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2. U S 87 - 33 promise all of thee, that silence within yourself will translate itself as peace within thee. Huh? Do you see the process? Do you see the mechanics? Mech an icks. Huh? Do you understand this word? I'm a professor of philology and I know what I talk about. Mech. Make and perform all your antics, mechanics. Idiots. And the antics of life produces all the problems in the car of your life. Where the carburetor blows, or the exhaust pipe blo ws, which is blowing every morning. I know that. Ok. So it is very easy, remember this. Take a potato and put it in the exhaust pipe. Do you know what will happen? The mechanism of the life of your car will just explode. So let it explode and say to yourself, "This is none else but Divinity." This is a metaphysical, philosophical idea in expressing to you the practicality of what life should really be. So now you're involved in your beautiful car and you polish it every Sunday morning or Sunday after noon. But even without washing the car that car will still run and keep on performing. The reason why you wash the car is to keep it clean exteriorly. Exterior cleanliness. But how many times have you ever thought of cleaning the engine? The carbons, th e carburetors, I don't know these things. Those are the mechanics of life. So what people do is try and clean their exteriors and yet they damn stink. Don't I know it? They put on their powders and puffs and whatever shits. You would know more than wha t I would. What is the meaning of that, my beloveds. What is the meaning of that? Where is it going to take you, where? To the cosmetic factory, ya. That's where you will land up and spending damn fortunes which are meaningless. But if within you you have the purity of heart, you will always remain totally fragrant within yourself. Smell me, if you like, any of you. Come. Do it. Total fragrance without any cosmetics, without any makeup. Without any shit. See what I'm trying to say, my beloveds? S o the principle is this, that be fragrant within yourself in purity and you could still use your cosmetics if you want to lik e doing up your eyebrows in blue and purple and shit shade. What do I know about it? Because when I'm with my beloved I tell her to wash your face in the bathroom and be yourself, totally pure, without any cosmetics. That is important. If I want to, for example, which I never do want a woman that has cosmetics, I would go to a prostitute. But to my wife, my beloved, I want her tot ally clean and pure. These are practical lessons. Listen to these. I want her to be totally clean and pure, clean, without any cosmetics at all. For must I fall in love with cosmetics which is a falsity. And do you know the greatest industry in this w orld is composed of the creation of cosmetics. Did you know that all the lipstick you buy you wash your face, my beloved, because the lipstick you put on is made of rat's tails. [laughter] So if my beloved kisses me [laughter] passionately, ok, fine. A m I kissing her sweet lips or am I kissing rat's tails? [laughter] The point is this, do not indulge yourself in a false mask. Do not indulge yourself in a false mask. But indulge yourself in your reality. Remove the mask, for that mask is a falsity.

3. U S 87 - 33 S o get to the next point, become yourself. Be you. Be your own reality and feel the beauty that exists within thee. Why do you guys see the beauty that is within thee? Why? Why? Answer me. Why do you fail to see the beauty within thee is because of t he false masks you have put upon yourself, and you see yourself only through this mask which is not really you. No, no, no, no, not really you. So you observe yourself through the facade, the mask you have created around yourself. And that is the reason, bastards, that is the reason why you lose the sense of your personal reality. It is all so simple, really. To a spiritual master, a realized being in communion with Divinity, to him it could be simple. But, to others, perhaps, they might need a little more understanding, a little more spiritual practices, meditations and diving deeper within more, more. And the deeper you go within yourself, the more you will discover yourself. For where is your real self, tell me. Come, my son. Answer me this quest ion, my beloved son. And we've known each other for so many years, you know that. Who are you? This beautiful handsome face? Is that what you are? Is that what you regard yourself to be? That's wrong. That is who you really are. God bless you, belov ed. What time do you guys have to go for... ROOPA: 12:30. In a few minutes. GURURAJ: So by the time you go for lunch let's sing the praises of our Lord. [Plays cymbals. Sings] Ask me any question, I'll compose for you now. OK. You've got a few minutes. Any question. Something deep. Not silly. But even if it's silly... Voice: Sunshine GURURAJ: Let sunshine forever flow in your life Sunshine will ever flow in your life. R ain might come, but that will pass away soon. For the sunshine will forever be there with you again. Clouds might float by, but remember this That above the clouds, there is that beautiful sky. So why must I be concerned of the clouds When I know the vastn ess of that beautiful sky.

4. U S 87 - 33 sunshine would even be there. And thanks to the shining of the sun. That has produced the clouds and the rain, That has given you food for yourself to sustain. Come blessings, my beloved. Everything in life, Everything has a c ounterpart to it. [lines are mine. s.j.] That's not the way [folding handkerchief and putting in shirt pocket] I must give you men some lessons in dressing properly. It does not need to be fashionable. It could be a cheap suit which y ou could buy at K Mart. K mart? Is that what it is? Right guys, now I want you all to relax for a few moments. Give me a cigarette. Light up. It's alright. 5 10 minut es more. [laughter and asides] I'll call Father John, Joe, Jack. [laughter, talking] Light up and relax with me. We're one family. Relax. That's it. Carry on. Now you guys try and do one thing. Stretch this one leg and the other leg that way. I was giving my Roopaji and Vidyaji some lessons in a different kind of yoga. I hope the y've made notes. Have you recorded it down? You have the idea so it would remind me? Because I do things on the spur of the moment. I could never remember anything. You see, my Spanish friends love to have their cigarette. So to make them feel at home , let me start it off. Why not? Why not! [laughter and talking). Now, there's an art in smoking a cigarette. What you do is this, Conchaji, Loveyji, my daughter. Let me show you how you smoke a cigarette [laughter]. But let me show you the art of the manipulation. My arms are lame, you know that, so I can't give you the proper performance of it. And then...not like that. Remember one thing, everything has to be in the center. And I'm not referring physically. But I'm referring to the center withi n ourselves. So, [demonstrating] there's a movement, a grace, of your hand. My arms are lame or I could give you a better demonstration. See the grace where you could hold the cigarette and twirl it and make it an art of how to handle a cigarette. For i f you can learn how to handle a cigarette gracefully, your life in all your relationships with others would be so graceful, soft, kind, loving all the time. It's a dance. And life itself is a dance which you got to portray in each and every way. Do you s ee? Look at the grace, look at the softness, the movement. But what do you guys do? [demonstrates] Now, if you are smokers, which my Spanish children are mostly, watch this now. You take a puff. Now watch this carefully. Most of the smoke is blown out. Just a little is inhaled. Important. Oh, shit. Right. Nevertheless, I think I've got one puff left here. Look. So what has happened here now is that you have exhaled 70% or 80%, I don't know, I've got to get my lab technicians to analyze it, and in taking that puff, you are exhaling 85% and only 15% goes within you.

1. U S 87 - 33 WHAT IS SILENCE This morning I'm going to give you a gift which have never experienced in your life. So seeing that we are late, let us [troub le on tape] CHETAN: Beloved Preatamji, what is silence? GURURAJ: What the question revolves around, not what is silence, but what is the meaning of silence. Silence can only be found in silence. For if you cannot experience within yourself in silence , how will you know the value of silence? Huh? So that is the process of life... within yourself, will you ever know the meaning of that which is silence. Because in that silence, all recognition is gone. For silence remains silence, and there is no re cognition of silence. Because once you start analyzing the meaning of silence, then your silence is destroyed and becomes of no value. So you go within yourself in that silence, and yet not knowing yourself that you are silent. For silence has no answer to itself. Silence is silence. That is a scientific equation. That any scientist here will bear me out. So when you merge wit hin yourself in silence, my beloveds, there is no question that would remain at all, because in your very silence you would not analyze silence at all. That is silence. So be silent and know as the scriptures say, "Be still and know that I am God." That's what our scriptures tell us. But I could tell you something more of this. I will teach you during these next 4 or 5 days we have together, how to be silent and yet be conscious of that silence. And this I will write out to all of you as my license. Ok. For to be silent is a step on the path that leads you further on. Leading you further on in your silence, you must learn to find the in silence within yourself, and progressing on, you'll find total silence. Now, let us define the meaning of silence. What is silence, what is silence? To be still and be in your guru's heart, or h e in your heart. That, silence? That is super ficial. But the guru leads you to find that divine silence within yourself. He can only lead you there, but it is for you to find silence and as I said a moment ago, I will endorse the license to lead you the re. So what is the process of finding silence within you? No process. For silence exists within itself. It cannot be created by anyone at all in this universe. The process involves following the path of in silence to merge away in silence. I tell you of truths perhaps never known before. I don' t know. Who cares, in any case. For once you produce a case, as my lawyer friends here would bear me out, once you present a case you go into mental gymnastics. And that is not what I want you guys to do. I want to merge away within yourself in the sil ence of Divinity. And finding that, you will surely find, I

5. U S 87 - 33 So now you can imagine that if you smoke 20 or 30 cigarettes a day, you would be consuming only 15% of your 20 cigarettes. You guys work it out. Our computer experts can tell you. You see, my beloveds, life is an art. And to reduce that art into all its fineries, then you do whatever you want to do, but yet there is that fineness, that subtlety that produces within you more benefits than what you could think of. So when you light a ci garette, blow out 80% of the smoke and take in 15%. OK. That's alright. Nothing wrong. Nothing wrong at all. In the morning and evening when you do your pranayama, all that will be cleared out of your systems. These are little tricks of life, if you w ant to call it tricks. Little simple secrets of the art of life. When you are involved with your beloved, your husband, your wife, in love making, what are you doing actually? Finding some release, pumping, pumping, pumping. That is not love making. When you are with your beloved, just melt away in her and she me lts away in you. And there lies the ecstasy of total union. And even through love making you can find the union with Divinity because she does not exist, I do not exist. The only thing which exists is ecstasy, which is none else but Divinity. So when I make love once a year and some years I forget, I just melt away into that ecstasy. I'm not there. She's not there. Only divinity is there to produce that closeness of physical unity. That's where you start. Why go for any abstraction, which you know nothing about. Be practical. And that's what I teach, practicality, practicality. And practicality of our physical existence can take us to Divinity. How else are you going to reach there without your practicality: karma yoga, bhakti yoga, jnana yoga a nd all the other fuckin' other yogas. Good. You guys have to go for lunch. **** END ****


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