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1. U S 85 - 4 PURIFICATION PRACTICE/ RAPID FIRE GURURAJ: Mary had a little lamb, her fleece was white as snow. Is it okay? Testing, testing, testing, one, two, three. VOICE: How do you count to three in Sanskrit, Guruji? GURURAJ: [Eg, do, ten?] Right. Now for those that you are here for the firs t time, and that has never done the purification practice, just a few words of explanation. Most people rush home from work from their offices, and they want to sit down to meditate. Their meditations won't go too deep because the body's too excited. So one needs to become calm first, and then you meditate, and the meditation will have great effect. Now, in this practice what is required is tota l sincerity; real feeling. For example, you've heard, you know you've seen the statue of the three monkeys: you know, see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil. And if that is repeated often enough in the purification practice, you'll come into th e habit of seeing no evil, hearing no evil, speaking no evil. And it also calms one down. Now, you ask why we use wa ter? The Earth is composed of five elements: fire, water, air, earth and ether. And water is the major part on this planet. Seventy percent of this planet is composed of water, and even your bodies contain over seventy percent water than bones and fles h. And another thing about water it has a cooling, calming effect. For example, if you are very tired you jump into a hot shower or a cold shower, a cold bath, and you would feel better. It has a wonderful effect upon the nervous system. It cools one, calms one. Now, I'll just give you an idea of the first part, the sound of it: AUM VAAK VAAK AUM PRANA PRANA AUM CHAKSHU CHAKSHU AUM SHOTRAM SHOTRAM AUM NABHI AUM REEDHAYAM AUM KUNTHAHA AUM SHIRAHA AUM BAHUBYA YASHOBALAM AUM KARATALKAR PRUSTHE

2. U S 85 - 4 Purify my speech, my breath, my eyes, ears, navel, heart, throat, my brain, the knees, that means your limbs. And then you don't only pray for yourself or purify yourself, you offer that purification to all. Okay. Now, have the cup in your left hand and use these two fingers. Now, many of you might not know these two fingers, and it has been proven scientifically, emit the most amount of energy. And even in Kirlian photography it has been found that these two fingers emit the greatest amount of energy, r ather than the others. Good. Now, remember another thing, that the hand is an extension of the mind. For example, you can try it out anytime you like, when you do reading, if you use your finger along the lines you'll read 50 percent faster. Yes. So w e call it an extension of the brain. So with the action, the brain is far more activated. Right. Fine. Now, what you do is dip these two fingers. ALL: AUM VAAK VAAK AUM PRANA PRANA AUM CHAKSHU CHAKSHU AUM SHOTRAM SHOTRAM AUM NABHI AUM REEDHAYAM AUM K UNTHAHA AUM SHIRAHA AUM BAHUBYA YASHOBALAM AUM KARATALKAR PRUSTHE GURURAJ: Now you've got the idea. But all these words you say with total sincerity. Feel them. That's the idea. Not just parrot like repetition. Feel them. Let my speech be purified, let my breath be pure, let my eyes see good things, and avoid seeing evil things. Right. Now, the second part begins: ALL: AUM BUHA PUNATU SHIRASHI AUM BUVAH PUNATU NAYTRAYAM AUM SVAHA PUNATU KANTHE AUM MAHA PUNATU RIDAYE

3. U S 85 - 4 AUM JANAHA PUNATU NABHAYAM A UM TAPAH PUNATU PADYAM AUM SATYAM PUNAHA SHIRASHI AUM KHAN BRAHMA PUNATU SARVATRA GURURAJ: Well, and of course the English is on the other side, so you would get the meaning of it all. Good. Now, part three is a pranayama mantra. This is one of the things that some organizations do that teach you how to fly, or think they are teachi ng you how to fly, for four thousand dollars each. And this is the pranayama mantra. Now, what we do when we say these words, we can either start with an out breath or an in breath, but to start with the out breath is better. So with one breath the enti re seven syllables must come out. Fine. ALL: AUM BUHA AUM BUVAHA AUM SVAHA AUM MAHA AUM JANAHA AUM TAPAHA AUM SATYAM GURURAJ: Now, in. ALL: AUM BUHA AUM BUVAHA AUM SVAHA AUM MAHA AUM JANAHA AUM TAPAHA AUM SATYAM

4. U S 85 - 4 GURURAJ: It must be smooth and not jerky. Outward breath must be totally out, and the words are so timed that you have complete exhalation of breath, and you have complete inhalation. Now, the exhalation is more important than the inhalation, because if you exhale well, then naturally yo u will inhale well. And by that you remove the toxins, uh, carbon dioxides? Ya, you remove the toxins from your body. And, of course, the meanings are there; what the words mean. And then in the end, you end off with a prayer. Now, here's something I composed, but you can use any prayer you like for which you have feeling. Like I have heard many people praying, and they do it so mechanically: Our Father which art in heaven, hallowed be thy name and they mean nothing by it. They don't even understand what it means. Do you see. So every prayer should be with feeling and understanding. O Lord you are that which spreads the nectar of life O Almighty you are that which is the container of nectar O Almighty father you are truth, love, success, and the b eauty of life. You are my life. Now, this you can do as many times as you like before you start meditating. You can start with three times, six times, as many times as you like. (Will you get me a drink of water, love. Please. You know, with the change of climate, going from one place to the other, it has given me a bit of a chest.) Good. Now, we shall start. You've got the understanding of this. If there are any questions, please ask me. VOICE: [INAUDIBLE] ...how do we know how to talk and breathe in at the same time? GURURAJ: With a little practice you'll get it right. Oh, yes. With a little practice. And it's the first time you're doing it, so naturally. But you can repeat all of these syllables with an in breath and all of them breathing out. It becomes very easy, just a bit of practice is necessary. Okay. Now, let's have our rapid fire question and answer session. As I said last night, ask me about anything you want to. VIDYA: We are going to start doing this as part of the group practices now, right? GURURAJ: Yes.

5. U S 85 - 4 VIDYA: So bring these sheets to group practices, unless you have memorized them already. You might actually leave them in the room, and you can pick them up each time. GURURAJ: Would that be long enough, dear? I doubt it. ROOPA: They can come up to ask their question. GURURAJ: Uh hm. Okay. By the way, when you do these practices you do not need to sit cross legged like me. Be comfortable. Sit in any comfortable position. VOICE: Guruji, in nondualistic Eastern thinking the concept of evil is c onfusing to me. So I would like you to speak on that. GURURAJ: Aha! Very good. Yes. The concept of nonduality is not limited to Eastern thought. For example, if you study the works of these philosophers, like Mills or Herbert Spencer or Schopenhau er, you would find the philosophies match in this nondualism. Now, the concept of evil... we cannot deny, that there is no evil in the world. There is evil on the relat ive field of life, but in the Absolute field you are totally apart from evil. Now, al l these wars that go on, be they hot wars or cold wars, it's not something good. It's destruction of life, unnecessarily for power, for economic gain. So there is this eleme nt of evil there. But if one can become the observer of that, then you are not a ffected by it at all. And these conflicts... by evil we mean conflict, right, and these conflicts on this earth will never ever cease. There will always be these conflicts as long as man's mind is working there will be conflicts. And when it comes to e vil it's not necessarily the action that's more important, but just the thought of it. Say, for example, a person sees a nice girl and he undresses her mentally for the purpose of adultery. The evil is committed already because of the conflicts in the mi nd or impurities of the mind or not having a pure consciousness. So even before the act is done, the very thought alone would register in the subconscious mind, which we could call samskaras. So that is the greatest battle. You know, you will see in Sta r Wars and films like those the "goodies" and the "baddies," and it goes on like that all over the world. And it will never be stopped. But a person... This world cannot be cured of these illnesses. We should use that word collectively, and it can be d one on an individual basis. So, and we know that it's the units that make the whole. So more they are purified units, the better the world will become.

6. U S 85 - 4 If you go into history, say five thousand years ago when Krishna lived, or two and a half thousand y ears ago when Buddha lived, or two thousand years ago when Jesus lived, there was the same evil. Right. And all those teachings are great teachings, but it has not minimized the imbalance in the world. For example, the Gita says that, "When injustice an d evil increase in the world, I take birth from age to age." So there is a balancing power that reincarnates itself, and that we call the avatara. So he brings about a certain amount of balance, but not total balance. And we are, as it is, on the verge of a very major catastrophe, around about the year 2025, 2050. There would be such an explosion because of the greed for power that it will not only destroy this planet Earth, but it will affect the entire solar system and thus affect the ent ire galaxy. So these are eminent. So when true masters come, what they try to do is create love in people's hearts. For example, if you give a knife in the hands of a hoodlum, he'll go and kill someone with it. But if you give that sharp knife in the hands of a sur geon, he will be able to save someone's life with it. So therefore, when true masters come to Earth, they've come for the purpose of developing the heart, unfolding the heart. Because once the heart is unfolded in love, you will not do any harm to others . And that is why the scriptures would say, "Love thy neighbor as thyself." But one has to learn to love oneself first. It starts from there, and then you start loving your neighbors. And spiritual practices are the tools whereby self realization, to w hatever extent, it makes you know yourself. Therefore we say it again, "Man know thyself." Do you see. So these forces will always be there. But we in our personal lives can avert those forces by destroying the mental conflicts we have and find peace wi thin myself. Therefore, Jesus said, "My peace I pass unto thee." So these things are well corroborated in all the scriptures of the world: be it Buddhism, Hinduism, Christianity, whatever. They are all the same, and that is shown on our emblem. (We hav en't got one here now. Where we have all the various... You must have seen it, I'm sure. There on top of the page, yeah.) Let there be harmony amongst all the religions for one purpose: To lead us to the light within. And every religion teaches that. For finding that light within is enlightenment. That's why Buddha was called the illumined or enlightened one. That's the meaning of Buddha. Good. Next. Here comes our computer expert. He's got a computer brain. JAMMU: As you'll see in a second. Guruji, I would like you to speak to us of the dark holes of space, which... and the inhabitants and the realms thereof. And is their goal endarkenment, compared to our enlightenment? GURURAJ: You are referring to bla ck holes are you? No, there are various existences in this universe. For example, there are thousands of worlds like ours. And, perhaps, in your next reincarnation you might be born on another planet

7. U S 85 - 4 which is similar to ours, and depending very much upo n your state of evolution you have gained in this lifetime. So in the universe, as there are so many thousands of worlds like ours, there are also other worlds where people have reached a very high state of consciousness; where even verbalization is not n ecessary, you just know each others thoughts, and the actions are governed by knowing those thoughts. Then there are also worlds which contain complete peace, and that in Sanskrit is called brahma loka. There is just complete peace and joy. So there ar e very many different kinds of worlds that are inhabited by beings that are superior than us. For example, UFO's are a reality. They are real. Where people from other planets are coming here to impart the message of peace, because they have a purpose fo r it. If this planet is destroyed, a lot of other planets will be affected. And the same thing happened with Atlantis. It was because of the fight for power between various factions that the whole Atlantis was destroyed. And that could happen in this w orld, though we hope not. That if our teachings reach home and more hearts are unfolded of people, then that will not happen. And then, of course, we have something called a black hole in which at a certain time of pralay, which means a balanced state, a lthough the currents in there would still be there, they get sucked into the black hole, and it is so tight you could say that not even a bit of light is emitted from it. It's a whole inferno in there. And then as worlds enter from one side, an explosion occurs on the other side of the black hole, and another universe is created. Do you see. That's how it works. (Sorry). So we are trying to prevent this calamity. We are trying very hard to prevent it. There are so many inventions in the world, and I' ve said this before, that we do not know of. The governments are trying to not publicize it. This entire world can be destroyed in one minute flat. Yes. The only reason the governments don't publicize it is not to create panic. Not to create panic. Th ere was a speaker who was giving a lecture and he said, "This world will be destroyed in twenty billion years." So one little old lady sitting at the back of the hall, got up and she said, "Did you say twenty billion years?" Oh, no, rather, so rry. He sai d twenty million years. So the woman sat down with a sigh of relief. She said, "I thought you said twenty billion years." Yes. But one thing is sure, nothing is destructible. Even if this world explodes, the energies and atomic particles will reform its elf in another form. And, of course, life is never destroyed because of the spirit being all pervading and eternal. So perhaps, we might not see you around on the next round. If you evolve enough you might be on some other planet. Yes. Next. AMITA: I'm just going to crawl over. GURURAJ: Umm. She is, by the way, a psychologist too.

8. U S 85 - 4 AMITA: Beloved Guruji, you often talk to us of many different ways to get to the goal. For instance, going to London we could take an oxcart, we could walk, we could take a car or a plane. GURURAJ: Well, I'd like to see you walk across the ocean [LAUGHTER] to reach England. AMITA: I'd like to see that one too. Anyway, what I want to ask is, who decides and how is the decision made? GURURAJ: Ah, beautiful. The major decision is made by that divine force, but within the Divine force, man has been given buddhi, or the intellect, which gives you what is called free will to act as you wish. And the main purpose of the fre e will is to make you merge again into the divine will, which is your original source. So if you want to go to San Francisco by oxcart or airplane or jet plane or helicopter, that depends upon you, but it is definitely ordained that you must go to San Francisco. But now if we combine free will wi th divine will the journey becomes easier and more pleasurable, and you won't feel so many of the bumps of the oxcart or the... in the plane, you know those drops you have, what do you call them? VOICE: Air pockets. GURURAJ: Air pockets. That's right, ya. And that provides you joy, greater happiness, peace. It makes life's path so much smoother. So everything is governed by that divine will, everything. And when free will merges into divine will, whoof, that is the joy of life. Next. I used to kno w a lady singer called Patti Page. VOICE: Beloved Guruji, do you believe in guardian angels while we travel on this path to San Francisco? And is this guardian angel our inner voice? And in following this guardian angel, if that is so, does the guardia n angel sometimes lead us into situations that are in conflict with the rules and regulations of society? I am reminded of a story I once hear d of the angel [Kadur?], who was guiding a man, I forget his name, and he was... [Kadur?] was doing things that the man disapproved of because they were not acceptable by society. And what he didn't realize was the angel was of a higher consciousness and he knew that the acts that he was doing were for a higher purpose, but the man was not aware of this. And so th e man lost faith, so the guardian angel left because the man did not have strong enough faith to follow the angel.

9. U S 85 - 4 For instance, the angel sunk some fishing boats in a village, and the man thought it was an evil act. And I was also confused about evil, s o I was happy to hear Kelly ask the question. So he thought that the sinking of the boats was an evil act, but [Kadur?] knew that he had to sink the boats because the boats were going to be stolen. Are you familiar with this story? GURURAJ: No, not really. VOICE: So anyway he saved the boats, and he was acting from a higher consciousness. And, so, what I'm wondering is, is that something that in your teaching we need to be aware of; this higher consciousness within ourselves that leads us sometimes into situations that are seemingly evil or unacceptable by society? GURURAJ: Thank you. Firstly, you read too many science fiction books. VOICE: I never read science fiction. GURURAJ: Well, this you must have got from a book. Ri ght. There are no guardian angels at all. There are no guardian angels, because angels belong to a different dimension, and they are too busy with their own problems to come and guide you. Because in all existence, where all these various planets are, a nd there are millions of them that we don't know of, everyone is too occupied in their own problems. So there is no guardian angel coming to guide you at all. Your... [GLITCH] Yeah. Now, the more of the superconscious level of the mind is brought to th e conscious level, your actions become right or better. You act in a good way. But if the very energies within you stem from the subconscious level which carries all kinds of impressions, and sometimes when the ugly snake rears its head from the subconsc ious, then naturally the action will not be good. But one thing happens here that even if you act in a good way or a bad way, it will always be for your own personal progress. It will be for your own evolution. Anything bad that happens to you if you ac cept it as a lesson that I had to learn this and living in life sometimes one has to endure hard lessons but being lessons they are pushing us forward. Because we do not believe in retrogressive evolution. We believe in progressive evolution. Some of the Hindus believe that if you live a bad life you will be born as a cow, or a cat, or a dog, or whatever, and that is not true. Once you have reached the human kingdom you don't go back. Now, say in this... say plant, mineral kingdom

10. U S 85 - 4 is twelve inches, plant kingdom twelve inches, and animal kingdom twelve inches, and the human kingdom twelve inches. Now, what can happen in the human kingdom of that twelve inches, that you can fluctuate because of your actions, but you won't go lower than the line into the animal kingdom. So once born a human, you will remain a human. I don't know where the Hindus get the figures from, but they say that it took you eight million four hundred thousand lifetimes to reach the human kingdom. And you can never go back, it is progressive. And anything bad happening to us, or anything bad we do, we will still learn something by it. But if we avoid doing things which are not right, then we would fluctuate more within that framework of that twelve inches of the human kingdom . So by performing good action, you go beyond that human kingdom to the level of Divinity. It is said in the scriptures too, man is made in the image of God. He is not only made in the image of God, he is Divinity himself. But seeing that people screw t hemselves up mentally, they keep on fluctuating and moving around in the confines of that sphere. So there is always progress. So what we are trying to do is rise above the human kingdom, while still remaining a human being. Because more of the light fro m above the human kingdom is shining through us, and then life becomes more happier. That is why you have all the do's and don'ts in the scriptures: Thou shalt not this, and thou shalt not that. And the main purpose for those moral teachings is to create a greater harmony and stability in society. It is more sociological than anything else. While purity is something different. Purity stems from deep within you, where every action, perhaps seemingly not right, but it would be so pure that it would be ri ght. See. So many stories have been created, which is like science fiction. I was pointed out some books, which I read a few pages and I threw it away, where a medium speaks through a person, or some angel speaks through a person, some higher force speak s through a person. It is not true at all. If a person in that semi trance state, you know, speaks of higher things, then that person has those higher things in his or her mind already. You might have acquired it in a previous lifetime, and perhaps in t his lifetime would be acting badly, and that is what is meant by the fall from grace. That's the true meaning of that phrase. So it is the person's own thoughts that are pouring through the person that writes these books. And I'm sure you could name qui te a few of them. Man, something. ROOPA: I would rather not name the books specifically, but we've all seen books like that. GURURAJ: Yeah, that's right. Where they maintain that it's a higher force speaking through them. But it's not an outside f orce, it is within them all the time. Because people on the other side in a different dimension, as I mentioned before, do not have the time to come and speak through you. What for? They're too bothered about their own evolution. Do you see. Ya, and t hen of course, some mediums have developed a psychic ability, which is very easy to learn, where you pick

11. U S 85 - 4 up another person's thoughts. And, say, you're thinking of Auntie Mary, so she will mention Auntie Mary, and she's doing very well up there, you know, and nothing for you to worry about. Meanwhile, the cost is twenty bucks for the consultation. Whole lot of hocus pocus things are going on. And it's such a pity that people all over the world are so gullible. And because of their own concern of someon e that has passed away, because of the attachment that they have formed with son, or daughter, or husband, or wife, or whatever, they would want to clutch at any straw they can get hold of. Now, what is it going to help anyone what is happening to that de ceased person that's in another dimension? What's it going to help you in any way? So you go to a medium and the medium says, "Oh, he's doing fine, and he's busy frolicking around with angels and things like that, so it makes you feel a bit happy. Okay. But then it's temporary, and it's totally false. So there are no guardian angels. It is we ourselves that guide ourselves. Our inner thoughts, the inner mechanism of the higher mind perhaps, and many times the lower mind. Well, we will be explaining t he mechanics of the mind tonight. Next. VOICE: Guruji, I have a history question for you. Zoroaster lived in roughly the same time period, I understand as... GURURAJ: The Persian, uh huh. VOICE: ...Buddha and maybe Confucius. Was he an avatar, and how have his teachings affected religious spiritual thoughts through the ages? GURURAJ: Uh huh. Teachers have come giving different kinds of teachings. Fine. But their teachings could be very much distorted. If we have, or develop, a higher form of consciousness, then we could very easily get to the basis of the teachings. Because most teachings have been so badly misinterpreted that the true meaning is lost. And, then, when it comes to religions, it has become a business. So in any organized business, naturally, there would be things done, such as... say the Roman Catholic church; they are the richest company in the world. Richest. They are the biggest land owners in the world. There is more wealth in the Vatican than there is in the whole of Italy. Do you see. So when it becomes organized, when religion becomes organized, these things happen. Good. For example, our organization and I don't like to use the word organization at all but for want of a better word, we use the word organization. Now, when you organize you are pulling all the pieces together for some purpose. And the purpose, in most cases, have been more monetary than rather teaching the truth.

12. U S 85 - 4 For example, you take our priests of today, they are nothing but parrots. They spend three, four years in a seminary and they [swallow it?] up, like a child would, the scriptures and that they teach over. And those teachings are not effective, be cause a true minister of religion should first have experienced himself before he teaches. Otherwise, you are nothing but a parrot. Therefore, I always say that I would speak about nothing that I have personally not experienced. For example, Jamie's que stion about other planets and other worlds. I could visit them at will and be back in the body, like you would see in communion, which we are having on Monday, right, for those that have not attended a communion practice. Zoroaster was not an avatar. Zor oaster, the founder of the Persian religion and a lot of them have immigrated to India and there they are called Parsees. But Zoroaster was a great politician and organizer like Mohammed. They could... in the case of Mohammed, for example, there are s o many different tribes in Arabia, and each tribe had their own personal god. So what Mohammed wanted to do was to bring all the tribes together, to unify them all, so that he could conquer other countries. And that is how the Moguls ruled India for nine hundred years. They are Moslems. That is how for about eleven hundred years the Moslems ruled Spain. If you have been to Spain you would have noticed the great similarity in architecture, for example. Even the Flamenco music is very similar to Eastern music, and things like that. So there have been people that have done very much good, but at the same time a lot of bad was done. There have been more lives taken and more blood shed in the name of religion than of any of the wars that took place. So I slam conquered the world half the world with a sword and it is said in the Koran that if you can convert anyone... [END SIDE ONE] GURURAJ: ...to Islam at the point of a sword you will go to Heaven. And they have a different kind of heaven, by t he way. In Islam they forbid you to drink, they forbid you to have girlfriends, and things like that, but if you have converted people into Islam, you will go to heaven where rivers of wine are running, and you have these houris you know houris? Very be autiful fairy like girls looking after all of you and all your needs, and things like that. Do you see. So religions promise a lot of things. We promise nothing of that sort at all. The only thing we say, find yourself. Here are the tools, here is the grace that's given to you and find yourself. And Zoroaster's method was very similar to Mohammed's method. And he too had united Iraq and Iran, for example. Only after that did the separation occur as two different countries. So there is a lot of politi cs involved politicians. I don't agree with that. I don't agree with that. Do not mix politics into religion, but mix religion into politics. Do you see.

13. U S 85 - 4 Religion, the actual meaning of the word religion, if you look it up in the Oxford dictionary, it means to bind back. And what are you binding yourself back to? To your real self. And that's the true meaning of religion. And then ritualism began with the advent of organized religion. Right. For example, say in the Catholic church if you donate a certain amount, the Pope, you know, writes up to God and you go to heaven. [LAUGHTER] What's that called? Papacy? ROOPA: I can't... what is that called? VOICE: [INAUDIBLE] ROOPA: No, selling. Selling Divine favors. GURURAJ: Yeah, that's right. ROOPA: There's a name for it, come on. VOICE: Indulgences. GURURAJ: That's it. Indulgences. Right. Now, in the Hindu religion you have all various kinds of rituals. For example, say a person dies, right, the priest is called in to hold prayer meet ings and with every mantra, aum vaak vaak, put down a rupee; aum prana prana, put down a rupee; hm, and things like that. They don't charge you an outright fee, but with every mantra you got to put down a coin or a note or whatever. But with the sacrific ial fire they rather prefer coins because the notes might burn up. [LAUGHTER] And then when a person dies, of course the ceremony is done on a riverbank, and you've got to donate a calf to the priest. Because the theory goes that when you pass over, ther e is a river that you have to cross. And what you do to cross that river is hold the cow's tail the calf's tail and he takes you across. Look at all this nonsense in the name of God, hm? And I could go on and on telling of all these various relig ions, and all their stupid rituals. Our greatest ritual is to dive deep within; that is the greatest. Not these rituals. Recently, before I left Cape Town, a young man, [Diaba?] is his name, his mother passed away. So now they have a system where on the thirteenth day they got to give a feast. Now, they are poor people, so this young man had to borrow five hundred rands to hold this feast. Why feed people that are well fed? So when he spoke to me, I said, "Look, I do not agree with this at all. If yo u have the money give it to some good charity; like to the Civilian Blind Society, or the School

14. U S 85 - 4 for Deaf and Dumb, or something that could help people do good, instead of feeding people that are so well fed already with their big paunches. Why feed them?" But then this young man tells me, "Look it is convention, and we live in a society and we've got to do things that society demands." So I told him, "To hell with society." Because among the Hindus you only belong thirty percent to yourself and seventy p ercent to society, which is totally wrong. I do not agree with that. Because you have got to go according to so many dictates of society in the name of religion. Now, this calf I was telling you about, if you don't perform it's called the [pind?] ceremo ny if you don't perform the ceremony you are incurring so much of the wrath of God that your life will become unbearable. So all religions when they couldn't capture people with love, they captured people with fear, by instilling fear. So, and then the y say love thy neighbor as thyself. Every religion says that. In Sanskrit it says, Brahmasmi, Tat Twam Asi. And yet they instill fear in you. They must try and get fear out of you, not instill it in you. You see. They must unmuddle the muddled mind, but they muddle it more. And they don't only muddle it, they meddle with you. Ya. I wish I could have the time to rewrite the Bible. I wish I had time to rewrite the Vedas. It'll be showing a totally diffe rent picture. For example, among the Hindus there is a sacrifice, there's a word called [jo?]. Now [jo?], not Joe, J. O. E., [j o ?]. Right. Now, jo has two meanings. One means sheep, and the other means barley. So the priests, in order to get the sheep, you know, sacrificial fire. You know these sacrifices have been taking place in Egyptian culture and all the cultures of the w orld. The people started bringing sheep, you know, for the sacrifice. Meanwhile, in the back rooms the priests are having a nice feast, instead of... you know, if you want to have those sacrifices, why not throw barley in the sacrificial fi re, instead of demanding a sheep? Now, the Moslems again they go to Hajj, which means, that's Arabic, which means the pilgrimage to Mecca. Now, that is one of the pillars of their religion that every person in his lifetime must go to Mecca. Otherwise, you know, he h as not lived a good life. So these people they go to Mecca, and they have something called the [karba?], which is a black tomb, and they circumvallate [sic] it for so many times, and then there is one day out of that month which is Hajj, they got to donat e some goats or sheep that are sacrificed there. And they have an annual visit in that month of about two million people. Now, there's four million sheep, and some donate ten depending how wealthy they are. So millions and millions and millions of sheep are killed, and they rot away in the hot sun, stinking. By the way, if you are not a Moslem they don't allow you into Mecca. You have to be a Moslem. Now, I told some people that went on this [Hajj?] pilgrimage, I said, "Why don't you do something, you know, there are many wealthy people get together." [phone rings] (That would be Joe, I think. Father Joe.) ROOPA: Fred, that's not for us, I don't think. Oh, you think it is.

15. U S 85 - 4 VIDYA: It's probably lunchtime. GURURAJ: So I told these people, I said , "Look, there are many wealthy people amongst you. Okay, sacrifice your sheep. I mean your Koran," that's their Bible, says that, "but with your money open up a canning factory." Right. Can the meat and send it as donation to poor countries like Ethio pia, for example. You must have read a lot about it. You know the famine and this, that. Send it to poor countries. That's a way you would be able to help. So the present tenets of your religion can be interpreted and put into practice for the good of mankind. But they don't do it. Do you see. And that is why, because of all these things going on, that is why you can say I was compelled to start our family around the world. That's the reason. Ah, family is a better word, not organization. Do you se e. Because, there, wherever you want to go to, just a little note from me to some meditator and you would be made most, most welcome. And likewise, if someone comes, wants to come over here, and this, that, just a little phone call or a note, and natural ly you would make them feel welcome too. It's a family. And in that familyness great love develops, a wonderful oneness develops. Yes. And that is how we better ourselves. Oh, I could tell you the doings of religion. Do you know in South Africa book s get banned very easily. If there is just some... well, they are becoming more lenient on it now, but just some words or something political or something pornographic and it would be banned immediately. And if it was not the Bible, they would have banne d the Bible as well. Because in the Bible those stories you find in there are of adultery, incest, pillage, hm, you name it. Every sin is in ther e. Now, I'm not against the Bible at all, but those of us who do read the Bible, including myself, right, I pick out that which makes sense. Like the Sermon on the Mount and things like that; they make great sense. Do you see. So we read it, not following the letter, but we do not take it literally, but figuratively. Because there are many examples given in the Bible which has very deep meaning, and same thing in the Vedas and the Koran and you name it, every religion. VIDYA: Guruji, they have to go to lunch, now. GURURAJ: They have to go for lunch, yes. Because we could talk on a long time. And I like the... **** END ****


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