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3. U S 86 - 10 whole world universe at the same time. Why just kiss one person. But it is important. So the new practice for you is this: kiss your beloved 100 times a day. In other words, it is a physical communication which gets registered not only in your conscious mind, but more so i n your subconscious mind because the impressions are conveyed there. And as you all know, practice things makes perfect. Now when you practice it more, 100 kisses a day, that communication, that togetherness, will be more and more impressed and implanted in your subconscious. Now the subconscious mind has one habit, as everything else has. It has to express itself. And the only way the subconscious mind can express the impressions it carries would be through the conscious mind. So that would constitute your practical actions of daily life. You start with your beloved, for example, and if you practice 100 kisses a day, you implant it deeper and deeper and deeper for there is, through even the physical body, an awakening that comes about. That awakening of that deep inner feeling not the surface feeling of the mind, but the deep, inner feeling of the heart which people call love is expressed i n your daily action. Then you start loving. See how simple the method is. I could put this in very technical terms, but technology is one of the greatest ruinations of modern civilization. Although we need them. So now through our technology we had a lovely coal stove before and food cooked on a coal stove put in wood tastes far, far better than food cooked on an electric stove. Try it out. We used to have pots made of mud. And that food would taste definitely better than the food we cook today in our aluminum pots or these other kind of pots that cost about $1000.00 a set. Water less something. And then from the fire we've reached the electric stove and then you have the micro oven. Ugh. And the micro oven, when you put your food in to warm it up, what happens there. Electrical currents are running through your food all the time. And how beneficial ar e those electrical currents to you? Not at all. They're not beneficial. But today in this fast world everything has to be fas t. So that your food is warmed up in two seconds or five seconds or whatever. But what happens to the food? Has anybody gone i nto that field of research? Where after heating food in a micro oven and then examining the molecules in the food, whatever it might be. No. Because this is very convenient. So the fast pace we live in must be slowed down. Slowed down without losing pr oductivity and efficiency. And that could very well be said how to perform action in inaction, and inaction in action. Where you have the maximum productivity and still be totally relaxed. And that kind of relaxation releases and relieves you of all the strains and tensions of your life. And that is the greatest disease today. Stress and strain, tension, tension, tension. You're sitting on high voltage and yo u expect your butt not to be burned, huh. So, many things of the universe are not intellectual ly comprehensible, but they are experienceable. You can experience the whole entire universe within you. You can love everything in the world if you, with awareness and the teachings we

6. U S 86 - 10 and the black. No, I don't. Because I've realized that these colors are formed because the pure light is shining through the prism of our minds. So if I go back to where the light started instead of looking at the refract ions, I will see there is only one light. So the question arises, is that progression or retrogression? I would say that to progress you retrogress to your primal self. That is philosophically speaking. And that is the greatest progress one could ever hop e to make in one's life. For you achieve that happiness and joy, and achieving that happiness and joy, you are a god on earth, a goddess on earth. Mind you, there are more goddesses on earth than there are gods. There are seven women to one man. I don' t know why some men come and complain to me that they can't find themselves a woman. Nonsense. Seven to one. You can have your pick. The reason why they can't pick or choose is because they don't want to love a woman or marry a woman because of love. They want to marry an ideal which is just formed by their own thoughts. And not the person itself. And when you find that person to be you and you to be your beloved, then only you see the reality that exists in what we call love. You see. Otherwise it' s mental gymnastics. A woman dresses beautifully. I suppose if one wants to be polite, one would say Terry would say "Oh you look so beautiful today." She's always been beautiful, never mind what dress she has put on, or the makeup from Arden or wha t are those people? Christian Dior, all those guys. And you pay $60 and $80 for a bottle of perfume when with the purity of mind you don't need that perfume, you have a natural fragrance. There was a time when I traveled through the Thar Desert in India. That is in the Kush province above the province of Gujarat. No water. What little water I had was just to take a couple of sips a day. And for a whole month I traveled through the desert and was smelling just as fragrant as when I started. The real fr agrance comes from within. And that is to be appreciated by the woman in the man and by the man in the woman. The true fragrance, not artificial fragrance of cosmetics and perfumes. Now what does this mean? Be natural. Be yourself. You see, and these chemicals has a devastating effect. You start using chemicals to make yourself look prettier, which is, of course, backed up by one's personal sense of vanity. Fine. And then after you start using the chemicals and you wash it off, you see your skin be comes more rough and you use more chemicals, the powders, and the rouges and all those things; and then when they find some women I beg your pardon, ladies, but I'm the greatest respecter of women and the greatest lover. And then of course they would put makeup here to lift up the cheekbones. Lift up the heart bones! Although the heart has no bones at all. But imagine it has bones. Lift that up. Now all this I'm saying is for one purpose: to change the attitudes in life. And when you change the attit udes in life and develop a new perspective, you will see that life will become changed. And when life becomes changed, you rise higher in the various levels of your consciousness. From a lower level to a more refined level. In other words, you have a

7. U S 86 - 10 gr eater cognition of more and more refined levels that are already existing within you because you are children of immortality: is, was, and forever will be. Talking of cosmetics, you know in India which is comprised of 80 percent villagers, the women wash their hair with mud, not all our fancy shampoos, mud, mud, dark mud. And their hair is so silky. It's only after the Western world introduced cosmetics that the city girls started using all those various kinds of shampoos and things, and of course, they did damage the hair. You see. And the Indian women of the village, the hair is so smooth and silky, you can even feel it with your hands when your beloved runs his fingers through the hair. It's a nice sensation, that. They use no makeup at all and you 'll find their skin is so smooth, so soft. I don't think you must do this, I'm just using this analogy. These are different cultures, and you live accordingly to your culture or whatever, and I like both because I see the sameness in it. Because those I ndian women might have the same kind of energy but in a different form. Like ornaments and bracelets and necklaces of gold and what have you. So beauty lies within oneself, and if that is exuded, then you also change the beholder of your beauty. So here the common saying "beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder" is half the truth. But if the beholder's sight is beautiful, and tha t which is seen is beautiful too, then beauty merges into beauty and you find the oneness of beauty, for beauty is one. Sattya m, Shivam, Sundaram. Sattyam, truth; Shivam, God; Sundaram, beauty. It's all one. So therefore your life will assume a form where you do not find ugliness in anything. Not only what the sight can see or the ears can hear or the mouth can taste. That is just on the surface level. But go as far, far deep within oneself. And that is where we are reaching through our spiritual practices. Most of you that I've seen over the past 10 years or so, I think it is that I'm coming to America, I can see that won derful glow on most of your faces. Radiant. There is that something extra. Instead of 93 gas you're running on 98. High octane gas. More power, more radiance, more dynamism. And with that develops truthfulness. Someone called me one day, "You bloody B." A friend. You know what "B" stands for? I mean what people normally understand by "B." You know, bastard, or something similar to that. He said, "Hello, you bloody B." You know, I thought he meant bee that goes around sucking the fragrance from a ll those beautiful flowers, not for himself, no, but to make honey, which is enjoyed by others. So life becomes like that. Like the bumbling bee. I don't know why they call it the bumbling bee, he doesn't bumble, or mumble. So you see how beautiful life can be if you only just be. Ya. So these various analogies point to just one fact: just be. And then you will know the meaning of simplicity, and that is beautiful. You will know the meaning of humility which is very beautiful. You'll lose all haughti ness, I'm Mr. So and So and blah, blah, blah and become simple, humble. Yes. So our philosophies are very very practical. To improve one's life for the betterment, and achieving as an automatic reward the beauties of life: joy, happiness, tranquility, c alm.

8. U S 86 - 10 I see many people get irritated over the slightest little things. A child is naughty and the parents gets irritated perhaps. Oh, stop it. And this and this and that. It's not that you must not control the child. I do not believe in sparing the be lt. It's important, it's lessons to be learned. There we come to the butt again. But you must have discretion in how the belt is applied to the butt. But you must not become irritable. You must regard the child to be a child. If the child had your br ains he'd be in your place: a grown up. How many grown ups do we have in this world? Very few. All still children, we are, and all the trouble takes place because the emotional state we are in has not been refined, and your emotions are connected to th e samskaras or impressions that are implanted in your subconsciousness that expresses itself in the various emotions: emotions of hatred, anger, envy, animosity, plus, plus. But if those impressions are filled with love through our spiritual practices, t hen there's no hatred, no jealousy, just love. Wherever I've gone around the world speaking to thousands of people, perhaps, everyone loves me. It is not only in the eye of the beholder, as I said before. It is also because I exude that love. Like a f lower exudes its fragrance without even trying to. Yet it is achieving so much, like the fire exuding heat without trying. No effort at all, do you see. So you exu de that love from you. And everyone loves to love in any way they can. Why a person loves to love like the old saying and the whole world loves a lover. That's what it means, really. People don't understand the meaning of these age old sayings. But if you exude that love you'll find everyone loving you, and that in turn awakens your love m ore and more because you are now being given more energy from all those that love you. It energizes the love that is within you already. Or opens it. And there's another proof of the oneness of humanity and how interrelated and connected they are in tha t unity. Do you see. So when love meets love, what happens? Everything is transformed. And where is the meeting place? In you. You reach a time when the person that inspired that love within you, where you forget the person. That person no longer exi sts that inspired the love within you. Why the person no longer exists is because that person has become you. So you go away from duality and get into unity. The unified field of mind, body, and soul all becomes one. Because you are at one ment. Aton ement. At one ment with the entirety of creation, for you are creation itself. You are not created. You are creation. To say that you are created would imply that there is a creator, which is dualistic. There is no creator. There' s an energy field. There was a unified field in the beginning which became diversified through various types of interchanging, duplicating, replicating of various elements. I was telling someone the other day that from the Big Bang, which of course scientists know so little about, there are seven primal energies. And the vibrations of those primal seven energies create so many different energies. And then we just look at the one energy and think it is separate from the others. It's not, in reality. It's just the one. So it is the intermixing of the various energies that has created diversity and forgotten about the unity or the unified field upon which

9. U S 86 - 10 this whole universe is based. Because the substrata is the unified field from which this diversity has arisen has manif ested, rather, by it's own energy. There's no energizer but by its own energy; because everything contains energy in various forms, highly gross or highly refined. It's the same energy. And when one comes to the finest level of energy, one perceives, or knows, Divinity. Do you see. It's a very simple process. For illumination comes in a flash, like lightning. And there you combine gravity and all the electromagnetic forces and the strong force and the weak force and all that into oneness, and that o neness is what everyone will achieve. Each and every one will come to the stage of the oneness, for you have to return home into that oneness. But the problem is, why take 200 lifetimes perhaps or more to reach that when it can be done in this lifetime? So take the energy from your guru to help you along, take it from him to push you along by your gurushakti practices. The true master is a well that can never be emptied. Never mind how much you draw from the well. It's an eternal spring. There's one t hing I can't really understand: why are wells always built in a circle round instead of square? I think the first person in ancient times who made all wells round is to make people realize perhaps, I don't know but this is how I interpret it, that in tha t in a circle the beginning and end is one. But if you make square wells you become a square. A square has four corners. So then you start thinking, should I go to that corner or that corner or that one, and forget the central poin t. And the point is a lways round. Eternal. The beginning is the end and the end is the beginning, and that is where you reach. But I want each and every one of you to reach that in this lifetime. Guarantee that. I know that. Hm. So simple. When any of you write my biog raphy, have the title, "So Simple." One of our meditators who's a psychologist and a writer as well, she says, "I want to start writing a book." And I wrote back I very seldom write letters, but I had it on a form, really, it was not a letter. I says, "Look, here's an idea that you could pursue that would be a best seller: The Fraud of Freud. Do you see. All limitations, all binding you in bondage; and sometime you end up in a double bind and great confusion starts when you're free, free as the bird and even more freer. Because the very energy that permeates you is the same energy throughout the whole universe. And in that space that you open up within yourself through spiritual practices, you encapsulate the energy of the entire universe. When I came last time I was very tired. I came after a long tour of the Continent and England and I wasn't well. So I took a few weeks break and had some rest and gathered back all those energies and now I look ten years younger. I must teach you the secret of how to become ten years younger. You don't need to go for face lifts. Easy to become 10 years younger. But I'm afraid of one thing: if I become but if I become ten years younger everyday, I think I will reach back in my mom's womb. And perhaps even b eyond; that's the place to reach: the Beyond, which the common mind thinks it to

10. U S 86 - 10 be beyond. It is not beyond. It is all here and now. So therefore, I find no differentiation between the relative and the Absolute because the Absolute is permeating the r elative and the relative is permeating the Absolute. It's just your viewpoint from where you stand and from where you look. If you stand at this end you will see that end. If you stand at that end you will see this end. Stand in the middle and you see both. Be like some of our fair feathered friends who have eyes in the sides of their heads and can see both directions. Like mom's parakeet. Be in the center. Because it's only from the center the periphery comes into being. Like a wheel if you did not have the center of the wheel from which all those spokes lead on to form the periphery. So stop dancing around on the periphery and try and grab any one of those spokes. Any one. Which means choose any path and come to the center. And coming to the ce nter is coming down. Because being up there on the periphery, that's the real illusion. That is the maya. When you come down to the center, you come down to what you really are. And you reach the center because it's there all the time. So we do not bec ome frustrated. The wheel of life turns and turns, but the center is always still. On the axle the center is always still. It's the periphery that turns and befuddles you. It's the periphery of the cart wheel that stands the knocks o f the sand gravel ro ads. The center runs on its axle smoothly. So who's to blame? Not the center. The periphery because that is in touch with the ground. That rough gravel ground. So reach the center and there you will find that your conscious mind merges into the subco nscious mind and both of them merge into the superconscious level of the mind where all peace exists which you draw down automatically with effort draw down into practical life. And life becomes joyful, you just dance and sing perhaps not through the l ips but in your heart just dance in your heart. The dance of all those spokes, all those gopis dancing around Krishna, the center. And by Krishna, I mean not that guy that lived. I mean the consciousness. Of awareness, total awareness. Where the cente r is aware of all those spokes, all those gopis, and they have the garbha dance, the rasa dance, traveling the road. Beautiful. It's truly beautiful. That is the joy of life. I bring you good cheer, hope, and blessings to help you on the path. Never m ind how I have to do it. I have my ways. Sometimes for a purpose I'll behave damned stupidly to make you realize your stupidity. But how many of you can take it that way, because their sight is only external. What they're really doing is expressing thei r own internality, internalness, or else they would not notice my stupidity. You see. Many methods of teaching. Everyone is unique and the guru becomes one with the uniqueness of that person. Sometimes he smacks them on the butt we've come to that ag ain. And sometimes he kisses the cheeks. Pats the backs and sometimes even rubs their feet. Follows them in hard times and solace, not only in kindness though he demands that. Sometimes in harshness which is a kind of kindness; and that's the real meani ng of the old saying sometimes you have to be cruel to be kind. So there are ways for these things.

11. U S 86 - 10 The true master is always immersed in divine madness. Because they don't exist in the head where worldly madness resides. They exist in the heart where di vine madness is and lives that isness. And the true master, he'll joke with you one moment and the next moment he might make you cry. Then the following moment he might make you laugh, and in one moment he'll make you feel sad. Another moment he'll make you feel glad. But all these things are for a purpose, for the master knows that you can take away a lot of tension from your sadness. It can make you more introspective applied with the right balm afterwards to soothe and mend. That is the way of a tr ue master, and you can never know it until you become a master yourself. And yet you're all masters yourselves; you're all gurus within yourselves. And therefore you need the external master to wake up the sleeping guru within you and kick his butt to wa ke him up. We come to the butt again. But you have to do things. You have to change attitudes. You have to develop an understanding. That is why I travel around the world giving people new perspectives, understandings, taking them out of the old rut, th e old grooved channels they have been carrying on and on and on. A guru knows; the true master knows what is in store, not that he would want to tell you. He knows what you have to go through to reach that point of total calmness because of your samskaras. He cannot remove your samskaras and impressions with a magic w and. No. That's nonsense. He shows you the path and gives you a helping hand to get out of the rut. That is why, for example, you'd go to a doctor to help you along. Meanwhile, we know so well that the body cures itself and these chemicals and these m edicines that are given to you are just a bit of a help, a push on. Really speaking, the body cures itself. You go to psychologist, psychiatrists, if there are any true ones in this world, perhaps a few. They try their best to make you see things in a d ifferent light. Put you through psychoanalysis. Actually they're the ones that you should psychoanalyze. Those are the ways of the world. But the goal and aim as we spoke about the unified field theory it only means one thing: to be able to experien ce the oneness of everything existent. It is to go beyond the various things that make up you as you and then glue them all together. There's a lovely advert on the South African television where a school marm with a stick now the name of this glue is B ostick (?) and it mends porcelain, sticks leather, wood it's like your SuperGlue. So this old woman advertises, "You don't stick it, you Bostick it." Stick it or Bostick it, it's up to you. I don't know how m any picked up the pun of the word. Stick it or Bostick it. Be one with the boss. That's your real self. Stick it there. Use Bostick. Because the boss always goes in front before the stick. But if you try to stick it yourself, the stick goes ahead and the boss remains behind. Good. Mm, an hour and a half. Good. I'm sure people have traveled from long distances and are tired. So do have a good rest and tomorrow try to have some deep, profound questions. Today, I don't know, I didn't ask for questions, did I?

1. U S 86 - 10 PRACTICAL IMPROVEMENT GURURAJ: The most difficult part to relax in your body is normally the eye muscles and other facial muscles that are there. Relaxed. Now by doing this you would go into far more deeper meditation because the more relaxed you are you would slip into a different state gradually deeper and deeper and deeper. Just don't fall asleep, that's all. So that's how you start meditating. Don't rus h in from a hard day's work and sit down to meditate. Be calm, have a cup of tea, a cup of cha as the English say. Then you start meditating. First, I'm glad to be with you. It's like coming home to your beloveds. It's a beautiful feeling, so joyful, f illed with joy because you are all children of immortality. The immortalness will always be there. It has been and will be and is. Our teachings is for one purpose: to make you realize that eternalness of your being, the wonderful person you are that is filled with Divinity, for Divinity pervades each and every cell of your body, so, so systematic. Last night I was watching a program on television at Vidya's house. And the program was what Einstein never knew about relativity. It was quite interesting b ut very very elementary. And they tried to go into the subject of the unified field theory, where there is nothing else but just oneness. They talked of four forces, the gravitational, the electromagnetic, th e strong force and the weak force. They are tr ying to find the relationship between those forces that presumably exist which they have not found as yet. The unified field. And where is that unified field? It can never be comprehended by the conscious mind because the mind is finite and the unified field lies in the area of the infinite. So it can never be intellectualized by the small portion of the intellect you have. And as I've said so many times before, that out of the 12 billion brain cells, people only use one millionth of 12 billion brain c ells. So how much can you comprehend. So through your spiritual practices what is happening is that you are opening up more and more brain cells so that the mind can filter through in greater force. And in this filtering through you become more and more aware, you become more and more aware n ot only of yourself but also of your surroundings. You become aware, according to mythology, of the three worlds, although there are no three worlds at all. They normally talk of the netherworld, underworld and the heavens. There's no such thing. Exist ence is existence. And the part I like, the letters I like so much, in the word is I S in exist. Is. Everything just is. The whole universe operates in a very systematic manner. If it did not operate in a systematic manner, you'd find planets colliding with each other, galaxies colliding with each other. There would be explosions, although there are, but not because of collisions. Everything runs so smoothly, so systematically. It's only this human being that is so befuddled in his mind that he does n ot run his life smoothly, harmoniously and become the real I which he really is. So we come back

2. U S 86 - 10 to the isness. So through spiritual practices as more and more brain cells develops and the more and more awareness you come to, the greater joy will there b e in life. You appreciate each and everything. At Vidya's home I stayed there for about 3 days. And they have a double story place. Just a temporary apartment for them now until they move into their new mansion, and we were sitting downstairs looking ou t the window, and I saw all those buildings on that side. And then we were sitting upstairs in my room and I told Vidya, "Now isn't this funny. When I sit downstairs those houses there looked the same. And now I'm sitting upstairs and the houses still l ook the same." What do we learn by that? That we have that serenity, that harmony in mind where everything appears to be the same. If everything appears to be the same, then there is no animosity, there is no hatred, because you regard everyone as your own self. I normally when I speak to our meditators I would say beloved Amita, beloved Sutriya, beloved Jammu, all of you, Shamiya, all of you. Beloved. What a lovely word. And it also means another thing: be loved. Now how can you be loved if you're not lovable. It is only the sage that can love everything. So in the starting stages we become lovable and you will be loved. You understand that, beloveds? So this is part of the process that the human race is going through. So things that are not com prehended by modern science, although they have made great technological progress, by all means they have. But what purpose has it served for the human being. You have a television. They have an advanced television. I believe you can get a television se t in your watch. It's another way of looking at the time. Yes. They are very advanced with so many things. But they've forgotten the real advancement or the real progress of finding themselves. They try to fathom the vast space and spheres beyond the m. But if only they would try and go within and find that space within, then all the space throughout the universe is contained in that space within. And that is the real self. Then you can say, "I am divine. " And the greatest obstacle in the path is the mind. It can be a most wonderful tool, and yet, at the same time, it can be a terrible obstacle, preventing you from seeing the truth. If you put on green glasses or yellow glasses, you'll see green or yellow around you. So in the vision that th e average man normally has, the average man, I'm not talking about saints like you, they find the division. But divert from the division and find unison. That is the end and aim of life. That is the go al of life where no barriers exist. No boundaries. Because all the boundaries and barriers, the divisions, are illusory; and yet we are so wrapped up in illusion that we forget reality. Some of these philosophers will say that you are an illusion. You are not an illusion. You are also reality. Of cours e, your reality will be conceived by me or perceived by me through my five senses which send electronic currents to the thinking brain area. They form some kind of cognition but the senses come into play first. You see, you hear, you smell, you touch. Fo r example, when you kiss your beloved, what is happening? It is a physical touch. That physical touch which all people find to be pleasurable I don't know when I kissed a woman last. I've forgotten all about that. You can kiss the

4. U S 86 - 10 have in our family, just a little effortless practice. Yes. A litt le effortless practice will bring you to that state. And of course the method through various experiences of mine throughout this lifetime, many lifetimes... I don't know how to measure my life span really. Because I only see my real self and that is et ernal and eternity is not bound by time. Life span is measured by time in a very linear fashion. So what we need is that calmness within ourselves and that calmness is not produced by wishful thinking. No. It comes through spiritual practices and develo ping a different attitude towards life. So we were sitting upstairs there and I was chatting to Vidya. I said, "Look, you know, from upstairs the houses look the same and downstairs the houses look the same." So you are combining relativity with the Ab solute and the unified field theory lies only in the Absolute. So you are a combination of both the relative and the Absolute. The relative governed by limited perception. And which is, of course, generated by the five senses and that bit of thinking po wer that you have. Many people can sit and look at any object and they would have a different view of it altogether. It is because of the impressions they have created. So through that force of love, because of that awareness, the heart naturally opens. There is a wonderful connecting link existing there all the time. Only thing is, it is being plugged up with grit and dust a nd dirt of your samskaras. That's all. It requires a bit of cleaning up. You know we had a faucet at home my home is everywhere I'm using this instance of where I live. They're putting in a new road and all the digging, flattening the road must have got into the water pipes and the hot water got blocked, so instead of running fast my bathtub normally fills up in a minute or two and here you had to wait half an hour before it would fill up because it started just trickling. I said, "Look there must be a blockage somewhere and the only way to get it functioning properly is to clear the blockage." Like all human beings have to. S o this evening I think it was one of our meditators Pat I think it was brought in coat hangers in the rooms, and she brought in a few hangers. So I told some of those around me, I say, "You know, coat hangers serves so many purposes. It's good for ene mas. Just stretch it out. It's also good for clearing away the blocked connections the T connections in the water pipes." So the dirt is out and the water started flowing beautifully. So that beautiful woman down there at my home said, "Oh, you're so brilliant. You're a genius." I said, "No, I'm a geni ass." Rather be a truthful geni ass than to be a stupid genius. I was in hospital for a heart operation. They mended all that and then the sugar problem I have. Do you know what those doctors try and do? They try and look for big things instead of the small things that are perhaps chemically wrong with your system. Why not start with looking at the small things and then in progression try and find big things? But everybody is so fast they just w ant to reach there, and in that fastness they destroy themselves. Never mind how much you run; how far can you run. I don't know if you know this story written by Tolstoy. In it there was a character who was told that as

5. U S 86 - 10 much as you can run in two hours all that land will belong to you, will be given to you. So if you run a mile in two hours a mile of land will be given to you, 10 miles or 20 miles, so much land will be given to you. So the character in the story started running very, very fast to try and grab as much land as possible. So do you know how much land he got? He ran so fast that he got tired and collapsed and the only piece of land he got was that six feet in which he was buried. I was telling Vidya about how fast things are in America. W hat was that? I never remember things. VIDYA: [INAUDIBLE] GURURAJ: I was discussing with you and Sujay something about things are so fast in America, and even the what was it was also so fast? Oh, forget it. When you remember, remind me to tell the m. Right. So that is how we develop serenity. That is how we develop that composure. And having that composure, the whole world can topple down and you will be calm. Do you see. And that is what one needs: that calmness, that attitude of looking at a thing from different angles, from different viewpoints and yet finding it all the same. The molecular structure of everything is but the same. The essence is the same. So instead of floundering in external search, rather search inwardly. And the beauty is this, that by searching inwardly, all the exterior, all the outwardness will come to you automatically. You see. Then you can grasp the meaning of the entire universe. Because your inner self, your real self, is the entirety of all existence. When yo u search externally all the time you can only find little little, little things at a time. And you can never reach the end of it. But how about gra bbing the whole lot in a moment. That is illumination, that is self realization. So what are the marks of a self realized man is that he never loses his cool. He's tranquil and he sees everything with one eye. There is no division. There is one vision. Those are the external marks of the self realized man. He's devoid of any hatre d. That's why Christ said in the Bible, "If someone slaps you on one cheek, offer the other cheek." And then, of course, after you offer the other cheek you can kick his butt. But I'm sure if you have the strength to offer the other chee k you won't kick his butt. That's for sure. By the way, talking of butts, don't throw your cigarette butts in the urinal, please. They become soggy and you can't light them again. [laughter] So what is the secret of life? I will tell you this thing, that life has no secrets. Life is not a secret. Never will it ever be a secret. Life is open. It is only the limitations of the human mind that makes it a secret. Because all the veils of samskaras and impressions hide away which could be seen openly in its pristine purity. The man with jaundice will see everything yellow around him. Clear the jaundice and everything will look as it is. Murray has a red shirt on; Jammu has a blue shirt on. Right. Pink there. Yellow there. I don't see the difference between the yellow and the red and the blue

12. U S 86 - 10 I just carried on. Because when I looked around I saw some questions floating around you and that just made me carry on talking. Normally, I ask, "What shall I talk about today?" Is that true? VIDYA: You answered the question we had ready for you tonight. GURURAJ: What was the questio n? VIDYA: Shamiya? SHAMIYA: [Inaudible] GURURAJ: There you are. Another proof that your mind and my mind is one, but I've a higher receptor. Is that what you call it, Terry? A more sensitive receptor so I pick it up. Simple. So simple. Oh well, shall we call it a night? We'll have fun on this course. We're going to do a program, a workshop on this course on perception and intuition plus our normal lectures. We'll see how.... **** END ****


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