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1. U S 85 - 25 ADVANCED HEALING TECHNIQUES GURURAJ: All of you healers have been trained in the preliminary healing techniques, and we'll go through it just quickly, right, which will have an effect on our total calming of the nervous system: the blood pressure drops, and a great peace and quiet c omes about, which cures asthmatic conditions, hypertension and blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. Today I am going to teach you an advanced technique whereby you could pinpoint a person's problem even without them telling you. But, nevertheless, the pro cedure, the right procedure, would be this, is to make them feel calm and quiet and feel welcomed. You know? Nice little chat, this, that, and make them feel relaxed; although by the prelim that you start off with will make them feel relaxed already. But to establish the rapport, that is important. And dealing from mind to mind, that is a part of the spiritual force that is imparted. You start off first on the mind level, and from there you proceed to the spiritual level. Right. Now, this spiritual ene rgy is so powerful that I am going to empower each and every one of you to make a person see the colors of their mind. And, as I must have explained before, don't know here or in other courses, that the mind can only think verbally, or the mind can functi on in shapes and forms and colors. Now, how to know the condition of a person's mind through colors and through the shapes and forms, this is the second part of the healing process. There is a third part which will be taught to you later, perhaps in Nove mber, we'll see how you progress on it, where you can look into a person's eyes and tell them all about themselves without them even saying a word. Yesterday we had doctor Strauss, Strauss? Claire Strauss? VIDYA: Claire [Traush?] GURURAJ: [Traush?] A nd he brought about eight people with him. Eight, ten people with him just for a visit. And I think Sujay was there with me. And looking at each and every person, without them saying a single word, I told them all about themselves and what they could do for themselves. That will be the third stage. But the second stage now is for you to be able to analyze people's problems by making them see colors, which I will empower you with today. And from those colors you will be able to deduce exactly what's happ ening in themselves. So one of you ladies please hand out those sheets, if you would. VIDYA: Are you going through the procedure before you initiate them? GURURAJ: No. The procedure, the teaching first, and then the initiation. The chart. The head chart, as well.

2. U S 85 - 25 We did that in Canada didn't we? CHETAN: Yes, Guruji. VIDYA: Jammu and Amita did that in England also. GURURAJ: Yeah, but they could always follow up again. Now, all of you are prelim healers. Right. I've made an exception for two... (and the chart for me, dear) I've made exceptions for one or two people here that are born healers. And these exceptio ns are for special purposes, which I do not need to go into any detail at the moment. Now, let us read through the instruction page together, and then follow it step by step. And then when I give you the practical demonstration we will need a guinea pig. Right. It will all be videoed so you could see the spots that are to be touched. And you walk around me. You... I mean you don't sit there, because you wouldn't be knowing what I'm touching or what I am doing. Okay. Fine. Each healer has a set of be ads, one for himself and one for the person being healed. That's very clear, I'm sure. When a person makes an appointment for a healing, ask them to be bathed and cleanly dressed. Allow them to relax and feel at ease for ten, fifteen minutes. Now, this is a very scientific process. When you go to a doctor, that doctor keeps you sitting in the waiting room for ten, fifteen minutes so you calm down. You don't just rush in from your car after hunting for a parking place and he starts treating you. He mak es you sit. He might be smoking a cigarette in his office. But he makes you sit so you relax and you calm down. Do you see. Every procedure here is totally scientific and very well researched. Right. Procedure one: Make the person seeking help welcome and at home. Ask them to remove their shoes and glasses or contact lenses. Clear? Good. Two: Ask the person to sit in a chair, hands together, and to be aware of their breathing. At the same time play the Om tape for ten minutes while they sit alone . Sit alone! You are out of the room. Sit alone and relax. If they are already meditators, they may meditate with their mantras. I did say that here in the first line that if they are not meditators tell them to be aware of their breathing which will slow down their metabolic rate. Right. Three: Reenter the room and have a chat with the person and discreetly ask if they feel relaxed. You don't say, "Are you relaxed?" No! "Do you feel more relaxed now?" That's very important. Good. And you will fin d after doing the prelim that they will be from fifty to sixty to eighty, ninety, hundred percent more relaxed, because the spiritual energy is flowing through them. And while you are doing the prelim you are not the healer. Know that. You are just a ch annel for

3. U S 85 - 25 gurushakti to flow through you to the person. Reenter the room and have a chat with the person, discreetly, and discreetly ask if they feel relaxed. Also ask of any problems physical or mental. Now, this also has to be done tactfully, because m ost people are shy and they would hesitate in telling you what their problems are. So this is a psychological factor. You ask them very discreetly, "What is really troubling you? Is there anything you would like to discuss with me?" Throw the ball in t heir court and let them open themselves up to you. Because if you say, "What the hell's wrong with you?" [laughter] you block them up. But if you say, "Is there anything you would like to discuss with me?" It has a different tone to the whole issue. Th ey feel more relaxed, they feel more open, and they will discuss whatever problem they have with you very openly. And in the discussion, as any psychologist will tell you, that if you feel them more open and relaxed they will pour out their problems to yo u. And that is half the cure already. Good. Let's proceed. Play the first... [Reads out loud to himself] (Any problems physical or mental, right.) Four: Play the first part of the healing prayer tape, the gayatri mantra, which is [quotes prayer]. List en to my voice, how soothing it is. So that is also part of the psychological process, where you don't become harsh. Because the harshness would be disturbing. You don't say, [Harshly repeats prayer and ends in babbling] Say bla bla bla bla if you want to. [Laughter] So, [Gently repeats prayer]. And don't be monotonous, because many people speak very monotonously that their voice becomes grating. There must be this intonation, inflection of the voice which produces great calmness not only to the heal ee, but also to the healer. [Again gently repeats prayer] Just listening to this voice, don't you all feel calmer? Good. Five: Ask... Oh yes, here. Gayatri mantra, that was what we did now. Proceed with the healing as taught before in the usual manne r. Do not play the shanti path at this stage. You know the shanti path is a prayer of peace. Om [deo?] blah, blah. You know that. Right. This is to be played after the healing is complete to provide that peace. [Quotes prayer]. It means that the ... it's a description of the universe that the vegetation is in peace, the sun is in peace, Brahma and parabrahma, the personal god, and the impersonal God is in peace. The moon is in peace. Everything in this universe is in peace, and may that peace des cend upon you. [Repeats a short portion of the prayer] Good. Ask the person to put the energized healing beads over the healer's head. Give a brief explanation of what is meant and the ceremony... what is meant of the ceremony. Change that word. Right. The ceremony means that you are creating a rapport between healer and healee. And these beads that you have that you see here are so energized that it will form the rapport between the healer and the healee. We will do a demonstration just now, but just let's go over the points. Fine. The healer then puts the healing beads over the person's head. If you have an assistant, have him or her cross the legs of the client and grab the two large toes firmly in each hand. The purpose for this is to create a c ircuit, the circuit of healing energies. If you do not have an assistant, tie

4. U S 85 - 25 the big toes together with a red ribbon, which you see there. Because people normally have the habit of separating the legs. And by separating the legs, you are destroying the c ircuit that is to be created. So if you don't have an assistant with you, you use a red ribbon which is very auspicious. Red is a color of our Lord's blood, and his blood symbolically is used in the healing process. If you do not have an assistant, tie the big toes together with a red ribbon. This creates a circuit. Dip the two healing fingers, you know, we've been talking, a rabbit's ears, two healing... Dip the two healing fingers middle and ring fingers lightly into the kanku paste, which is there . And it costs about twenty five cents for a whole bottle, and you can use it for a whole year. And mark the center of the person's palms, both palms. Right. Ask them to close their hands in a relaxed manner. This also creates and enhances the circuit of the energies that are produced. Fine. [Reads to self] (In a relaxed manner.) Ten: Press the person's eyes in the manner described and demonstrated by Gururaj, which we will be doing now. Eleven: Gururaj will empower every healer to make the person s ee colors or patterns. The healer will then ask the person to make a running commentary of colors or patterns they see. Clear? Twelve: See the attached sheet for the diagnosis of colors and patterns and their relationship to the brain. Clear? Look, p lease, I'm not lecturing, so if there's any question that crops up in your mind, please do not hesitate to ask me. Right. Thirteen: Remember to keep the healer and the healee beads separate. Preferably in separate containers, plates or bags. That's clear. Fourteen: The actual steps in this advanced healers method will be described and demonstrated to the healers by Gururaj personally. That is clear. Now, here is an aerial view of the skull, nerve points for proper synaptic control. Now, as we go along th ere you would have a, b, c, d, e, f... Oh, g stands for "guru," so we left is out. Good. Now, what I would require is one person to volunteer to go through these... (Oops, dear me.) To go through these steps with me. [ mike feedback] (Are we getting a feedback there?) VOICE: Turn this way [inaudible]. GURURAJ: Om... Right. Any volunteer? VOICE: You've got one right there.

5. U S 85 - 25 GURURAJ: Anyone. Oh, sure, mom. Let's her one of those chairs that's not marked. Now, you guys don't need to sit on your asses. Move around and see what I'm doing. Move around me. And if any question arises in your mind, please do not hesitate to ask me. Okay? Fine. Normally the prelim technique deals with the... VIDYA: [Inaudible] show them how to do the hand, the ribbon? GURURAJ: No. One by one as we go. VIDYA: Okay. Normally you start with that. GURURAJ: Oh, yeah. The ribbon. VOICES: [Discuss procedure] GURURAJ: Look, this is a demonstration, love, so... VIDYA: I just thought you wanted to go through the whole thing to show them how to proceed. GURURAJ: Yeah, okay. Right. PRIYA: Guruji...? VIDYA: If they've never seen it do ne, and you leave it out. You see? GURURAJ: Oh. VIDYA: You play the tape and you put the beads on your head and you do the ribbon and the paste, and then you do the eye pressing.

6. U S 85 - 25 GURURAJ: Oh, right. Well, look, these are basic steps which... Look, we're just going to run through quickly on the prelim. Right. TAMAJI: Yeah, right. PRIYA: Could I make a suggestion? Could we turn her sideways, so when you do things on the back o f her head that we pick it up on the camera? ROOPA: Maybe even turn her around. GURURAJ: Yes. Or why not push this further back or...? PRIYA: Well, then your body would be blocking the whole [inaudible]. VOICE: [Inaudible]. GURURAJ: Ah, that's a good idea. Thank you. I see I got someone that has some brains. [laughter] PRIYA: Oh, I don't know about that. ROOPA: [Inaudible] VOICE: There you go, Priya. GURURAJ: Well, I'm going to run through this quickly. Fine. [Says prayer] And, of course, the rest of the tape you know. Good. Then to remind you again, never leave any touch of the body, or else you will be breaking the circuit. Right. So you are removing this hand and proceeding there. And with a bit of practice you'll be feeling the pulse of the subtle body. And then from there you go there. Right. And you feel the pulse. And you can feel it very clearly, with some practice. Right. (That is not the advanced one, darling. We are just doing the prelim at the moment. Right. Just to remind you of the steps.)

7. U S 85 - 25 VOICE: [Inaudible question] GURURAJ: I'll be coming on to that. Remember, while you are healing, you are nothing but a channel. The gurushakti or the grace is doing the healing. And then of course when I do healings personally then I chant it off. But, of course, you use the tape. Okay. Because people, I think they like my voice. [Sings prayer] Now, with me when I do healings, you know, there is a variation. Right. The variation is because I know where, you know, what the problems are and the spots are. But I would advise the teachers not to vary the procedure. Keep it in conf ormity. Right. Fine. For example, just these two fingers touching her ajna chakra and creating a polarity there. [Demonstrates] God bless, mother. That is the first step that you have. [He has a problem with the mike and his voice fades.] VOICE: It 's a little snap. VOICE: No, it's on backwards. ROOPA: Oh, it's on... GURURAJ: Have you noticed one thing, there's a "g" on there? VOICE: Um hm. It's your own personal [inaudible]. GURURAJ: Well, I suppose moving it with the wires it... Mother, do you feel more calmer? IRENE: Um hm. GURURAJ: Right. Now, if you do feel calmer, would you say fifty, sixty, seventy, eighty, ninety, a hundred percent? IRENE: About a hundred percent [inaudible].

8. U S 85 - 25 GURURAJ: Good. Now, that is the process that you have been used to doing. Right. Now, we're going to advance on it. Now, Vidya, will you help me here? You read for me, because I can't do two things at the same time? [To Vidya] That makes the healee comfortable, blah, blah, blah. VIDYA: [Read ing from instructions] Okay, we've played the Om tape for ten minutes while they sat and relaxed. GURURAJ: Right. Remember that. It's all printed out. We didn't do it, just to save time, because we've got a satsang tonight. VIDYA: Okay. [Reading] Reentered the room, had a chat with the person, see if they feel relaxed, asked of any problems. Played the first part of the prayer tape, the gayatri mantra, [inaudible] with feeling as taught before. That's what we've just done. GURURAJ: Right. VIDYA: [Reading] Now, we ask the person to put the energized healing beads over the healer's head. GURURAJ: Right. Good. VIDYA: So you will put one of these over the healer's head. GURURAJ: I'm the healer, sorry. [Laughter] VIDYA: I'm the heale r around here. [Laughter] PRIYA: Do they always get the [picture?]? GURURAJ: I always look nice... [Laughter] You dare! Only my mother. Next step.

9. U S 85 - 25 VIDYA: [Reading] You put the healing beads over the person's head. GURURAJ: Now, always be gentl e, caring, and loving. That's what people need in life. VIDYA: [Reading] If you have an assistant have him cross the legs of the person and grab the two large toes firmly. GURURAJ: Yeah, and if you don't have an assistant? VIDYA: Then you tie... [Laughter] GURURAJ: Therefore it is said there that come clean and bathed... ROOPA: Right. GURURAJ: ...instead of having stinking feet. [Laughter] Right. Next? VIDYA: Okay. Dip the two middle fingers, middle and ring finger, lightly into the kanku paste and mark the center of the person's palm. VOICE: Where do you have to buy the paste again? GURURAJ: Oh, you can get it anywhere. VOICE: If you live in [in audible]. VIDYA: Ask them to close their hands in a relaxed manner. GURURAJ: Right.

10. U S 85 - 25 VOICE: Guruji, here. GURURAJ: Thank you, love. VIDYA: We have some here, if you all would like... We brought up... VOICE: Oh, okay. GURURAJ: And this will l ast for a long time, because you just take a little pinch and some water and you mix it up. So, it's something... Carry on. VIDYA: Press the person's eyes in the manner described and demonstrated by Gururaj. GURURAJ: Right. Let's do that. Mom, you haven't got contacts, do you? VOICE: No. GURURAJ: Now, this you will have to watch carefully, if you would like to gather around. [Pause while he demonstrates] The pressure goes there first. And you ask the healee to give you a running commentary on what he or she sees. VOICE: How hard is this pressure? GURURAJ: Not much. Light. Light. Light. You don't hurt people's eyes, unless you want to use a needle. [Laughter] Right, mom? VOICE: Um hm. GURU RAJ: What do you see? Give us a running commentary. VOICE: Well, it's yellow, [running, coming?] down like an hourglass.

11. U S 85 - 25 GURURAJ: Right. Right there? VOICE: From the top to the bottom. Then I had gold flecks flickering across, and a spiral to my right. And like lightening flashing to the right in a spiral. GURURAJ: Um hm. And now? VOICE: And like a almost like a fog to the left of the left hand side with a red fringe [inaudible] dark center. GURURAJ: Now, look into the dark center. VOICE: Yellow. GURURAJ: What do you see? VOICE: Yellow dots. GURURAJ: Aha. Good. And now? VOICE: It's a purple, like a purple design coming over from the left. More over from the left hand side. GURURAJ: It's more lilac, not purple. VOICE: Yes, you are right. It's lilac. GURURAJ: Right. I can see it. VOICE: With a little red center with like gold spider... Like an eye with lashes like. Now it's green. A beautiful flower . Whatever it is, it's very pretty. Now it's yellow. It's ki nd of light green. It's all on the left hand side.

12. U S 85 - 25 GURURAJ: And now? VOICE: And there's... It's still... Now there's, oh, like a marble effect with a gold... Now it's all sorts of gold fleck s and the gold. GURURAJ: Um hm. VOICE: More yellow in the flower shape. And the gold flecks come out of striped light coming in from the right. To the center of the left little flower, the flower petal is yellow now. GURURAJ: Yeah. [END SIDE ONE] GURURAJ: But between is white. VOICE: It's white. And in the center it's red with a black... And there's gold sparkling out. Now it's changed. GURURAJ: Good. Now, let us get onto the charts. PRASEELA: Could you explain what you were doing with your fingers though? VOICE: Yeah. Did you massage? [Inaudible] massage? GURURAJ: No, there are pressure points. You'll get used to it. You will see. When I give you the gift of making people see their minds, you will automatically. You can vary it. There's no hard and fast rule. You can vary it as you want to vary it. But you will still make the person see the colors which you can interpret. PRASEELA: But they're mostly in the corners of the eyes though?

13. U S 85 - 25 GURURAJ: Not necessarily. The side. Look, I'm changing it altogether now and seeing a different part of her mind. What do you see, mother? VOICE: I see kind of a white spot [inaudible] [front?]. GURURAJ: Yeah. Look in that white spot. Do you see anything? VOICE: Yes, it's changing. It has a center. And it's like a bright color in the center. GURURAJ: Um hm. Whiter than white. VOICE: Yes. GURURAJ: That's it. Do you see how it works? How simple? PRASEELA: But when you did it the one way she saw one thing, and now you're doing it a different way and she is seeing something different. [Inaudible]? GURURAJ: Definitely. Sorry, mom. There is still the white, but we are taking into account differe nt brain cells. So the pressure and the amount of pressure effects the vision of the perception. Do you see. Now, here... Well, of course, that's the left and that's the right. You got your diagrams? Right. Now, this is diagnosis of various colors. A is red, orange, yellow. B is blue, purple, lilac. C is black, brown, grey. D is white or gold. E is green. F is geometric designs. Note: use full flat hand on point F. Do you see the F on top? VOICE: [Inaudible] on top of the head as well, right? GURURAJ: Like that. VOICE: Yeah. There are two spots on the head where you do that [inaudible]?

14. U S 85 - 25 GURURAJ: Yeah, yeah. Yeah, but I'm... Let's go one by one. Okay? Right. Use two healing fingers on middle of head only here: point D. You got that i n the center? ROOPA: Are we looking down? Is this the middle of the top of the head? GURURAJ: Yeah. VOICE: Yeah, alright. GURURAJ: Okay. You got it? VOICE: Yes. GURURAJ: Fine. Now... VOICES: [Discuss procedure] VOICE: There are two F's. GURURAJ: There are two F's here. You've got A, B, C, D, E, and two F's there. Right. Okay. You got that. Now, what were the colors she saw? VOICES: Yellow. Yellow, predominantly. Black. Green. Red. Gold. White. GUR URAJ: Yellow. Yellow, gold, white. So here... Right. Would you follow that up with me? That's your D for? VOICES: White and gold. GURURAJ: White and gold. And she saw?

15. U S 85 - 25 VOICES: Yellow. GURURAJ: Yellow. VOICES: Gold. A. GURURAJ: A. Just show me, because I... VIDYA: Oh, A. I'm sorry. A is right here. GURURAJ: Right. So you can use either this hand or that hand. It doesn't matter. Which is convenient to you, or how the person is positioned. Right. There. Now, we are getting a syn aptic control between these points. Next. PRASEELA: Now, of all the colors he saw, why did he choose gold and yellow first? GURURAJ: No, no. You can start from anywhere. PRASEELA: So you can pick any two you choose? GURURAJ: You can start from anywhere. VIDYA: [Inaudible] happens to be. That's what she started with. She saw a yellow hourglass first, and then she saw gold [last?]. VOICES: [Discuss colors] VIDYA: Yeah, those were the dominant colors. GURURAJ: Yeah. And because she saw them first, so why not start with the first with the first?

16. U S 85 - 25 PRIYA: You chose the A spot on that side of the head because of the red and the yellow, but you chose the D in the center of the head. Why there rather than on the ot her side, which is also D? VIDYA: There's two D's. There's a D here and a D here. GURURAJ: D here because the dominance was on the gold. VIDYA: Well, see gold is D. And you have two D spots. So the question is, why didn't you use the two D spots b ecause she saw gold? GURURAJ: Right. But we thought... You have to use your discretion why you would choose any, because you got to bring the entire synaptic control of the brain together. So where you start does not matter at all. Right. Next. VID YA: She saw a lilac line from the left. It had a red center, and then it turned into a gold spider. GURURAJ: Right. Now, what have we got under that there on the list? VIDYA: Okay. Lilac, B. GURURAJ: B, right. VIDYA: On the left hand side. GURURAJ: Yeah. Left. And...? VIDYA: The gold spider. We'd be back to gold again, which is D. These two spots. GURURAJ: Right. PRASEELA: Is it just intuitive that you know how long to do each side? GURURAJ: For the whole thing you take about fif teen minutes.

17. U S 85 - 25 VIDYA: Where was B? VOICES: [Discuss position of B] VIDYA: Was it like at the base of the skull? VOICES: [Continue to discuss position of B] VIDYA: I don't understand where B is. GURURAJ: I've done B already. VOICE: We were just redefining where is B? GURURAJ: Here. VOICE: Where is here? ROOPA: She couldn't see. GURURAJ: Ah, because she is sitting there. Right. What was the next here? VIDYA: She saw a little green, which would be E. And the two E spots are down. GURURAJ: Right. That's at the medulla. Just... You know, you have this skull bone. Right. And just there. A little pressure there. Next. VIDYA: Well, she saw a marble effect. And geometric designs. GURURAJ: Um hm. Marble effect is geometric designs.

18. U S 85 - 25 VIDYA: Which before had these two colors. GURURAJ: That's right. VOICES: [Discuss positions and colors] GURURAJ: The top F is the forehead. You can see my hand there. VOICES: [Continue discussion] GURURAJ: Because that spot here corre sponds with this spot, you see? VOICE: So with a person who sees a geometric design you do like that? ROOPA: It's alright to do it with your fingers instead of the flat of your hand? It says here to use the full flat hand on the points F. GURURAJ: W e're coming to that. That will be the final balancing, you see. Right. What other colors? VIDYA: [Inaudible]. She had something with a dark center, like an eye with lashes. The dark center would be black. GURURAJ: The spot or the geometrical designs? VIDYA: We've covered all the colors. GURURAJ: Right. Now, we will show you the results hereof. Okay. Now, this is the final balancing off. [Demonstrates and sings prayer] God bless you, mother. How fee lest thou? Sorry I messed up your hair a bit. VOICE: My hands are as hot as that fire.

19. U S 85 - 25 GURURAJ: Uh huh, yeah. Because it's that energy flow that is imparted to you. That's why it's hot. VOICE: Yeah, sweating. [Inaudible] energy. GURURAJ: Right . Boys and girls, questions. VIDYA: I just wanted to let you know it's eight thirty, so you would be aware of the time. GURURAJ: They can wait. PRASEELA: What if the [????] healing [inaudible]? GURURAJ: That is what I am going to impart to you now . VOICE: But there will always be something [after you?]? GURURAJ: Yes. That is what we are going to do now. SUTRIYA: Guruji, on that second step where you play the Om tape does that mean that you play the Om tape for the person that you are healing, or does that mean you play it out in the other room when you watch? GURURAJ: No, no. You play it for the perso n that you are healing. And you can walk out and let the person be alone and relax and listen to the tape. Alright. Good. VOICE: What are these beads doing [inaudible]? GURURAJ: They are highly energized, and they are forming a rapport between heale r and healee so that the energies we are imparting to the healee becomes more effective. PRASEELA: [Inaudible]?

20. U S 85 - 25 GURURAJ: No, no, no. No, no. No, this is something different. [Garlanding?] ceremony is a ceremony. PRASEELA: So it's the energy itself that [inaudible], not the ceremony? GURURAJ: Not the ceremony. VOICE: Is that what we should say if they ask what the purpose of it is? Explain it that way? GURURAJ: Yeah. To form the rapport. Because explain that you are instrument of grace, an d because of this connection the grace will flow greater to you. PRASEELA: Can I use the word "bond," or does it have to be... GURURAJ: Huh? PRASEELA: Can we use the word "bond" [????????] between them, or does it have to be... GURURAJ: No. Bond h as so many connotations. Rather use the word "grace." [Inaudible aside. Laughter] Yeah, I can have a bond with you and go to bed with you. Do you see the different kinds of connotations it could have? So the grace that flows. Or else you could quali fy that, "The grace that flows that creates the bond of Divinity that's flowing? ROOPA: Do you first listen to the running commentary for five minutes before you begin. In other words, do you have to remember, the way we did just now, writing everything down. Do you have to remember, or do you go step by step as they... GURURAJ: L ook, you get into the habit where everything is just registered. I only made Vidyaji write down so that, you know, I could explain step by step. I don't even need to remember this because they just register immediately. And they as you practice you will get into it. Now, let me give you guys the power of sight imparted to other people. Do you think we could make a semi circle or something?

21. U S 85 - 25 VIDYA: Everybody's [inaudible]. GURURAJ: Oh, okay. Oh, that's a big fish I'm catching going in the line. [Pau se while group rearranges itself] GURURAJ: This is not going to extend, is it? Or can we take it from the other way around? ROOPA: We can take it the other way around. VOICE: Pull the [????] from the tape, Gomila. Just pull it. That masking tape wi ll tear. Just pull it. GURURAJ: Well, it would be nice to have it recorded, if possible. Ah, yes. There we are. Beloved Amita, through the grace of Divinity I hereby grant you the powers of making people see their own minds. And by you knowing the ar t and technique thereof, you will be able to help them and heal them. My beloved Janakaraj, Jammuji, through the powers granted to me, and may you use these techniques to help and benefit all those that come to thee. God bless you. My beloved darling, Cha turi, by the grace granted to me by the powers that be, I hereby transfer them to you, so you can see and make people see into their own minds which you can analyze and help them so that a greater serenity and mental control is gained which is reflected th rough the physical body. God bless you, dear. My beloved Roopaji, what can I say to you? I can only impart to you the grace that has been granted to me by Divinity. And this I impart to thee so that you might help all. I know so well that you are a qua lified psychologist, a Ph.D. But use with your technological knowledge this divine gift that is granted to thee. God bless you. My beloved Priya. You are so close to me and forever would remain so. And through the grace given to me, I transfer the grace to you so that you would be able to see into people's minds and help them with their problems and lead them to greater tranquility. My darling Praseela, God bless you. And the grace that is given to me I hereby impart it to thee. Use it wisely to help a ll and everyone that needs your help. So carry on and you will see how much it will benefit thee, too. For the benefits we impart to others is returned tenfold to us. God bless you.

22. U S 85 - 25 My beloved Cynthia, through the mercy of the grace of Divinity I impar t to you the ability to make people see into their own minds. And you as an analyst will know the problems there and help them to a greater control of their own minds. When greater control of their own minds are achieved, the greater the spirit of themse lves is revealed. God bless you. My beloved darling, Gomila. Gomila, the protector of the weak. Use this knowledge that's imparted to thee through the grace of Divinity, for you will clearly see the problems of others. And more especially so in your wo rk, you will have greater perception. God bless you. Beloved Tamaji, my mother. How could I ever bestow any blessings upon thee, you that are so highly spiritual. But yet through the grace that is given to me by Divinity, I impart this gift to you, so that you could have far greater perception of the human mind to help them, as I know you would at any time. God bless you. My darling Sutriya, hm. What can I say? I could only repeat what I said to other members of our family that what I've imparted to thee use it wisely; for it is not me, I'm just an instrument of the grace of Divinity. So help those that are in need, for many, many will need thee. God bless you. My darling Peggy, God bless you for being with me in this lifetime. And through the grace granted to my by God, I transfer this gift unto thee so you could help others more and more. And there are greater change s that life is going to give thee for the good of yourself and for all others. God bless you. My darling Madhu, what a pleasure to have you as a member of our family. You have such spiritual force within you, thus through the grace of God, I impart, and awaken more and more of it within you. Use it wisely. Use it well, for we are benefitted more than those we benefit. God bless you. My beloved Ramchandraji, through the grace of Divinity I grant you this gift of seeing into people's minds, so that you could benefit them, help them, and destroy their misery. God bless you. Beloved Irene, my mother. I needed so much your love, and you have given it to me. And through the grace of God I impart the power of inner sight that will make you help all those t hat come to thee. God bless you, dearest mother. And remember, I love thee. Just need to do that [inaudible]. Are we running out of time, dear? VIDYA: [Whispering. Concerning passing out of beads.] Did you want to [inaudible]? How did you want to d o that? GURURAJ: Yes. Please, right away. Shall we start from one side?

23. U S 85 - 25 VIDYA: Jammuji and Amita already have their beads from England. GURURAJ: They've already got theirs. Okay. Beloved. Of course, you, as the healer, of course, this goes throu gh a person you heal... And I will say it to all, without repeating the same thing again, that keep them apart. VOICE: Thank you. [Long pause while beads are passed out.] GURURAJ: Thank you for my grandson, [Tom?]. [Pause continues] IRENE: Those are mine. These are mine! [Laughter] These are mine, beloved. GURURAJ: Good. IRENE: You could put them on me. GURURAJ: Ah, yes, mam. IRENE: We'd better take these off. [Because I am the healer, and now I am the healer?]. GURURAJ: I get lost, you know? Because my mind just floats away into Divinity. Ah, my darling. Are we done for now? Because we have a satsang, haven't we? Oh, nine o'clock. Right. [Singing] Let the guys march in. Would one of you girls like to run up to my room to get my [???]? Would you do that, love? Okay. [pause] VIDYA: Did you want to take a few minute brake? [Inaudible].

24. U S 85 - 25 GURURAJ: No, no. No, no, no, no. It's too late. It's nine o'clock already. VIDYA: We've got all these chairs [i naudible]. GURURAJ: You can change [inaudible]. Whatever you want to do. [Inaudible]. **** END ****


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