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1. U S 85 - 15 RAPID FIRE GR: Now on every course we have one session which is called "Rapid Fire." So most of the time people ask one question and I'll talk on it for about an hour or so. But then there are many questions others would have. So by having a rapid fire session an yone can ask whatever they wish to ask about anything whatsoever how to make curry and rice, for example. So, we can start with rapid fire, but before that, there is one thing I want to tell you. Many people have late nights doing whatever they are doing and then they don't attend the group practices. Now, chanting is so so important. It lifts the vibrations and the chant is so well measured, totally systematically and scientifically. If you cha nt Aim Hrim Krim Chamunda Ye Ve Che Che, Aim Hrim Krim Chamunda Ye Ve Che Che, there is a total exhalation of your breath which rids you of the toxins what do you call them? Voice: Carbon dioxide? Gururaj: That's it, yes. You get rid of them. You clear your lungs. You bring your body into a rhy thm, and by bringing the body into a rhythm, you automatically bring your mind into a rhythm and you would feel so calm. But that's not the only thing that happens. After you do three rounds of chanting, you will find that the chant just goes on automati cally. We normally do 9 rounds 7, 9. And when the chant goes on automatically you are observing yourself doing the chant. That means the big I within yourself is now observing the small I, and there is such a great purpose to it. The purpose is to wat ch yourself functioning, not through the little portals of the mind, but you are watching yourself from your greater self. And when you learn this art, what happens is this, that in your daily life you will be observing all the actions you perform and not be affected by the actions. I don't know if I told this story here, that I was once a guest at someone's home. It was on a course. So my room was upstairs and this beautiful sound was floating up: [Chants]. So when I got downstairs and asked the lady of the house, "Oh, this is such a wonderful way to start your day." So she says, "Guruji, I could never lie to you. You are my father and my friend, my confidante. But the reason I was chanting this morning was this, that I do one round for a soft boile d egg and three rounds for a hard boiled egg." So stop being eggheads. Attend your morning practices! They are important to you. And within a group when you chant together there develops such a family feeling that you feel one with each other. And whe n you can feel one with each other then that is a great step in feeling one with your maker. I could talk on this for hours and hours but I'm sure most of you have the idea. Good.

2. U S 85 - 15 Now, our midnight special of last night. Would anyone like to say a few w ords on what they experienced? Would you guide the hands, love? Here, sit here. On the carpet. Don't dirty your dress. That's it. Yes, ma'am. Chela: Last night I went into meditation and I found it very difficult to calm down. And then after a lit tle while I don't know exactly what happened I just knew that all of a sudden I went from expectation to gasping for breath as if I was coming out of something. I just wasn't sure. I wasn't sure if I'd [????] up or what happened, but I don't usually wa ke up that way. I just really didn't know anything that happened. I didn't know what time it was. I didn't know how long what had gone on, but I noticed that the colors I was seeing, yellow on a white background, just swirling. My colors that I [??? ] usually don't merge [???] and they were just so bright and so clear and beautiful. And then I saw a cluster of blue and pink and red, just little sparkle clusters that were sitting as flowers down at the bottom of the picture. And I was thinking, "Wow! I've never seen colors so clear." And I didn't even recognize it as an experience until afterwards when I was talking to my sister, Gina, and I said, "Gina, for the first time when my eyes were closed there was no [?????]." There was absolutely no backg round. The background was white and it was solid white. I could feel it in this sense. It was not even [???], the white was just solid to a beautiful white with yellow swirling colors. And then I went and I kept meditating thinking, "Well , maybe it's n ot 12 yet. Then I checked the clock and it was twenty to one. GR: Beautiful. Lovely. The white you saw in your experience of last night was a presence you felt of me being there. Now, many people have different ways of interpreting things. Some woul d see it in color form because they are more visual. Some would see it in a totally tangible form as you described early on: solid. So, what is the meaning of that solidity? I was there with you. That was solid. Otherwise everything else is but imagi nation. Next. Jagriti: Guruji, last night when I started to meditate I started talking to you in meditation and I said, "When you come in please work on my neck [????] problems with my neck and [????] treatment with chiropractors [????]." So suddenl y my neck was getting pulled every which way and it felt like there was all this sand and gravel in the back that was broke being pulled and like it was being pulled straight in front of me. And all of a sudden I was really really nauseous and I said to y ou, "Well, I guess I asked for this. And then there was just like this horrible pain in my right side and this voice said to me, "It will all go away in the morning. You'll be all right." And it went on for a while and then I went to sleep. GR: And di d it go away?

3. U S 85 - 15 JAGRITI: Well, it's better this morning. GR: I had to manipulate your neck. And sometimes it's painful. For example, if there is a thorn in your foot, you use another thorn to pick out the first thorn and then you throw both thorns away . That's what Ramakrishna said, to quote him. Good. Good for you, my girl. Anyone? You know sometimes people are very shy to say a few words in front of other people. The midnight special as we call it I don't know if this was in England or some oth er course so this lady comes up to me the next morning and she says, "Guruji, I couldn't say this in public but let me tell you of the experience I had." She told me that "you were making love to me." [ He laughs] I said, "Good for you. At least we r eleased some energies, huh?" Because then she explained me that she had been frigid for so many many years and it was the first time that she experienced an orgasm. And from that day her problems are gone. Chela: Is it always a good thing to talk about experiences in public in satsang? Should one always talk about them? GR: That's left to your own wish or will. Same Chela: I had a very good experience last night but it would be very hard to talk about it. GR: You discuss it with me afterwards. Because there are some experiences that people cannot talk about and I would not like them to talk about it in public. Gina. Gina: Guruji, I didn't [inaudible] even if I don't experience something, are you still coming? GR: Of course! I tell you the reason for that, that I work on the superconscious level but it is not given to everyone to bring that superconscious level experience to the conscious level. When there are certain blockages then naturally it doe s not come to the conscious level. But, remember one thing: You have been touched by the hand of that great Fellow up there. Lovely. Gina: [Inaudible]

4. U S 85 - 15 GR: Well, that is the greatest experience of all, really, when you are totally gone from your body and dwell within your spirit. In other words, you go into a state which in Sanskrit is called pratyahara. All your senses are indrawn within yourself and they merge away into your spiritual self: And therefore the consciousness of that does not remain. That is the greatest experience one could have. Lorieta: I was just going to [answer her?] if I didn't feel anything out of the ordinary that I didn't feel during meditatio n but afterwards [???] I felt this intense love. GR: This energy of Divinity i s so powerful and I am glad to be just an instrument. And being the instrument of Divinity, how can you recognize Divinity but just by that intense feeling of love? For God is Love and Love is God. Yes, dear? Chela: All I felt was a very very strong v ibration and I was just vibrating. GR: That divine energy was moving through you in the form of strong vibrations, and when you woke up this morning I am sure you have lost a lot of the tension that was within you, right? Good. Good. Must I tell you the experiences you had without you saying a word? Leave it out for now. Very easy. I can see it on your faces. Don't you see the faces glowing? And keep on glowing with that divine energy. Good. Now, we shall start our Rapid Fire session. Ask about an ything you want. [Background voices] So it could be recorded or else the answer will have no meaning if the question is not there. Chela: Guruji, last night seemed almost like a communion experience for me. It seemed as if a great amount of spiritual energy was being released and yet you were still here. I just wanted to know I mean that is so, isn't it? There was a lo t happening, wasn't there? GR: Beautiful. No one ever attends a course and goes home empty handed. I do not only bring this bo dy to you because this body is of no consequence. But what I bring to you is Divinity itself through this little vehicle. I have told you this before perhaps, that I am nothing else but like a hollow piece of wood which you could call a flute. He blows through it so the world can enjoy the music. His music. Not mine. What do I know? I know nothing. Because I am nothing. And when I recognize myself and this happened when I was about fifteen years old and found my nothingness, that was the time wh en the everythingness filled my entire universe. Do you see? This means a total annihilation of the ego self there's 2 percent there that can only be lost when you drop the body. Otherwise you'd become non functional. So, the 2

5. U S 85 - 15 percent is only your lit tle self and you've acquired 98 percent of the bigger self. And what would this mean in practical terms? It means that you are filled with such bliss, such peace, such ecstasy. And what do you do with that bliss? What do you do with that ecstasy? What do you do with the Divinity that is flowing through you all the time? What do you do with it? You share it to the world. That is exactly what Krishna did, what Buddha did, what Jesus did. He just shared his peace, and therefore it is said in the scrip tures "My peace I pass unto thee." Do you see the deep meaning of these injunctions? The deep meaning of these words? People read this and they read that, but yet they do not realize the true import, the true meaning, the substance of these simple injun ctions like "My peace I pass unto thee." Baloo: Guruji, I was having breakfast with a friend this morning and they were telling me about an experience that they had where they felt jolts jolts energy hitting the body. And this has been happening t o me two, three years now when I think about you sometimes it's like BOOM. Would you ... GR: Explain that? Yes, sure. Some people require caressing, some people require a pat on the back, some people require a kick on the backside, and some people require to be jolted so that they could wake up. The awakening is there all the time. The light is here all the time, but you still have to put on that switch to see the light. And how? When you put on that switch, do you know the jolt it gets to make the light burn? The positive and the negative have to form a perfect combination to complete the circuitry so that this light can burn. Those are the jolts and they are invaluable, priceless. So why sleep through your entire lifetime? Your wife or your husband who will kiss you softly on the cheek to wake you up and say, "Morning, darling." But some lazy guys don't wake up with the sweetness of a kiss, you got to shake them, "Hey, get up you! " This headmaster his name was Charles. So the mother says to Charles, "You've got to go to school." So Charles says, "Mom, I am not going to school today. The teachers hate me and because they don't do the things I tell them to do, I hate them. The students don't like me and I don't like them. They're a pain in the neck." So mom says, "Charles, you have to go to school. Being the headmaster, who is going to lead the prayers?" Next. Mom was there. Nirmala: Guruji, if God is the self and the self is God, what's wrong with being selfish? It would seem then that the more selfish we are, the more godly, and the very best we can buy is none too good for God. So caviar and champagne should be the order of the day and Cadillacs to ride in. What do yo u say to this, Guruji? [Laughter] GR: Well, what I could say to that, mother, is for this evening you bring me some caviar and champagne. [Laughter]

6. U S 85 - 15 Now, selfish is such a beautiful word. Let me explain it to you. In Sanskrit "Ish" means God Ishwa ra Ish means God. And to find oneself as the Ish, then you have really found yourself and be more and more self ish. Selfishness is something else. Selfishness is a matter of acquisition, and what do you acquire in the acquisition is your little self. So when you transform yourself from the little self to the big self, then you can say I am the self and I am the Ish. Is that n ot is ness? To find this is ness is the true aim and goal and purpose of life, for in that little selfishness there are so ma ny problems because the little selfishness is composed only of conflicts with one thought battling against the other. But in that big self, in that Ish, no battle remains. No thoughts could fight because that Ish is beyond all thoughts! Incomprehensible because comprehension only comes by thought. All perception, all comprehensions come from thought. So when we can transcend thought then we merge into our bigger self, our higher self, our divine self. Now this does not mean that you make your mind blan k. It does not mean that. Let your mind be filled with any thought it wants to fill it with, but be the observer of the mind. So here you have the observer of that which can be observed, but it has to be done objectively and not subjectively. Because a s soon as you introduce the subjectivity you are still involved in the mind; but when you regard the mind to be an object of observation, then whatever the mind does will have no effect upon you. And that is the royal path to divine peace, joy, ecstasy, b liss. Shamiya: Guruji, several people are on a practice where they are not allowed to touch anyone. Can you explain what this practice is about and how long it lasts? GR: With the hundreds of thousands of people I have initiated into spiritual practi ces there are only four that have been given the practice of non touching. The reason is this: that they have reached a certain stage in the evolutionary process where they should not imbibe or take on the vibrations of others because that will create an interference in their progress. Two people would love each other so much and of course when it comes to husband and wife or your children, it would not matter. But when it comes to an outside person, that one who is given the practice of non touching mus t never allow the vibrations of others to obstruct their practice. When I touch these flowers you think I am touching these flowers only? No. I am not just touching these flowers, but I am taking the vibrations of those flowers within me. And a true spi ritual master knows how to guide his chela from not being disturbed by the vibrations of others. I can hug each and every one of you. I would kiss your forehead. I would kiss your cheek. I'll take on all your vibrations and shake them off in two minutes flat two seconds rather, two seconds flat. But are you strong enough to do that? A spiritual master who would give practices to people that which is necessary to them. Different people are given different practices. To give you an example, like the gap. What is the gap? The gap is a center of yourself. Have you watched a pendulum swaying to and fro, and when it goes to the right there's a slight moment when

7. U S 85 - 15 it stops, and then because it stops it gives the pendulum greater momentum to move to the l eft and there, too, it will stop for that split, split second to move on again to the right. Now this practice I won't give to just everyone. I'd give them what they need. Therefore all our practices are totally personalized, because from the superconsc ious level, and through the mercy of the powers that be, I can bring to my consciousness what is required for that particular person. And that is what leads you on. Lead thou me on kindly light one step at a time. You try to climb up a flight of stairs twelve or fifteen steps with one jump. See if you can do it. You can't. So one step at a time where there true master leads his beloveds. For the true master knows of no difference between himself and his chela. For he is the chela and at the same time he is the master because he has brought within himself the totality, the essence of his chela and he imparts his totality and his essence to the chela. It's a love affair where heart touches heart and yet it does not ignore your mind at all. It giv es your mind different understandings of life or how to look at life in its varied perspectives until you find the totality of all th ose perspectives put together. You're looking at this vase of flowers. You're looking at this flower. Which is the domina nt color here in front of your eyes? Green? Pink? You said red. Any more? Yellow. Right. There's just the vase around. What is the dominant color there that you see? White. Do you see what I'm trying to demonstrate to you? He saw red. She saw gr een. Another one saw yellow. Another saw white. You see? All of you saw from a [END SIDE ONE] different angle of vision. What I want to show you is all the angles of your vision so that you do not see red only, or you do not see green, or you do not see yellow only. But let me turn around this vase on its own axis and make you see all the colors that compose this floral arrangement. In other words, what I'm trying to say is this: that you see life only partially. I want you to see it totally. Not only from the bottom or its various sides, but also from the top which will constitute a totally different vision to you. And that is the understanding I give, and I give you the tools of your personalized practices so that it could enhance your vision, e nergize it, electrify it, and make it dynamic. For that is what you are. Hm! Become alive! For you think you are living, but are you really not the living dead? Because if you are really alive you'll see everything in its wholeness, in its totalness. And that is the totality I teach my chelas not from any book knowledge at all but from my personal experience; and reaching the totalness of myself as I said before, I share it with all of thee.

8. U S 85 - 15 That is the mark of a true spiritual master and not al l these humbugs that go around fleecing people with millions and millions and millions of dollars. I don't do that. I own nothing. I possess nothing. They say I am the poorest guru in th e world and yet I'm the richest of the richest. They call me poor because this very pair of socks was given to me as a gift. This pants was given to me as a gift. This shawl was given to me as a gift, so was this shirt and even my underwear I won't show it to you. What can you really possess, for the very idea of p ossession brings all the miseries to you. I possess this chair, and I possess that, and I possess this glass. How lasting is it? I just need to push this glass and it will break into pieces. So what have I possessed? It is all so temporary and anythin g which is temporary is an illusion. So why must I lude myself with illusions? Rather let me be filled with the vision of Divinity. Now, is that too much to ask of you? It is not too much. It could never be too much. Too much. Let me rather say, one much, not two much because two produces friction. But when you realize your universality and the very word "uni" means one realize that and you will be living gods on this earth; alive, alive, and filled with the force and the force is with you. Do yo u know why you are here? Because I am here. And do you know why I am here? Is because you are here. Think about that. It's not a riddle at all. Get rid of the riddle and find that which is really you. I have very strong shoulders and very strong arms , and if you can't manage to walk, let me carry you. For I want to see all of you happy, happy, happy. But grow up and take off your nappy. Is that the word used in English, or diaper? It's called nappy in English. Diaper, huh? Yeah, when a baby wears it it normally dyes it diaper. Hey you guys must be hungry by now. Quarter past twelve is it? Uh, huh. **** END ****


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