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2. U S 84 - 19 water. And what is your altar? What is your altar that makes you this person that you are? Your altar is your higher self, lifting you to that higher self. Then you can say, "I Walter," have become the altar. When I become the altar to myself, I start knowing myself. When I start kno wing myself, what more, my beloved, do I need? I only need to know myself, for that is my greatest need that I ever, ever were to want to know. My need depends upon my self realization. My need depends on that which is within me. Now, why should I sto p finding that which is within me? If I stop to find that which is within me, I stop finding myself. And if I don't find myself, I have lost myself. So go and on and on and on and on to find that which is within you and within me. The Divine spirit fore ver exults and forever exists. Why neglect it, huh? Why? Why neglect that divine spirit that is within you already there, prepared and ready to flourish your hearts and minds and souls? And yet, you idiots neglect the Divinity of that spirit that is al ways in you. Come then and lead my hand. Come to a golden land. Come to that which calls you, beckons you and tries all the time to bring you back to that land of love filled with sunshine, filled forever with the sublime, Mother, filled with the sublim e. I give you of His grace. I give you of His love. I give you of [???] I know not, yet then not His [?????] bound in that divine grace that's formed not. Jotima, thank you for being with me. Close your eyes for one minute [PAUSE] and you will see a pu rple color around me. [LONG PAUSE] [COUGHING SPELL] [???????????????] [???????????] You do it, Merrillji, I'm feeling too weak. MERRILL: Shall I ask people to come here? GURURAJ: [??????????] Start with her. [Has Merrill go around and do a blessi ng on the ajna chakra.] [SINGS SANSKRIT PRAYER] Aum shanti, shanti, shanti. [END SIDE ONE] GURURAJ: [SANSKRIT] Aum shanti, shanti, shanti. [REPEATEDLY THROUGHOUT BLESSING] [SINGS] Jai ram... [LONG PAUSE] But to laugh with God, and to cry with God is a total difference of connection. For you can laugh with God and you can cry with God and t hat deep yearning that makes you close to God. So, do you want separation from God, or do you want the connection with God? Ha, God connection. That connection that produces the peace in your life, that produces the joy in your life, that produces everyt hing which you might desire, that is God connection. You do not

3. U S 84 - 19 need God disconnection. You need God connection, for it is here. What is there existent in life but He. I am nothing. I'm just a piece of flesh and bones. But He is everything. So the c onnection that has to be formed is with Him, through His son. So, what the hell does that matter? Form the connection, for in that connection there is the supreme joy of life. You will know it yourself, where you will find yourself, and where you really could be kind to yourself. Why look for substitutes? What do we need substitutes for? What do we need damn gurus for? We need that direct connection with God. And God can only be attained through the connection that we could form with Him through a guid e that guides you there. Now, the biggest fools in the world are gurus. They sacrifice their lives for absolutely nothing. Th ey are the greatest fools in the world, because if they were not fools, they would not sacrifice their lives in total giving. B u t yet, these fools are also required. Required for you to find the connection with Divinity. So fools are also useful. And i f used themselves properly, they can truly be useful to guide and lead on to the ultimate purpose of life, where you have to reac h your God. And yet, the fool only shows you one thing: that you are there already. So what do you want to find with your mind? Forget the mind and let us not find, but discover the truth that is within us, that God in this bod is forever existent. Why call it body? Aren't you minimizing the bod by adding a y and calling it body? This bod is the God. Things I teach you about is never written in the Korans, in the Bibles, in the Gitas, in the Vedas. They are not there. So why call yourself a bo dy. E ? Why not a bod, and compare it with God, huh? So everyone is so Divine, so beautiful. I've never seen anyone ugly at all in my life. Everyone is Divine. Their minds turn in turmoils and turbulence at not knowing who they are. Yet when the realization dawns, you will know what you are; and you are nothing else but Divine. Vidya come, sit next to me. Come. Come, Vids. Come, Vids. Come, Vids, don't be shy. VOICE: [WHISPERING] I don't feel very well. [INAUDIBLE] GURURAJ: So the question remains that you are not recognizing your personal Divinity. Now, Divinity can never, ever be personal. Divinity is universal, but it can be realized as personal. And you can feel and realize within yourself as a personal being that, I am Divine. What more do you need in life, hm? What more can you need in life is the realization that my person is totally impersonal, that I am combined with my little self to the universal self. What more do I want? What more is there that's required of life? There is one requisition that I would ask of you, and it is this, that I, Laura and I; I, Dolores and I; I am I. I am I. I am I. I am I. I am I. I am I. I am I. I am I. I am I. And I am nothing else b ut I. [SINGS] I am. I am. I am. I am. I am. [ALL JOIN I N.] I am. I am. I am. I am. I am. I am. I am. I am. I am. I am. I am. I am. I am. I am. I am. I am. I am. I am. I am. I am what I am. I am. I am. I, Jeff... [JEFF: Am.] ...am. [LAUGHTER] You see. To realize the beauty of life, you'v e got to know the amness of life. Because you do not live in

1. U S 84 - 19 THE GOD CONNECTION GURURAJ: ...was just fantastic. And in the meditational state I have found one thing, which was so important, that why do you meditate? What is the purpose of your meditation, and what do y ou achieve in your meditation? The answer I have found was one: there's no purpose. There's no purpose to meditation, there's no purpose to concentration; and there is no purpose to contemplation. So why do you concentrate, why do you contemplate, and w hy do you meditate? There could only be one answer and the answer is this: to find deeper joy within yourself, in your contemplation, in your meditation, in your concentration. Now, why do you want to do that! Is it for your purpose of finding joy within yourself or is it to find the joy of the joyousness of the universe? Where do I start? Where am I at? And if I find myself to be here and now, then that is where I am at. Now, let us try and find the discovery, or uncovery, of that "at." Where are you at? You are nowhere. And you do not know of the at ness where you are. Now, let us analyze this. I am at where I am. And where I am is the point of my at ness, for I can never be "at" when I am not there. Now, let my find myself to be there. And wh en I find myself to be there, then the t disappears and I am here. When I am here... (Come love. Come sit next to me. Come on, Jotima). And when I am here, then I could be there and everywhere. Why do I dismiss myself in missing myself in that dis nes s that I am not here. I am here. And that is what you have to realize: that I am here. I live in this particular existence, but it is me. And me is here, there, and everywhere. You get the point? Do you the point of your own personal existence? Beca use you regard yourself to be elsewhere and not here. When you miss the point of not being there, where are you? You are nowhere. When you are nowhere you deny the existence of yourself, because you are not here, and not there, and nowhere. Realize this now: you are everywhere, everywhere, filled with the totality of existence that is everywhere. And if you cannot realize the totality of the existenc e of being nowhere, how can you be here? This hereness now is the nowness of your entire being. You liv e, thinking that you live, and yet not knowing what life [SIGHS] is all about. You want to know what life is all about? I will tell you this now. But you will not understand immediately, but about. Life is about. Floating, floating, floating, in that aboutness which you regard to be alive. So why not float in the aboutness of which you regard to be life. Float, float and float in this beautiful ocean there, and float away knowing one thing, that I am floating away. The water does not float away, I f loat away. And floating, floating, floating, realize that I am me, and I am existence that floats away. Now, the water does not matter. The water has no importance, but I that float is the importance that floats in the water. Do you see how simple it is . So float and float and float and float and float. Disregard the water, but enjoy the water. And when you start learning to enjoy the water, you will know not only the water, but the altar that takes away the w from the

4. U S 84 - 19 your amness, you live outside yourself in your imagination. But when you can really live, who you are, then you will find who you are, and you will be able to answer the question, who am I, and what am I, and wherefore am I? Hm? Simple. [ALL SING] Jai ram... [CLAPPING AND LAUGHTER]. [GR AD LIBBING TUNE.] **** END ****


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