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1. U S 85 - 40 SOUL AND SPIRIT GURURAJ: ...and you don't want to be bothered with that. Thank you, my darling. [PLAYS BELLS? BRASS BOWLS? AND SINGS] Little fun. It's a prayer. Good. What shall we talk about this morning? Have you got me hooke d up? Good. VOICE: Gururaj? GURURAJ: Yes, sir. VOICE: We all have a sense of having a spiritual side, or what we call a soul. The question is: after death does that soul remain intact, does it have consciousness, and does it have the personality ch aracteristics that we had during life? GURURAJ: Aha, good. Let me fold my legs first. [LAUGHTER] There is one thing people seem to discriminate, and that is that they find a discrimination between a soul and spirit. That spirit, although being the emp owering force of the soul, is not the soul itself. When a person leaves the body, then the soul remains until it works out its karmic or samskaric values. Because the soul is composed of all the karmas and samskaras that you have gained over lifetimes, an d that has to remain after leaving this body so that it could formulate another rebirth. And yet behind it all there is this electrifying spirit. So therein lies the difference between a soul and a spirit. People normally confuse the soul with the spirit , and of course it is a confusion, because the soul contains all your thought formations throughout the ages which makes up the soul, while the spirit is an energizing force which gives energy to the soul. For without that energy the soul could not exist. Now, there's a reason for this, that the spirit energizes the soul so that it could work out all the dross it has gathered throughout the ages through so many lifetimes. So the soul basically is composed of your thought forces, because your thought forces compose the soul. It composes the soul because without thought forces there would be no soul and you would not be an entity. Your entirety of your entity is nothing el se but composed of thoughts. It is the thought formations that are there that makes you what you are. When the body is discarded, the soul is not destroyed. It has to work itself out to find its next step of evolution. And so , therefore, the soul is re quired. Why do you go after birth and death, and death and birth, and... a continuous circle going around, hm? It is because of your soul. And the soul, to repeat again, is nothing else but thought forms. So whatever thoughts are formulated in this lif etime will determine your next lifetime. If the mind is filled with impure thoughts, then

2. U S 85 - 40 your next lifetime will take a birth that could be very painful to you. So when we clarify the mind from these thought forms , then your next lifetime would be happy . I was born a prince. Why? Because in the previous life I had been a prince. A prince not only in monetary form, but in soul form. Now, this can very well be regulated, and the regulation comes from discipline. Therefore, you are a disciple. To be a disciple is not an arduous effort at all. [GLITCH]...[A true?] master would show you a way where discipline becomes very easy. For example, say you smoke cigarettes. Now, if I hammer into you, "Stop smoking cigarettes," or "Stop having your hootch," you w ill do it more, because the mind works in reverse psychology. The more you hammer, the more you stammer. [SINGS] Hammer in the morning. Do you see. A true master does not do that. Those are false idiots. Why are they false idiots? Because the first word in idiot is I, and they are boosting their ego. A true master gives his disciples, his chelas, total freedom, but at the same time gives the advice how not to do it. So you smoke twenty cigarettes a day, and the true master will not say, "Cut it of f!" He will say, "You are smoking twenty a day, tomorrow try nineteen. Next day try eighteen. Following day try seventeen, and so on." So gradually he reduces the nicotine level in your blood. That is the gentle way of a loving master. If you eat... sev en times three is how much? Twenty two? Twenty one, ah. Good. If you eat three meat dishes a day, in the morning bacon and eggs, in the afternoon a hamburger, in the evening a beef stew or whatever, I would say, look, don't cut it down immediately. Ri ght. If you are eating twenty one meat dishes a day, cut it down to twenty, to nineteen, to eighteen, to seventeen, huh? And that is how you will be rid of your habit. So it is a gradual process for greater evolution. Now, to the main question. The sou l survives after this body is discarded. And I said somewhere, I don't know where, that the body is only three score years and ten and so much attachment is there to this body and bodily functions. Right. You make love. Why not? Husband and wife are lo vers, they should. What are your organs there for? Use them to its fullest value. But enjoy it completely, not lustfully. And then I would suggest, not command, but suggest, that if you do i t three times a day... [LAUGHTER] VOICE: Or four times a day. [LAUGHTER] Or five times a day. Or six times a day. [INAUDIBLE]. GURURAJ: So cut it down. Right. When I say cut it down, I don't mean cut off your, ahem [FAKE COUGH]. So you see. So six times, reduce it to five, four, three, two, one. And th en what will happen is this, that your desire will be lost and you become desireless. For desire is the mother of all evil. You examine yourself throughout the waking hours of your day. How many desires don't you have? Hm? The mind is filled with desire all the time. It's just desire, desire, desire, for one thing or the other. Right. There's desire for

3. U S 85 - 40 lovemaking. There's desire for eating and most people are very, very stomach orientated. I, through all my travels around the world, through the Hima layas and all, I fasted for twenty one days, thirty days, and there was no desire for food. You can ask Vidya, yesterday I had one slice of bread in the afternoon, just to sustain the body, of course. Right. And then in the evening I had a little bit of chicken. Yeah, yeah, that's all. So you become disorientated to stomach orientation. And in a similar way you become disorientated or detached from physical stimulation. Because food is that which provides physical stimulation. And yet what do people do in our world of today? They go to the chemists shop, the pharmacist, and ask for pills to make them more sex orientated. Is there any necessity for that? It's a good principle to try and preserve vital energies within one's self and not allow the vit al energies to be expelled or ejaculated through seminal throwing off. So these are some of the principles which will preserve that soul after you discard the body. And a greater clarity comes in the mind, because the main principle is that you have beco me desireless. Now, this... it does not mean that you must not have desires which are necessary for life. But what I'm trying to say is to become desireless is to become devoid of craving. People crave all the time. Oh, tonight we're going to Lobster Ho use, hm, something? VIDYA: The Red Lobster? GURURAJ: The Red Lobster or hm? Or we're going to have a shrimp dinner or a steak. Huh? The thought is created in your mind that you are craving for that steak or the lobster. Have no craving. That is t he secret. Have desire for necessities. Right. You desire to have shoes, oh, it's a necessity. Right. You desire to have glasses. It's a necessity for you, and not to be fashionable. But buy those lovely sunglasses, if it is necessary. This country unfortunately, as I've studied and observed, wastes so much food that every day it could feed a smaller country in the world somewhere where people are starving. So what are you doing? Wasting. And you are wasting life. Now, when we have these thought formations in our mind, you can be sure that when life passes away it will [BLOWS NOSE] bring (pardon) great peace and joy. Because peace and joy can only come from non - craving and non attachment. I love my wife very much, but I'm not attached to her. I' m totally non attached, and yet love her intensely where I would give my life for her. Do you see. It sounds paradoxical, but life itself is a paradox. You examine your life and every ten minutes you will find something paradoxical. It is inevitable bec ause the life people live, they live in polarities. And when there are polarities there must be a paradox. Do you see. So let us straighten out the wrinkles in our lives and become more happier. Wrinkles are formed by our thought patterns, which will d etermine life after death. The less wrinkles we have the more smoother the passage into the beyond. And where is the beyond, by the way. Hm? Can anyone tell me? I can tell you, because I have

4. U S 85 - 40 died a thousand deaths and came back and saw those mental fo rms which we call soul. Some of them are so... floating, beautifully. And some of them are in turmoil because of the patterning and conditioning in this lifetime. So there is only one way out, really, is to meditate. And through meditation and spiritu al practices, which are prescribed to you personally, you will remove the wrinkles. And when you remove the wrinkles, the passing over could become so joyful and beautiful. There are two books written which I read and met the authors, as well: Life Afte r Death and there's another one, something... Life After Death and... I can't remember now. And I told them and wrote to them as well, that there conception of death is totally erroneous. Those medical people took reports from people... Ah, they're just experimentalists, you know. They go on what you say, hm. Have you met a medical person that would just look at your face and tell you what's wrong with you? You haven't. They ask you a million questions, and then they try and analyze it... (Is this al right?) and analyze it. How accurate is their analysis? You have a certain ailment and you go to five doctors, as I said the other day, and each and every one will give you a different prescription. So how accurate is their analysis? Now, speaking to th e authors of these books, they say when you pass away you go through a tunnel, and going through this tunnel you meet up with a bright light. Bullshit. No such thing. The tunnel you are going through is that your conscious mind is submerging into the su bconscious, and from there it leads you on to the superconscious. And the superconscious is light. So the light is not coming to you, but you are going to the light. Do you see. And after you go through the phases of experiencing this light, the consci ous and the subconscious merge again to give you your soul, which is forever energized by the superconscious level. So that tunnel you would go through, dark tunnel, is just a mergence between the conscious and the subconscious, until you reach the superco nscious, which is light. And that light is nearest to that Divine energy that I always speak about. So if the mind is clear, if the mind has been purified through your spiritual practices, you would find the passage very smooth. I've gone through that tu nnel a thousand times, as I said to you. I know, I talk from experience. Becomes very smooth. It becomes a real joyride. And it's lovely, totally lovely. People fear death. Why? Because their minds our muddled. But through spiritual practices, if the mind becomes befuddled and unmuddled then the fear will disappear, and you would welcome a transition into a new existence, and thereafter a new body, where you can start all over again. It is only the self realized man that does not need to take rebirth . But the eternal teacher, the avatara, takes birth over and over again to teach for the times. And the teachings are those which would be necessary for the times. When I lived in that consciousness of Jesus, I said, "Believe. That time has come." They were peasants that you had to teach in a certain way. But today with our modern age, modern technology, high development of education, I do not say believe, I say, "Experience." Do you see. And perhaps in six thousand years when I come back again, I mi ght say something else. But to experience is necessary in the world today.

5. U S 85 - 40 It is very necessary. For belief, I might have said this somewhere, I don't know, dear? For to believe is just a mental concept. But to experience is an experience that comes fro m the heart. And when the heart experiences, then you know the truth. A wife might say to her husband, "I believe you love me." That's not enough. No. She must say, "I experience your love for me." Do you see the difference? It's all very simple, rea lly. I experience your love for me, then it is felt. Hm? Not only in feeling, not only an emotion, because feelings and emotions can be created by mental concepts, also. But the true feeling, which is indescribable, that is important. That could never be explained by words, but you would just have that inner something that just says, I know you have all your love for me. Do you see. Good. I think I've done about an hour now. Life knows of no death at all. There is no death. There is just a transitio n, walking from this room to the other room, that's all. Or changing this one suit to another suit, that's all. But the spirit is forever there and immortal. The changes that take place are in the soul, because the soul is founded on thoughts: mental pa tternings, mental conditionings. That is what the soul is about, while the spirit remains forever pure. [SINGING JAI RAM AND PLAYING BELLS? BOWLS?] GURURAJ: Okay. Have a good lunch. Enjoy yourself. Have a pleasant afternoon. How are you [Ed?]? Kee ping well? Good. I'm glad. Well, Namaste. [SECOND SIDE OF TAPE IS CHIT CHAT AMONGST REMAINDER OF AUDIENCE] **** END ****


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