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1. U S 86 - 60 COMMUNION GURURAJ: Some cough drops for whoever's coughing. I haven't got it here with me I changed my pants. Any question you want to talk about? Come on. Don't need to be shy of your father. I was suffering from fever the whole afternoon. Change of climate I suppose. Who cares? The greatest question which would be in your heart is this: what is the secret of happiness? The secret is an open secret because you cannot find happiness without being happy. So to find your personal happiness, as you would concei ve it to be, is to become yourself, and becoming yourself you find the togetherness of yourself which constitutes the happiness of yourself. From there the question would arise, how do I constitute the energies within myself? How do I gather together all those scattered energies within myself? How do I do that? And the way to do that is realizing one factor: that I've never been apart or separated. The separation has occurred through the thought processes that I have gone through. And that very process has produced separation instead of reparation. So what we need in life is to repair. Repair, huh? To come back into that "pair" within ourselves, within that which is separated, which we have created within ourself. So "re" means again. To form the p air within ourselves of the Absolute and the relative self of your self. That is the meaning of reparation: to be able to repair. Why do you go to doctors, psychiatrists, and psychologists is just to repair yourself, so they could help you in bringing yo urself that is a pair, P A I R. That's why you go to these professionals doing that kind of work in the medical fraternity, to which I too belong. And when you find you do not need reparation, you will find the preparation of meeting yourself. And you are too damn afraid to meet yourself as you really are. The preparation comes through your meditational practices. That's understood. So preparation precedes reparation, and reparation precedes the togetherness which is the repairment of yourself. You' re perfectly pure as you are, but you've destroyed... like your shoes broken your heels, you bloomin' heels. So you need to go to the shoemaker to fix them up. But if you had walked carefully through life, then the reparation repair ation would have n ot been needed, for the broken heel you heal. So we create everything that is to be created within yourself, by yourself, for the Divinity in you is forever perfect. But not realizing the perfection within yourself you suffer all the diseases of infectio n and not enjoy the perfection. It's so simple. Yet, with these few words, let us get on, darling, with our program today. VIDYA: [inaudible] GURURAJ: Yah, and what about the marriage first? Okay, come.

2. U S 86 - 60 [Next on video is Terry and Margarette's wedd ing. It has not been transcribed.] [Next he initiates Sunita, someone I don't know, Joy, Shamiya, and Jasuti, but there is no sound.] [What follows is the continuation of communion.] To leave life and abound in the beyond is the greatest achievement of hu manity. For you are going there transversing the entire universe, and you're experiencing all the aspects of the vastness of the universe. And you say to yourself, where was I? After seeing all that and you say to yourself, I was nowhere. I was here and I was there and I was everywhere simultaneously. Life abounds not in portions or sections, life abounds in total oneness, where here or there and everywhere just becomes a moment. And you float in that moment, and that very moment is eternity. Eternity ha s no time at all. Eternity is just there in that very moment when you can flow in eternity; otherwise you would measure it linearly, which means nothing at all. Because all linear measurements come from the mind, but not of spiritual experience. I know t he times when I lived in the Himalayas with great sages, and we used to float away. We would be gone for days and days and days. We used to go through fasts of 21, 30 days things and nothing bothered us. For the reason is this, we were not there. Neit her here and neither there and just nowhere. In that nothingness, as I said to you before, I think, just being everywhere. So here in that state (Oh, thank you. [drinking]) you capture the essence of Divinity. And where from duality from the living st ate of life you rise up in unity, not duality, but unity in that consciousness of unity, unified consciousness. And even Shakespeare did not know about that. He mentioned it, the unified field, but he never experienced that. It's only masters that could experience it true masters. They would talk about it, but what experience do they have of it. Life is not made only of thought processes. They do have a function, for without thought processes you could never live. How could my physician look after m e without going through thought process or analyzing? It is necessary. But the greater process comes from deep within. (You stop yawning or get out. Take a glass of water.) It comes from a far deeper level that even transcends the heart level within yo urself, for the heart level only knows of emotions and feelings. I'm telling you of things that go beyond these emotions and feelings, where you enter the realm of neutrality. There are no emotions, there are no feelings, and you become one with that whi ch is divine. You, becoming one with Divinity, you become Divinity. You see that lovely word "become." Be, be, be; and come, come, come: become. The spiritual path is not always easy. As Vivekananda has said, as I told you before, I think, is a path of heroes. You've got to be brave. And you've got to learn to stand on your feet. By learning to stand on your feet you are merged away, gone away into divine ecstasy. And that will bring you greater joy. I am only trying to provide you with knowledge, un derstanding of the ecstasy. And giving you your practices how to experience that ecstasy, because the knowledge of

3. U S 86 - 60 the mind is not enough. It has to form the connection with the heart. The mind and the heart operating together. Will one of you go out tomorrow to the shops, if there any nearby, and bring me a whole bundle of wire so I can give you a piece and tie up your mind with your heart [laughs]. You don't need any screws because as you are you are screwed up. The job is to untie the screws and br ing that release through which you are screwed, oh, you screwing bums. I think we'll need a longer piece of wire and connect it up to the bum as well [laughs]. So when the mind and the heart can cooperate and work in harmony, you'll find such a total, tot al difference. And then you have the armory to tackle life's problems. Not by bullshitting yourselves, but having the armor. If a machine guns, or whatever you call it, I don't know anything of this, to shoot away and fire away at the problems of life t hat you yourself has created and which you have to fire away at. And then you become pure. Simple understanding. Kind, compassionate, and all loving. So striving becomes strifeless. And there's no strife left if you are strifeless, and life and love just flows naturally. Naturally it flows with nature itself, so therefore, it is natural. Naturally what is the ally? Huh? The alley of life th rough life which would flow with nature, and that alley could become so beautiful and not filled with the ru bbish cans you have in the alley. And that's how you clean it up. Where, with nature, flowing naturally, through the alley of life beautifully. All th e dirt is gone. There is no dirt. Why go through the valley when there, around the corner, is the alle y? Why go through folly when life could be lived fully and not in folly? So be foolish. But if you study the word "foolish," be a fool in "ish." "Ish" means Ishvara: Divinity. So let me be a fool in my Ishvara, my deity. For there would be the joy in the fool I am because I am connected with ish Ishvara: foolish. Why not form that connection? Be a fool you have the right to be one because you were born bloody fools. But connect yourself with that ish Ishvara: Divinity. So when a fool combines hi mself or herself with Divinity, then that "F" bloomin'"F," it's such a funny word, it stands for so much and disappears. And what would remain? That "oolish" remains because the "F" stands for you being out of your mind. But take the "F" away. That's fucking nonsense. And when you become the "ool", that "F", huh, that "F" loses that middle stripe and becomes a "T." And you become the tool of ish. You become the tool of Ishvara. You become the tool of Divinity. That is how you find happiness. So i t's just the rubbing off that little line in between of the "F." Instead of being a fool, become a tool. I suppose we all have that don't we. We are all the tools of Divinity. It's just to know and recognize that we are the tool and how it is to be use d wisely, so that we could enjoy the ish of the tool that we are. It could happen like that, in a swish. Wish for that, but more than that just practice it. Where's my electrician? [GR takes off microphone.]

4. U S 86 - 60 SANDHYA: It's stuck on your [inaudible]. GURURAJ: Wish with a swish. It is not difficult. SANDHYA: Did they take your shoes and hide them? ***END***


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