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2. U S 86 - 24 message conveyed was there all the time, but you just had to tune into the right meter to pick up that message that is floating there on the electromagnetic w aves. Now, for the electromagnetic waves to function, there has to be a gravitational pull. And that is where love and devotion comes into being between the guru and the chela and the chela to the guru because that forms a gravity. I think it was the las t course (I don't know) where in a hospital we did an experiment on the power of thought and how thought can be used. So five people of different backgrounds were asleep under doctor's supervision, and I was sitting there looking at them sleeping and I se nt a thought to them. And each and every one dreamt the same dream. You see how electromagnetism can work? Where it can penetrate the surface level of your mind and beyond the subconscious mind and reach the superconscious level of the mind; and coming b ack, it comes into everyday consciousness. So these five people that were asleep, the doctors took them over and one after the other privately in their offices they asked the dream what did you dream about? And all five were the same. Not word perfect, but the ingredients, the essence of the dream, was the same. So I gave you this, when did I talk about this. Oh, in a dream work shop I conducted in Washington. And there we did some dream interpretation and showed people (I'm not around all the time) h ow they could interpret their dreams and what dreams are made of. And we went into... that's beside the subject. So, there is a gravitational pull and there is electromagnetism. And then there's the strong force and the weak force. And science is bat tling very hard at the moment how to unify those four forces. Because they do realize what Einstein had said, that there is a unified field. Hm? So they are trying to unify these four forces that began since the time of the Big Bang, that vast explosion which created this universe, or through which this universe came into being. But so far, of course, they have not succeeded yet. There's a very important factor that is missing there, and, of course, in this scientif ic congress which I hope to attend, I 'm invited there but I don't know if I can go because I have other commitments, I have to come here in September and then November in England. I'll see, maybe some time next year. Good. So there is one vital factor that is missing. It would be too long to go into that because it has a scientific basis and I would have to draw all kinds of charts and one does need to have a knowledge of pure mathematics to understand that. And me not knowing mathematics I can't understand it, so how will you? I don't un derstand mathematics with the mind. I understand the whole world's composition, maths and everything, with the heart. Different field altogether, hm? Good. So here you are sitting down, Bob, with the picture of Gururaj in his Namaste posture, bowing dow n to you as you would bow down to him. Not bowing, that's not the word, really, saluting with thought word and deed as I've explained many times. So, as the guru salutes with thought, word, and deed the chela, the chela, in turn, greets the guru in the sa me manner. For to the guru there are no chelas. Now, no guru will ever tell you this. In these last few lectures, listen to

3. U S 86 - 24 those tapes again, please. There are certain things which I have said that you will never find in any amount of books that you w ould read. Try and listen to the tapes because sometimes many people do tell me that they listen to the tape now and to the same tape in three months time and find a different meaning. Most of you have experienced that. So now, what has taken place? Wh en you are thinking of a problem very sincerely and with devotion, you are touching the levels of my superconscious mind via those electromagnetic waves. And they, in turn, respond because of the mutual gravitational pull. In physics, gravitation works on e way; in the spiritual field it works two ways, a two way street, and you pick up your answer. It's very simple. You see. Now here a lot depends upon your perception. Do you see. What condition of mind are you in at that moment? Have you sat down, hav e you become calm? Have you done your meditation and then send the question or the thought or the problem on. And depending I think we spoke a bit on perception this week, didn't we? I think the first night I spoke of perception. Or was it somewhere e lse? I can't remember. So it depends upon the condition of the person's mind. And the answer is always there. And it's very poetically put, perhaps, that a little bird whispered in my ear. You've heard that saying, it's a common saying. But it's that little birdie in the higher realms, in the higher levels of the mind, that whispers to your conscious mind, do this or do not do that. So that is perception. Now, you can perceive any object around you, and perceptions depends a lot upon your five sense s, the sensory input. I remember on a course once I did a diagram of the mind on the blackboard and how the mind works. So perception is a lot dependent upon our sensory input and it is a lot dependent upon conditioning, which is the conditioning of the subconscious mind and what samskaras there are there, what impressions there are there, and also on environment. Because five people can look at an object from different angles and see totally differently. So perceptions can differ. But if the mind is clarified, then the perceptions come true. They would be true perceptions. And then only afterwards will the mind, the conscious level, the lower mind, start analyzing them. Sometimes the perception might se em absurd. Because all logic might be against it. But that very well would be the right path. A man takes a job and has been offered $5,000 a month for the job, and that is very easy to earn in America. You know America is the land not only of milk and honey but also of milk and money. Good. Use it wisely. Right. So now the man is offered a job of $5,000 a month. He has also applied at another firm, another company, and there he is offered $6,000 a month. Now he has to choose. Which shall he accep t, the $5,000 a month or the $6,000 a month? Naturally at first sight, on the surface level, he will say, "Ah, a thousand more, why not grab that?" But if he thinks deeper of the circumstances of the job, of the environment, of the permanency of the job, or the progress he can make in that job, will he be promoted or will he remain stagnant, will he be able to give greater and greater vent to his abilities or not? And that, because of the experiences he

4. U S 86 - 24 has had and the environment and the analyses that he goes through, he will say, "No, I would rather take the $5,000 a month job because there is greater security and it is permanent. The working conditions are nice, and the people I have met are very nice people." So that could make one's working life really worthwhile. You know, 24 hours a day is such a short time. You spend eight hours working, eight hours sleeping; sixteen hours gone and you've got eight hours left. Out of the eight hours, many people spend two hours in the pub, so you've got six left. After that you would go and play what do you call that little ball you hit with a stick? [VOICES: Billiards.] Pool, billiards. Because I am confusing it with t he pool you would swim in. Or else to pool your resources. You see, every word has s o many different meanings. Right. And you'll spend so much time there, and if he's a good father, he'll spend an hour or two with his children. I don't know how much time he has for the wife, because a lot of that time is also spent in eating and doing other things. Do you see how time flies? It just, it just goes. So here the man, knowing that he is spending one third of his life at his job, he wants to feel secure because he's got to pay the mortgages and car installments, whatever. And there is one thing in America which I have found is this, that what you have spent, you've still got to work two more years for what you have spent now. So you are always in debt. But with proper perception, these things do not occur. You perceive things. That thi s is not going to lead me further. Hm? Why go to that restaurant, for example, you and your wife, and spend $25 or $30. I don't know what they would charge you for a decent meal, perhaps much, much more. And then things are not too right. What's wrong with grilling a nice toasted cheese sandwich and a cup of hot tea? With not so much refined sugar in it. Good. You see. That's using the powers of perception and seeing what could the future bring. Then the other power which is inherently born within yo u is intuition. Now, intuition is not dependent like perception, on environment and on the experiences you have gone through, the samskaras or the subconscious mind or the ego self, which brings about the individuality in you. That is all in the realms o f perception. Intuition is something far beyond that. Intuition has a direct connecting line from the conscious mind to the superconscious level of the mind, where all the world's knowledge is there of past, present, and future. And we that measure time in linear form does not exist in the superconscious level of the mind. It is like that flick of a finger and the entire past, the entire present, and the entire future is there. Just for you to tap into it. And that is intuition. And many have had in tuitional experiences to some degree or not. And I've said this before many times, that you think of a person that you haven't seen for a long time and you hear the doorbell ring and that same person that you were thinking of rings the doorbell and you ar e surprised. Now, there are two factors that govern that. The two factors that govern that is your own intuitional self, or the thought projection of your visitor. That visitor, while walking down the sidewalk (we c all

5. U S 86 - 24 it pavement in England), would be thinking of you intensely. "Oh, I am going to meet Sunita." Right. And your mind could be clear at that moment, by that I mean in a balance, so that you would immediately pick up that telepathic thought. But now this communication and it happens to me all the time I think of tea and tea turns up, no need to shout for it. I think of this and this turns up; it happens. But it is far below the region of the intuitional self. Because that mental telepathy that takes place has just been the conscious mind merging into the subconscious mind of experience. And some recognition occurs because the thought form of Sunita had been there on a previous occasion. And through some mental chemistry Sunita comes to the forefront of your conscious mind and that starts making you think of Sunita. And then on the other hand (what's your boyfriend's name? Oh, you haven't got one? How about me?), say Guruji is coming. And Guruji knocks on the door. So there, too, is a two way street in mental telepathy. Right, and the n of course you have perception. And then of course there are various levels of perception. You could have a grosser perception of things, where you see things differently from different angles. And then there's the middle level of perception where you see things partly true and partly untrue. And then there's the finer perception where you see the wholeness of all things. You think your face is the same on the left and right hand side. It is not. Have you thought about that? It's not. Try tomorrow morning, take a piece of cardboard and put it against the mirror and just there at your forehead touch it, and you will notice that there is some difference between the right hand side of your face and the left hand side of your face. Do you see? So perc eption is like that. If you look at something holistically, then you will not see the difference between the two sides. But when you see it partially, then you will definitely notice there's a slight difference. And many of you that are artists here wil l know what I am talking about. So you see, that's how far perception goes. The man of God works only with intuition. Only with intuition, that which comes from deep within himself. He doesn't use the mind at all. He doesn't need to. He doesn't need t o prepare a lecture, he can just flow on and on and on. Because his mind is not blocking his heart, his superconscious level if you want to call it, or his heart. It just flows. And by th at flow from the higher level you feel his warmth, you feel his lo ve. And you understand his wisdom not only with the mind, but it penetrates deeply in the heart. So that which is perceived by the mind, the cold calculating mind, approaches the warmth of the heart. And that is the area of intuition. You see, the word itself describes itself. Have you ever thought of it. Tuition means to teach. Tuition. You give tuition, you teach. Ah, but intuition! That is the real teaching. To go in and find the tuition given by that master teacher that is within. That is in tuition. You know, we poets are funny people, we like playing with words. But there is truth in it. Do you see? I've made a fairly long tape on tuition and intuition. Which course was that? Where? [Roopa responds inaudibly] Try and get that tape and listen to it. You know, I approach it from a different angle than tonight's angle because I could never

6. U S 86 - 24 repeat a talk twice. Because then it would be conditioned. That is what people do when they take notes and talk according to the points they wan t to talk on so the talk remains uniform. I don't, I am like a butterfly. I flit around tasting all the beautiful flowers. Or like the honeybee tasting the nectar of all the beautiful flowers in the world. They are all insi de. What a hive that must be . Beehive and that beehive makes you behave. And if you don't behave those bees will sting you and be careful of the queen bee. Get those tapes. Now, let's see how far we are: half past nine. And our program will take us half an hour. On this trip to America we've done a course at Elizabethtown, a dream workshop in Washington, and an hour long radio talk in Washington, and then of course this course here and then in St. Louis we are having... I never remember, I leave it to them. Why waste time reme mbering things when you have people to remember for you. Rather use the mind creatively. Of course, I joke a lot with them, but I can't do without Vidya and Roopa. They normally arrange everything and that's fine. Very very good. So, tonight what we ar e going to do is a workshop. We are all going up to the dining room. Did you announce that? I'll just repeat it briefly. ROOPA: I think they know. GURURAJ: We're going up to the dining room and there are table and chairs. Now I want two people to s it facing each other. They must not be friends that knows each other. Around here everyone knows each other, but two very very close friends that knows more than... just be writing down what you know instead of what you perceive or what you intuit. Righ t. [To Sunita] So you sit opposite someone. You can sit opposite of me, ok. Oh, we'll get a show. Nevertheless, I'll be walking around supervising and seeing how people are doing. Fine. So you'll have to find another boyfriend, okay. I'll excuse yo u for tonight. [laughter] Oh, dear me. Last time I saw you you came on a course once, didn't you? SUNITA: [inaudible] GURURAJ: Oh, yes, you came with Mataji and Merrill, yes, yes. Strikes a bell. I'm glad you came. Don't miss the next one. Right . So two people that don't know each other too well stranger, you can say will look in each other's eyes. Not stare, it's rude to stare. Just look in the other person's eyes. Can you give me a page, dear. A foolscap page. You have explained all this already, I'm sure. Nevertheless oh, you haven't. Ok. You, in the absence of drawing a line [????] a ruler to point

7. U S 86 - 24 straight and you use your two nails and women can do it more successfully, because they've got longer nails. And you fold this paper. Right. Now you write here on the first hawf half your perception of what you are seeing in the other person because that's very clear. Don't write about yourself. Right. I'll explain that after later what happens there. But you write about the per son what you're seeing, right, what you're perceiving, what you're intuiting. And on the back side of the page, on another sheet of paper, I will give you the analysis. What perception you have, what intuition you have, how your faculties are developed, blah, blah, blah. That I do on the other side of the paper. Fine. Now on this half here you write down 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 on the ruled paper up to 20. Do that. Right. Number up to 20. We'll be doing word association. And what there is in word association, say for example, you think of tea, then what would you associate with tea. Mustn't say too much. Don't let the mind [?????]. Just whatever. It can be anything absurd. Doesn't matter. Like here I believe they serve tea bags that can make 30 cups of tea. In this kitchen up here I was told. So it could be anything absurd. Your first word will be given to you. It's not any word picked out for anyone, i t's just these girls wrote them out and any one will be handed out to you. The fir st word number one will be the one given to you. Now, for example, if it's tea. Your mind might lead you to coffee, and then that would lead you to choice, perhaps. I'm just giving an example. Just write down don't think. Just write down 20 words. An d then I will give you a pattern of your mind analyzed by word association. [END SIDE ONE] ...how the mind is. Sometimes this thing gets softer because I don't look [this way?]. How the mind is functioning, and what happens, and the prominent traits or all that. Now, we've got over 40 people here and each form would take me about half an hour to work out because it's a deep study of it. Because just one single word that you are not even conscious of might be just the right key to perception, intuition, personality , and all that. So when you write down your perceptions of the person, don't think. Your thought will interfere. If you start thinking, you'll say, "Ah, she's got beautiful blue eyes, or this or that, or I liked her dress." N o, no. We don't want that. What you perceive of the person. And perception and intuition would be so intermixed. I'll do the separation. You don't need to worry about that about what is perception and what is intuition. That I will do. Right. So before the course ends, being over 40 people, I couldn't do about 10 a day which would be five hours, 20 hours, but be sure that you will get them all back by the time you leave. Good.

1. U S 86 - 24 HEART LEVEL COMMUNIC ATION CHELA: Guruji: We as meditators have all experienced some forms of non verbal communication with our guru. I would like to know, what is the mechanism of this heart level communications? GURURAJ: Beautiful question. The answer is very simple . I don't know. [He laughs] This heart level communication which is not verbalized does not depend upon mechanics, as people know mechanics to be, like one cog fitting into another, or a crank turning a handle to make the wheel go. Science has not reach ed to that stage where they could definitely define that non verbal communication. Many of you here, and I was told on this course by quite a few, that you have been thinking of a thought and directed the thought to me and the answer just dawned. Now, wha t happens is this, that because of your concentration, you touch, to use mechanical or scientific terms, you touch the electromagnetic force. Now, electromagnetic force is only one. So, and as you know, sound is always there. Vibrations are always there and all vibrations are nothing but sound, be they audible or not audible. The vibrations exist. For example, as I might have said many times, that in this very room there are thousands of broadcasts from various transmitters being poured in, but we don't hear them because we don't have the apparatus to hear them, we don't have the radio sets. Fine. But that does not mean that the vibrations are not there. We can't see air does not mean that the ai r is not there. So on the very fine level of the electr omagnetic vibration the thought flows. And the thought you think reaches the superconscious mind of the true master. And, in receiving that, although the true master might be busy doing other things (he might be having his supper, he might be in the bathr oom, whatever), it does not effect his consciousness at all, because if it effects his consciousness, then his mind will start functioning and thoughts will come into play. Whil e this is a field where there are no thoughts. And it touches his super level consciousness through those electromagnetic fine currents. So there is a great possibility for the future of science. As a matter of fact, very soon I might be going t o Japan, Mataji, to address a congress on this matter. So perhaps in future science wi ll really be able to define, not surface electromagnetism, but at its very finest level whereby the superconsciousness can be received. Now this, because of the intensity of love that exists between guru and chela, that has to be there. And you can't he lp loving a true master because he is love himself. He might, you know, for the fun of it act foolishly if he wants to say thin gs jocularly or even very seriously, but he means a joke by it. But every word he says is a teaching. One just has to know wha t is really meant. One lady approached me when she received (oh she's a very highly educated educationist and counselor) and I analyzed on one of the courses, I analyzed paintings. And then she told me that it did not make any sense the analysis, but tha t later on it dawned on her like a flash what the analysis meant. So the point is this, that the

8. U S 86 - 24 So we should go upstairs. [singing] Onward, Christian soldiers, marching as to war. With the cross of Jesus going on before.... *****END****


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