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1. US 85- 17 LOVING IN TOTALITY GR: Great names in the world of literature think that this is Nobel Prize material. Let's hope. Perhaps with that we could build an ashram? Does anyone know what this is? Toothpaste? No! Aim Hrim Krim Chamundi Ye Ve Che Che [repeat...] We must charge them royalty for advertising Aim. Good. What shall we talk about this morning? ROOPA: Beloved Guruji, the greatest injunction in our tradition is to love the Lord Thy God with all thy heart, with all th y mind, and with all thy soul. How can we do this when we don't even know who in the world God is or what the Lord has to do with washing the dishes and paying the rent? GR: Very good. Love thy Lord with all thy heart, mind and strength, etc. Now you do not know the Lord because He is an abstract energy. So learn to love yourself, for the real self that resides in you is the Lord itself. And to have this cognition of having the Lord within yourself is the greatest realization you could ever come to. So, injunctions have their own value, but how they are interpreted, that is very important. Here is a total picture of duality. And yet it would go on to say that the Lord is omnipotent, omniscient, omnipresent. So why can't He be present in you if He's omnipresent? And then it still goes on to say, Man know thyself. Do you see the various contradictions you find because the scriptures were compiled by different people with different conceptions. And then, in 342 A.D. at the Council of Nicene, all the big shots the cardinals got together and re edited the Bible according to their own understanding. I wish I had the time to rewrite that Bible for you, for it will present a totally different picture. I was saying in some talk somewhere that the Bible, because it is the Bible, it is not banned in South Africa. Because in the Bible you will find adultery, incest, pillage, murder, rape, cutting off John's head for the whims and fancy of one woman. Look at the cruelty in it when it is supposed to be composed of nothing else but love! And then they go on to say that God is Love and Love is God. So, man know thyself, and by knowing thyself, you will know the Lord. For you are in a concrete form, and all concrete forms could never conceive of the abstract. It is something nebulous the mind could never conceive of it. But you in your heart can experience the Lord. So, with all your strength and all your mind and all your heart find Him there and then you have found Him everywhere. And when you find Him everywhere you live God and not believe in God because beliefs cannot always be true. You might believe one thing today and tomorrow you'll believe another thing changing,

2. US 85- 17 changing, changing all the mind for the mind's nature is to change all the time. Otherwise if there is no motion in the mind, you would not be able to exist. But under the changingness of the mind there is a factor which is changeless. Now when I say changeless it does not mean that God does not change. He is forever changing all the time in the process of this that we call creation or manifestation. But His change and I talk to you of experience I will never talk to you of things I've not personally experienced or else I would be false. Now, the change that takes place in God is not only the process of this changing universe which is His manifestation, but as the Unmanifest itself, He is like a high spinning top you know the tops children play with. It is spinning at such a high vibratory rate and so fast that it seems to stand still. That is the change of the Unmanifest to provide the energy for all that is manifest. Do you see? So, when we do our spiritual practices, our meditations, we heighten the rate of our vibrations, and by heightening the rate of those vibrations, which in other words would mean having the various vortexes of energies in the mind forget the chakras, they are just symbolic. There are no such thing as chakras. Chakra means wheel that spins. That's what chakra means. So, through our spiritual practices, when we heighten the vibrations within us to that extent that we become that stillness of that high spinning top, and that is your Lord. So, you find Him if we should call it Him, why not Her? It’s the same thing because we are talking of an energy and the energy could be masculine or feminine, depending on what you believe. It is not important but the basis is the energy and finding that energy of the highest vibration possible, you have found the Lord. Because what happens here is this, that because a topis spinning at a very high speed, at a very high vibration, it is standing still it seems it is standing still and because of that stillness your mind becomes stilled and then you can truly say another injunction: Be still and know that I am God. And that is what the Lord is all about. He is not someone sitting up there in the sky with a long beard on a golden throne. Why should He be sitting on a golden throne? Why? What's the reason? Why should He sit on a golden throne while you are sitting on a green chair? He is sitting on a cloud being nebulous. Have you ever tried touching a cloud? You can't hold it. You can't grab a cloud and that is what this injunction is talking about because your minds and your heart and your blah blah blah find the Lord and that truly is blah blah blah. So, there is something which we call the Lord. There is a reality to it. It is not just a fanciful idea at all. There is that reality, and superimposed upon reality is the unreality. So if you put your emphasis on unreality which is caused by the imbalance of the vortexes of energies in your mind, naturally you would fall in the trap of unreality. But to repeat, with our spiritual practices when we bring that perfect alignment of the vortexes of energy in the mind we reach such a height a vibrational state that you become one with God. The Father and Son is one. Otherwise it just remains a ghost. Call it Holy or whatever.

3. US 85- 17 Yes, ghost. Have you ever seen a ghost? After a person leaves the physical body there are certain unresolved thought forms that are there, and it takes a while for those thought forms to reach another dimension. But until it reaches there it's a ghost, a spook. And you can see it. Oh yes. It just requires a little tuning up of the mind and you can see it. So let us not talk of ghosts, but of realities. And what is real? You are all real. You're real physically. You're real mentally and totally real spiritually. So these are the three divisions of your existence: the body, the mind, which are just a fractional part of yourself but the greater portion 99 percent of your reality lies within you. And in that place called the heart the core of your being not only the core of your personality. Because your personality is controlled by the mind and personalities change. Over all these years of teaching around the world I've seen personalities change. I've seen faces that were crumpled and hard, and after some years of meditation and the personal practices we give, the faces change. They become soft. Not only outwardly in the face, but also inwardly, they become soft, kind, generous, compassionate, sympathetic. These are the changes that take place. So you see how your personality can change because you are bringing your mind into alignment. For example, if you are driving a motor car and the wheels are not properly aligned, I am sure you would find a lot of trouble driving the car. But if they are aligned the car will run smoothly. And that's what you want in life, for life to run smoothly. And the way is to dive deep within because the mechanic is there within you to align your wheels so that your car can run smoothly. So, what people need is alignment; or to say it in other words, people need balancing up. They have to become balanced to find that stillness of that high spinning top. And when you have that stillness which brings your vibrations to a very high state, you actually emanate that all the time. Many of you, was it on this course or the last course, touched my hands? And most of you, or practically all of you, felt a vibration when you touched my palms. What is that vibration? That vibration is caused by that extremely high spinning top within which is so still and yet by the height of the vibration it creates I could impart it to you. In other words, I am giving you the Lord's energy. That's what it means. By making you feel that there are higher vibrations than the rate at which you vibrate. Practical demonstration of Divinity. So may all your vibrations be so heightened that you, too, could find the stillness I experience within every moment of the day even during sleep I experience it. I don't know if I told you this, but they tested me in a sleep laboratory at St. Thomas' Hospital in London and at the Groote Schuur Hospital in South Africa. They wired me up and found me in totally deep sleep. And when I woke up I could tell them everything that was happening in the room. So you can be in full awareness even during your sleep, only just see light, light, light, and sometimes I get fed up. I say, "Switch off those blooming lights!" Because light has merged with light so what else can there be but light? That is the secret and all of you will reach there that is for sure, without doubt.

4. US 85- 17 I give you a hundred percent written guarantee. Some may reach that point in this lifetime. Some might take many more lifetimes. But I don't want you to live two hundred million lifetimes to reach there, and therefore I've come to you to take you there quicker and to spare you the agony of births and deaths and the entire process of entering different dimensions evaluating, evaluating, evaluating yourself after leaving the body. And that could become a very painful process and I'm trying to save you that pain. Please remember that when I say "I," using the personal pronoun, but remember that it is not this little body that you see. It is that something inside. But for the sake of expression one has to use the personal pronoun like I. There's no other word. And if we try to use other words and I would have to go with long sentences say, "I" and "thee" and "he" are but one and "she," too. The present gods and goddesses that people worship were created by man's mind. And if man's mind was perfect he would have not created, or invented rather, it is a better word, these gods and goddesses. So know thyself, for therein yourself resides truth, and to me truth is God and the way to express that truth is by love. Then I'm not only or you as well a living god, but also a loving God because life and love are not apart. The fragrance of these flowers are not apart from these flowers. If there were no flowers, fragrance would be not exist and if fragrance did not exist then there would be no flowers. So if there was no divinity you would not be existing. And you exist, therefore Divinity exists. Look at this beautiful partnership. It starts off as a partnership in a company, but when you reach the realization, your partner and you become one. Then it becomes a one man company. And when you become that one man company you have truly then found yourself. When you become that one man company then all loneliness is gone and you are alone. There's a great difference between being alone and being lonely. Alone is self subsisting within itself while loneliness is always dependent upon an outside source. It's always dependent upon a crutch. Do you see. So, the greatest injunction that one could know that with all your love and all your strength and your heart and your soul, love thy God and thy God is thy God remember that, the word thy: you, your God; and you are that God. But because you have still not realized that there would be these turmoils and turbulences of daily living. And we're going to get rid o f those turmoils and turbulences depending upon how regular you are in your practices, depending upon how sincere you are. Sometimes I meet a person and if the person says, "You know Guruji, it is so difficult to find the time to meditate." So I asked him, "Do you find time to go to the toilet?" Because you can meditate while sitting on the toilet so don't complain to me about time. You have time to do everything else. You'll go and spend three or four hours in a cinema or to see a play or to the opera or whatever, but what about this beautiful opera here? How much time do you spend with this opera that pours forth the greatest music of all timeless time?

5. US 85- 17 So there's no excuses. For example, gurushakti you don't need to sit down for it. You can do gurushakti while you're doing work in your office or in the kitchen or in the workshop, wherever. Pranayama you can do that while even walking down the road. The only things that you have to sit for is your tratak and your meditation. And you can easily observe ho w if meditation is working for you or not. Your breathing slows down, the mind quietens, thoughts will come and go and you observe them, and by observing the thoughts, those thoughts don't make any impression in that memory box that we talked about. It's so easy 20 minutes in the morning, 20 minutes at night, even while you're having your shower you can meditate on your mantra. Oh, yes. Do you know how many hours a day I meditate? Twenty four hours a day. My second name should have been Gururaj Meditation. You know, Mary met Ethel in the supermarket and they were chatting about this, that, the other. So of course Mary has a masters degree in literature, and Ethel has a masters degree in modern art. Mary had a son whose name was Willy. And so Ethel asked Mary, "What is Willy doing? So Mary replies, "He's a barber." "What! You have a masters degree in literature. Your husband is one of the finest MD's in the country, and your son is a barber?" So Mary replies, "If it was not for the barber, we would all starve." This guy was unemployed so he goes to the unemployment office to find employment. He says, "Well, we've got a job for you at the Eagle Laundry." So the guy says, "I can't take on that job because I've never laundered an eagle." There was an accident on the road and someone was knocked down by a car. So a lady that was passing by goes up to the person that was hurt and started doing things for the person. So here a man rushes in and pushes everyone aside. He says, "I've taken first aid and I know how to treat a person until the doctor comes." So the lady says, "I am a doctor." You see the vanity, huh? You know there was this fellow, this intern, who took up obstetrics, dermatology, cardiology, and then he took up maternity, and he said, "I feel more relaxed now." A few laughs. Life, love, and laughter. Judy, dear. [Presumably he initiates Judy Hooper as a teacher, but it was not recorded.] **** END ****


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