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1. U S 86 - 54 THE ME IN MISERY GURURAJ: [Enters wearing hat and shiny shirt] I just blew in from [????]. PRIYA: Are your arms tired? VIDYA: How'd you get in here? We haven't done announcements or anything. GURURAJ: We don't need announcements. We're one family. [Sings and translates] My friends, forgive me, for I'm feeling drunk. [Sings] Without you , how can I live, even if I am feeling drunk. Good. Fine. That was the little fun. Let us meditate together for a little while. Good. The whole idea is to be in divine intoxication. And in that flow you flow in the intoxication of life and love, for D ivinity is only composed of love which He portrays to the manifested world calling it life. Now, how can you distinguish ever the difference between life and love? For life is love and life is love [sic]. So, you living Gods, you're only portraying the D ivinity of that love. And in its very portrayal you will find that life becomes love and love becomes life. Now, when you have this how could you ever go through any misery whatsoever? How can there be misery when Divinity, in form of love, is portraying itself through you in your life? So, you go through misery because you do not understand the isery: to have the isness and take away the "m" that prefixes isery. And what does that "m" stand for? That "m" stands for me, because you are not talking of i sness. You are talking of the little me that is constantly in your mind. So where do you operate from? You operate from the "m" symbolizing me, instead of the "is" that symbolizes Divinity. Ask one question to yourself: Who am I? Am I me? Who contro ls your life? Is it the little me that is doing it, or is it the big I that is controlling it all the time. And here we go to our scriptural saying, "Not I, my Lord, but Thee. I am not the doe r. Thou art the doer." So, let the "m" disappear from the m iserable life that most people live. But if you could conceive of the concept that "I am," and that is the isness of life. For the very, very realization of that "is" becomes His. Get rid o f all the "m's" and substitute the "m" by the "H." Now, you kno w how the "H" is balanced: two strokes down and one in the middle connecting the Absolute with the relative. So if we could really combine the Absolute with the relative by that littl e stroke in between, then we know the value of the "H" which is nothing else but Him. So we go through life suffering all kinds of miseries instead of Hiseries. Ah, new words for you dictionary: Hisery. Because you live the life in that Hisness. And that is the true meaning of history: His story, that is what you are enacti ng in life, His story. And yet you have the

2. U S 86 - 54 damn guts to say, "It is my story." Therein comes the value of true surrender to Divinity. And when life is lived in that Divinity, then it is not my story any more, it is His story and that is surrender. So if you can render your little I in surrender how much more happier can you not be, for that is the purpose of life. That is the realization which man has to achieve. And that very achievement is not because of you, but it is His achievement. Only thing whic h you have to do is give your ten percent and He does the ninety. And that is the value of surrender, where you say, "Look, you are the doer, not I. So you take the responsibility of making my life live in purity." So purity is not an assumption. Assump tions come from the mind but realization comes from the heart, and that is where He dwells. Don't we always say that the Kingdom of Heaven is within? But we involve ourselves always in externality. Thinking it is all outside of us, and yet not realizing that it's all within us. And to find that withinness we do our spiritual practices. There is nothing outside of anyone that could influence you, if you find the stability of that which is within yo u. Then you can say, "Oh, world, world, world, stay away. Go to bloody hell. You are not going to affect me because I am stabilized within me." That is the secret where you get rid of that "m" in me and become isery: you just are. And, being non grammatical at this moment, you are just is. You are that isne ss. And through that isness you'll find the essence of yourself, which is none else but Divinity. That is the path to happiness. That is the path to the glory of life. Not only g lory, but the glowingness of life. You glow in the glory which is you, inh erently you. It only requires a little realization of what you are made of, and then nothing, nothing, nothing can disturb you. To be disturbed in any way or in any matter comes from the mind, from the animal self that is there. Let it be there. Who c ares? But where is the importance to be laid upon? Not on the animal self, but on your Godly self. So misery disappears, turbulence disappears, and oneness comes within one's being. So just be in that ing. What does this mean? Ing? Hm? Ing. Yang a nd Ying. We call it Yan and Yin. I'm changing the words a bit. And when you are in that ying, the yang will follow you and it forms a perfect balance in life. We've formulated some new words: yang and ying. The ying is the art of life. And the yang is the guide, the protector of life itself, inspiring you to greater force and greater love in the ying. And then you will learn the song of life. And you will learn to sing, because of living truthfully the ying, then you can sing. Divine madness, but it 's so blissful. And it can bring so much joy that you can enjoy, because you have learned now to sing. For is life not just but a song? Hm? You have the various variations of life's song, but to express it and yo u can only do that if you sing. So there 's your yang and your ying. If you combine the two and you can sing. [Sings and translates] "Whenever, whenever you come into my thoughts you produce a smile on my lips." Do you see? It is the remembrance, the gurushakti, that can always put a smile o n your lips, on your face, and you can really then dance and sing. [SINGS] Now, that is the secret of life, and that is how life has to be lived to find that entire joy. Then you will sing. Life itself b ecomes a

3. U S 86 - 54 song and the expression will be in life' s song by singing the glory of life. But people fail to maintain that. Maintain? Good. But you have to attain to maintain, and that is done through spiritual practices. So, it is truly very simple. Just decide now at this moment to hell with it all, I am what I am, and no one can deny me the right of what I am. And when that realization comes to say what I am, another question will crop up and it would be this, "Who am I that calls myself what I am, that I am?" And there the quest really begins. The re not only the quest but the question begins with the realization of what I am, you ask, "Who am I to say what I am?" And you find that answer within yourself, and you will know the answer of what I am, and who I am. That is the discovery of life. Other wise, it's a waste of time. I'd rather take arsenic, get away from it all, if you cannot ask that question, "Who am I?" That is the quest and the question. And finding the answer you'd be so surprised that when that answer dawns on you, you will know for yourself who you are. And there would only be one answer to that question, that I'm not Gomi, I'm not Roopa, I'm not Vidya, I'm not Chetan, I'm not this one, that one, that one. The answer will be, "I am divine". And once that answer is realized that y ou are divine, you lose all the misery of life and you live in the isery of life. Then you will say, "Life is." How many people live life? Very few. They just exist. They don't live. Existence has no joy and neither any pleasure. None. You're an ani mal. But when you live you appreciate, understand, and enjoy all the beauty that is around you. Existence knows of no beauty at all. Existence is just existence: exit with assistance. You are going through the exit. Bu t to live is to enjoy everything in life, so beautifully so. Where every fragrance of this flower would be magnified to you a thousand fold and you would enjoy the fragrance more. You would enjoy the touch of your beloved so much more and more and more, because you are then living not e xisting. The rock exists, this hat exists. Does this hat know anything of life? [Putting on the hat he wore into the room.] It does not. I'm going to do it in a different way. In the corner, I thin k. Right there. Good. [Putting cigarette in the corn er of his mouth.] You are gangsters of life. More in the corner. [Referring to cigarette] You gangsters of life. You are robbing life of its true value. Live the life. (This corner now.) Live this life and add more to it, instead of robbing life of its true value. Do you see? And the true value of life can only be found by getting rid of the negativities that you feel, that surrounds you. There are no negativities at all in this world. Negativities are created by you, by your own mind, which is th e robber of life, gangsters! So, why must you allow all these thoughts to gang up upon you? Invite the gang, they will come. And that is why you are shot. And that shooting, or being shot and being hurt is because you have invited it. It does not come to you by itself. I have thousands of people around the world, thousand and thousands that love me because I create the atmosphere of loving. But if I had to create the atmosphere of hatred, then those very thousands will start hating me. So it is our ow n mental attitudes that are so important in finding the isery and moving away from the misery. And if you can love, the world will love you. And as the old saying goes, "The world loves a lover," always. It's always that way. And th e

4. U S 86 - 54 more we are connec ted to ourselves by our spiritual practices, we become so soft and gentle. And by doing that what happens is that we attract gentility and kindness towards us, which enhances our lives more. We blame the environment, huh? We are wrong in doing that. Th ink of ourselves, introspection, and see what we are and how we live. And by that you will know immediately what you are attracting. Do you see? So you are the focal point of attraction of the environment. You are the people that create the environment . The environment does not create you. People always seem to blame the environment, and this one hasn't been kind to me, and that one has been this that, that, that, that, that, that. Huh? No. You are the one that created it. If it's a rainy day or a sunny day, you're the one that has to appreciate the sun or the rain. And when you have that appreciation, the rain will not matter and neither the sun would matter, because you would view it with total equanimity and become acceptable to it [coughs] (Pa rdon). And it can only add extra joy to you. What's wrong with a beautiful sunny day? What's wrong with a cloudy day? What's wrong with a rain that falls upon you? You view it and accept it the way you can, and that will make life happier. Do you see? If someone says a bad word to you, what are you going to do? You react and bring forth greater hatred within you that "This son of a bitch said this to me." But if you look at it in a different way you can say, "The bad word was said to me. Isn't there a nything wrong with me to have attracted those bad words or unkind words?" If you look at it in that way the sting will be gone. And so she said that to me and perhaps I'm at fault. Ahh. And if you think you are not at fault, then what do you do? You do n't create hatred to the person, but you create forbearance and forgiveness: it's okay, she was in a bad mood. She said that. And by creating that feeling of forbearance and non hatredness, then you will find he or she will change their minds so quickly. And they themselves will regret that why did I say this to John, Jack, James, Tom, whoever? Because you are now accepting a weakness of someone else, and fulfilling that weakness by making it stronger by your love. And that is why Jesus said if someone slaps you on one cheek, offer the other cheek. Very simple. That's more than an hour now. How does this work here. ***END***


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