity" came from, but I know of u manity. Once you could realize... [blows nose] (pardon). Once you can take that "hu" I have a great friend in Canada whose name is Hugh once you can take the "hu" and become "you," then you proceed from your personal insanity to manity. Can anyone here in this audience tell me that they are to tally insane or totally sane? And I will tell you 99.999 percent of you are insane. If you did not have the insanity within you, you will not suffer the suffering that you experience through life. Let us be honest. I will say that "Look, I am sane, I a m great, I am wonderful, I am a professor of philosophy, I am a professor of this, I am, blub, blub, blubs. I am Sandhya, I am this ya, ya, ya, ya, [gesturing to people] computer experts sitting around here, and entertainers. You are not sane. Sanity is only found in total balance, as I said somewhere, I don't know, um, talks around the world. And that sanity must produce a peace within us, such a beautiful peace that

3. U S 84 - 16 passeth all understanding. [long pause] This peace I pass unto you. So man has to ga in what he has lost. He has lost his sanity because his mind has become so mixed up mixed up with the conjurations and the machinations of his thought processes all the time. How does one get away from that? Very simple, really. Just get away from i t. [Laughs] Just get away from it and say that I conjure the thought forces of my mind. I analyze the thought forces of my mind, and in that analysis I will know the solution that I am the conjurer and everything which is conjured cannot be anything else but false. Hm? And when I realize the falsity within myself, I naturally will know the truth of myself. The process is so simple. The process is a processless process. For when you try to find the process of your own conjurations, you will see that it has not been a process at all, but a dissolution of the conjuration. And when you dissolve the conjurations of your personal mental conceptions, those conceptions cannot remain anymore, because it is dissolved. You see how simple, how logical, how unders tandable it could be. Yet, let me warn you: do not try to understand it, because as soon as you apply understanding to the dissolution, then dissolution gets mixed up with your thought processes which will not end up in dissolution. Now, let me tell yo u something which is the greatest secret of life. The greatest secret of life is to be conjoined with your beloved, and through that beloved you proceed to the universe. Try that. Why do you think these idols are created? Why do you think there are Kris hnas and Buddhas and Christs and all that? They symbolize within you the truth that is within you. And when you can really find life, a beloved, you don't need those Buddhas, you don't need those Gururajas, you don't need those Christs, you need no one. You need that one beloved through whom you pour all your energies to the world and find in that concreteness the total abstractness of the universe. [Long pause] I have found, speaking of myself, my beloved through whom I pour the totality of myself. Sh e has become the center of my being, and through the center of my being I expand to the entire universe. Find this center. Find this center. If not within yourself, find it through someone. [Pause] These words I speak to you, comes not from me. These w ords I speak comes from a source far greater than this little body. [Pause] And they represent the truth, the totality of truth. SIDE 2 GR: Is there a question from the talk? Hm? Please be welcome. Jotima: Beloved Guruji, sometimes when we read those great masters we often find that they have been doing things which seemingly have been insane. I think it was Ramakrishna who sat and ate with a dog, and Krishna Murti with his

4. U S 84 - 16 haris or whatever, and J esus with all the money lenders, and so on, and at the same time they were, they were idols for the whole of humanity. And why did they do these things that seemingly are so insane, for... GR: Come here. Sit here with me. May I kiss you? [Kiss] That' s insane, isn't it? [Laughter] What does know what of sanity or insanity? Because it is only the insane that will recognize insanity. But those that are sane would find everythi ng in life totally normal and totally natural. Jesus broke down the temple s and Buddha did this and Krishna did that and created the Krukshatra War, that one did that, and that, that, that, that. So kissing you, [kisses her], that's insanity in the eyes of the people who are insane. Yet I'm breathing life and love into your be ing. How many would here understand that? Hm? So what is sanity and what is insanity? Huh? Who is there to judge? Who is there to understand the purpose of any action? Judge ye not that ye be judged. Heh? [Kiss] Come on. [Laugh] Ramakrishna sa t with the dog as you mentioned and ate food with him. Hm? So many great saints, sages, did actions which people understood not. And yet, the knot was so tied that it unknotted the entirety of existence. Tie the knot to untie it, for if there is not a knot, how can you untie it? And yet there is no knot actually for normal human beings, o.k., understood. But take the "k" out of the knot and it's "not." [Not] is Is, and Is is [not?] and that knot is [not?] The trou ble in the world is because you have become knotted. That's so simple, really. Knotted k n o double t e d. Knotted. Why not become un knotted? Huh? "Un" "un." Because you actually are none. So why not use the word un knotted when you are really none? And when you regard yourself as none, all your knots will just disappear. Gone. Hm? Now, if you analyze English language, "g" taken away from "gone" is "one," and that "g" stands for God who is one. I'm talking too much today. **** END ****


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