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2. U S 85 - 12A Start off from there [indicating the side of room and row] If you feel any tremor or shock going through your system do not be afraid of it. [tape off and back on.] [Commen ts to chelas are not accurate. We cannot tell when one leaves and another comes up.] [To chela] Mother, look into my eyes. Don't you recognize the son that you've brought forth to do this work? May I be worthy of you to fulfill my mission? For that is what I was born for and that is why you brought me here. Mother, what can I say? I just love you that's all. Dearest mother. Dearest mother, may the energy of Divinity flow through me to thee that brought me into this world. Namaste. I love you. Wil l you help Mama, there? You know we're not so young anymore. [To chela] Do you suffer new pains there especially? There. Okay, let's fix it up now. Would you like to put up your specs, don't break them. Put your head on my lap. I'd like to get to that spot again and find the polarity point. Better? More calmer? Good. Lovely. You'll never have those pains again. Speak to me tomorrow and I will give you some things to do. Remind me because I am very forgetful. Your glasses, my darling. Ah! There w e are. [to chela] You will feel a very strong energy flow going through you. You'll feel a palpitation in your heart area. You hav e been very emotionally disturbed for whatever reason. I will not go into details. But that is affecting your heart. Slow down, my son. Slow down. It doesn't matter at all. Your mind is sometimes filled with so much suspicion which is totally just a mental reaction for there is no need for any suspicion in family life or business life or whatever you do. I don't wa nt to know. You'll understand what I am trying to tell you? You do? Good. Now, just fix up that little artery that is becoming blocked. We'll do it now. Just rest your head on my lap, okay. And there we go. There we go. Do you feel pressure? Good. Do you feel any pain there? No. Right. That's a good sign. Now we're gonna clear up this artery. Good. Put your hands again there. You feel little trembling inside you. In a few minutes it will pass away. We've still got a satsang tonight and I'm going t o keep you up all night tonight. [to chela] Hello Mother. May I take off your glasses?. You know, this one girl used to work in an optometrist's office and she had two glasses and made a spectacle of herself. We'll put it there, won't we? Lift up th is arm. Did your doctor ever tell you about neuritis? Because this part is slowly getting lame? Do you feel that? [no] You don't. It's impending. Wha t you do is hold it tight like that. You get the idea? Right. It is the small capillaries and the nerves that are going through there that are getting weakened. So by this massage you will stop it from weakening more. You got that? And there are any problems you phone by Vidya and she will talk to you about it more. Do you feel numbness in your fin gers sometimes? No. Or your toes? No? Good. That's a good sign. That's what I want you to know that you do feel a coldness in your body. Very good, I'm glad for that because I was worried about you. Can you feel your hands warming up now? They were cold as ice when you came. They're warming up so beautifully you know the words, we get the

3. U S 85 - 12A circulation back in order. Nothing to worry about and you will be just first class like me! Okay Mom, Namaste. Namaste beloved. [to chela] Put your hands on your knees and just take it easy. Be firm! The best sleep you're going to have in your lifetime is tonight. We're unloosening the knots. Now feel the knots there. Feel those knots. Feel those knots. Do you feel it? So, he needs another bloody slap . Okay my beloved you'll be fine. Just relax. Good. Now you can get up so I can kick your ass. Chela: I've got a bony ass! Gururaj: Namaste. Namaste. [to chela] It's been long time since I saw you, love. About a year? Yes. And people misinterp ret this. Search your brain. They did not understand what was happening. The lumps you had I removed by a touch but they thought it was a sexual play. I don't need sex. I don't. I do have it once a year, as I was telling these people. You know once a year and some years I forget, you know. But my job in life is to do the best to my beloveds. Whatever I can do through God's mercy. That is my mission. He has sent me to do the things I can. Many things I cannot. What is the scientific explanation of brain power? Judy: Chemistry and electricity. Gururaj: Chemistry and electricity. Now, how do you define chemistry and has electricity ever been defined? So, all the scientists know nothing. Judy: That's true. Gururaj: And if they know nothing , what right do they have to make these various assumptions of knowing everything. They talk of the words of everything but never of the very thing. You see? How they misplace the "e," and when you misplace the "e" it is but the ego "e" that makes it in to everything and misses the very thing. So on this course we have a blackboard here, right, and I'll be drawing up of course Vidyaji will map out the days and dates I hope you're not leaving, my darling? No? Good. Then I will show you how the mind works. Its functional aspects and how it could be categorized in its totalness. And how that divine energy can permeate that which is

4. U S 85 - 12A permeatable. I'm sure it's eatable by thought, by the analytical mind. And the mind can go so deep. But it has to reac h an end. [END SIDE ONE] [WORDS MAY BE MISSING] But with analysis you will find that you will reach a certain point. And then from there you and I jump into the unknown. You see. Now just let me see. I'm touching the sides of her breasts and please don't accuse me I'm talking to them, not you, because you never accuse me. There? Okay. It's burning hot like fire. Gone! Have yourself examined and it will be confirmed, it is gon e. Not through me through Him My Father. [to chela] Beloved Jagriti. Did I have to wait so many lifetimes to meet you again in this lifetime? What were you messing around with? I know, I'll tell you in private. Visit me tonight. Remember August 18 th, humm? I love you. [to chela] Take that off. This one off. Shall we put it down here? Okay. Fine. Those are the only two rings you are going to wear. Not a whole armory. I love you Clare. Do you get pains down your thighs? Chela: No. My fee t. Gururaj: In your feet. Yes, I felt something like that. And is your menstrual correct, you know? Good. Fine. Now, we'll get rid of that feet problem immediately now. I want to hold that finger you stop wearing that rubbish! Walk to that wal l and walk back. I can see that your feet feel better. There. It's so simple. By wearing too much of the silver or nickel, whatever you call it, it has an effect on your feet. Jewelry is fine as ornamentation as long as they don't hurt the organs of th e body. Because the metal has an effect on the nervous system of a body and if too much of it is used then naturally it will manifest itself. God bless you. Namaste. [to chela] There's a heavy problem on your mind. There is no problem at all. It is somewhat trying to weigh you down. But be uplifted by the problem itself. You can talk to me about it tomorrow or during the week if you wish. I know what it is and even before you tell me I will tell you what it is. But don't let it weight you down. Do you feel lighter now? [chela answers inaudibly] Good. Hug me. God bless you. Nothing to worry about. [to chela] When last did you tell me you loved me? When last did you tell me you loved me? Tell it to me every day even if I am thousands of mil es away. For that will bring you sustenance. That will make you one pointed. For a guru is a father, a friend, a confidante, and why don't you do it? You love him. Even if he is so far far away. Do that. Now, just let

1. U S 85 - 12A PERSONAL MESSAGES: EAST COAST/ INNOCENCE [TAPE BEGINS WIT H SEVERAL MINUTES OF RHYTHMIC BREATHING] GURURAJ: It is slowing down now and you are feeling more relaxed. Let that breath flow through the toes and up and up to the ankles and up your calves and up they go through your thighs and up and further up it co vers your belly. This breath of life covers your belly. This breath of life covers your belly and up and up, further up to the navel and there you will find a loosening of the knots that is there and further up, further up to your heart and up and up and up you go to your throat vishuddha chakra. And further up more and more and the muscles of your face feel relaxed and further you go up to the ajna chakra at your forehead, feeling that beautiful calm, feel that beautiful calm in your forehead and up you go, up, up, up to the center of the brain and there you will find the quietude that is instilled there. But you miss it so much. So you're feeling quieter. Your body is more relaxed than it was, and there in that area your eyes closed and see what you all will a bright shining light on the top of the head you will see what calmness is all about where the mind becomes stilled, and you are now in that stillness a wonderful stillness that you have never experienced before. Quieted and quieted, so filled with the quietude of gold and there is the gold which is forever shining, shining, brighter than the sun. You're shining and in that sunshine you feel total rest. You are feeling totally restful for there you have contacted the force of Divinity. So the energies has started from your toes to your ankles, through your calves and through your thighs and higher up to your navel and still further on you have proceeded to your heart chakra, the anahata. You feel the love for all and then to the throa t chakra and up you go. You'll see as it goes up and up and the thousand petaled rose which is symbolic but which means opening up all those brain cells that are lying dormant. And opening up those brain cells the entire mind will flow not only through m e, but also through thee. And that is what we aim at to find that Divinity that forever resides in me. [Sanskrit Prayer] All together now: Om shanti, shanti, shanti. [Speaks in Hindi or Sanskrit for several minutes.] Om shanti, shanti, shanti. Open yo ur eyes slowly. Namaste. Namaste. Now it would be very difficult for me to travel around these chairs. I think it might be easier for you in turn to come up t o me. Use these two fingers imagine the rabbit's ears. Okay. These two fingers and touch my palms and you'll feel the greatest energy you will have ever felt in your life so cool, so beautiful, so divine.

5. U S 85 - 12A me see something. I love you. [chela replies inaudibly] You will become one pointed. You go away you'll make me cry just now. Right. Are we done? Or are there any more to whom I could pour these spiritual energies that comes from that guy upstairs somewhere I don't know where th at is. Who cares? Good. **** END ****


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