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1. US 85- 30 COMMUNION GURURAJ: What a beautiful journey into the unknown. You live through in the few moments all your lifetimes since you were a primal atom and because of that explosion you were shot forth, taking life after life after life so that you could evolve. And you do not only evolve, but with every evolution there is involution. You go through this vast journey and you traverse the entirety of the universe. And as you go traveling along, the beauty you see, the glory you see, everything is scintillating, sparking the light is dazzling. And after having traversed the entirety of the universe you merge away into the personal god which means God with form, for God also has levels. He is personal with form and He is impersonal which is formless. Now the totality of the universe, and that which emanates from the totality of the universe, forms what you would call incarnations and avatars. That is why you find in mythologies all the various gods and the various dimensions of existence like Varuna, Indra, and blah blah blah, all of those. So you cover the entire field and you merge away with the totality of all that emanates from the universe and that is the personal god. And you experience the personal god. Now the personal god, which includes all consciousness of the entire universe, has to take form from time to time to bring about a balance in the world when there is greater amount of imbalance; when there is more of evil if you wish to call it that word or if there is not much good, then the avatara, or the personal god, takes bodily form to come down. And he does not only come to this little speck of dust called Earth: he is here, there and everywhere. And he speaks to people on various planes of existences at the same time. That is why we call the personal god "Almighty," do you see. We call Him Almighty because the personal god, or avatara, can be speaking to you here now and be speaking on so many other planes of existences in so many worlds; so many planets at the same time, according to what is demanded on whichever planet he requires to be. And he will always speak in the language that could be understood according to your perception according to your understanding because, to give you an example of myself, when I read the Gita, the Bhagavad Gita, when I was twelve years old or eleven, and then when I read it again when I was about 22 years old I found totally different meanings. This means that you will only understand according to your level of perception or development. And I've been told this many times by thousands of people, that "Guruji, we listened to a tape of yours, you know, five years ago, and we listen to it today and we find a totally different meaning to it." So, it is your growth that has created the changes. Like when a boy was 14 he said, "Oh my father knows nothing." But when the boy grew up to be a man of 25, he said, "Oh my father knows so much." The father's knowledge had been the same all the time, but the boy of 14 had grown, and as he grew

2. US 85- 30 up, his understanding, awareness, became more expanded so that he could understand his father better. Do you see. And that is how we develop in awareness. So now, going back to the universe, you see all the glory of creation, and everything is so systematic, so symmetrical. The planets are moving around in the solar system, and the galaxies are moving millions of them in great precision, total precision. So what brings the greatest sorrow to me is this, that after seeing this beautiful precision, you come back, and you don't feel like coming back, but you have to because there is work to be done. And then you see the sorrow and the suffering on people's faces and here you come from this vast precision! If you move one planet just one inch away from its orbit, you'll destroy the whole solar system, and any scientist will tell you that. Am I right, Professor? So everything works in precision. And then, to repeat again, you come down and see the imbalance, you see the sorrow because people lack precision. And when I say they lack precision it means that there is no balance. They've created disturbances within themselves which have made them imbalanced, and therefore they suffer of misery. They become miserable and they suffer, which is not necessary at all! Bring the various factors of the mind into a balance through your spiritual practices, and then you will live life in total precision. You'll be ironing out all the wrinkles in the circle of life. Life is proceeding in the circle but in wrinkles. So what we have to do through our practices is to remove the wrinkles and make it a perfect circle. Then there is no problem, there's no trouble, there's no misery because all wrinkles are wavering all the time. Wrinkles can never be steady they have to waver. Otherwise they would not be wrinkles. But when the wrinkles and the crinkles are removed then there's that perfect circle. You know, when I was a boy of about I think I might have told you this story, I can't remember. When I was a boy of 8, a holy man passed through the village where I was living at that time. So I went to listen to some of his talks and had discussions with him and he was very surprised at the questions I asked him. Same thing like Jesus at the age of 12 used to go and argue with the rabbis and ask questions which those rabbis could not even answer. So in a similar way, this holy man I used to sit at his feet, used to rub his feet and talk to him in my quest for greater and greater knowledge. And then before he left I asked him I said, "Master, give me some practice." He looked at me and said, "Yes, I'll give you a practice. What you do is just draw circles. That's all you do, nothing else." And I drew pages and pages and pages and pages and pages of circles that could plaster this entire building. When I was told this I thought, "What the devil is this drawing circles?" But then afterwards I found what that master was trying to teach me. I found that he was trying to make my mind more and more and more concentrated and focused. And I I think what course was that where I did a circle on the board? It was California. And it was a perfect circle which you could use a compass and measure it. The mind has to become concentrated and focused, and therefore certain practices are give to you. And when the mind is concentrated and focused through the practice of tratak, then it emanates an energy and this energy becomes so

3. US 85- 30 powerful that everything you do in life becomes successful. And with success and I do not mean it in material terms for it could be immaterial terms as well, depending in which way your mind is inclined. But when this mind is focused, that spiritual force shines through. It’s like a piece of glass and you go outside in the sunlight and let the sun shine through that piece of glass and you have a piece of paper down there and the paper will catch alight. It will burn because what you are doing is even through a small piece of glass you are capturing the total energy of the sun. And your minds are capable of that. The ability is in you it is just to be uncovered, unfolded. Why be folded up in your miseries when you can be unfolded in that beautiful glory, huh? So, your mind do you think it's small? Small little minds. But yet using it as a piece of glass you capture that entirety of the sun's energy and set this whole building alight. How beautiful. So we proceed on, becoming one on this journey that I've been through now. You become one with the personal god who has taken birth many times as Buddha, as Krishna, as Christ, as someone else you might know. But you still go beyond that, for the realization of the personal god is only the realization of the entirety of the universe. But you go further than that to the impersonal God which is none else but pure energy. I said a moment ago that the personal god has form, while the impersonal God is formless. The personal god has attributes, while the impersonal God is attributeless. It is an energy. These lights that burn here, they have form. That's a personal god. But electricity, which is formless and indescribable that is to use an analogy is the impersonal God. So when in this journey you go beyond the personal god and merge away into the impersonal God, the energy that energizes the personal god who in turn energizes the world or forms creation if you wish to call it that. For the entire emanation of the universe forms everything that there is. But the personal god can never exist without the impersonal God. See the mechanics of it, how it works. When we pray, "Our Father which art in Heaven, hallowed be Thy name," who are you praying to? You're praying to the personal god, or Almighty Father. And who says it's a he? It could be Almighty Mother. Why not? So you see, the Father you pray to is the personal god but the Father also has a Father which is my grandfather, and that is the impersonal God. Impersonal. Good. Any of you would like to discuss your experiences and why were you crying my daughter? Vidya, would you pull up a chair here so you could guide the hands? Because sometimes six hands go up at the same time and I don't know who to call up first. Ah, ha, not in front of something which is sacred. Sit here. Yes, my daughter. Namaste. Chela: I don't know if I can verbalize I was experiencing seeing you in the total luminosity. The whole body was like lit up, a radiance. The head sort of stood out and I was flowing with that and then I was now wishing to go with you. Take me with you. I said, "Take me with you up."

4. US 85- 30 Gururaj: I will take you with me one day. Yes. Yes. And not only that, your heart felt a beautiful warmth and very peaceful. But mixed in that warmth and peace there was also a shadow of sorrow, right? You carry on, tell me. Same chela: And as I was observing you I noticed your hands breaking apart and I felt a force breaking mine apart and my palms were numb. And you turned over that way and I was asking you, "Heal my hands. Heal my hands." And I began to feel a great great powerful energy... Gururaj: Through your body? Same chela: Yes. And... GR: You know the old saying, "Knock and the door shall be opened. Seek and thou shall find. And ask and thou shall receive always. And at any time all of you whatever you need you can have. I'll give it to you. Whatever you need. Just do gurushakti, that's all. And by doing gurushakti you will be contacting the superconscious level of my mind and from there the force comes through that the force flows, rather. Very good experience. Lovely. Next. Yes. Come on. Do you want to say something? Next. Namaste. Sandya: Well, the other times I've watched you in communion I've experienced you changing into different people, animals. But this time you it was really strange. Your body disappeared like it always does for me and your head came off of your body and then your facial features changed into Bob's features and then you came back to your face and then your face went away and my face became your face and then your face came back again. GR: Beautiful. Beautiful. Signs of those are beginnings of the signs of unity consciousness where you become me and I become you. And that will happen to everyone as they evolve. It might take many lifetimes, who knows? That you become one with Divinity and Divinity becomes one with you. Sandya: And then after you came back to us I just sat there and did my mantra and listened to you explain your experience and during the whole time my body would just jerk like electrical charges being charged through it Gururaj: Because of the energy generated in the room that's what you felt.

5. US 85- 30 Sandya: Like somebody hooking me up to a battery charger and that felt pretty good. It was really more of a sensation... GR: Where did they plug the battery? Sandya: It was into my cord I have my golden thread underneath and I was getting a charge right here. GR: Oh, I see, I thought it was somewhere else perhaps. Sandya: No. GR: And you my beloved, come here. The light became so powerful to you that you have to close your eyes. You couldn't see into it, righ t? Chela: I was experiencing a burning in my eyes and I couldn't focus. I had to close them. GR: Naturally. You know that would happen for example, if you look into the bright sun. Naturally your eyes would burn. That was the reason for it. Same chela: It was just when your focus would diminish, you know, when your concentration ends and then the burning came and I couldn't watch. GR: I know. I know. I felt it. Good. Next. How many of you felt a deep calm and peace in your hearts? Just put up your hands. Practically everyone. That is the peace of God. That's the peace. And as you practice your meditations regularly, the more and more of the peace would you experience. There's a board we had here brought in. Ah! My peace I give you. Very good. How many of you you know some people are shy to stand up and talk. How many of you saw me covered with light? What color?

6. US 85- 30 [Chelas in background] Gold. Very good. Very very good. [Chela: Gold and white....] Whitish gold. Good. Anyone else would like to tell me their colors? [Chela: There was a beautiful lavender behind your whole body.] Right. You were going to say something darling? [Chela: Gold and white]. Gold and white. Beautiful. Right. Right. Right. Chela: This time I saw a lot of very shiny black almost like the room became a cave that isn't accurate like wet coal. I imagine wet coal being the mind which made it black sharp to contrast? GR: Now the black represents vastness of the universe. So you realize in yourself there is this vastness. But as you carry on with your practices more and more gold and white will appear in it as you said earlier. Anyone else? Chela: Guruji, you seemed to pulse. You would fade away but then there was a rhythmic kind of expansion and contraction. Someone else: To me it was like the whole platform and Guruji... I... it was just like moved and... GR: Now that pulsation if you can stand outside the universe, that is the pulsation you will see going like that all the time and it is because of that pulsation that this universe exists. That's what you saw. How many of you perhaps saw me totally disappear and on this chair there was just a light burning? Could anyone see that? Good. Very good. Because in the practice what happens is this, that I lose total body consciousness and merge away in that light. Praseela, you are crying, my darling. So may you be, maybe. I love playing with words. So few people really understand the meaning of words. They use it you know, like people say goodbye and they don't even know what it means. It means "God be with you." Like that. Anyone would like to say anything more? Iris? Iris: The best way I can describe what happened is after a while the pictures became just pictures and I was experiencing what I would describe as a state of love but not like a verb. GR: What you are trying to say is that you were experiencing "isness" and there is nothing else but love which just is. Isness is the same as love, or God, call it what you want. Yes?

7. US 85- 30 Chela: Well, this communion practice seemed to stir up a lot of resentment. Something happened and I know it's my expectations but that's happened the last few times but if you're having one particular communion experience several years ago [???] downhill ever since. [Inaudible] GR: Well, what we can do is kick you in the backside and lift you up. Now do remember that it is not necessary to have any visual or audial experience, but do remember one thing, that each and everyone of you here has been touched by the hand of God. In other words, His energy was brought down here to touch each and every one of you. To some people it might come to the fore, to the consciousness, but yet the touch is there at the heart level always. On our courses apart from the humor and the words of wisdom or whatever, and our meditations and chantings and all these things, the most important part of the course is the communion practice. Because here in the communion practice reality is brought to you. You might not recognize it for the moment. There might be a delayed reaction, but the reality of Divinity is brought to you in your presence. So therefore, communion is the most important in every course. I mean, you enjoy the talks and all the fun we have together and the love we share together as a family and everything else that goes with it. But yet, to be touched by the hand of God, what more can we want, really? What? One touch of that divine energy is worth a million books on theologies and all the scriptures of the world. Is it not worth it? One slight touch of that divine energy is worth more than all [END SIDE ONE] the isms which philosophers have given you. I have done so many communion practices and the explanations and things are always different, aren't they? That's how it should be. When you flow from your heart and your soul, nothing is planned. Only the heart is shared. And that is what we want. Were there any other announcements, darling? [Announcements and discussion in background] By the way, your paintings some of you are such fine artists! One thing I found that I started this movement not I, but God through me started this movement twelve years ago and people have become so so creative. You know, I get 1500 2000 letters a month and you know, they write their little poems and things so creative, so beautiful! They send me their paintings, they send me recorded music which they've done cassettes and they've really developed so much creativity. That is wonderful because by developing creativity you come closer and closer to the Creator. Because you personally

8. US 85- 30 do not create. He creates everything if we want to use that theological term. He creates everything and you prepare yourself through your practices to allow His creation to flow through you. Oh, you'd be surprised at the beautiful poetry and music and art and... it's wonderful. That's how it should be. Then life has a meaning. If you're creative then there's meaning. Right, Mataji, you should know better than I would. Good then. Do have a pleasant night. Thank you. **** END ****


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