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2. U S 87 - 29 Realize experientially within yourself. And in that experience lies the meaning of existence, my beloveds. It is, to repeat again, in your experiential self you will find existence. But then you will ask again and again, wh o am I? What am I? Why do I exist? What is the meaning of it all where there is no meaning to anything which you think you mean. For being so involved in your little ego self you think that is your totality. In a lecture a couple of days ago I quoted D escartes: "I think, therefore I am." Bloomin' idiot. If he was here I would kick his damn ass. I think, therefore I am. It is a total misconception. I am, and therefore I think, and how far does your thoughts go, huh? How far does it go? I've been telling you guys so many times there are 12 billion cells in this three pound of a brain box and you are only using 1 millionth part of 12 billion. So how much are you thinking? Huh? What a pity I did not meet Einstein. His theory of relativity. He was not a self realized man to know the meaning of relativity. For to truly know the meaning of relativity you've got to know the meaning of Absolutivity... new word for you. So both of these are so combined together that when you find the truth of relative ly which is true to yourself in its own relative sense, then you'll find the truth of the Absolute. Now what do we do? We try and combine the Absolute with the relative. And if that combination is formed through your own realization, you will truly know the value of existence. For existence can never exist by itself. There is that absolute force that will make you really to realize yourself, and then you can say that I exist. Not because I think I exist. I am t hat which I am. Yaweh, Yaweh. And withi n that amness you combine the I ness in the am ness. Ahha! That is the meaning of existence. Why must I exist? Why must you exist? Why not exit: E X I T. Exit. But no, you want to enter the door of your heart. And what does your heart really mean ? I'm coming to the other question. Your heart is not your personality. It could never be. Because your personality is so mixed up in your thought formations, thought formulations. But the heart is the core of your very being. And when you find the co re of your very being, you will find your being, which is non separate from my Father. That is your being. That's the truth. That is existence. And when through various evolutionary processes, you churn and churn and churn within your mind, getting rid o f the samskaras, you'll get rid of all impressions that have been implanted in your mind through various experiences of this or other lifetimes. So you have a conscious mind which tries to analyze everything. Then you have the subconscious mind which con tains all these impressions created by none else but by you. But another little step further is the superconscious level of yourself. You have the conscious mind, the subconscious mind, and the superconscious mind. The conscious mind has so much dirt. An d the subconscious mind has more dirt too. But the superconcious mind is like the clear window through which that sunlight could be seen. So then what happens to you, you become filled with light and that is the core of your heart and not this muddled mi nd that is only made of thought formations as I said before.

3. U S 87 - 29 So that is how we reach to purity. For in the beautitude of purity, you will find that love just welling up within thee. And welling up in that love that exists within thee, you will find the pe ace which is your inherent right. But what do they do? They mess themselves up in the ego self. I'm going to wear this suit tomorrow, or that dress the next day. I'm going to a party and you start bothering yourself about it, although the party is stil l two weeks away, huh. So where are you? I was telling some of my chelas that you live in the past because your mind is filled with things of the past, hm. Of what Uncle John said to me, and you worry, worry, worry. Uncle John insulted me. So now your mind goes twirling on and on and on. And there is another process that's involved here. Because of that past, you project it into the future. So where does that get you, my beloved? In the past and in the future. So where are you? Live in the present in this moment because this moment is eternity and this moment is the totality of all existence. So simple, really. Use the word "nowhere." OK. Just shift that "W" now here. That is where you have to exist, that is your being. That is your existen ce. That is the core of yourself and not your imagined personality. Ask any man or woman here in our meeting hall. They look in the mirror in the morning shaving or whatever. And you always imagine yourself more handsomer than what you really are or m ore prettier than what you really are. So where are you? Living in imagination, which is created by the thought forces and impressions that exist there. So what do we do? We get rid of that thinking little, little ego self. Can you compare that little ego of you to the entirety of the universe. Can you? And then just decide one thing in your mind. That I am none else. I am the greatest bullshitter. Realize that. And by realizing that you will start to realize yourself, you will start to know yours elf. And then the question of who am I, what am I will all disappear totally. That is self realization. That comes as a message from me to thee, beloveds, of love and peace. Peace. You want peace. But why the "dis" there in creating dis ease, which de tracts you from your peace, which is your inherent right, I promise you that. And I know what I'm talking about. Through all my traveling around the world in the Himalayas studying with various gurus and gurus and gurus, this is the lesson that I have le arned. That I am just me. Me. Face it in a mirror. The "me" would look like "we," huh? Mirror image. Is that what you call it? Then where is the separation at all when I, this little me, in my fond embrace, we, this I me becomes we, which is the ent ire universe. That is existence. And the true meaning of true existence. So simple. Can't see, really. Was that about 45 minutes? VOICE: About 35 minutes.

1. U S 87 - 29 WHAT IS EXISTENCE Now, I greeted you this way which means that with thought, word, and deed I salute the Divinity within you. For you are none else but children of Divinity. For if that which we regard to be Divinity is forever existent, eternally, then he defin itely woul d exist within all of thee, huh. Remember this, that nothing else can ever exist except only Divinity. And that divine force, call it an energy, call it whatever you want to call it, has its playground and you are playing in His vast universal ground. Si mple, really. Good. Why do these guys electrify me when I am electricity itself? Can any of your define to me the essence of electricity? None of you can. I will explain that later, perhaps [coughs]. You know, traveling from this country to this coun try to this like a merry go round does have its toll on the body. Change of food which I'm not used to. Of course, you guys are used to your hotdogs and hamburgers. I bring you the peace which my Father has granted me. I bring you his love, that through Him, I, a little instrument, sent me to give you love, to give you peace. Before the evening is over with, you will tell me what peace is all about. Good. Now, I never prepare prepare a lecture at all because the new friends of ours, our brothers and si sters that are here, if I want to lecture to you I would be telling you what I want to tell you. So normally I always put it open. Ask me any question. Have you got some question? [sings om shanti to mic noise] In Sanskrit it means peace, peace, peace . SUTRIYA: What is the difference between the heart and the personality, and how does meditation help to bring the two together? GURURAJ: Good. Very good question. Any more? I could cover a half a dozen of them at the same time. ROOPA: What is ex istence? GURURAJ: What is existence has an implication of what existence is all about. If you want to find the totality of existence, you must find that totality first within thee. Now where do we start? Do we start in finding the meaning of existen ce? Let me tell you this, that existence is meaningless. As I said a moment ago, you are playing in this playground all the time, for there's only one that could exist. That is existence. For if you can really find the truth, or the meaning of existence, you'll merge away into Divinity. It is not a matter of mental analysis. It is not physiological, biological, psychological, shitological oh, I beg your pard on. With me you always have fun. You know that. But the realization of existence is experienti al. Ah, there comes the rub.

4. U S 87 - 29 GURURAJ: You're all so, so beautiful. Realize this for now, that there is no ugliness in the world at all. See everything to be beautiful. For beauty, as the old saying goes, lies in the beholder. Something like that, I think. So how to develop th e s ense of beauty is to become beautiful yourself, huh. And when you are beautiful within yourself, everything you observe around you will seem so, so beautiful. I never talk from books or studies. During university days I did commerce and accountancy. B ut I learned through personal inquiry within myself, where at the age of four I ran away from home to find God. And I went from temple to temple to temple. And I thought those statues and idols would speak to me. This is not idolatry, at all, remember th is, for don't we have in our homes that Christ hanging on his cross? And you worship him as a Hindu would worship Vishnu, or Shiva, or... the other religions. You see them all somewhere. Good to be idolatrous. Very good. But not in a stone statue. Invo lve yourself in idolatry if you want to in your lover or your beloved. And find yourself together with the object of your love. And as you progress on, you will find that you, the subject, will merge into the object. And that very mergence is th e core o f yourself, your very being. That very mergence is existence. So we have gone through things, some things which you might not have heard before. To me, everything is original. [He sings Jai Ram and the group joins in.] Good. What this means, for our ne w friends, "Ram" means Lord. [singing and clapping] Good. Now what we're going to do is have 10 15 minutes break so you could stretch your legs. Or the ladies might require powdering their noses. So after that, what we're going to do in this evening's program is have a rapid fire and you can ask me any question you want to. When one question is asked as the major subject I can speak 1, 2, 3 hours on it. No problem. But I'm sure many of you have a question you have been pondering about. So after 10 1 5 minutes break we'll have a rapid fire so that each of you can get a word in on any question which bothers you or does not bother you. **** END ****


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