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2. U S 86 - 34 people think that they think. Really, they do not think. Why? So now how to find the reality that if there is a superconscious mind that exists. This can never be done by analysis, because analysis is limited, very limited. And I've said this in many lectures before, that t here are twelve billion cells in your little two and a half pound brain, and you are only using one millionth part of the twelve billion cells that are there. So from that it shows that we use a very little pa rt of our minds. And therefore it is finite, t he mind is finite, as we know it, the conscious mind is finite, and therefore it cannot grip the infinitude of the superconscious level. The superconscious level of the mind is not through analysis, but through experience. It is experiential. So you expe rience that level. For example, can you, to use a word that you use every day to your beloveds or your mother or your father, whatever it might be, that I love you? Those are words. Can you define it? You can't. Those words could be produced because o f your attachment to the person. You might find some beauty in the person. And mostly when you say "I love you," it is your own mental projection of the ideal that you have preformulated in your mind and thus you are not really loving, you are loving the ideal that is in your mind. And that is why we have out of every three marriages two divorces. Because they are marrying the woman or the man, they are marrying the ideal. So the point is this, that as love is indefinable but experienceable so is the s uperconscious level of the mind experienceable. Now many that has not studied my philosophies, I would have to backtrack a bit to tell you how it stems and where it comes from. Firstly, you have that which is called the conscious mind. Now the conscious mind is the analytical mind which forms the left hemisphere of your brain, that analyzes, that calculates. In the right hemisphere of your brain is the intuitional part of your brain. Now many of you might have had the experience that Cousin Jean is goi ng to visit you. You just have that little flash, and here you hear a knock on the door, Auntie Jean is at the door. What is the mechanism? What has happened there that you are thinking of Auntie Jean and she is there? This comes about because you have formed at that glimpse, just that moment we want to make it permanent, by the way but at that moment the three facets of your mind, the conscious mind, the subconscious mind and the superconscious mind, have come to an equilibrium, has been well balanced so that the superconscious mind, which is the universal mind and not the individualized mind, has picked up that transmission of the thought of Cousin Jean and then translated it through the various mechanisms in your brain to bring it to the conscious le vel. And that is how you say, "Ah, Auntie Jean," and she is there. Do you see. Now while Auntie Jean was approaching your home she was thinking about you, as everyone does. For example, if you go to one of your stores here you'll try and park your car n ear the supermarket. And you're thinking I'm going into this particular supermarket. So that thought is there. It's a pity the managers haven't got the awareness that I'm getting this customer in, and do a better sale by personal attention.

5. U S 86 - 34 Something like that. So because of the lack of this coordination their concentration diminishes. So by having a concentrated mind you are in a better position to tap the resources that is already within you of the universal mind. Do you see. Now as I've said before, the conscious mind is analytical, it weighs pros and cons. And the conscious mind, of course, is more governed by sensory input: feeling, smelling, touching, tasting...what's the other one? Feeling, smelling, touching, tasting... uh... VOICES: Hearing. GURURAJ: Hearing, yes. I don't know why I forget my ears every time. Yes. So the conscious mind is very much subjected to your five senses. And the five senses are in turn subjected to your environment, like the dress window you have passed, or the food you have seen beautifully, you know, cut up in the butcher's window or whatever, or the lovely perfume that's on sale: Chanel 5 going at half the price. Do you see. Sensory input. Now sensory input is not enough. You can be immersed. [Baby gurgling in background] (That's right, baby, I agree with you entirely.) She understands me quite well. Now the sensory input is not enough. For example, if you are busy, you know, reading a book and you are so immersed in the book and the doorbell will ring and you will not hear the doorbell, because your mind is totally gone into that novel or whatever you are reading. You know, boy meets girl, they separate and have a lot of problems and meet again happy ending. Whatever. And yo u're always looking for the happy ending. When you read a novel or a story, right, and it, you know, ends in a tragedy, you feel a bit sad. You know why you feel sad? Because your own life wants to have a happy ending. You want to be happy. Therefore, you would always read a novel... I don't read novels. Nevertheless, you want your life to be happy, so therefore you would always like a happy ending, where the boy and the girl in the end all the films are based on that formula the boy and girl meets and, you know, they are happy ever afterwards. For ever and ever. That's what they think, of course. So the conscious mind (I beg your pardon) the conscious mind is subject to sensory input which is governed by the experiences you have had which is in your memory box called the subconscious mind. For in the subconscious mind all the memories of all your experiences of this lifetime or previous lifetimes, if you believe in it, are all there in impressio n form. If you see a dog, how do you recognize it to be a dog instead of a cat? So that thought from the conscious mind, seeing the dog with your eyes, the sensory input of the dog, contacts the subconscious mind which is filled with cubbyholes, and you pull out a file and you see, ah, dog. And you say , "Ah, that's a dog." Do you see.

6. U S 86 - 34 But there are ways and means through spiritual practices where you can bypass the subconscious mind with all its impressions and form a direct link with the universal mind, with the Kingdom of Heaven within. You can form a direct link, a hot line, like President Reagan has. You know, a hot line. No wonder he's...never mind. I don't like to dabble in politics. And it has a lot to do with the hot lines. Oh, yes. You know, in his office they, you know, there's a panel with a whole lot of, you know, switches. And of course, the main switch. And what happened was this that all the missiles were aimed at Russia. It was just to pull that switch, and of course they would be flying off. So one day what happened was that R eagan tripped, you know, and his arm fell on that main switch and here the missiles went off to Russia. So hurriedly he got on to the hot line to the Kremlin. I wander how many Kremlins there are? That's besides the point. And he got onto the hot line. And he says, "Can I speak to someone, you know, that's in charge of counteracting the missiles. (Missels you call it in America? Missile, missel. A rose is a rose by any name: Shakespeare.) Right. So these missiles were going off and now President Re agan is frantic. You know, because they might return the bombardment and destroy our beautiful America. Fine. So he asks the question, "Who can I speak to?" because this accident has occurred. Do you see. So life is made that way. It is full of these missiles that you can trigger off at any moment because of lack of pure consciousness. And this pure consciousness can only be gained when you form this direct link to the universal mind, which you could call Divinity. For the universal mind was the fi rst manifestation of the divine. And the universal mind is composed of vibrations. For example, the scriptures would say that "First was the word and the word was with God, and the word is God." Now what is "word?" Word is sound. What is sound? (Welcom e. Who is looking after the door? There's a guest.) So the word was with God...hm? Right. And the word is God. That's sound. Now, what is sound? Sound is vibration. So everything composed in this universe is nothing else but vibration. This chair y ou see here seems so solid, but it's composed of vibrations. There are billions and billions of molecules swirling around in this chair. It is alive as you are alive. This chair is alive. And if you have the perception... (Questions after I finish my talk. You can have a million questions.) The molecular structure of this chair or this table...or this table, and this table we live in, of course, are t he same. It comes from the same essence. And that is why we call Divinity to be omnipresent, omnisc ient. And that is what the Fundamentalists must really understand. Omniscient, omnipresent, omnipotent. So if He is omnipresent, He must be present in this chair as well. But you have a higher development. You are more advanced in evolution. So with t he consciousness you have, you could recognize it to be a chair. And yet your consciousness does not always work that way. That is the great tragedy. You go through a dark road and you are going to meet your lover, so a stump of a tree you would mistake to be your lover. "Oh, he's waiting for me (or she) over there." And it was just a stump. Or you see a...if you're afraid in the dark ,

7. U S 86 - 34 you see a piece of rope lying and you would mistake it to be a snake; meanwhile, it's just a piece of rope. You see how the conscious mind can delude you. Now what we want to do is to avoid the delusions and come...or reach back to our primal purity. Now what has taken us away from this primal purity? It is because of all the various kinds of experiences since the Big Bang and of course, science has proved this and verified this since the Big Bang when the present cycle remember the word "cycle" of this universe started. All those minute particles, atomic and subatomic and sub sub subatomic particles, were expelle d in a force. And they have the nature of duplicating itself, replicating itself, and a whole admixture, mixture of various particl es occurred. And that is how the universe was formed. And according to our calculation of time it took millions of years. But when you reach the timelessness of the superconscious mind it is just a second. So when scriptures say, the Bible, the universe was created in six days, and on the seventh day, you know, that chap upstairs was tired so he had to have rest. I don't blame Him for that. So we take things, many things, very literally, while there are deep figurative meanings in all these scriptures but only to be understood in its proper context. And the proper context was lost when religions became formalized. The t wo richest institutions in the world is religion, and I don't teach religion at all, I teach the basis of all religions, as you have seen. Those that have come for the first time to listen to me, on our emblem here where all religions are included. And t he five lines...this must have been explained. Right. Fine. So I won't go into that. Good. So the two richest institutions in the world is religion and insurance companies. Right. Insurance companies offer you a lump sum of money after you are dead, and religions offer you Heaven after you are dead. I want it here and now! And that is possible! You can have that peace that you are hankering for! You can have that joy in life here in this life, instead of waiting for two hundred million lifetimes or whatever you wish to believe in! Do you see. So there's no eternal damnation for anyone, because life is an ongoing process. And we are involved in this process, which is part of evolution. So you evolve more and more and more by opening more and more cells of the brain, whereby the universal mind could filter through more and more and more. If you open a small, little window, less air will come in. If you open a bigger window, more fresh air will come in. Now what must man do? Let's compare man's s ubconscious mind to a dirty window. So all these spiritual practices are to clean the window so the purity of light can shine through. So you have the maximum benefit of the light, instead of wasting this electricity. You are wasting energy, when you yo urself are looking for energy. Do you see. Now all this can be had. It's there for you. Do you see. Now let's get on to the subconscious mind. As I said before, it is a repository of all the impressions you have had. Now in Sanskrit they would call i t karma, the law of action and reaction. While in a simpler way we would say whatever you sow,

9. U S 86 - 34 the fruit thereof. Especially in the spiritual field. That I shall be kind, compassionate, loving, and all those virtues th at go with it. Then aut omatically the grace, which we call gurushakti, will descend upon you, like the butterflies will come to your garden if it's beautiful without going to call them. You see. So all this comes. So, preparation. And as the saying goes, "It's later than yo u think." So if you change the attitude of mind, and that's why I go around the world lecturing, change the attitude and you will find... look at things in a different perspective. Don't let it run in a groove. Let the mind be open. Because if you l et the mind run in a groove it is running in one direction only. In other words, your mind is closed. That you find with all people that study theology or theologian s, they run in a groove. But the universal mind is open. Be in that open mind. Be i n the open fields and enjoy the fresh air. Why be shut up in a, you know, room where there's no fresh air. You know, the air is there for nothing, you don't need to pay for it. Of course, you do pay for it because our governments charges taxes, but th at's besides the point. You know, it reminds me of a little story that in India in the villages, and India is composed of eighty percent villages. No tarred roads, being a very poor country. The British did a good job of it, keeping it poor. Don't know h ow much you understand about that, but they regarded India to be a cow. They used to milk it and take the milk away to England. And of course, the Indians there had the problem of feeding the cow. And they used to take the milk away. So when India got its this is by the by [END SIDE ONE] so when India got its independence, Churchill said that the British Empire has lost its most important jewel. He was very much against it. Thanks God that the labor party got in with Attlee, so India at least g ot its independence. But, I mean, we don't go into all that. And talking of Churchill, I was reading a joke the other day. I might as well say it, I think it was quite humorous. One member of Parliament, a lady, you know, said in Parliament to Churchill that "Sir, if you were my husband I would poison your coffee." So Churchill with his wit replied that "If you were my wife I would gladly drink it." [Laughter] Yes. So we are all striving for happiness and joy, for peace. For everyone suffers. And t he greatest suffering I personally have is to see the suffering of others. I have no sufferings of my own, because I could always see the brighter side of things. Yes. If my car, for example, has a puncture I wouldn't sit there and mope and say, "Oh, go re blimey." That's English. But I've got a puncture. I would say, "Ah, what a wonderful opportunity Divinity has given me, because most of my work is sedentary." You know, sitting, you know, either at a desk or at a chair or whatever. But He has given me the opportunity to exercise my limbs changing the wheel. I would thank Him for the blessing. Another person might mope, he'd say "Oh, I've got a puncture." They don't realize that their own minds are punctured and the air of Divinity is leaking out! I will supply the glue and the patch to stop the leakage! Although people seem to leak from all over the show. Their whole anatomy is leaking, starting off from perspiration and their noses...blowing their noses. It's a leak! And therefore most o f

10. U S 86 - 34 huma nity, because of the leaks, are freaks! I don't mean this harshly. Just to make you laugh a bit, you know. You don't need to be too serious. You don't need to be too serious. In any case, look, you can't get out of this life alive in any ca se. [Laught er] So why be serious? You can give the profoundest wisdom in a most humorous, beautiful, loving, cuddling way. You see, the baby's gone to sleep. It's my voice. Yes, comforting. Do you see. So with these spiritual practices which are non religious, t hat has nothing to do with religion. And as I've said before, if you're a Christian, become a better Christian; if you're a Hindu, a better Hindu; become a better human being. But how many human beings are there in this world? You tell me. They say the re are four thousand million human beings. But in my observation, how limited it is, (I beg your pardon) I've seen four thousand million beans: b e a n s. They read too many Beano comics. That's in England, of course. Do you get it here? No. You must get some of that and recognize yourself in it. Ask those English visitors that came from England. Do you see. Now let's get down to the nitty gritty of things. You've got to clarify the subconscious mind because of the impressions that are so implanted in there. And this can be done so very, very well by doing spiritual practices, by praying sincerely, and other forms which are very, very scientific and scientifically verified. Because we have made...we have done experiments in various universities around the world and they [do produce yourselves?]. They remove the stress and the strains of your lives, they make you worry less, you know. And life does not become as bothersome as it would seem to us at this moment. Everything would be just joy, because essentially you nothing else but joy! That is your real nature. And when I say "joy" I am not only referring t o women whose names are Joy! I am referring to everyone! Your nature is joy. Just let it out, that's all. How do you expect the water to come out of the tap I mean faucet, which you call it here in America if you don't turn on the faucet, how do you expect the water to come out? Right. And if there's a leak in the faucet put in another washer. Do you see. That relates to the leaking I was talking about. It's so simple. There's a very favorite one of mine, which my secretary always has to remind m e: Life is so simple... What's it? How does it go again? [SUJAY?]: It is so simple to be happy, but so difficult to be simple. GURURAJ: It is so simple to be happy, but so difficult to be simple. It is so simple to be happy, but so difficult to be simple. And simplicity is the key of life. Because Divinity Itself is not compounded. It's not a mixture; It is simple. Pu re. All purity is simple. Not simple only in the terms, in the term that we use, because you get lots of kinds of simpleness. Ri ght. For example, you get Simpleton snuff. You get all kinds of things which are simple. And then you find... Another

11. U S 86 - 34 word derived from simple which is simplistic, which has a different meaning altogether. But to be simple, to be humble, to be kind, t o be loving, that is simplicity. Do you see. So our spiritual practices would burn away the dross in our subconscious mind and allowing the purity and the force of the superconscious, universal mind, to come through to our conscious mind, and the result w ould be that you would be more joyous, more happy, and all actions that you perform will be right actions because you are permeated by the universal mind. You can call it God, if you wish, or divine energy. And once you are permeated by that all your act ions in life would be good. And all these laws you have in all the countries of the world, all these punitive laws, are because of people just dwelling i n their conscious little minds with their little selfishnesses, their greeds, avarice, covetousness. T herefore governments establish all these laws. Do you see. And all these laws would not be necessary if one could live in that simplicity, in th at goodness. And goodness is godliness. Yes. That's the way we express ourselves in life, and life is very beautiful. The only reason why people do not take up spiritual practices, one of the reasons, is this, that they are too afraid to look at themselves squarely in the mirror. They are too afraid of that. Because they will find too many ugliness' when they face themselves squarely in their mirror. Do you know what the greatest disease is today in the world? It's not heart trouble. I t is not cancer. No. It is not AIDS. What's the other one that is similar to AIDS? VOICE: Herpes. GURURAJ: Herpes. Ah, I'll come... Right. Let me tell you about Herpes. If you have little birds and things, you know, do be very careful with the canaries and, you know, whatever birds you have, because there's a new disease also spreading, with humans it's Herpes, but with birds it's a new disease, it's called Chirpees. [Laughter] [Renewed laughter] Ah, the penny is sinking, slowly, slowly. Yah. So much...so much to learn from that. Touch dirt and you'll be dirtied. Avoid the dirt. That's what you have to learn fr om that. Do you see. And many a thing you can convey by what you call humor. Because if I start off with English wit not many will really understand it. American humor is far different from English humor. So through these practices if the subconscious mind is cleared the light of Divinity would shine through, and all your actions would be regulated, would be well formed and a lot of good things could happen to you. Anything your mind is intent upon will come to pass. And then if there are things that are not conducive to you, remember the old saying, "All this too shall pass." And it does. It does. Because after rain there will always be sunshine; after night there will alway s

12. U S 86 - 34 be day. So what does this mean again? Have hope, there's always another day. Have hope. So chirp along in this world in merriment, in joy. Because a bird does not chirp if it is crying, it chirps when it's happy. Do you see. I think I've spoken for an hour. Yes. So you want to have a tea break? Oh, yes, I see the urn and that there. And then we get together again, and then you'll have all the chance, everyone, of course, will have a chance of asking any question you like. Okay. And then we'll do some practices as well, you know. Plus other things. Well, we'll see wha t we do. Fine. Now, Mr. Chairman, for how long do you want your break? VOICE: What do you think, Carol? Did you set the time for the break? CAROL: No, it was...however you would like to have it. GURURAJ: No, no, to me it doesn't matter. To me it doesn't matter. I could carry on from now til doomsday. CAROL: Okay, fifteen minutes. GURURAJ: Fifteen, twenty minutes. Yes. Sure. Sure. It's better to say fifteen, because you normally you end up by twenty, twenty five. CAROL: Right. [Laughter] GURURAJ: You see, human nature is so precise, isn't it? While the whole universe functions in total precision; otherwise all these planets in our little solar system would be having accidents and bumping each other. And the n you're really out of Kingdom come, for it will never come then. Yes. A very dear friend of mine pulled up at a garage you call it a gas station, don't you? pulled up at a gas station and he was driving a Corvette. So another car pulls up next to him, and it was an oldish car, whatever it was. This fellow says to this chap with the Corvette, this young friend of mine, he says, "You will never reach Heaven in this Corvette." So this fellow replies, "Who says not, if my heart is more kinder and better than yours? And it is because of my goodness that I could possess a Corvette, while you're traveling around in a, what do you call? ...a dump. VOICE: Junk.

1. U S 86 - 34 IS MY SUPERCONSCIOUS MIN D MINE? GURURAJ: [Taps on mike] It works. Those of you that have never seen this form of greeting, it means that with thought, word, and deed I salute the Divinity within you. Because everyone is potentially divine, and is Divinity itself. Just as I came out of this moments meditation, I heard the beautiful gurgle of the baby's voice. It might have meant nothing to many perhaps, but to me it meant everything. It meant the creation: what makes the baby gurgle, what makes the grass sway in s uch rhythm. Have you listened to the music, these symphonies blowing through the leaves of the trees? Everything is divine. It's a matter of perspective and how you could change your attitudes towards life and see everything is divine. And then only wil l you be able to appreciate the Biblical injunction "Love thy neighbor as thyself;" or otherwise you'd just be parrot like in repeating those words. Words mean nothing if they are not put into action. So in all our lectures, and I've lectured around the w orld we have centers all around the world. And in this past ten years I must have done over five thousands talks. And I do put emphasis on the practicality of life, how to improve a person's life so that you could become a more happier, more joyful, th ere's a radiance, a glow on your face, where physically, psychologically, emotionally, and in every way possible you become a better person. If you are a Christian, you could be a Fundamentalist or a Baptist or a Presbyterian, I don't mind because my teac hings are universal. And if you are a Christian, I would say, "Become a better Christian." If you are a Hindu I say, "Become a better Hindu." If you are a Muslim I say, "Become a better Muslim." So it means become a better human being, and that is what a ll the teachings are about. Now these few words of introduction. I never prepare a lecture. I always leave it to the people to ask me whatever they want to ask. And of course, from there I keep on talking. Good. The reason is this, if I prepare a lectu re I would be telling you what I want to tell you. But I want to tell you of things that you want to know, that you have a yearning for and you'd like to know, perhaps. Of anything: how to bake a cake. Good. Questions, please. LORIETA: Beloved Gururaj , is my superconscious mind mine, or is it the universal mind? GURURAJ: You will have to repeat your Americanese. I only speak English. Sorry. Just say that slowly again. LORIETA: Is my superconscious mind mine, or is it universal mind? GURURAJ: Aha, good. Firstly, is there a superconscious mind? It could be a mere assumption that you think there is a superconscious mind. It could be just your thinking processes that tell you that there is a superconscious mind. And most

3. U S 86 - 34 So what happ ens during spiritual practices and personally prescribed meditations which would suit your entire personality, would be that you'd develop a greater synaptic control between your right hemisphere of the brain which is intuitive, and the left hemisphere of your brain which is analytical. Right. Now the intuitive part of yourself, like many of you might have premonitions, might have had visions or dreams of things that will happen in the future. So therefore, in the superconscious level of the mind everyth ing is present: the past, the present, and the future. It is all there. And the duration of the universe is just a split second. But our analytical mind measures it in a linear fashion and never in a vertical fashion. So the linear way of thinking is t he cross bar of the cross, while the upstanding bar is of the Absolute. The one, the cross bar, is relative, while the upright bar is the Absolute. Now to be able to exist in this form that we are existing there occurs a combination of both the factors, the Absolute and the relative, which in essence is the same. For without the Absolute, the horizontal bar or the relative can never stay there, can never be there. So that is how the cross is formed. For example, in Jesus, he had captured, because of h is pure consciousness, yet captured both the relative and the Absolute and combined it into one so he could say, "I and my Father are one." Do you see. Now this is said in all theologies of the world, and I have studied practically all the theologies. An d this is one of the things that is prevalent amongst all religions. So now the whole problem is how to activate the superconscious mind, which is beyond the subconscious mind and beyond the conscious mind as well. The superconscious mind is one mind, it cannot be individualized. It is the universal mind. And the universal mind contains within itself all the experiences and all the happenings that has occurred since the beginning of time, since the beginless beginning. It is still all there. And if you can clarify the subconscious mind, then you can draw upon that universal mind. And that is how the true knowledge or knowledge of truth comes about into being; otherwise it's all rationalizations. Last night at a meeting I was telling people that all pro fessors of philosophy that have studied every philosophy in the world should be self realized people but they are not, they are more mixed up than all of you sitting here. Do you see. So true knowledge comes from within, from the Kingdom of Heaven within . There lies the true knowledge. There is the residence of the superconscious mind. Of course, the superconscious mind is all pervading, but to put it in a way, we could say it resides in the Kingdom of Heaven within which is also without, inside and ou tside, which forms the wholeness, the completeness of life and living and of all existence. So therefore spiritual practices, which includes prayer, and of course, there are ways of praying. People don't really pray, because they don't know how to pray. They either do business with what you call God: "If my son graduates from college, I will donate a hundred dollars to such and such charitable organization. So, God, if you do this, then I will do

4. U S 86 - 34 this." That means you are being superior to that divin e power. You first do it. Is He your laborer that must do your work first for you before you pay Him His salary? No. So give that hundred bucks, as you call it here, donation first and then you pray. And when people pray they always are asking and begg ing for something. So if you're not a businessman, you're a beggar. Right. Oh, Lord, give me a million pounds and let it drop in my lap now. Or, I want to buy a Cadillac or a Rolls Royce and I want it very soon. I had a letter from America which I spoke about the other day. Some young nut. Mind you, all nuts are not bad, really. You know, you get almonds. You know, they are lovely nuts. Pecan nuts, peanuts, monkey nuts, all kinds of nuts. And talking of monkey nuts, I wanted to become a monk. So my guru says, "Look, leave the monkey business. Rather go out into the world and teach." Do you see. So this nut writes to me, "Dear Guruji, we have heard so much about you and we have traveled a lot and, you know, this, this, this, blah, blah, blah." You know. They normally when they want to ask you something, then they first start praising you. Always. And then they ask for other things. I get the mail of a couple of thousands of letters a month, so I know. And he says, "I want to start a business, a nd would you please see that I have three hundred thousand dollars by the end of this month?" Do you see. So prayers is begging and also wishful thinking. I wish I had a pink dress to go and listen to Gururaj. Or a green dress, o r a sky blue pink or wh atever. Do you see. So it's wishful thinking and begging. But remember one very important principle and it is this, you will not get what you demand, but you will always get what you need. And if the conscious mind is prepared enough, and brought to tha t state where there's a higher and greater synaptic control between the subconscious and the conscious mind, then your thoughts become more powerful. And that power of thought can come through that inner peace, that quietude. For example, all the scriptu res will never say, "Know God." No, they don't say that. They say, "Man know thyself." And how are you going to know yourself without diving within yourself? And that is what spiritual practices and meditation is all about. Do you see. So through thes e practices you develop a greater synaptic control between the conscious mind and the subconscious mind, which leads you to the superconscious mind. Because your intuitive self has a connection with the superconscious level or the universal mind, and ever ything is possible. Let's take the word "impossible." People always say, "Oh, that's impossible." And I tell my people, I say "No. Just put an apostrophe between the I and the m and say I'm possible." And everything is a possibility to you. Everythi ng becomes possible if you develop that synaptic control and make it work in coordination. Now when I say coordination it means that 99.99999 percent of the world's population are fragmented. One thought is pulling this way, and the other thought is pull ing this way, right. And while you are listening to me some of you might be thinking what am I going to prepare for lunch, because the old man will be coming home at one o'clock or two o'clock or whatever. Or some other kind of thought. Or, I passed the dress shop the other day and, you know, it was a nice dress I saw. It would be worth having.

8. U S 86 - 34 that shall ye reap. You can't plant potatoes and expect onions to grow. It's impossible. Not impossible. It can be made possible with all our various genetic changes where they produce babies in test tubes and, you know, mixing up genes to produce, you know, cloning and all that rubbish. Right. So what one has to do is to clarify the subconscious mind of all the impressions that it has formed. Now going b ack to that window, if you open the window the fresh air will flow in automatically. Right. For example, you can't go and call the butterflies to your gard en. They won't come. But make your garden beautiful and the butterflies will come automatically w ithout calling them. Do you see. So it means you prepare yourself. And all the practices, all the church goings and comings, and all the prayers, they are nothing else but preparations, preparations to receive, an experience, rather. You don't receive it, it's always there. But to experience it within your daily lives and make it smooth and happy and joyful. Which requires, through spiritual practices and the understandings that are given by spiritual masters, to change the attitude of your mind in ho w you look at things, how you view things. And one of my favorite sayings: Two men behind prison bars; one saw mud, and the other saw stars. Do you see. Why did one see gloom and the other just saw glory? It's the attitude. And yet both of them are p laced in the same circumstances, in the same cell, behind the same prison bars. Do you see. So with proper understanding. Understanding is a lovely word: to stand under. And when you stand under you develop the virtues of humility. And when you have hu mility you also develop kindness, love, compassion. Do unto others as thou would expect it to be done unto you. Love thy neighbor as thyself. And any Fundamentalist could never disagree with that, that I can promise you. I've had meetings around the wo rld where Fundamentalists used to come and say, "Oh, this is this, and this is this, and this is this! Only Jesus saves." I say, "Yes, very true, only Jesus can save. But what Jesus are you talking about? Tell me. Are you talking of Jesus the man? Or are you talking of Jesus that pure consciousness that is forever there?" That's why he could say, "I and my Father are one." So believe! No, not believe: experience. Experience that divine consciousness by reaching the superconscious level of the unive rsal mind. Because the superconscious level of the universal mind is totally clear, and the light of Divinity shines through in full force. And you can experiment yourself that if you have a clean window and you're shining a bright light through it, the window itself, the windowpane, would disappear and only the light would be seen. The pane would disappear. Now pane is spelled in two different ways: p a n e and p a I n. Let both disappear. Do you see. That's how the normal, daily suffering pains. Sh ow me one man here, or one person here that is totally happy, and I will show you God. No. Everyone have their problems, their miseries, their troubles, and then as I said before, they revert to begging or bargaining with Divinity. But they never think of themselves: who am I to demand? I must work for the sake of work, totally unselfishly, not waiting for

13. U S 86 - 34 GURURAJ: Junk. Junk. Junk. Do you see. You only get what you deserve. We are not these, you know, Rajneeshs. We are down to earth. I'm the poorest guru in the world. These pants was given to me by someone. This shirt was given to me by that lady over there. The shawl was given to me by someone. These socks were to given to me by someone. We are not a group... I mean I am talking...telling the newcomers here. We are not a group of people, moneymakers, no. We don't touch filthy [????], unless we're lucky sometimes. Good. ****END****


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