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3. U S 85 - 18 wh ere all these certain slides are flashed in front of you and then you say, "No, not those eyes, those eyes; not this nose, that nose;" or "not the shape of the face" or "that face." But there has been no identi kit that could show the person totally. It is just an assumed, an approximation of the face. So in a similar way, words cannot explain, but when you develop greater and greater perception, you will see. That is for sure. Good. Next. Chela: Beloved Guruji, [???] felt [???] that peace and still ness and I felt as though I were floating along with you where you were floating. And at one point the word OM was in my head and changed to sort of OMA and then it was sort of either Goatmahn or Govan kept coming in Go something. GR: Yes, that was an other name of Krishna Govan and Gopal. Those are two names of Krishna. And that peace and stillness you felt is similar to Larry's experience. Did you feel yourself floating? Chela: A little. GR: Yes. Yes. So therefore you went with me to a cert ain extent. I wish I could have taken you still further. One day. Chela: ...vivid motion. First I started to cry... a little bit, not ... but I knew there were tears in my eyes and I said to myself, "I'm sorry. I'm sorry." And then I just started havi ng that feeling that I was going to float up off my chair but I knew that I wasn't. I said maybe you will, but I'm not going to. And then I did feel that heartbeat. I had to hold my heart because I felt my heart beat more than I usually would feel it. And then after that I was fine for the rest of the meditation. I calmed down. GR: Beautiful. Beautiful. The heartbeat you felt was my heartbeat because it beats the same heart or the spirit beat s in all. I only activated it. You cried my tea rs. Those were my tears that came out of your eyes which is good, which is good. And what it actually means subconsciously although it might not be in your conscious mind that Guruji is going away. Beautiful. Very good. Laura: I just saw I saw many t hings, but the one I could really see the most clearly seemed to be perhaps Chinese, had a long nose.

4. U S 85 - 18 GR: And I had a mustache, running down like that? That was when I was in the body of Lao Tzu. Laura: Is there any reason a person would see individual faces. GR: Oh yes. Oh yes. There would be those reasons, depending upon your perception. You might perceive me in one body while another person might perceive me in another body. Very good. Ni rmala: You turned quite purple there for a while. I might have got worried about you or something. And when you put your hand up a great force came from your palm. GR: From the palm. Yes. That was the energy I brought from Divinity and passed it on to you as a blessing. And it was not purple you saw you saw more lilac ish. Yes. Not purple. Purple is very much darker than lilac. And the reason why you saw that is very similar; lilac is a cousin to blue and the greatest thing we can see is the blue sky. That's the biggest thing we can see. So you saw that vastness of the divine energy. Very good. Very good. Jeff: I have to add. I was wondering who this person was who was very swarthy, very dark, kind of rough features, longish dark hair, a lmost black beard, very heavy brows and kind of just a heavy dark face. GR: Another body. Another body. That was when I lived in the body of Valmiki, the author of Ramayana which is regarded to be one of the greatest epics in India. There are two gr eat epics, the Ramayana and the Mahabharata. You see, one can reach the stage everyone can when they reach a certain level of knowing all their past lives, all of them. Because the memory is there all the time. As I explained before that the memory box contains all the elements since the creation or manifestation of this universe. Barbara: I saw a great deal of gold light and I saw a lot of gold light around you... GR: Gold light around me? Yes. Barbara: And the energy always jams up in my head a nd then I saw you covered in flowers as if you were laid out for a funeral.

5. U S 85 - 18 GR: Oh, that's beautiful! Very good. Because when I reach up there and get to the world. You know there was one satsang I don't know where it was that when there were fli es in the room. You explain that. Vidya: That was in it was a camp that we had a weekend course on and there were lots of flies all over the place and during communion one was flying against his cheek and they began to crawl on his cheek and everybod y was wondering, you know, if he was going to swat it or what was going to happen. Eventually the fly just left and he didn't move at all. GR: Because I'm not conscious of the body. Vidya: It was at Swan Lake. GR: Swan Lake, ah! Someone: That must have been a very energized fly. Vidya: The best fly in school! GR: Very good, very good. You know the fly came to taste the honey. Anyone else? Sutriya: I experienced a lot of pressure in different parts of my body like in my fa ce and then a lot of scratching and burning in my throat, numbness and tingling in my hands, and a lot of pain in my knees and ... GR: How do you feel now, relaxed? Yes. Good. That was this energy that was generated here took tensions away from you. That's why you felt that pressure and numbness and things like that. Anyone else? Chela: I often experience a lot of emotions. Most of them are very pleasant but this time for the first time I experienced a real calmness and stillness and it was very beautiful and .... GR: Good. God bless you. Actually the stillness never started only in the communion, but the stillness started since the appointment you had with me this afternoon this evening.

6. U S 85 - 18 Chela: [???] Someone was....[?] GR: Shining a s potlight. Chela: Yeah, and it was yellow on you and I kept blinking to see if it would go away and it didn't. Because....Jeff does it . My glasses just don't seem to work and ....a blur and .... GR: Because the light is very powerful. Chela: And I a lso saw twice as if your heart was beating and your clothes were moving actually on the heart side [????] and I was blinking then, too. GR: That's the beat of the universe. If you can stand outside the universe you'd find it going like this all tim e. And the light you saw like the blue and the gold, lilac, white they are very high spiritual colors. Anyone else? Chela: ....waves of an energy or something, I don't know. Everything comes out of focus and darkens and then when it darkens there's like a fluorescence that also happens simultaneously that's gold [???] and after a while it all comes back together. GR : Good. Very good. So you move from the darkness into light. Very good. Frances: I saw your heart pulsating and you were a very old man. GR: Oh well, you know once a reporter came to see me for an interview and I think this was at whose house in Chicago? Roshan's home. The reporter came to do a write up on me for an interview. So he asked me how old are you? So I said eternal. Vidya: He didn't know what to make of that.

1. U S 85 - 18 COMMUNION GR: It is the greatest experience anyone could have in his lifetime to merge away into Divinity and then come back to this little body again. You journey through vast spaces. You cover the entire universe. And as you go along you live through all the lifetimes you have lived before. And the beauty is indescrib able. The joy, the ecstasy is so much that your eyes well up with tears to be one with that energy which we call Divinity. And from a little frame of a little body you proceed t o that great vastness, and you don't feel like coming back, it is too blissfu l there. But you do have to come back back into this little funnel. I wish I could take you with me on this journey. It's a great experience. And it has been said that if a person stays in this state of nirvikalpa samadhi for twenty one days the entire body will disintegrate because the force is so so powerful. You, too can take this journey by meditating regularly. I've been doing it for more years than I could remember. So step by step you go through the universe and you reach certain levels and the n you go further on. And when you have covered the entire universe you reach the level of the personal God which is the manifestation of that energy. But then you still go further. You merge away into the impersonal God, that pure consciousness. All the se avataras that you have heard of like Buddha, like Krishna and Christ, they are the totality of the universe as the personal god. But beyond them there is still a greater force, a greater power which sustains the personal god and that we call the imperso nal God and the impersonal God sustains the personal god by the energy the impersonal God provides. And this energy is working all the time. And the avatara has reached the stage where he draws on the impersonal energy to make this universe function, to keep this universe in motion. So there's a stage much further than the avataras. For the avataras are but the son, and the impersonal God is the Father. But all this can be captured by everyone. And you will sooner or later you will capture by firs t reaching the stage of the personal god and then merging away into the impersonal God. So for the personal god to talk of the impersonal God he has to assume a bodily form. And he assumes a human form, for what could touch the human heart more than anot her human heart? But the heart of the personal god is so vast that it encompasses the entire universe, but yet dependent upon the impersonal God. And in this stage of nirvikalpa samadhi you go beyond the personal God to merge into that which we described as the impersonal God. You see the process? But when you go beyond this little conscious mind, the whole universe can be experienced by you. And although you have perception of the conscious mind, you also have and conceive and perceive from the superco nscious level of the mind. And when you reach the superconscious level of the mind you become one with the universe and therefore you find the avataras called the King of Kings.

2. U S 85 - 18 Now if anybody would like to talk of their experiences then I could explain t hem to you what they mean. Jeff: When you go into that stage there's a tremendous amount of force. I feel that very clearly and it's very hard, for example, to focus my eyes because your face is constantly flickering and I'm wondering I do see light. It's funny, you slightly blur and then you almost catch it it looks like you're seeing a face. Now my conscious mind gets suspicious of this and I'm wondering if it's a sort of optical illusion and then I go into my subconscious and pull out sort of a memory of a certain face and plug it into that because I want to see that face. And then there's another part of me that has such distinct looks to the faces it was like a little bit of a well, not little bit it was a flash... GR: Different fa ces. Jeff: Yes, and I could describe the faces. Is it in fact looking into different incarnations actual faces that you had a t one point, or is it something in my unconscious? GR: Yes. Different incarnations because as I mentioned before that you've got to go through all those incarnations to reach that level. So the faces you saw was the bodies I had lived in before. And this tremendous force you felt is that energy I spok e of earlier because that energy in that state flows from me to you. Did you not feel a total peace in your heart? The warmth? The peace? A certain kind of quietude? Jeff: Could you also say what did the historic Krishna look like the actual individ ual Krishna? GR: You want to see him? Jeff: Well, I was wondering if I possibly did see him. GR: You might have. You might have. How can you describe a face? Only an artist like you might be able to paint one. Jeff: I don't think I could paint one. GR: But words can never describe a face in its totality. Yes, it might have brown eyes and grey hair or blue hair or green hair or whatever. That's the only description that one could give. You've heard of identi kits and it is quite a process

7. U S 85 - 18 GR: But then he added a line that he seemed to be in his fiftyis h. Yes? Chela: Ordinarily the communion experience is really pleasant well it was pleasant and it was very warm, but it was sad tonight like I felt like a deprived child [???] selfish, jealous and [???] GR: It was not jealousy. It was your love fo r me that made you feel sad. But this heart won't just stop. Let it pulsate more! Good. Shall we call it a night? And Carol, you have just been initiated yesterday and you have a very high degree of perception that as a new meditator you could experienc e and feel the things which you did. Very good. And Cynthia was telling me this evening that when she got initiated also yesterday was it? Yes. She tells me that she never felt so much peace in her life. Total peace. So it just shows the value of spir itual practices that are given by a spiritual master and not those money makers. Roopa: Could you say something in case there is anyone who has had no particular experience they could talk about? GR: Very good question. Sometimes one's experience does not come to the foreground of the mind. It does not come from the inner self to the conscious level of the mind, but remember one thing for sure, that everyone here has been touched by the hand of God. Yes. Definitely. Because that energy was vibrant in this room. Of course we say the hand of God, we say it metaphorically. It's the energy that everyone has been touched by. And this energy does not only extend to this room. Being so powerful that it extends miles and miles around. At that moment ma ny accidents might have been prevented. Many quarrels between husband and wife might have just evaporated and they would hold each other and the one would say, "Sorry darling," and the other would say, "No, no, I'm sorry!" So this happens. Good. Shall w e end the evening? **** END ****


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