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3. U S 84 - 3 But we gotta have our [????] How's your back now? [Chela: It's bet ter] It's better. Good. First class. And thank Him, not me. And tomorrow it will all be gone. It takes a little while to work, but so far it's so much better. Tomorrow it will be more better. So why not? Will you repeat one word with me? Aum Ramish waram, Aum Ramishwaram, Aum Ramishwaram, and use that sound. Take it to your back and tomorrow you won't have any problem and you and I can play soccer together. Okay. Where's the pain? There it is. [????] Here. Lower in the back, turn around. There or just there? Now can you get me a baseball bat? Get it to go away, right awayyyyyyy cha cha cha cha da da da da ya ya ya now bend back. Bend forward, your arm please . That one. [Laughter] This is gone, should be, damn it. Lovely. Bless you my son. You are going to invent the new computer, something which will be beyond the technology of today. Your going to do it and I'm giving you six months to do it and if you do not do it I'm going to kick your backside. Right. What do you want in life really, tell me? [Chela: To know pure love for thee.] That's a very small request, to ask pure lov e for me. That's too small, ask for more. I know exactly what you need. An d within the next 12 months you're going to get it. I love you. What do you want from life? [Chela: I want health and happiness so I can give everyone.] Stop bullshitting me. There's nothing wrong with your health. [Chela: Then why do I feel so lou sy all the time?] You feel lousy not because of your physical health, you feel lousy because of your mental negativity towards your physical back. Right, now can we please fix it up now? [HUH] Can we fix it up now? Sure. There, there, there, we get the proper synaptic control. Don't start crying please. Good. You're crying, damn you. Wipe your bloody eyes, damn it. [????] In helping others, you are helping yourself. Why have you got a red jersey on today? [Chela: It's a good color.] Why is it a g ood color? Why do you like red? Come on, tell me. We are one family. [Chela: I feel good in it. People tell me...] And so you get influenced by what people t ell you. Oh, God. Rather let me be influenced by what my heart tells me, and not by what pe ople tell me. Isn't that better in the life of all of us and each and everyone of us. Let us be influenced by what our heart tells us and not be guided by the world around us and the environment that creates our lives for us when we are the creator of ou r hearts and our lives. Repeat with me: [Sanskrit] Make a request. What do you want, I give you now. [Chela: To continue life.] Why do you want to continue life? Oh this is part of satsang, you know that. Why do you want to continue life? [Chela: Given to me as a gift.] No, the answer is this, you want to continue life because there is no death. Life is eternal. God bless you, m y beloved. No flowers today? Never mind. How do you work this thing? How does it work? I don't know these things. A h, good shot. Ask me anything you want. I'm gonna tell you one thing now in front of all these people. I wonder if I should...

4. U S 84 - 3 [Laughter] The day when you leave this world will be the exact day that I leave it. It's ordained, and it's going to be so. [Chela: How did you know I got that today] You thought that today? I know nothing. [Chela: I thought it was a possibility , it would be very nice.] Hello my love. Go away! Get out! [Chela: Why?] I love you. [Chela: I know, and I love you.] And w hy have you come so late? [Chela: I'm here.] When you knew that I was pining and longing and waiting for you and you come so bloody late, damn you! Doesn't matter. There's no such thing as lateness. There is always an earliness. For life could never be late, life could only be early. And in that earliness of life there's birth, and in the lateness of life there's death. And we live in the earliness that is life and not in death. My darling, thank you so much for coming. We are born on the same day , by the way, 12th of December. I love you. God bless. Anyone else to see? If not we could have say a half an hour satsang or something. Any questions? Chela: There are no rules and no guidelines, but there seems to be a certain rightness about actio ns. GR: Sorry love, I couldn't hear you too well there. Chela: There are no rules and no guidelines but there seems to be a certain rightness about actions in everything you do and teach us. What is this law that you follow? GR: Ah, beautiful questi on. There are no rules... thank you very much, thank you my darling. Life, if based upon morality, will always find rules and guidelines. These guidelines and rules of morality is based upon your personal conception of life. If you are in Tibet, you ca n have ten wives. If you are in Arabia you can have seven wives. If we are in America like us Americans, you have one wife. So where do you find the norm, where do you find the norm and the normality. Within guidelines. The greatest guideline should b e without any guidelines. And when you go away from guidelines, then you find the true guideline within yourself, which would be your inner consciousness, your conscious conscience rather. And when your inner conscience tells you this is right for me, then that will be right for you for that moment to lead you on the evolutionary path that takes you on and on and on and expand conscience into consciousness. When consciousness comes about, all guidelines disappear. What are guidelines? You're travelin g down the road and you have to drive on the right hand side or the left hand side depending in which country you are. So which is the true guideline? Driving on the right hand side, or driving on the left hand side. Where's the guideline? The guidelin es are made by man because of his personal necessity, by his personal possession, by his personal idiosyncracies, idiotic syncracies.

1. U S 84 - 3 EXPERIENCING THE REAL SELF Tonight I will put you through a spiritual experience that you have never experienced before. Tonight I want you to realize what Divinity's all about. And not only through knowledge, but through total experience within yourself where you will feel Divinity there. May I start off with a prayer. [Long pause] Aum , Namaste [Sings in Sanskrit] [Dogs barking in background, loud screech on mike] You are my mother, you are my father, you are my brother, you are my friend, you are it all. You are the knowledge, you are the wealth that folds my heart in love, [Sanskrit ] You are it all. You are the deva, you are it all. You are the god, the goddess, you are it all. And I bow to thee, in all sincerity, so that in feeling this, I feel you, deva. I feel the totality that is you and within you. For your totality could n ever be separate from that which is mine, and if I find a difference between me and mine and thee and thine, this life is lost, this life can assume no meaning. If I can love you and you can love me, then its fullness, in its glory, and so I enjoy the glo ry of you, my God. The total Divinity. Now I ask the question, "Where are you now at this moment?" And you answer to me that the moment is here, and I'm here with you, not apart from you. I'm here all the time going through you, penetrating through you, and you love me just as well. I love you. So you, my Lord, give me your love and I give you mine. And so we sleep together in that oneness of love that knows of no separation. So Lord you put your arms around me, and I put my arms around you, and these bodies meet, the mind meets, the spirit meets, the glory that is divine. Oh, let me drink of this wine that is divine. For in the intoxication for the love of my lord, in the intoxication that I feel, I can give all, all, everything that I am, and wha t I am is what you are. Lord that is divinity and that is the intoxication of the vine. Yet it grows and grows and grows through t he fields, [and ?] [I'm] there with you to be with you and hold each other's hands, and the very juice you produce, the vine i s that not divine to bring into this intoxication of love. And I flow and I flow and I float. Yes, Lord, you are divine, and merging into me you too make me Divine. So there we go from step to step from that which you think you are man: you are not ma n, you are not man, you are not woman, woe man. There is nothing that could exist in this world that is not divine. The very touch of your hand, the very embrace, the very kiss, is born of the divine. You think you are born, you are not born. Be unborn into the divinity that you are. Because the very concept that you are born makes you miserable, sufferable. Makes you man or woman. So from there we go. Go with me unto this journey of life. Go with me where there is no birth, and no death, where you are not there, and only divinity is there. [Background: Plane taking off] That divine self that you are. So merged and immersed, as the plane flies through the sky, fly, fly, fly into your inner self and know yourself, for you can never be you. You are only you because you think you are you. You are not you. Your mind says you are you. But Divinity says, "I am you." Divinity says, "I am you and not the you that you think that you are you." Where do we go from here? Are we going

2. U S 84 - 3 to concentrate upon t hat thing which you think is you, or are we going to find the reality which is you, and the reality which is you is Divinity. Now for people like us to know what is Divinity could be such a problem. What is the problem, I want to ask you. You know within yourself that you are divine. There is the realization that you are divine but you deny that divinity and in the denial you say, I'm John, Jack, Jean, whatever name. I say I'm Barbara, I say I'm Chetanji, I say I'm Vidyaji, I say I'm Roopaji. Right. Bu t who are you? Who Are You? Do you know? Do you want me to tell you? You are not Jean, Jack, Joan or James. How can you be that Jean, Jack, James, or John, or anything? Is it not your mind thinking that you are Jean, James, John or Jack? Tonight I w ill give you the experience to get away from yourself and not know yourself as Jean, James, Jack or John. Tonight you will experience the divinity within yourself. Look into the palm of my hand, and go away. You are not what you think you are. Just go away with me and I will take you to a world that is beyond your world. Your world is so limited and so self centered that you do not know where you are or where you come from or where you are going to. Just come with me on this journey, I will take you t here and make you feel who you truly are. Look into the palm of my hand. [Sings in Sanskrit] [Pause] Now feel the right palm of your hand. You'll find it getting warmer and warmer. There will be a heat on the palm of the hand. Same time you'll be gon e, you will not know yourself anymore. You'll experience who you truly are, that Divine Self that you are. [Long Pause] Everyone repeat with me, Aum Shanti, Shanti, Shanti, Shanti. Now if you would like to come up and just touch my fingers and feel an electrical shock passing through your whole system that will make you vibrate. Feel it? Uh? Good. [Pause with intermittent comments such as, "Softly."] [At this point GR must be giving individual blessings as people come up. Cannot tell when people c hange] From today your lives will be changed. [Silence] Gone. Gone. Your problem is gone. Mother, I [???] your feet. Why did you come into this life of mine? You had to take three births for coming here now. God Bless you. Your name, what is your na me? [???] Oh we'll fix that problem. Make an appointment with Vidya. It's not so big, no. God bless you. Exaggeration of problems that are small so it's [???] no more. Finished. We're going to chuck it away. My daughter, but I wanted to cut your hair. Mmm, I love you. Namaste. Get away. Touch slowly, lightly, lightly. Do you feel something there? Do you feel something there? Bless you my love. You make me cry. I love you. What have you to say to me [Chela: I'll be strong] That's the idea. Ligh tly. You might feel a little electrical thing going through your breast. Don't worry about it. [End side one] God bless you my love. God bles s you. Wish you all the joy and happiness.

5. U S 84 - 3 So the best guideline to follow in life would be what could produce happiness within myself, and what could produce happin ess in those around me. That is the guideline. What could produce happiness within myself, and what could produce happiness of those around me, that could be the greatest guideline. Teachers come, teachers go, and in that coming and going there is that flow, according to their conceptions! But when a teacher comes to you and says, "I give you no guidelines." And you flow in sincerity and purity and in your own personal totality that brings the flow. When you stick to the do's and don'ts, do this and do n't do this, you are conceptualizing, you are putting yourself in a rut. R U T. Rut. Because this scripture says I must do this. That scripture says I must do that. And you follow those principles. And may I ask one question? By whom were those prin ciples formed? If I am a psychologist or a psychiatrist or a philosopher or a mystic, I form my certain rules and I would tell you to follow those rules, those do's and don'ts. But if I was a man of God, I would say, "Don't follow those rules, do not fo llow the do's and don'ts." But I would say one thing, "Be yourself." Just be yourself. Be sincere. Be honest. If my wife tells me she loves me, I want to know and believe in her that she loves me, she needs me, not for the sake of need, but because sh e loves me which needs no need. So there is how you flow. And that flow is so beautiful because that flow that whirls up within yourself brings you in total naturalness. When you can't really flow within yourself then you're impeding your progress, it b ecomes an impediment to yourself because then you start analyzing must I go that way or that way or that way or that way or the dining room there or the dining room over there or... and which road do I take? Are you flowing then? No, you're curbing yours elf. And to curb yourself means that you got to follow a standardized path. But to flow. The other word of flowing is freedom. Freedom from bondage. You're bound, you're bound and you're bound by what? By things that have been thrown in your mind all t he time: do this, do that, don't do that, don't do that, don't do this, don't do that, and it robs you of your freedom. Now I will tell you one thing which is very important to remember: Freedom is that kingdom... freedom is that Kingdom where you flow, where you glow, glow in the glory of that which is so divine. Flowing, glowing in glory. And whose glory? Your own personal glory. Because that glory which is beyond is none other than your glory. For how could you experience the glory of that guy you call God if you cannot experience the glory of yourself. So, let's make that pot of soup. Get His glory and your glory and we stir it and have a good old time. So my beloveds, you flow, you glow, you go beyond the limitations of your conceptions, perce ptions. Mental machinations. Just be, just be, for you are nothing else than yourself. Can anyone of you tell me that you are something else than yourself? You just are. So be, and in that beingness you'll discover that flow, that glow, and the glory of Divinity which is you here and now. So be, be, be. Tat Twam Asi Brahmas. That's enough.

6. U S 84 - 3 Get my shoes, darling. **** END ****


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