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1. U S 84 - 52 EXPERIENCING DIVINITY / YOGA NIDRA GURURAJ:...This is the first stage, and as you progress you'll be le d to the second stage and the third stage after that. Now, you phone St. Thomas' Hospital or the [?????????] Hospital with their sleep laboratories, and yet they wired me up to measure the depth of my sleep. I was totally gone and in deep sleep, and yet totally aware of what was happening around me. This would be confirmed to you by Professor [Fenick?] of St. Thomas' Hospital in England. And this can also be confirmed to you by professor [Beck?] and his associates in the [??????????] Hospital, which is world famous for its first heart transplant. Now, this experience I want to share with you, where you can go into a deep sleep and yet be totally aware of everything around you. Because in the sleep labs, sleep laboratories, where they wire you up, I cou ld repeat word after word what went on into the room who came in, who came out, who said what. That means the development of total awareness, not in the waking state, but in your sleep state and also in your dream state. So your waking state, dream stat e, and sleep state becomes a oneness, and is that not what you are trying to find? And when you find that... I had a press conference in England a few years ago, and I told the members of the press that what our churches lack so much is to provide an expe rience. Churches and preachers talk and talk and talk, and yet they have not experienced anything of which they talk about. So when you talk every word you utter must flutter from the depth of your heart and your experience. Experience is the most impor tant thing. When I talk to you of sugar, I will only be talking of the components, the chemical components, of sugar. But if I can make you taste the sweetness of sugar, then you know what sugar is all about. So what teachers throughout the world in chu rches, synagogues, mosques and temples are talking absolute rubbish rubeish because they have not experienced it themselves. So how can they impart the experience to others? First experience and then impart the experience to others. Therefore, my missio n in life is not to empty the churches but to fill them. they could be churches, temples, synagogues; they could be anything, for everywhere the word of God is taught. But that word has to have meaning and not just remain a word. For words are useless wi thout experience. What is the sense ever of hearing the word of God when you cannot experience God, huh? When you cannot experience that Divinity, then you become a "lostity." Another word for your new dictionary. When you are lost without the experien ce of Divinity, you gain the experience of all that is Divine. And what is Divinity after all? Here is Divinity. Can you see the Divineness in this little doll? If you cannot see it, then know that you are a nonentity and this doll is the total entity. For you function in life as dolls, without realizing the meaning of the doll. The very molecular substance in this doll is the very molecular substance that is within me, and that which is within me forms the totality of Divinity. So simple is that Div inity, and that Divinity is just as simple as humility. And when I assume that humility within myself, I will know something at least of Divinity. But I being so involved in my ego self, thinking that I am

2. U S 84 - 52 this and I am that and I am this and that and th at and that and that and that, that very thought process destroys your humility. Humility also means total simplicity. And when I can become simple, I will lose the complexity which I have created with my mind and thought processes. So, if I can move awa y from the thought processes of my mind, then only can I find what is there within me and which is behind me. When I find the source that supports that which is behind me, then I will know the meaning of this doll. I will know the meaning of the existenc e of this doll. I will know the meaning that the life force that flows in me, also flows in this doll which you at the moment regard to be dead. And yet, it is so alive. Look at its movement. Look how it moves its legs. Look how the other leg is moved. Look at the movement of its arms. Now, who is moving these legs, and who is moving these arms? Is it not the force of Divinity that does it? Now, if you could realize that the force that moves you, that makes you lift a finger or take up your hankie a nd blow your nose, [BLOWS NOSE] pardon, is the same power. The difference between this doll and me is one only, that I have developed a greater consciousness than what this doll has, and that is the biggest trouble. This doll exists because of its existe nce, and I exist because of my thoughts. What is important, your thoughts or your existence? Become so beautiful and innocent as this doll that just exists and not think that it exists, because your thought processes takes you into realms of nonexistence. The very thought that you exist has its opposite value in nonexistence. So what do you want? Ask me, I'll give it to you. You want existence or nonexistence? And when you feel that you are nonexistent, then only will you find existence. Existence me ans to exist. (I don't want to see your bums.) Be nonexistent, and you will find the totality of existence. Good. Now, lie down and relax. Yes. Come on, sippie, sippie, Mississippi. Don't touch hands. You can do that later in your bedrooms. Now, we start off with yoga nidra. As you have read in the sheets given to you, these steps are to be done slowly and gently. You are laying on your back. Now, start wiggling and moving your toes. Um hm. Look, this doll can do it better than you, I suppose . Wiggle the toes, wiggle the toes, wiggle the toes, wiggle the toes, wiggle the toes, wiggle the toes, wiggle the toes, toes, toes, toes, toes, toes. We're loosening you up. Wiggle your toes. You stand on your feet all day. Now, loosen up, by wiggling the toes. Now, let us start rotating the ankles. Ah, look at the tension which is released. Just rotate your ankles. You're only doing one foot. Do both! VOICE: [INAUDIBLE] GURURAJ: Mm, they can put it down. Just listen to me. Finish. I will dir ect it. You don't need the papers. You are rotating your ankles. Now, lift legs and shake out calf muscles. Up, up, up, up, up. Come on. Come on, come on, come on, come on. Feel the shake going away from the calf muscles. Ah, one and two and three and four. Now, relax. Lift

3. U S 84 - 52 your right leg as high as possible. More, more, more. Come on, come on, come on, you guys can do it. And down. And up again and down. Up again and down. Now, the next leg, okay? Up, up, up as high up as possible. Up, up, up and down. Up, up, up and up, more, more, more, more, more, more, more, stretch it, and down. Now, pull in your anal muscles as much as you can. Pull in, pull in, pull in, pull in. Come on. Don't be afraid, you with your father and friend. Pull in, in, in, in, in, in, more, more, more, more and relax. Again, in, in, in, in, in, in, in, in, in, in, oh, my God, in, in, in, in, oh, umph. Relax. [LAUGHTER] In, in, in, in, in, in, in, there is inner muscles, pinch it in. In, in, in and relax. This will improve your sexual abilities and it will remove any menstruation problems you may have, and increase your potency because you are giving the muladhara chakra a inner massage, which also helps your prostate glands. Now, in! Come on. Come on, come o n, come on guys. Come on. More, more, more, more, more, more, more, more, more. More, more, ah, oof, my God. And relax. Must do it once more again. In, in, in, in, in, ooh. Come on, come on, come on, come on, in. More, more, more, more, more. Ooh, God. I'm gonna get an orgasm. [LAUGHTER] Wooo, in, in, in, in, in, in. More, more, more. And relax. Now, just rest a moment. This damn traveling around the world, [BLOWS NOSE] different climates. It's getting my nose leaking. Thank God, that's th e only thing that leaks. Just relax a moment. Now, pull in your abdominal muscles, as much as you can. In, in, in, in the abdominal muscles as much as you can and relax. Look, any of you girls that got big boobs will seem bigger, but don't worry about that. In, in your abdominal muscles, pull it in until it can touch the spine. In, in, in, in, in and out. And we will do it once again. In, in, in, in, in, in, in, in, in and out. I think we should do... We only did it three and a half times. We s hould do it one more time. Right. In, in, in, in, in, in, in and out. VOICE: When we pull in like that, shouldn't we consciously try to continue breathing? GURURAJ: You do just nothing. Just do what I tell you. Okay. In, in, in, in, in, in, in, i n, in, in and out. This will improve your digestion. This will improve, if you practice it regularly, it will improve your elimination. It has an effect on the twenty eight feet of your intestine and eight feet of your colon. So if you can spare a lit tle time doing this, I would suggest do every round six times, but you can do it less and you can do it more it does not matter at all. Just relax. Just relax and watch your breathing. Do not concentrate on your breathing, but just be aware of your brea thing. Just an awareness of your breathing, for that is the breath of your life. Just be aware of your breathing. Just a gentle awareness of your breathing. Relax and watch your breathing. You're totally relaxed. There is a total relaxation within you . Now, very slowly sit up on your elbows. Very slowly. Do not rush. Slowly. Slowly. Slowly. Slowly. On your elbows. Now, rotate

4. U S 84 - 52 your necks in clockwise fashion. Far to the side, far to the front, far to the left, far to the back and on you go. One, two, three, four, five, six. Now, anticlockwise. One, two, three, four, five and six. How many of you here felt a creak in the neck? Hm. Most of you. You know why? Because your brain is not only in the head alone, but it flows down your spinal cord and through the this part which scientists would call the medulla is not allowing that flow to flow as it should flow. Do you see. Now, with this simple exercise, which you can do anytime of the day, anytime when you want to you can be sitting behind yo ur office desk or whatever and get this flow going. And when this flow from your brain cells through the medulla flows down through your spinal cord, which is part of your brain, you can...you will find you will just float into a oneness combining the br ain with the spinal column and through the spinal column the nerve centers flowing throughout your body. Now, what you have to do is revitalize those nerves that float through your body. And by getting these juices, if you want to call it that, flowing t hrough you, you will find your health increasing. You will find your mental self will become more balanced. You will find that you are a total being, because you are removing the blockages that are there in the medulla. Huh. Try it. Now, if these juic es... Now, the brain is composed of twelve billion cells, as I've told you twelve billion times, but that brain box is contained in a fluid. So those fluids has to be given its natural flow. And if you do not give those fluids that covers the brain box, or in which the brain floats, then you are creating blockages within yourself. And those blockage create all the problems that you would suffer from. When there is a blockage there comes about two things: a physiological blockage and a biological blockag e. Now, by just loosening up, you would be creating a flow. Lay back and relax for a moment. Hm hm. Now, stretch your arms to the sides. And slowly and consciously bring them together. Be conscious of the movement of your arms. One, two and [CLAP] th ree. Nah. We'll have to do that again. There has to be one clap, because what I am teaching is the oneness of humanity. Right. We'll start again. Slowly, up and up and up and up and up to the chest. And up and one, two, hey. Come on. Come on. We'll have to do it all over again. Right. Up and up and up and up and up and up and up you go. Palms facing each other: one, two, [CLAP] three. That's better. Great improvement. Mm. Good. Let's do it again. Be conscious of your movement. Up and up and up and up and up and up and up and up and up and up and up. Palms are facing each other: one, two, [CLAP] three. Aha. That was good. I wonder if I can't make her do it too? Right. Up, up, up, up, up and up and up and up, up, up. Palms facing each ot her: one, two and [CLAP] three. Jesus, she did it too. Good girl. Now, just relax. You see, I might put variations. It does not matter, because you could vary this practice yourselves any time you like. Okay, now, we're stretching our arms, our back. .. [END SIDE ONE]

5. U S 84 - 52 GURURAJ: ...forward, slowly forward, slowly forward, slowly forward, up to the chest, face the palms and one, two, [CLAP] three. Aha, you guys are improving, aren't you? Lovely. Back again, the arms. And up and up and up and up, up, up, up, up, up. Fa ce the palms. Face the palms and be conscious of your movement. Face the palms and one, two, [CLAP] three. Very good. Let's do it again. Arms far back and if you can touch the ground behind you, do that if you can. And up and up and up and up and up, up and up and up and up, up and up towards the chest and face the palms, facing the palms to each other and one, two [CLAP] three. You see the unison that could be achieved? And that is what humanity needs to be unified in a pure innocent love. Now, stre tch your arms at your sides. Move them up slowly behind you as far as they can go, preferably touching the floor behind you, and slowly bring them forward. Slowly, slowly, slowly. Bring them forward to your chest, palms to face each other and one, two, [CLAP] three. Hm, great. Let's do it once more. Arms on the sides. Up and up and up it goes. Up and up and up it goes. Up, up, up, up, up, up till it touches the floor. And move them forward slowly, slowly, slowly to the chest. Palms to face each o ther and one, two, [CLAP] three. Now, do you know what this has done for you? You lungs have not been exercised. And with this motion, you are stretching your total lung area, and with the expansion of the lung, you bring it back into contraction. Do y ou see. So it purifies your lungs. So simple. These practices have been designed with very, very deep thought to affect every part of you, from a child of eight to a child of eighty. Simple, but very effective. You do not need to go into those yogic pr actices, which is such a minor part of yoga. It only exercises certain parts of you, which is not important, which is not your totality. You want to find relaxatio n from stress and strain. And if you can just practice this... Look, Vidya has printed here , do each step six times. But you can do each step three times, nine times, twelve times, twenty times, depending how you feel. I suggested to her to print six times for the beginning. And as you progress and you want to do more, there's no harm in it a t all. Because they are simple, so relaxing, and bringing one an awareness of oneself. Now, just relax for a few moments. [SPEAKS IN SANSKRIT.] Hm. Beautiful. Beautiful. Beautiful. [LONG PAUSE] Um hm. Now, the fun begins. Now, clench your fists . Um hm. Clench your fists. Hey, dad. Clench your fists, all of you. Tighten, tighten your entire body, tighten, tighten, tighten. More, more, more. Come on, more. You can do more, just that little bit more. Tighten your body. Tighten it, tighten it, come on. We want that contraction. Come on, more, more, more, more, more. Come on, you over there. Come on, carry on. What the hell you so damn lazy there for! Come on. Tighten your body, and more and more, more, more. Come on. We can do a lit tle bit more. Come on, tighten, tighten, tighten. For God's sake, come on, tighten you body! [?????] Come on! Give it all you got! Give it all you got! Give it al l you got! Come on. Come on, come on, come on, tighten your entire body. Tighten your entire body a little more. Another

6. U S 84 - 52 half a second. Another half a second. Okay. Another half a second. Tighten. Harder, harder, harder my brother. Harder. Ugh. Whew, whew. Yeh. Whew, whew, whew. And flop. Contraction will always go with expansion, and expansion will always go with contraction. The more you tighten up your body, the more would there be relaxation. Simple logic. Breathe normally. Just normal breathing. Just breathe normally. Just breathe normally. Now, let thoughts flow throug h your mind, let them come and go, for the mind could never be vacant. The mind can never be vacant, but it can be awakened. Just let those thoughts, whatever they are, it's not important, just let them flow through the mind and be aware of what is float ing through your mind. You might be thinking of dinner, you might be thinking of breakfast, you might be thinking of your girlfriend or boyfriend, you might be thinking of anything at all, it is not important. Just let t hem float in and out, and in and o ut, in and out. Good. You are relaxed enough and settled in your mind. Now, you will be starting to feel a cool breeze at the tip of your nostrils. A beautiful cool breeze at the tip of your nostrils. A beautifu l cool breeze at the tip of your nostrils. And it's rising up into your brain area. Cool, comfortable, relaxing, cooling to the mind, cooling to the brain. Getting rid of the thoughts you had previously in your mind. Cool, comfortable, relaxing breeze. Up, up, up into your brain area. Swirling there, giving so much calm, this cool, comfortable breeze. And now it is flowing down over your forehead, over your eyes, down your cheeks, over your lips. And now further down, over your throat and the back of your neck. And now it is moving over your shoulders, over your shoulders, this cool, comforting, relaxing breeze. Over your shoulders and down your arms, down your arms, down the biceps and to the elbows and lower down to your forearms and still lower, lower down to your wrists. Cool, comfortin g breeze. So relaxing. Totally relaxing to your wrists and down your palms, and the back of your hands there to your fingertips. It is down now to your fingertips, this cool, comforting, relaxing breeze at your fingertips. Now, up it is going again thr ough the back of your hand, through your palms, up your forearm, this cool, comforting, relaxing breeze. Up your biceps and over onto your shoulders again, they feel so relaxed. This cool, comforting breeze is giving you the relaxation, removing tension a nd stress. And down it moves over your chests and breasts. Down, down, down, down your upper back, and still further down to your abdomen and lower, and still moving down. Cool, comforting breeze, so relaxing. Down your navel. Down, down, down your low er back, through your buttocks, over your genitalia. And still moving down over your thighs, down and around your thighs and still further down. This cool and comforting, relaxing breeze reaching now your knees and behind the knees and down, down, down o ver your shins and your calves and further down, further down to your ankles, around your ankles and down the soles of your feet and the upper part of your feet and down still this cool, cool, relaxing breeze. So comforting. And down, down, down to your toes. Down, down to your toes. Your entire body is now totally relaxed. Your entire body is totally relaxed. If you fall asleep it does not matter. But if you are awake, take your mantra from your min d to your navel area. When you take your mantra to your navel area, you will have a feeling of a blue haze on your navel

7. U S 84 - 52 area. Just relax. I will be walking around the room. Do not look at the [???????]. Because I want to see to what depth you have reached to. **** END ****


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