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1. U S 85 - 39 EVOLUTION AND ENLIGHTENMENT Gururaj: So first tell me, did you put this thing on? Yes. Oh, I can't hear myse lf! You'll have to turn it up. Vidya: It needs to be amplified. It's only recording, the amplification doesn't work. GR: Oh, I see, the amplification did not work. Why does the amplification not work in people's lives. People live narrowly, in a straight jacket, and they need themselves to be amplified into greater and higher proportions. That is the secret of evolut ion. Now, you will ask the question, "Why do we want to evolve?" Don't! Nobody is forcing you. Remain an animal if you want to. But from the animal stage, when you evolve you reach the human stage, and then, with greater evolution, you reach the superh uman level stage of life. And still evolving more, you become one with Divinity. That's the process. Very simple. Now many would want to know, how long will this process take? Any person can become enlightened within six months. Yes. Or six lifetime s or six hundred lifetimes, depending upon you. So why suffer through life when it is just there. The poor fish, and we're all fishes, we're all fish alongside the river an d dying of thirst. Jump into the river and get your thirst quenched. Why be afrai d? Yet many people are afraid of the unknown. They only want to know that which they know. But take a leap, like a hang glider, jump down the hill and float down like a bird. Do you see? So the greatest and most important things ever discovered in this world began through the leap into the unknown. And when you take that chance, you will reach the area of the unknown. And what is unknown to you is Divinity itself. People live on belief systems. One religion would say God is sitting up in the air some where on a throne with a long beard. Another religion would say God has six arms. So these are belief systems created by man and they are a manufacture of man's minds. Now, what makes you manufacture these various belief systems? There's only one reason: it is your own personal insecurity where you need a crutch to lean on. And these crutches naturally are created by your belief systems. Then after believing, you start having faith in the very belief that you have created. So what is the valid ity of yo ur faith. What is the validity of your belief if there's no validity in your faith? Hm? Faith plays a great part in life to a certain, but very limited, extent. I have faith in my wife that she's truthful to me. But is that faith not also based on a belief system? How do I know she's true to me; or how would anyone know that their beloveds are true to them. So this requires proof and the only way one could prove the validity of faith is by experience. And when I say experience, it means the experie ntial value within oneself that makes one feel, truly feel within, deep within, that Vidya is faithful to me. There lies the crux; there lies the essence. Otherwise, you can believe in anything,

2. U S 85 - 39 for, to repeat again, it is manufactured by the mind. And then you instill the belief with faith. But faith is only an "if" of your existence. The rest is missing. Because without true experience, which could be gained by spiritual practices, that faith is worthless. What about the others? One eighth is how m any percent of one hundred? Eight percent, that's all. So you are existing in eight percent of your life instead of living in the 100 percent of your life. And when the rest is lost, what is that eight percent going to help you? As matter of fact, eve n Einstein, that child of mine, only used one eighth percent of his brain. Twelve billion cells in this little brain, and you're only using one millionth of 12 billions. So are you truly living? No, you're not. You can only truly live if you develop to tal consciousness, and the totality of consciousness embraces the entire universe, where you are in total awareness of all existence. What happens when you sleep? Your consciousness is lost. It is. You become non aware, when awareness is the essence of life. You go to bed tonight. Tomorrow morning when you wake up you will say to yourself, "I was asleep." But while you are asleep, can you be conscious of yourself? Yes, you can be totally conscious of yourself, even while you are fast asleep. And tha t is what we call yoga nidra. Our place is small and the wooden floors are cold, or else I would have loved to put you through yoga nidra, where you're totally conscious and yet fast asleep. These experiences have been done to me at St. Thomas Hospital in London by Professor [Fennick?], and also in Cape Town, by Professor [Gilles?] and others, where they wired me up to the various mechanisms, the machines, and it recorded that I am in deep sleep. But I could tell them afterwards everything that happened in the room. So to be totally aware 24 hours of the day, produces that consciousness which is necessary. For the self realized person is forever aware and fully conscious all the time. Good. Now the short little introductory talk... [Inaudible] Right. Baldev, take off your shoes. And he will give an experiment. Right. Now, what you do is this, you close your eyes for a few moments, all of us, right, and you ask a question in your mind on whatever you wish to. And within a minute or two, the answer will dawn upon you. [Silence] The question in your mind was, "Who am I and what is my future?" Your future is Shamiya. Have the answers dawned upon you of which you originally thought of? Someone in this room was thinking very deeply about her mother's health. What has to happen happens. Someone in this room was also thinking of a property deal which will soon be settled. Someone was thinking without mentioning, I don't like to mention names about his or her personal loneliness. That will come to pass soon. I could go on and on and on. Someone was thinking of his studies of which he feels a bit anxious. No anxiety is necessary, it's ok. We had a psychiatrist from England, what was his name? Roopa or Vidya? [Inaudible] yes he moved to Canada, yea, I can see his face, but I just can't remember the name.

3. U S 85 - 39 Vidya: Doctor [Bry?] You don't mean the physiotherapist do you? Doctor [Bry?] GR: No No No No No No No, a psychiatrist. He phoned me one day. He sat for the royal college of physicians and psychiatrist, twice, and both times he failed. Now if we would not pass on the third seating, then he would not be allowed. Now to have the title as a royal college of physicians, it would give him an international license to practice anywhere in th e wo rld, right, from England. And actually, Lobsang Rampa, he assumed that name as a pen name and he wrote about 15 books which were he's very popular, and his actual name is Guy Love. He's passed away recently, Guy Love, and he was one of my chelas, yea, s o many times he used to phone me. He wrote a lot of trash but [Laughter] Vidya: That's before he became a chela. Gururaj: That's right, but of course his books sold very well around the world. It did sell very well, because trash sells better and f aster than the good stuff. [Laughter] So, as I was saying, touching your forehead here, there, is to open your ajna chakra, which stands for heightened awareness. So from this evening, you'll become much more aware. Everyone of you felt a certain vibra tion going through you as you touched my hands. You must have felt it I'm sure. Yea. That is a spiritual force, a spiritual energy, imparted to you to help you in all facets of life. Because spiritual energies works in every way. It's like we can say water, you pour it and it will fill all the potholes on the road. And it will go more into the bigger hole and it will go less into the smaller hole. So this is very beneficial. Good. Now, I think we have had a long day darling, 7 o'clock yes. We starte d from early this morning, and thank God I've managed to have an hour sleep this afternoon. What are we going to do? Are you leaving? VOICE: Yes, I have [Inaudible] GR: Oooh. Namaste, namaste to you. Namaste, God Bless, thank you. The course in Chi cago... [glitch] the week, there's so much more that could be done. And we could go far far more deeper into subjects, right, and all kinds of different practices and things, because I do believe in one thing: it is not only the word of mouth, but also the practical part of it which is important. How people can take the wisdom into the practical lives, how they could improve their lives i n all facets of practical living, and things like that. So those of you that have not attended a course, do try and come.

4. U S 85 - 39 People like Chetanji flies down from Canada; Bob attends every course; and like that, I could name so many. So do come if you can. And, well, I think it's about time to... [Missing part] [note: This might be a tape over because the two have not hing to do with one another. Or he may have started up again because I don't recognize this part and it does have some similar threads.] So, infusion of that intuitional self so that both hemispheres of the brain comes into fusion. And when that is fused, and I'm not talking of the lights, like last night we had no lights. So if these things are practiced, you'll find yourself beco ming a better person, a more happier person, a more joyous person, and things like that. And it is all so simple, it is all so simp le. Just a little effort in the beginning, and then the effort become effortless. (Give me some water darling, is there any? Th ank you dear. Thank you.) Jung and Freud and all these guys, all of us can put them in our little change pockets. They knew very little of the mind, very, very little. They scratched on the surface level; they only scratched the rash, and not penetratin g into the depths of the cause of the rash. So therefore they were trash. [Laughter] Ya. What's next on the program there, darling? Vidya: You can take a question if you want. Gururaj: Yes and then... Vidya: [Inaudible] The difference between lo oking and seeing. GR: Let's take a question first. Right. Any question. Q: Should I read it? GR: No don't read it, just mumble it. [Laughter] Q: I understand now about standing under one's Divinity, cleansing one's mind of fear and frustration, and projecting from the heart. What if one lives with a person who projects a lot of negative? Probably meant to create frustration, humiliation, and fear. Should one stay with it as an opportunity to learn, remaining under one's Divinity? Or should on e leave it in order to find a different climb for one's spiritual path? There are times that I love him a lot.

5. U S 85 - 39 GR: Chapter one. Chapter two? [Laughter] One must never... give me a cigarette, there should be one here, is there? We wait for my sec. It 's a wonderful word sec [Laughter] [Glitch] ...you be a struggling guru, rather become professor of philology [Glitch] because I love and also gives you a deeper meaning into words. Because the more your vocabulary is established, the more it is developed , the greater thought power you can have. So one thing I've found here in America that, I beg your pardon, please first forgive me, that they seem to mumble. They mumble. The diction, articulation, of words are very poor. They mumble on, jumble on, and they crumble. Would you like me to speak like an American? [Laughter] No, ok, I won't, we'll leave it for some other time. On the course you must all really try to attend the course so many practices, so many.... And, I can promise you one thing, an d I will write it down for you now, that you will leave the course a totally different person altogether. Something will happen in your life that will change or transform your life. Transform. What a lovely word it is; trans means across, so you go acros s your present form. (Thank you beloved. Are these little soup bowls or ashtrays?) [Laughter] I always like to crack a joke. With me, on every course it is always fun an d laughter and joy. I am joy. So I exude joy. I am joy so I exude joy. As well a s the little bit of wisdom I have, not much, a little bit. Good. You love a person to a fair amount, and then you're filled with fear. Now if you really loved the person, there would be no fear! What you mean by love is not love; it is attachment, or a dependency. And, in that attachment, there's always insecurity. Therefore, you fear of losing that attachment. [END SIDE ONE] The best way is to be non attached. Love for the sake of love. If I'm attached to her, right, any little thing that goes wro n g in our home will hurt me. But if I have non attachment, it will not hurt. You'd close a blind eye. Yes. So the basis of l ove is something which is very close to Divinity. And God is love and love is God, as we know, the old saying. So when you can truly love, the attachment would not be there at all. And when there's no attachment, there is no hurt. There's no hatred. Now this of course comes at a much higher level in one's evolutionary progress, because evolution is always progressive, it is nev er retrogressive. But to reach the stage, what does one do? That is the crux of the question. It's very simple: do nothing, that's all. Just be yourself. And by being yourself, you will realize that I am not me at all. I' m not Jean, Jack or John, no. The real me is my inner self that operates, or that makes me operate. So there again we go to the essence of life, hm, not the surface value, not this body, not the attachments, not the possessions, none of these things, no, no. To be oneself is to be i n touch with one's inner self, and not the surface self. Because the surface self is

6. U S 85 - 39 so temporary. Three score years and ten, huh. Do you think that's a long time? It's only a fraction. (I try and save on cigarettes). It's only a minute very, very, mi nute fraction in the scheme of eternity, and your real being is eternal. So are you going to attach importance to these three score years and ten? And many people don't even live so long. I've known of young people at the age of 30 35, that died of heart attacks. So it's cut down by half already. So, how important is this little body of yours; how important is it? But if the mind is centered within oneself, one will fi nd that eternity; and eternity is immortality. So you are born today and you'll die i n 40 50 60 70 years. And do you know one thing, that within a few weeks, all your friends are going to forget you. They're not going to remember you, no. So why fear for the preservation of this little life, infinitesimal, why fear it. Just be! And when you are living in your being, you'll realize the vastness of eternity, measureless, completeness, totality. So you might be attached to a man you love, and yet you fear. It's a contradiction of terms. You're living more in fear than in love. Because i f love was dominant, there would be no fear. He loves Shamiya, (Baldev), right. What thoughts would go through the mind foremostly. Fear. And then the love. You might fear that you I'm sorry to use this example, you don't mind, we're a family, you mi ght fear of losing Shamiya. No, don't fear that, but rather affirm to yourself that I could never loose Shamiya because I love her so so much. Do you see. Now that is a positive way of thinking. Fear is always hurtful, it hurts. Love uplifts and brings joy. Never fear, never fear at all. Just be, and what is to be will be. That's the attitude one must develop. You don't cross t he street thinking in your mind some car's going to knock me over, you don't. You don't have that, because that would consti tute fear. So if such a thing like that brings about fear in you, crossing the street, then why not apply the same principle to life and become fearless. To be fearless requires strength and that strength is gained through our spiritual practices. I must have told you a story somewhere, I don't know, I travel around so much. I was trudging through the hills and valleys of the Himalayas, especially through the Bengal Jungle, and there was a tiger coming up to me. So what I did, I just sat down the way Ba ldev is sitting, and the tiger was rushing at me. And the thought that went through my mind was this, that mister tiger and I are the same. There's no difference between you and me. We are made of the same molecular structure. And I looked at the tiger straight in the eyes, and this tiger that was going to rush at me just slowed down, slinked away, turned his backside, and ran away. Why? How come this happened? It's because of fearlessness. Because that tiger is my body and my body is the tiger's bod y, so even if it should eat me up, so what. One body to another body, which is the same body. Do you see. Oh, I could tell you of so many experiences around the world. How far are we darling? Do you think we should call it a day or do something else?

7. U S 85 - 39 Vidya: Did you want for the people to come up and touch your hands? GR: Ah, yes, that's important. Now, I give you another experience. Come, touch my hands. Vidya: Did you want a pillow for the knees.... GR: Ah, ah, that would be better. **** E ND ****


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