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1. U S 86 - 59 SURRENDER AND ECSTASY GURURAJ: Good. What shall we talk about this morning? Oh, from Joy. It's going to be deep and profou nd. Move that forward, that's it. So I can see you and not only listen to the words, but read your mind and heart at the same time. JOY: I feel that we are working on all of this already. But for clarity, I will still ask this question. Can you talk to us about two aspects of heart level, surrender and ecstasy? GURURAJ: Hmmm... They're both the same. Next question. [He laughs] When a person can really surrender oneself you are in ecstasy. You are in that sublime mode of that universal force, tha t power that flows through you, because you have surrendered to that power. And what is that power that you are surrendering to? The power is composed of Divinity itself. Now, surrendering means giving up yourself to that power. You could call it love, yo u could call it God, you could call it by any name you like, because it's all just labels. But how about surrendering to yourself and rendering all the dross, all the dirt, and all the filth that binds you? So true surrender is to get away from the bonda ge of the rubbish that you're involved in. And you're rendering, rendering, throwing aside, throwing it off, and in between the rendering comes surrendering. Because you could never surrender yourself to yourself if you do not put asunder all that dirt wh ich has gathered through millenniums. To put asunder, a sun der, and merge into the sun in asunder and surrender. For the sun only produces light. What else can the sun do but to produce light? So where is the sun? Not up there in the sky. But by surr endering you bring the light of the sun within your heart which renders away all the dross that is there, all the samskaras, all the karmas. What is a candle worth in the light of the sun? A candle would have its own particular meaning, of course. In a s mall little room the candle plays its part. But when the sun shines your little candle does not give the light, because there is an overpowering light that makes the little candle just, pfft. Do you see? So the choice is yours, is it not? Bring the sun into your lives and the candle can blow out in the wind, yet the sun will shine all the time. Did I say the sun? Is it s u n? It could also be s o n. Ahhh, that is where we have to reach. I talk of experience, because I was the son of the sun, of the sun, of the sun, of the sun, finding the glory of that light, s u n, the sun, the giver of light. The greatest symbol you could find in this world I'm not a sun worshiper, you know that, my teachings are universal but we can bring the light of the sun into our hearts, into our feelings, into our daily actions, into the way we behave, as a way we travel through life. For life is none else but a travel, a journey.

2. U S 86 - 59 And where are you journeying to? You're journeying to the unknown, the unknown factor. An d yet the unknown factor is the greatest reactor to your life. And this brings about the ecstasy of life. Ecstasy is a wonderful word: ec means I, and that t in between is the cross so that you can see ecstasy. So see. And what must you see? You must only see yourself, that's all. Mirror yourself in your mirror, or mirror yourself in your guru and see who you really are. Are. What you reall y are, and what does that "are" represent? It represents what you are. Are. And when you can find this, to kn ow what you really are, you will discover and feel the ecstasy of life and living instead of just existing. You have to exist. Of course, that is understood. But to be able to exist in what you really are, then you will understand the meaning of life. T hat I am, you are, because of the value of the existence that you have placed upon yourself. Existence has so many varied meanings. Are you existing in the same way as these flowers are existing? No. There is a differentiation because of your sense of duality. And yet we do reach a point when duality disappears and you could then really say, "I and the flower are none different." It is the same energy that flows through the flower and through you. The only difference is this, that the flower exists i n its own beauty giving off its fragrance. And yet what do people do? What fragrance do they give off in life, mother? What fragrance do they give off? The only fragrance that a human can give is love. That is not flower fragrance, but human fragrance of love. And that is the trouble in the world today. All these politics and all this struggle for supremacy. And America thinks it's greater than Russia, and Russia thinks it's greater than America, and they go on spending millions and millions and bi llions to keep up their supremacy, that's all. But how about shaking hand with hand and being together? Let us combine what you have invented or discovered, and this is what we have invented and discovered and share it together. And that very sharing is holding hand with hand instead of the strife and turmoil. We are in bad times, you know. We are. There's only one solution. It is to create in people that love. I was very tired last night and not feeling well. So I flopped down in someone else's bed . But the reaction I got was not good. "What right," she said, "to flop down in someone else's bed?" And yet, so pure. Understanding created by love. Do you see what I'm trying to get at? Love lights up everything. Then a few hours later, I only sle ep a few hours, you know, few hours later I was awakened. Woken up with so much endearment and love. It took a few hours for this particular person to realize that, my Guruji, my Preatam, is so pure. And that is what we need in this world, and that provi des the ecstasy. You are born through ecstasy. [laughter] You are born through ecstasy, and ecstasy would naturally create some pain because birth is painful. And that is what we are going through all the time in our minds. We want ecstasy. We want th at peaceful feeling, but remember at the same time there is also a lot of pain involved. And that pain is not in vain, it teach es us something. It teaches us the realization of ourselves, and by that you reach higher and higher levels of ecstasy.

3. U S 86 - 59 So many times in life, most times, we react to things which could never be consequential, I mean it has no solidity at all. But we keep on reacting to things brought about by our own imaginations. The mind, as I've said before, I don't know where, is a cu nning animal. The mind always tries to please itself. Yet the mind does not realize that the mind must not try to please itself, but to please the object of the one you love. You sleep with your wife. Huh? Right. Now, you're try ing very hard to pleas e her. That's what you think, this cunning animal. What you're actually doing is just trying to please yourself. So where's the surrender? And if there's no surrender there's no ecstasy. You see, people are so self orientated. That little stupid bitc h of an ego tries to fulfill itself. But fulfill another, your beloved. And I'm not talking of promiscuity, please understand that. Fulfill the object of your love, and you will automatically be fulfilled within yoursel f. That is surrender. That is the attitude of the mind that man has to develop man or woman, both ways. Rides a two way street, as I always say. So this lady that I was with was angry with me because I was tired and I just flopped away in another room. And then later she came to the realization that, that Preatam Preatam means beloved is so pure, without and guiles and just flowing, flowing, flowing, flowing the entire universe. And she came to that realization, and in the morning she woke me up, because did not sleep, not feeling too well, you know, she woke me up so, so beautifully and so gently and she said, "Shall I bring you a cup of tea?" So therefore in holy company your entire attitude would change like that [snaps fingers]. You change your thoughts and your mode of thinki ng. You become unconditioned that you were conditioned by a few hours ago. You start just loving all over again. Love is not continuous. Love works in cycles. It's like a filmstrip. I mean you've seen films, hm? You see a continuous action, but it's all divided up into frames with a gap in between. But putting it through the projector it seems a continuous action. That's how love works. So, our duty in life is to put the film of love through the projector of the mind and see it as a continuous action . Say a man or a woman is walking from that end of the room to that end. Do you know how many frames it takes? Quite a bit. The footage it takes. And if the walk is not proper you shoot it over and over and over again until the director of life, that o ne, that director, finds it to be perfect, smooth, and continuous in the projector of your mind. It's really simple, you know. Really simple, really. For every step you take is only one step at a time. You cannot take two steps at the same time, but you can create that continuity of a smooth lovely walk. Yet just one step at a time. And therefore that beautiful hymn, "Lead Thou Me On," one step at a time. One of you take a walk from that side to that side. Come on, come on, don't be shy. You must not be shy in front of your father. (Thank you very much.) You took exactly fourteen steps from there to there, but it was a continuous flow, continuous action. There was continuity. Therefore, in film production we have someone that sees to the continuit y. Do you see?

4. U S 86 - 59 Now to the real observer, he would not see how many steps you have taken, but he would observe that beautiful flow and yet know that there were fourteen steps. Do you see? So, that's how you combined rationality with that continuity. We keep on rationalizing things and forget the continuity that is there all the time. So, let life flow in that beautiful conti nuity that itself constitutes ecstasy. It's because we divide things up, we chop things up, that you forget the value of the flow of life, that continuity. (Do you see, dear?) And that is how life must go. Life started off as coming, but it is forever going. So, go. Go, go, go, go with the flow an d enjoy every moment of it, even in the coming and also in the going. And how far can you go? We imagine we are going here. We are going there and we are going so far away. No, no, no, no, no, no. You have come from nowhere and you are going nowhere. You just are, because life just is. But the art is this, that we have to underst and the meaning of what is. And what is? You. You are it. You are Divine. You are everything. As the old saying goes, if you can understand the constitution of one grain of sand, you can understand the whole universe. And yet, you've got billions an d billions of cells in you that composes you. Try and understand one grain. Try and understand one cell of your being and you will understand it all. It's like a holograph. Holograph? Holograph picture. The entire picture can be broken up and you just have a tiny, teeny weeny bit of it, and the entirety of the picture would be reflected in that teeny weeny bit. Do you see? How many times have you really observed yourself? No, you're only looking into the mirror to do your make up and do your shaving or whatever bullshit. Yeah. But have you ever observed when looking in the mirror a single pore on your face or whatever, and seen that little pore on your face or a little pimple on your face that I am contained... my entirety i s contained in this littl e pimple? How simple. [LAUGHTER] I've gone on a bit too long, have I? Don't want to stretch your brains, they might burst. [LAUGHTER] VIDYA: Do you want to check on people's midnight experiences? GURURAJ: Oh, we could spend a few moments on that. A nyone would like to make any comment on it? I know Sunita mentioned a few words. Would you like to start if off, get the ball rolling? That's what we need in life. To get life's bal l rolling. Otherwise you're static and stationary. SUNITA: Namaste. G URURAJ: Namaste, beloved.

5. U S 86 - 59 SUNITA: When I first began meditating I started up with a prep mantra so I could feel the vibration. The vibrations were very strong anyway. GURURAJ: Push that thing up so they can hear you, yeah. SUNITA: And so I rememb er just getting very, very deep. feeling so much grace and then, I don't know if it's called superimposed, but there are many frames where Guruji just lifted out of the bed, just kind of came out from the bed from where he was laying and just stood up. B ut I was there too, because I was... I was one and one with him, with the heartbeat. And then we started to walk out in the hall and the first room we saw was Priya's and there were just so many... GURURAJ: This was not physical, it was in that experien ce? SUNITA: Yes. Yes. GURURAJ: Good. SUNITA: And we walked into Priya's room and there was so much energy just flying all over the room. It was really neat. There were so many colors and it was just bouncing everywhere. And so then we walked down the hall a little more, and I remember it was so, so nice because I was walking, I was myself in the feeling that I, okay, I'm separate, but I was as one with Guruji as I was walking along the heartbeats were together and the more I thought, "No, this is crazy," the more it became real and I could feel the flesh. Well, we walked a little bit further and saw someone else. And then I remember the energy was ascending up, up, up and there were just massive amounts of white birds just flying everywhere, just everywhere. And then we went higher and th ere was a brighter light, real bright light, and it was so nice. I thought, "No, no, no this isn't real, but so beautiful. And then I, he said, "Ah, it is real." And I just sat there for just, you know, i t was so beautiful, and because I just wanted to stay right there. And we were together, Guruji and I were. And then I returned back to my mantra and we were walking down the hall again and giving more blessings. And then that was it. It was very beautiful.

6. U S 86 - 59 GURURAJ: Beautiful. [He laughs] Good, g ood. Now, that came about because of the power of gurushakti, where she felt the throbbing of my heart in her heart and it merged together. That is what people need. The mergence of the relative with the Absolute. Beautiful. Thank you. Nice. Next. Ah , Jasuti, dear. Namaste. JASUTI: Namaste. With my midnight experience it started off with a gentle itching to my head and my chest. And when I touched these areas my skin was so very soft that a wonderful swirling effect set into my upper body. And I felt so light, and I had the sensation of starting to float out of my body. GURURAJ: Aha, very good. JASUTI: Then a deep discomfort set into my eyes, and then a tingling sensation set into my right leg and moved up my body. And when I awoke this morn ing my eyes were puffy and swollen, as if I had cried all night. And the pain in my body has since increased. GURURAJ: Wonderful. [laughter] Very, very, good. Very beautiful. The tears that welled up in your eyes, crying all night, is because of you r yearning to find Divinity, yes, and therefore your eyes got puffed up because of those tears. And it has taken quite a few years for you to achieve that. Good! I'm glad. Nice, nice. And yet, behind it all there was a sense of peace there. Yes? JAS UTI: Oh, yes. GURURAJ: And that peace comes from the heart, not from the mind. Very nice, very good, very good. I could go on this for hours, really. The mechanics of it, you know? Next. VOICE: Beloved Guruji, thank you for your love. Last night y ou spoke of pain and pleasure in the satsang. And again this morning you spoke of love and the pain and pleasure. In the night I lit a candle and put in front of the candle a photograph of the object of my love. I do not have a photograph of you. As I gazed into the light for a very long time, I was also gazing into the face of the object of my love. After awhile when I shut my eyes and I just sat quietly, your voice began to flow in my mind. And you spoke to me of the pain and the pleasure of loving. You said so many things and it was so beautiful and so clear, and a part of me wanted to start writing it down, but I didn't want to stop the voice in my

7. U S 86 - 59 mind. I didn't want to stop hearing you and so I didn't write anything down. I just trusted that I would remember what I needed to remember. And I thank you for this chance to share with you, and with everyone, that the essence of the message was, "The surrendering to loving another always involves the pleasure and the pain." You also said to me, "It was I who was loving you. It was I who was giving you pleasure. It was I who was giving you pain. You have learned the lesson well. You will be my teacher." And I'm so afraid to be your teacher, but I know the truth is I have learned my lesson well. I love you, Guruji. GURURAJ: I love you, too. You know that. Good. You know Siddhartha, Buddha [END SIDE ONE] after his various penances under the Bodhi tree, all that, he left there. He went to all the extremes, living in those palaces, right , and going through severe austerities he found the middle road, and then he met this lady in whose garden he lived, [Anerkali?]. And when they were together Buddha said to her, after all this he said to her, "Teach me to love." And yet he was love himsel f. What he was doing there and drawing out of her is how to teach her to love, but he started off by saying, "Teach me to love." Surrender. True masters teach in so many different ways. They could ask you, "Give me a slice of bread." Meanwhile, they'r e actually feeding you with that bread. These teachings are very deep, and thanks to Divinity so that I could give it to you all very very simply, so at least you could understand a bit of it. And you could always catch up by getting some tapes, I think. Terry's in charge of it. Always get some tapes and listen to it again. When you slap a child it's not always registered by using one strike. Do it two or three times, it registers better. So listen to the tapes a few times over again, and you will fin d deeper and deeper meaning in it. You will. The mind is also like the film which we described. And a thought can only last for eight seconds and then the mind wavers, that gap in the frames of the film, and then you bring it back. That is the process o f thought and that is how the mind works, never more than eight seconds at a time. So you've got to keep the projector going all the time to make the film run. It has been my experience, and I've done over five thousand lectures all over the show, that ma ny people just get carried away by the sound of my words. And later when they are more settled at home they listen to the tapes and then they say, "Oh, is this what Guruji said?" It's a very common occurrence. It happens all over: in Denmark, in Spain, in Ireland, in England, everywhere. What the mechanics are of this, you listen to a very catchy tune, tune? Tune? Tune? How do you say it in Americanese? Tune, right, yeah. You listen to a catchy tune, but you are not catching all the words. You get involved in the music, the rhythm, and later when you listen again you catch the words of the tune. So, you tuners, it's time for your lunch. Unless there's another one more experience from anyone that would like to talk of it and then we end this morning 's session. Don't be shy. Don't be shy. Don't be shy. No need to be shy of your father.

8. U S 86 - 59 PAT: Guruji. GURURAJ: Namaste. PAT: The first thing that happened was that I heard bells in my left ear, and then I was sitting up and I sort of felt kind of numb. Like my whole body just felt numb. And then my heart felt as if there was a wave within my heart, and it was about three times. It was like a movement, like a wave. And then my body shook. It shakes. And after some time I had the feeling to lie down, so I lay down. And again my whole body felt, it wasn't numb, because there was... it felt like there wa s no feeling at all in my whole body. Completely nothing. And then I had a feeling of moving, of my body lifting and moving. This happened several times and I never stopped... my mantra never stopped the whole time, it seems, and I didn't drift off into thought. And when I did awaken or whatever open my eyes it had been like an hour. And I didn't hear... some people said they were laughing in the halls and stuff around that time and I didn't hear anyone. That's it. GURURAJ: Beautiful. Beautiful experience. I'll tel l you what happened there, that for that period you were in your meditation I lifted away your body consciousness, because by lifting away your mental consciousness that is why you never heard all the noise going on in the hall. And lifting away your body consciousness and people are very conscious of their bodies lifting it away I brought you to the core of yourself, which is the superconscious self where nothing can bother you, no noise in the hall and nobody; you're in that superconscious state and s o close to God. Very good, very good. Good. I think we can go on and on, but I don't suppose we should. ***END***


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