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2. U S 87 - 1 the entire universe can go back into their original self. And that is what the Eastern scriptures talk about when they say, "the night of Brahma." That is the night of Brahma, when a total balance takes place, and the active forces reach such a high level of vibration that all seems just still, and like a top spinning at very high speed would seem still to you, but yet it is spinning, it is there. So, the three qualities that constitute things like sattva, rajas, and tamas would always be there, but all the conflicts we find in the universe around us or in us is because those three elements are not at balance, and not having that perfect balance, they war against each other, which we know as conflicts within us. And it is necessary for evolution. The contraction and the expa nsion both are equally necessary, for the one cannot exist without the other. So, here in your egg you'll find the white, and you will find the yellow in the egg. And in its own process within itself, t he yellow is influencing the white and the white is i nfluencing the yellow. It's a very subtle motion that is forever there, and everything else cannot exist at all without motion. Motion is that which makes the world go round. So, if we accept motion, which we have to accept, we, at the same time, accept the conflicts as well; because it is only the conflicts that could produce motion, and motion in turn produces a conflict, like the egg producing the hen and then the hen producing the egg. So, it is a cycle which goes on and on and on. So here we find the egg still exists in the chicken, the acorn exists in the oak tree, and the entire oak tree exists in the acorn. If it did not exist in the acorn there would be no tree at all. So, that is the goal of life, that we go back to the original source that we are. The Big Bang took place so many millions and millions of years ago, where, when everything was sucked up into the black hole, where even it would not even exude any light. But before the black hole there were white holes too, and they still do e xist. So, the universe, itself, also runs in cycles. It goes in a stage of pralay but to explode again. At this very moment there are thousands of stars even bigger than the sun that are exploding now. And all the little bits that explodes from a star creates new worlds, new solar systems, new galaxies. So, it is always an on going process. If it was not on going, then you could say the universe will be destroyed, and there is no destruction at all. So, matter too, if you reach the finest point of ma tter, which is still even more finer than the atom itself, is there, was there, and forever will be there, and so your egg and chicken will also be there forever. A friend of mine was speaking to a swami. Now, swamis are renunciates, and the swami told th is man, "Why do you eat lamb and chicken?" So I was listening in, so I said, "Swamiji, you might not understand this man too well, but he is eating recycled grass." Do you see? What I'm trying to say is that matter, the same matter, can exist in a great variety of forms. Even man is born from an egg. The very womb has the shape of an egg. The embryo. Do you see?

3. U S 87 - 1 So, there's nothing else but egg, egg, egg, egg, egg, all the time and everywhere. Do you see? So, the egg was the source. If you can stan d apart from the universe, the universe looks like an egg. In Sanskrit it is called hiranyagarbha. Garbha means womb, the golden womb that produced all creation. Do you see? So birth must be there, but death is never there. Just a beautiful transformati on occurs. Then you are born again after having your rest period, in a different dimension. But you are not destroyed. You are alive in that dimension. You discard the body as you would discard the shell of the egg. Yes. And the body goes back to its original elements. But that which is you, the jivatman... Now, jivatman means that your soul and your mind exists in a different dimension to take a rebirth again. And you take on another form in another life, or the life after this life, you take a for m. We have been evolved from primates and yet they are still looking for the missing link. How did the ape man become the human man? Now that missing link will never be found, because the transformation takes place in a totally different dimension. There fore, try as they might, the missing link will never be found. Because science has not reached that level of subtlety yet. They've only gone as far as subatomic matter, but when they go further still there will still be sub, sub, sub, sub, atomic matter, and there is no end to it. And then we reach a stage which is called the spirit. But spirit is also matter. What you might call material, I would call spiritual. And therefore, looking at it from that angle, the spirit is e ternal. Now, I don't know if I've told you this before, but there is a difference between spirit and soul. Many people confuse the issue. They think the soul is the spirit, and the spirit is the soul. It is not so. The soul is composed of the energy giv en by the spirit, and its main constituent, the main constituent of soul is your thought formations and your impressions that you have gained, and those impressions are never destroyed. Wrong impressions you will discard, but they will go to another person that is in that stage a nd strengthen the negativity that is in the other person, and your positive impressions will go to someone who is very positive, and his positivity would be heightened far greater. That is why we say that let the mind not think of negative thoughts becaus e you are doing a great disservice, not only to yourself, because you suffer by negativity, but you're also making someone else more negative because that person has negativity in him, and your thought forces are strengthening the negativity in the other p erson. And the same applies to positivity. So, by positive ways of thinking we are not only helping ourselves, but you are helping someone else. Every thought, every word that is spoken, is never destroyed, and I might have told you that even a poet when he composes a beautiful poem he has not created that poem, or a musician composing a piece of music, he has not created that music. That music is there all the time, but what the poet or musician has done is tuned his mind to a higher vibration and caugh t the thoughts that are floating around all the time. Yes.

4. U S 87 - 1 You do not get possessed by the thoughts. You don't channel out anything. It's impossible. There are no such things as another entity possessing you and talking through you. No such thing. But seeing that thoughts are forever floating around unembodied, you would have the ability to draw from that storehouse. Because where is that storehouse ultimately but in your superconscious mind? It exists nowhere else. For there is only one universa l mind and you can definitely tap into it. You go beyond the conscious and the subconscious to the level of the superconscious, which is the one mind, and that is the first emanation from the Emanator. The Emanator, or you can call Him God, He never crea ted this world. The boy could not help it. It was an automatic emanation. The flower cannot help giving off fragrance, but it is its nature. So, there is no creator, but He just is. That energy just is. Neither male nor female to bring about this uni verse. Like the egg, which is none else but an emanation of certain forces that formulated it as an egg. The story of Noah and his ark and taking a pair of each and every animal there to maintain the species. That is also very symbolic. There's no facts to prove that at all. Do you see? So, as we have emanated through a process of evolution, so has the egg also been emanated through the very process of evolution. Of course, man has reached a far higher stage than the egg and the chicken as well, becaus e we have been given the thinking ability; not given, we have created it ourselves, as we evolved more and more and more. So, we too are emanators of thought forms. So, where's the difference between you and the egg and God? No difference. All at differ ent stages. There are no lies at all, only progressing from a lower truth to a higher truth depending upon your own personal awareness, and the awareness is limitless. You can encompass the entire universe. You can be everywhere at the same time. That is where our meditation takes us, for the sincere seeker, through his practices, perseverance, and carrying on. And you reach there, you reach that stage where you are just aware. You reach the stage of total knowingness. And in that knowingness the grea test realization that dawns upon you is this, that you and I are one. We are not apart. We are all based on that one universal mind, which is the superimposition upon divinity. So, divinity emanated first the mind. We talk of God's will, that is not tru e. No such thing as God's will. No, because God is mindless. Although the mind is emanated from Him, and yet He can remain in the status of non being, while the mind is being. And knowing that, you can easily realize the personal God and the impersonal God. The impersonal God from which everything has come is a totally neutral energy, but that neutrality is lost to us because we are involved in emanation and not the Emanator. And that is where we find the mind. And then from that one supreme mind we na rrowed ourselves and start calling it individual mind. And what is the individual mind? Nothing else but your own personal thought formations, which comes from the super mind the universal mind. You see? Now if you come from the one universal mind you c an reach back to the universal mind. And that is what is done in prayers. You don't pray to the impersonal God, you pray to the universal mind, which is the personal God. And even so in

5. U S 87 - 1 meditation, you reach the universal mind and then you go into the im personal God and that is the void in which you enter. And you become so at one with the impersonal God that you yourself become that energy that sustains the entire universe, and that is true mergence. You merge into the impersonal knowing of no separati on at all, and that's called love. You have to reach the impersonal level to know the totality of love. People talk of love, but they talk of a very limited love. And the highest level they could reach is the love that flows from the superconscious mind . But you can still reach higher. And then you do not love any more. You become love. For that energy of the impersonal is none else but love. Therefore love cannot be definable, because the impersonal God is also indefinable. That is the true realit y. That is the true reality, the highest level of reality. Now, what to you is real, the egg or the chicken? Both. Both are real. People talk of illusions. This reality that we live in is no illusion. If this is a chair, and I know it's a chair, I admit it's a chair. But at the same time I do realize that t he re is a force that's holding all the molecules of this wood together. So, we see the invisible sap that gives these flowers its own form of life. But it is there, and if we do not see, if we cannot see the invisible sap, that does not mean it is non exis tent. And therefore we talk of supreme existence. Therefore we talk of absolute bliss, absolute existence, and absolute knowledge, which is in the power of each and every one. You have that already in yourself. You have the totality of all wisdom within you. But the conscious mind is so limited, so limited, so only a little of that vast knowledge comes through. So, when the conscious mind starts opening itself more and more then you draw more and more from that infinite source. So, even the conscious mi nd can reach the entire universe, and this is something new I am telling you. They say the finite mind cannot comprehend the infinite mind, but that's only part of it. The so called finite mind can also be made infinite. So, within a ll these layers, con scious, subconscious, superconscious, they can all be extended into limitlessness. And I might have told you this before, that this three pound brain that we have has twelve billion cells. Twelve billion. And we are only using on e millionth part of that twelve billion cells. No wonder it's limited. Do you see? Even Einstein, it is said, used only about eight percent of his brain power. Not a hundred percent. Because once you awaken the mind and you become aware of the hundred percent of your mind, t hen there is no knowledge at all that could remain beyond you. Everything is known. So, what is there, as the Upanishads would say, what is there by knowing which everything else is known? To find the spirit, forever there, to realize that spirit, to bec ome one with that spirit, and you are in the land of all wisdom and all bliss, and joy, joy, joy, penetrates even every cell of your body. And where is th e universal mind to be found? Within you. All these different systems we have in our little body, th at also is part of the

6. U S 87 - 1 universal mind. There are many systems over which people do not have any control. The automatic systems within us. But control could be had. Control could be had. I should have been dead when I was fifteen, but I'm still alive and kicking. That's what the doctors said, and even today doctors are surprised how I manage to live. They just can't believe it. Sugar diabetes, an open heart operation, and you name it, non malignant cancer, you name it. You can throw the whole book at me, but I still live. Why? Because I am one with that source of all energy. Do you see? So, it is possible that you can extend your life. Many theologians believe that when you are born your date is written down already when you are going to die. That is a lie. It's not true. Your date is never written down. You write your history. You write your ending. For you have written your beginning. That is why you can write your ending. You took this present form now. You were the author of the beginning , so you would also be the author of the ending. Yes. For you that are the spirit was, is, and always will be without an end. And if it is without any end, then it has no beginning. The only seeming beginning that you find is when you change from one b ody to another body to another body. Then you say a child is born. The child was ever there. It only took the human form for a purpose: to evolve still further more until it finds Godhood, finds the infinite. Many lifetimes can be involved in reaching t here, it does not matter. You, being the author of your own history, you can expedite meeting the beloved by catching a jet plane instead of a donkey cart. Most people ride around in donkey carts. No wonder the progress is so slow. And yet we all know jet planes are available. So, get onto my jet of love and let me fly you to the moon and further still. The moon is just around the corner. Yes, it is. So, how far can you go? From here to here. Everything is just here. It's just to cognize and rec ognize it over and over and over again until it becomes the melody of your life, and you just keep on humming it away in so much joy and so much ecstasy. Then you will know, really know, that the egg came before the chicken. Yes, yes. I wish I could lift you all up and take you there. For what I can experience, all of you definitely can experience, too. No one man has the monopoly of finding unity consciousness, the unified field. No one has the monopoly. Because everyone is the owner. After all, ever yone is but one. So, when you talk of one owner of the universe, you are it. You are not a part of the universe, you are the entire universe. The egg is the entire chicken, though unborn as it might be, that also takes time to grow until it gets hatched. So, we all require hatching. Yes. But you got to do your part. With your little beak you got to try and break the shell to come out when you are ready. But if you have a good guru, someone that knows his onions, he'll help tapping the egg a bit and mak ing it easier for you; because he could hear, ah, the chicken is ripe now and ready to come out and he can hear his little beak or whatever you call it tapping from inside and he taps from outside. But he has to be very careful not to tap too hard or else it will become an omelet. We want the chicken not the omelet.

7. U S 87 - 1 So, you see, you chickens, that's where you have to be. Oh, there's some more of my chickens coming. Namaste. Namaste. If you view things, if you look at things from the perspective I'm givi ng you, believe you me, life could be entirely transformed. For you are the product of total beauty, total, total beauty. There's nothing ugly about anything. If divinit y is regarded to be beauty, then its manifestation is beautiful, too, but we have to see it. I lived in a home once where there was a tree, and it had a very awkward shape. And a friend of mine, a very good friend, said, "Guruji, why don't you cut off this tree. Cut it away." So I explained to him the beauty of the tree. Look at the abstract art that lies in the seeming ugliness, and when I went further into details showing him the beauty of this awkward tree, he started realizing that it is beautiful. Then about three months later when we met again, I says, I was teasing him really, I says, " I'm going to cut down that tree." So, he says, "No, no, no, it is too beautiful. Do not cut it down." A matter of understanding or seeing th e beauty. Beautiful, abstract art. That is what life is all about. But you yourself must be abstracted to know the beauty of the abstraction. So, you do not obstruct the abstract. Just change the"o" into an "a" and there you are. The work is done. For our friends that came a bit late the subject tonight was, which came first, the chicken or the egg? A very age old question and I explained to them that the egg came first and why it came first and how it came first. You can always pick it up on the tape. Fine. Nearly an hour I've been jabbering away? Good. Any more eggified questions? No. Now don't ask me how to make an omelet. BALDEV: We were just asking what was the first way they were eaten? GURURAJ: Why they were, sorry? I didn't catch you there. BALDEV: We were being facetious. We were wondering what was the first way an egg was eaten ? GURURAJ: The way how the first egg was eaten? It was a boiled egg. Yeh. No, no, no, first it was sucked raw, sorry, and when fire, when people started realizing fire, and then they started boiling it. They started toasting it, rather, first . And t hen they said, " Wait, let's try putting in some water. In the pot." ROOPA: We have an egg question.

1. U S 87 - 1 WHICH CAME FIRST, THE CHICKEN OR THE EGG? JAGRITI: Guruji, can you answer the age old question of what came first, the chicken or the egg? And could you explain the metaphysical meaning behind that? GURURAJ: Why not? That is an age old question that has never been answered, what came first the chicken or the egg? Now the argument had always been that if the egg was first, then who laid the egg? And if the chicken was first, where did the egg come from to create the chicken? The answer is this, that the egg came first and not the chicken. The reason being that through the entire process of evolution when we had that Big Bang, and all of you know of the Big Bang theory, the power and the energy tha t was generated made the eggs. And there was not only one egg that was made, but as those energies shot out, so many eggs were created. Because, in the process of evolution, there has to be a life force. And the similar thing would be, who came first, th e man or the woman? They came simultaneously into being through the very same process. So, in the egg there was life from the beginning. But the difference is this, that it was an unlaid egg. It created itself. In other words, it was the causeless cause , like everything else in the universe. Right from the primal amoeba many forms of life started developing. For there has always been life. There has never been, at any time since beginless time, if you would like to put it that way, where life has not been. So, life has always been ever existent. The theory about Adam and Eve that God made Adam, and then from his eleventh rib Eve was made that is perhaps very symbolic. There's no truth in it. Why relegate a woman to that lowly position of being made from a rib? So, all creation came about simultaneously, first in the form of energy, and that energy combining itself with other energies in the universe formed different combination to produce different products. So, how old is the egg? The egg is as old as the primal energy, which is ageless. And in the development of the egg the egg hatched and so the chicken came about. And yet in the chicken there was a male and a female counterpart, even in the primal egg. Like, for example, in a man or a woma n, there is some woman in a man, and there is the other way around, too, where there is a man existing in the woman, but naturally man being man the qualities in him were more dominant, therefore, he's a man; and the woman, her particular qualities were do minant, so she became a woman. Do you see? So, always do remember that the egg came first and not the chicken. Now, everything we see around us, as I've said before, we have life. Nothing exists without life, for life itself is existen ce, and therefore, I've said this before, that there could never be death. Death is just but a transformation of your physical being and going back into its original elements: water to water, and fire to fire. The five basic elements that constitutes

8. U S 87 - 1 GURURAJ: Egg question. Right. ROOPA: Why do we scrambled our eggs and why do we seem to enjoy it? GURURAJ: Scrambled eggs? ROOPA: Um hm. GURURAJ: Okay. The reason why you enjoy scrambled eggs is because you feel deep down within your mind that you are scrambled, which means fragmented. Therefore, you would like something that could represent you. That's why you would prefer scrambled eg gs instead of boiled eggs. I personally would not like to eat hard boiled eggs because it gives me constipation. [he laughs] I know most of you must be tired after long journeys, so tomorrow we really get stuck into things. **** END ****


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