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2. U S 87 - 36 GURURAJ: Hm, another fallacy. Blessed are the peacemakers, right. We can take Reagan, we can take the Russians, we can take the South Africans, we can take all the other blah, blah, blahs, and in the name of peace, what are they doing? Spending millions and millions and billions and billions of bucks which could feed the poor of the world. Huh? You know, in the Muslim religion and of course I'm a universalist, but just to give you an example in the Muslim religion they go for Haj, h a j, Haj, which is their pilgrimage to Mecca. Okay. I'm sure you know about that. Fine . Now, every person that goes there has to sacrifice, according to his pocket, one sheep or two sheep or five sheep or ten sheep. And then one of the sheiks from Arabia came down to Cape Town was very ill, terminally ill, which I cured him. He spent jus t ten days with me, I cured him. Okay. I mean, that's with the grace of Almighty, not me. I am nothing. And I told him one thing, that all these thousands and thousands and hundreds of thousands of sheep and goats that are slaughtered and they rot away in those desert sands of Arabia, and you guys multi, multi oil millionaires why can't you open up a canning factory, for God's sake, and can it and export it. Send it to poor countries where people can perhaps be fed. So this sheik tells me, "It's a v ery good idea." He was a nephew of the Shah of Persia. Right. So he tells me he has to put the idea to his council. And meanwhile every year millions of people go to Mecca on pilgrimage and sacrifice the sheep and these goats and they rot away! They r ot away! Do you see. The utility, the economy, the usefulness of everything is so, so important. And that is what I want to tell all of you, my beloveds. Utilize everything in its proper value. You know, my mother came to visit me in South Africa. Fine. And Ma, right, which is Latta, my wife, okay. Right. We all call her Ma. Everyone around the world calls her Ma. Right. She was preparing a dish, and she cut up one tomato to go into that c urry. So my mother tells my wife, "Why could you not use three quarters of the tomato and save the quarter and put it in the fridge?" Economy of purpose. Because the taste with the three quarter tomato would have produced the same taste as the full tomato . Do you see. And you can always use that quarter tomato you have left and put it on a piece of bread with some blah, blah, blahs and give it to the beggars that keep on knocking on your doors all the time. Because in South Africa there is a lot of, lot of poverty. And there's not a day, at least six times a day, when there's not a knock on the door begging for food. Good. Let's get to the next point. Where are we, dear? VIDYA: [INAUDIBLE] "Blessed are those who are persecuted for righteousness sa ke, for theirs is the Kingdom of Heaven." GURURAJ: Ha, ha. This is a very true sentence, for the greatest spiritual masters of the world have always been persecuted, but they will definitely will reach the Kingdom...

3. U S 87 - 36 VIDYA: "Theirs is the Kingdom of H eaven." GURURAJ: Now, this is what it means, that if you are living righteously, then that righteousness itself is the Kingdom of Heaven and not somewhere else. That is the Kingdom of Heaven that you find within thee, my beloveds. It is there. So with our meditations and spiritual practices, we uncover the veils that cover us up to find that Kingdom of Heaven. Now, another fallacy here. Why must anyone ever feel persecuted? Great spiritual masters, yes, okay. That's there job. [laughter] But why y ou, my beloveds, must feel persecuted. What persecutes you? Ask that question to yourselves. The only thing that persecutes you is misconceptions and a total wrong direction of life that leads you away from righteousness. Right yes ness. We'll get on to the next. Darling, can you see for me? We've gone through that. VIDYA: "Blessed are you when men revile and persecute you and utter all kinds of evil against you falsely on my account. Rejoice and be glad for your reward is great in Heaven. For so men persecuted the prophets." GURURAJ: Bullshit! Here are promises that are made which makes no sense at all. You get reviled and persecute you and utter all kinds of evil against you falsely on my account. Rubbish. Let them utter their evil and their f alsities and accusations against you, but you must develop that spiritual strength within you never to be affected by it at all. So there lies your strength which is produced through your spiritual practices. And then it goes on to say, "And be glad for your reward is great in Heaven, for so men...?" VIDYA: "Persecuted the prophets before you." GURURAJ: Do you think there were only prophets that were persecuted? Are you all not persecuting yourself all the time, all the day. Every thought becomes a persecution because you suffer of tension, stresses, anxieties, and all kinds of things like that. So true prophets enjoy within themselves whatever is inflicted upon them, because they know the true value of it. They know that life is not going to go on forever. So inflict upon me. Take ten million knives, like in Julius Caesar and pierce it through my heart and I will not feel hurt, because I know that in a year or two years or five years or whatever I will have to go the same way. And mind you, to be stabbed as Julius Caesar was, I think that was a good

4. U S 87 - 36 death. Instantaneous. No suffering, no illness, no heart problems, no cancer, no sugar diabetes, nothing. It was an easy way. But of course that was all political. I enjoy William's sonnets very much Shakespeare. I don't know what he tried to shake, nevertheless that's his business. I enjoy his sonnets very much. And I know most of them by heart, I think. I mean, it's years ago that I went through them all. But his plays I do not like at all . You take MacBeth, you take Julius Caesar, you take all the others, it's filled with nothing else but malice, hatred, murder, instead of love. Even our present educational system I might have said this in some talk somewhere, I can't remember, right "J ack and Jill went up the hill to fetch a pail of water. Jack fell down and broke his crown, and Jill came tumbling after." Look at this rubbish that we are implanting in the minds of our children. How about something different. Jack and Jill went up th e hill to fetch a pail of water. And there around the well was such beautiful daffodils growing or daisies, whatever. Why could then pick up a few of them and bring it to mother. Doesn't that make more sense? Does that not produce greater love? Is tha t not the way how we have to educate our children, huh? Good. Where have I reached? VIDYA: [INAUDIBLE] GURURAJ: Huh? There. Okay. That's right. I've... Could I have some water, something, darling. VIDYA & ROOPA: Jammu, you have some water. Or Amita. GURURAJ: Please. I'm talking, talking, talking the whole day through, you know, the throat. VOICE: I have some beer. VIDYA: That would be better. JAMMU?: Yeah, we got some spring water for yo u. GURURAJ: Yeah, if you have, it will be nice. VIDYA: It's okay, it feels good.

5. U S 87 - 36 GURURAJ: Are you alright? VOICE: I'm fine. GURURAJ: Sure? VIDYA: It feels good now. GURURAJ: No, no, no. I'm fine. Thank you, darling. Thank you. [blows nose] You know traveling from country to country, different weathers and different waters and different foods and what have you, it does take a bit of toll on one's self. It does. VIDYA: Would you like me to hold the paper over there so it's shaded? It's h ard to read. GURURAJ: No. VIDYA: No? GURURAJ: Yeah, okay, darling. [plays cymbals, sings, and translates]: Remember forever my mind, the thoughts of thee, my Lord. (By the way, some of you that are new, I wrote this little volume when I was about fourteen, fifteen. Something like that.) Life is passing away so fast, s o remember the Lord's name. Life passes away so, so fast and you never know from where you are from this day to the next day. Without water there could be no fish. Without the lamp litten in the temple, there could be no temple. What's the purpose of a tree if it does not produce the fruit? So life is like that itself, for what is life without the remembrance of thee? Life cannot exist without your eyes. And the night cannot exist without the moon. Without [walking?] this world, the world cannot be. As a pundit who has not studied his scriptures, in the same way life is non existent without thee...remembrance of thee. Desire, lust, craving, greed, take those away from me and let me just live in thee. Preatam says that nothing is yours in this world . No one belongs to you. It comes and goes all the time.

6. U S 87 - 36 So the bottom line meant this, that do not be too attached neither to your wives, neither to your husbands, neither to your daughters, neither to your sons, for when you shed your last breath nob ody is going to be around thee. So false attachments, don't have them! Of course there are certain things you have to be attached to for the preservation of life, understood. But that preservation must not become a craving which would consume you. And t hat is how you progress from attachment to non attachment. Gradually. No hurry. You still have two hundred million lives to go. [laughter] No problem. Good. Was it twenty past one? Is it, darling? VIDYA: Um hm. GURURAJ: You guys must be hungry, s o why don't you have your picnic ding a do's? [CONVERSATION AMONG CHELAS, INTERSPERSED WITH REMARKS FROM TERRY] TERRY: Yeh, yeh, yeh, let's get it. Let's get it. Oh, yes. Madhu and the soft shoe imitation. Gururaj enjoys a little watermelon from Vidy a. GURURAJ: Right, you guys, better position yourselves with your cameras. [VARIOUS REMARKS, THEN SOMEONE WHISPERS SHUT UP] GURURAJ: [Caressing Vidya] Beloved, love although you laugh, laff... [laughter] but yet your laughter is the tears of my hear t flowing to you all the time. I could wash your feet, I could caress your head, I could mmm... [laughter] So no for now. Relax. Back. VOICE: Enjoy it. VOICE: Don't be nervous. VIDYA: I've got the sun right there.

7. U S 87 - 36 VOICE: Oh, my God. [VARIOUS REMARKS FROM CHELAS WHICH CONTINUE THROUGHOUT TAPE] VIDYA: Let's do Holly [inaudible] x rated. [laughter] GURURAJ: We won't do a Deep Throat, okay? MARGARETTE: Phyllis, you should put your hat on him. VOICE: We're a great group. [laugh ter] VIDYA: What a great group? PRIYA: Where are you going to get a movie like this? RAMU: Terry for about fifty dollars. VOICE: We're going to charge more for this one. VOICE: Well, I'm ripping up the film on this one. GURURAJ: Beloved. (Watc h the expressions). MARGARETTE: Yours or hers? GURURAJ: Both. Because I create the expressions in her by my expressions. [Creating various facial expressions] Beloved. [laughter] It has been so long. At least four hours ago when I said, I love thee . I love thee. Not because you are thee, but because you are me. And in that combination we combine and become one with each other in loving each other. And yet at the same time remember this, there is no separation. There is not

8. U S 87 - 36 you, there is not me, there is nothing else but just our love, our beautiful ecstasy. Remember I starred in about forty films, okay. I must send you those to, you know, send out. The master. TERRY: [inaudible] from the master. [Assorted chela noises as Gururaj gets a little too graphic in his demonstration.] VIDYA: Would you please stop that? Somebody make him stop. GURURAJ: Get, get this. You got to learn to know how to get facial expressions... VIDYA: They're not loo king at your face. GURURAJ: ...and facial faces with their varied angles, and their varied... You know that. TERRY: Make sure you have one foot off the blanket. Uh, oh. VIDYA: Uh, oh. [Gururaj acts as if he is slapping Vidya's face complete with appropriate facial expressions.] There we go. I should be turning my head on the blanket. [laughter] VOICE: Cut! [LOTS OF CUTTING UP FROM CHELAS] VOICE: Missed again. MARGARETTE: Merrill Harmin, is that you?! GURURAJ: This arm I lay upon your heart is not your heart but my heart which will forever beat in thee. And knowing this, the pre love play, I think we could go to our cabin [he laughs] and fade away.

9. U S 87 - 36 Now, you see, remember these two fingers are the most important ones that conveys the g reatest energy. CHELAS: Oh, oh! Oh no! etc. GURURAJ: Now, if you love your wife enough and deep enough, just this nerve here... VOICE: Oh, no. GURURAJ: ...very gently. Bom, bom, bom. VOICE: Music! GURURAJ: Very gently. VOICE: We need some saxophone. [inaudible]. GURURAJ: And then, and then, and then! And then after getting these [which are?]...a light touch of these nerves, you do this. VOICE: Panu, are you paying attention? MARGARETTE: Are you taking notes, Te rry? VOICE: Foreplay. ROOPA: Panu, you should pay attention here. [END SIDE ONE AUDIO] RAMU: This is going to come in one of those one, two, three, four books.

10. U S 87 - 36 GURURAJ: And then you do it in the, yeah, the clockwise direction first. Okay? And th en you do it in the anti clockwise direction. VIDYA: Roopa, are you taking notes? VOICE: Is that doing anything for you, Vids? GURURAJ: And then slowly, slowly, slowly... No, no. Now, come on. Come on. Come on. Come on. Come on. Come on. Watch. Watch, idiots. Watch. You just bring your fingers down and move it onto your own leg. Yes, you do that to provide her with ener gy, okay. Fine. You move that and then slowly move up, up, up, up, up, up. And then within five minutes you work up your beloved, your wife, or whoever, you know. She will just be ready for you. Sixteen thousand gopis I got, okay. VIDYA: Did you hea r that? They said that's why your paw's lame after doing that to sixteen thousand. GURURAJ: [Dramatically] I love you. (Get these expressions, okay?) [PANU GOES BEHIND GURURAJ AND MIMICS HIM] [LAUGHTER] VOICE: Panu, you have to stand on this side. VIDYA: Got to get the same facial expression. GURURAJ: [laughter] I love you, my beloved. [whispers and breathes dramatically] [crying tearless tears] I love you. That was... PANU: ...very exhausting. [much laughter] GURURAJ: Bullshit!

11. U S 87 - 36 VOICE : Have a cigarette. GURURAJ: Light one for me, as well. VOICE: I got to rest up. GURURAJ: Have I got... VIDYA: [inaudible] VOICE: [inaudible] GURURAJ: The gentleness of your love for her, where you melt so much away in her that [your, her?] eyes get filled with tears all the time. And she would feel the pain there, or the ecstasy of those tears welling up from your heart, not from your eyes. You can use glycerin for that. I've produced many films and I know how to use that. But to well up within one's heart and make your beloved feel how much she is loved, how much she is wanted by you. Because remember one principle in life, and this applie s to men and women and every one of us, okay, that everyone wants to be loved and be loved in return. To want to belong, and finally belonging. Ahh! Hmp! VIDYA: [inaudible] There's not an ashtray. GURURAJ: Thank you, darling. You see how she cares for me? Because she knows, she feels that I love her so, so much and so dearly. Do you see that you yourself must produce not only that love which you feel you have in you, but you must at the same time create and make your beloved's life expressive by it self naturally. Get the point? That is the secret of life. Where is that stupid beer you had to bring me? I'm thirsty, darling. I've been talking too long. Thank you, sweetheart, dear. Just put it down. VIDYA: Let's videotape feeding Guru.

12. U S 87 - 36 GURURA J: Oh, thank you, this [shit?], whatever. There's fun, enjoyment. Enjoying our family together. So, do you see how important it is to come to these courses, if you can make it or manage it? It depends upon your job, work, or your whatever is involved. Mm. It's a nice cold beer. Would you like to take a sip, darling? VIDYA: Thank you. GURURAJ: Another little demonstration... TERRY: Oh, wait. Let's get it on film. GURURAJ: ...of sharing love. It's not sharing this stupid beer, it is the shari ng of love. It is caring that why should I sip this beer alone without my wife sharing it with me? So much to learn, my beloveds. So much. So much. So much to learn. VIDYA: Just flick the ash on the ground. [SOMEONE GIVES GURURAJ A CAN TO PUT HIS ASHES IN] GURURAJ: Thank you, my beloved. Mikeyji. [burps] Pardon. It produces winds. Beer does, you know. [Burps loudly] That was better. There is so much to learn of life. Now, if you should analyze the word "learn" or "learning..." Just separate that word "learn," okay. Move the L way: love in that yearning. So yearn away for love, and do find fulfillment in it. Do find. It is yours. It's your birthright. You are born with it. But you fuckin' ba stards don't seem to realize it. And that is my biggest problem in life. That is my biggest problem: to make you realize of what you are really worth. You think you are a human entity that gets up in the morning and has a pee and a shit and goes to work and comes back and eats again and then fornicates? And then fall asleep, huh? And then tomorrow the whole cycle starts all over again. Is that the meaning of life? Is that what you are living for? No. There is a greater, deeper meaning to life. And it is not difficult, really. You carry on with all your functions. Whatever you have to do throughout the day: going to the office and going to your factory or whatever, and having your pee and your shit and whatever. There's more to life than that, my beloveds. I tell this to

13. U S 87 - 36 thee, there's more to life. For there is a energy that makes you function the way you function throughout the day, even if it's taking a pee or taking a shit or eating your food or whatever, there is still that energy. And what I beg of all of thee is this, be conscious of that energy that makes you function. And that is the meaning of gurushakti. What's happened to my damned beer? You see, these women you must order around, you know. To keep them in their places. Otherwise, they shit on your head. [laughter] PANU: [inaudible] I noticed that. GURURAJ: That's true. VOICE: There's a little brown spot up there. GURURAJ: Look. Look, I like to make fun and give you the deepest wisdom that you could ever find in the world, and yet make it fun filled, joyful, laughing together, loving together. Yeah, that's it. And why are you, my son, sitting so far aw ay from Roopaji, my daughter? [REMARKS AND CARRYING ON] GURURAJ: Well, I am so, so, so happy there are people from many parts of the world, and of course the country has gathered together to share my shit with me. Great truth! Immortal truth! Shakespeare could have not said it better. Love, love, love. Love. Love each other. Love. And remember your father who is me, your Preatamji, your beloved. If you cannot find love in your life, pick up the phone to me. Anytime. All the time. I think my beloved here told me this morning it was cloudy, I said, "Hey, don't worry about that." Look what a beautiful day it's turned out, huh? I think you told me that this morning. Right. Now, let us see. You. Come here. Yes, yes, yes, you. [to Uma] VIDYA: One bite [feeding him] GURURAJ: Pull off my shoes and rub my feet, my darling. Okay. That's fine. You know, with all this traveling the feet get swollen, you know.

1. U S 87 - 36 REDWOOD SATSANG "THE SERMON ON THE MOUNT" GURURAJ: Who are you...? [taps on mike] ROOPA: No, it's not at the [???]. GURURAJ: Oh, it's going into the recorder. Okay. Now, this is a total disgrace: "Those who hunger and thirst for righteousness." Do not hunger for righteousness, to repeat again. Hanker for righteousness, and then ri ghteousness will come to thee. For what is the meaning of righteousness? What does it mean? Is it not also just a mental concept thinking that you are right in your personal belief of righteousness? What do you know of righteousness? Right yes ness. Aha. This master philologist can play with words, you know. I like to make some fun. So righteousness would really mean to be right, yes, in your ownness. That is righteousness. "Blessed are the pure in heart for they shall see God." Blessed are the pu re in heart, okay. Fine. Another mental concept, but not truth. For what do you know of your purity? And when you know of your own purity, then only would you find that blessedness. "Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see God." Another falla cy. Can anyone tell me here now that they have seen God? So does that also not remain a mental conception? Yet you are seeing God all the time, but your idea of that abstraction is totally false. I see God in you, in you, in you, in you, in you, in you , in you, in you... all of you. That's where I see God! I see God in these beautiful trees, in this lovely atmosphere. That is God, not someone that exists somewhere above the clouds. Bullshit! So the message here is this: love, love, love your fellow being, and see the Divinity in your fellow being. And by seeing that, you will see God in each and every one of you. Hm? Point taken? Let's get onto the next. "Blessed are the pure in heart for they shall see God." Who knows of purity and who knows of God? And who says that you can see God, to repeat myself again? VIDYA: "Blessed are the peacemakers [???????]. Blessed are the peacemakers for they shall be called sons of God."

14. U S 87 - 36 ****END****


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