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2. U S 87 - 62 that, Baldevji? After creating the movement within yourself now you require stabilization within yourself. That will take you very far. Do not ever try to emulate my practices. They are very scientifically produced with great scientific r esearch. And amateurs like you do not prescribe anything without consulting me and what is $10 bloody dollars. I think we better push the price up. It doesn't even buy a bottle of scotch. And I'm not talking shit. I'm just being honest to you. Very f ew of you that are close followers of mine with the exception of a very few that would ever think of writing me a note "I love you" and putting a little bill in it. How many of you do it? Ask yourselves. Now how must your guru live? Tell me. Love and fresh air? Every penny that comes from here goes to pay for courses and the food you eat and everything. And by the time I leave and spending $4,000 on air fares, [VIDEO ENDS] what have I got to take to my family? Tell me. Is that the feeling you have for your guru? Is that the love you have for him? Wake up. If you want to give me a personal gift, do not make it out to AMS. It does not help me. I spoke to your IRS and cost you 2.38% that's all. That's what it costs. And I'm sure you spend more u nless you send me $1,000,000, that would be different. I spoke to your chief IRS on the phone. So why not make a straight gift if you would want to, I don't ask you to but if you want to make it to Gururaj Ananda Yogi. Finish . Finito. Put in a check o r a note or two. Doesn't matter the amount. Do that! And don't put me into terrible trouble of declaring every check to the South African revenue office. Those notes I could cash it and not pay tax on it. So why put me through all that trouble. Where I have to send returns to the South African bank. Send to AMS, yes, course accounts to AMS. But personal gifts if it is a personal gift why not directly to me? Does that not make any sense? Or is someone trying to make a profit out of it? I don't kno w. I've ordered cards printed by a printer friend. You send me $10, $20, $500, whatever. And you'll get a card in acknowledgment because I am registered as an educational society in South Africa and don't let any fucker bluff you. Send it direct to me. Why to AMS where I've got to pay double taxation. If you send me $5 check, for example, I have to pay 5 rand 60 in exchange rates. Do you know that? So actually you're robbing me. Stop doing that, or send me nothing. Fuck you all. OK. I'm giving yo u good business sense. I'm a CPA chartered accountant. And I know what I'm talking about. So why send to AMS and AMS must send to me and I don't know how much is missing. Send to me and I'll send you a card in return: thank you, beloved Merrill, for t he lovely gift you have sent to me to the value of x,x,x. Even if it's a cash note in an envelope which makes it much, much easier in exchange rate that wouldn't be declared in taxes. Do that. Now let us go back to the mandala. SUTRIYA: What happens if we haven't gotten enough stirred up before we calm it all back down? And I don't understand the part about drawing the circle into us. I don't understand how to tell my mind to do that.

3. U S 87 - 62 GURURAJ: Very good question. The greatest part of understand ing is not understanding. The greatest part of understanding is not understanding, for understanding involves analysis of the left hemisphere of the brain. But to do as you are directed to do by your spiritual master opens up the heart that requires no u nderstanding but brings about the feeling. So now after you have practiced your first mandala this looks very simple, but do you know the amount of planning that went into it? I had to get a graphic artist, I had to get a printer in England. It looks sim ple. It's not so simple, my beloveds. So to repeat, gently focus your attention on the center circle and you will go through many many and varied experiences which I'm sure those who've done it under the tutelage of Baldevji must have experienced today. So to repeat once more again, from the movement of the mind I bring you to the stability of the mind. Have you all got your instructions? [comments] You've got your lists? Please ask Roopa on Vidya to give you a list [inaudible answer]. But those who do not have it they can get an extra copy from Balraj. Do that. JOYCE: At the end of the instructions there's something to the effect of I realize every thought will be fulfilled. That frightens me. Some I don't want every thought to be fulfilled. GURURAJ: Do you want me to smack you? JOYCE: Sure if that will help. GURURAJ: I'd rather kiss you. Thank you, my darling. I'll give you a little demonstration now. OK. My darling Joyce, I love you, you know that. Your greatest problem is fear. There is nothing to fear nothing to fear. What people fear most in life is the ending of life. But what we regard to be the ending of life is really the beginning of life. And when we realiz e this idea that life never ends but forever begins, we enjoy the flowering of life. I have been at Mataji's home on a few occasions, three or four times, I can't remember, and she has a beautiful pond in her garden and the little goldfish swimming around in it. Ah. And swirling in the water of the pond. What joy to observe it. Do you think the fish are suffering? They are not. The fish are having fun swimming in the pond. So let me also become the fish and enjoy myself with them. That is unity consciousness even with a little goldfish. So much to learn, my darling, in life. And by learning more through your Gururaj, ignorance evaporates by the knowledge that is imparted to you. And the more you have knowledge, the less ignorance. That's how it works. Simple. Darling, Marieta, Marieta come to me please. Come. Sit next to me, Marieta. Come, bring her, help her up here. Just be close to me for a few moments, that's all I ask, and I shall impart such spiritual force to you. Come darling, help her please, would you. Come. Just sit next to me for a

4. U S 87 - 62 moment . [She cries] Cry. Cry more. Come on. Cry louder. More, more come on let it go. I'll cry with you. [crying] I'm crying with you. [more crying] You see that is how a master works. In a moment she has become so calm in spite of her tears. This is just the running off. It's alright. Might take another moment more. So who cares. I have a hanky somewhere. [blows nose] Thank you very much. Step one: shall I put this in my pocket, darling? Or shall I put it there? Where would you suggest? OK. Y ou know, my wife is a very jealous wife. What shall we do about her? Tell me. MARIETA: Don't do anything to make her jealous. GURURAJ: Marieta, Marieta. [He sings to her and translates]: Without you what can I do May my life forever blend in your life Ah, my love [?????????] I'm with you forever, let us walk together Oh, my love, I love you And with you I will walk forever. Hum with me. [END SIDE ONE] [He claps, group claps. he continues singing] GURURAJ: I love you, Marieta. Now this is the lesson for you teachers to learn: how I could produce tears and in a moment produce laughter and smiles. Learn that, you teachers, learn it. [AUDIO TAPE GOES OFF. END SIDE 2] [SIDE 3]: GURURAJ: I'll come back to you, my beloved. I will always come back to you for I can never stray away. I fell in love with you and I shall forever be in love with you, my beloved. So love me too, as I know you do. You ask me of the manifestation of divine mother. Now, we can make the lights of t his room a bit dimmer, I don't know. Is it possible? Yea, fine. My walking stick, huh? Thank you, darling. Thank you very much. I suppose we'll keep this on so you can hear me. You've got the tape recorder.

1. U S 87 - 62 QUESTIONS ON THE NEW MANDALA MERRILL: Do we interchange tratak with the mandala as before? One day one, one day the other? GURURAJ: You can interchange according to your wish and desire and how you feel for the day to interchange. Now I give you a light. The idea of the advanced mandala practice which you've heard shut up on an earlier tape is this, is that after doing ma ndala for approximately plus or minus a year or so the primary purpose was to get the energies moving in you. Now they symbolize it with various centers of your body, which is not true. From the brain we have the medulla, the spinal cord flowing down, w hich gives energy to every part of the body. But in reality it is this: that a portion of your brain flowing down through your spinal column to energize your body. So when they talk of various chakras like the muladhara, the swadhishthana, the manipura, anahata, the vishuddha the ajna, that is bull, total bull. But that system was created (shut up, Jerry) to help you to concentrate. But here in Gururaj yoga I destroy those systems and want to make you realize and feel that the spinal column, the spinal cord, is nothing else but the extension of your brain. Now certain parts of your brain could be stagnant. So we put our mantras in the stagnant part to enliven it so that it could flow in conformit y with the rest of your brain. So by getting this balan cing factor, your brain can function in totality. And by the brain functioning in totality, you will find a greater balance within yourself, for the main cause of your imbalance is the disfunction of your brain's energies. Now let us get to your mandala p ractice. So the purpose of your advanced practice is this: first I got you to feel the movement of your brain, and after practicing that for a little while I want you to find st ability in your brain. Who was teaching mandala today? Baldevji. Right. H e knows. [inaudible] Right. Now. After a year or so of practice discovering the movements of the brain, energies of your brain or your mind, whatever you wish to call it, we have now to stabilize it. And the method is very simple because I designed ver y simple. [pointing to mandala] That there. So what you have to do is focus your mind, as your teacher has taught you, in that center black spot. That's all. No concentration. Just a gentle attention to it. And I'm sure many of you and you Mary Kay, Marieta darling, don't use my techniques in your husband's practices. You'll destroy yourself by that because you do not have that spiritual force that I have to impart the energy. Because I know that you have been using some of my fuckin' techniques to give to your people that you counsel. Which is a sin, which is wrong, and you're doing yourself wrong. Remember this each and everyone of you. I just pointed it out my darling Marieta, but I mean everyone. Don't do it. Now. Let's get back to what we were talking about. Your brain was scattered and I try to bring into it greater movement. But after doing your first mandala regularly for about a year or so regularly, plus or minus, doesn't matter. Now this practice is meant to stabilize the mind. Did you explain

5. U S 87 - 62 Now, is this visible to everyone, or shou ld I go on that side? Make yourselves comfortable. Now, as Baldevji has taught you, (the light's a bit bright, can you make it dimmer? That's fine.) As Baldevji taught you the advanced mandala practice the whole meaning, as I said before, but to repeat again it's nice to repeat certain things. Right. The mind was in motion. Now after a year of practice it must be brought into stability. There is the center in which all yo ur concentration must be focused. OK. You've explained that. The outer is th e periphery. So up to now, Danushaji, we have focused on the peripheral side of our lives. But now to stabilize ourselves we got to get to the center, the axle. If you have practiced this new mandala practice today I will show you something unusual. [l ong pause] We can start now, I suppose, these poor old creaking bones. VOICES: [inaudible] GURURAJ: I want to not focus on the center now. I want to take without tension, without concentration, rather, to take your focus away from the center. You' re taking your focus away from the center. Good. I can go to the next stage. Now you'll see not black anymore because black is just the reverse reflection of white. And white goes through a prism, p r I s m, is that the way you spell it? And you will experience all the colors of which your mind is made up. Just watch it gently, don't concentrate or you'll lose the beauty of it. Yellow, yellow, orange, red, blue, lilac and green... the entire spectrum . Now close your eyes and see those colors in your mind. Yellow, blue, orange, red. Green. [long pause] Now the black dot is disappearing, becoming pure white, through which all the colors of the mind are emerging. Some of you the yellow will be more brilliant. Some of you the orange, some the red, so me the blue, plus, plus. There would be a combination. [long pause] Open your eyes slowly. Relax. Stretch your legs if you would like to do that. We are one family, don't be shy. Namaste. Now, let us to build up the metabolic rate do some bastric pr anayama. Don't strain yourselves. Do as much as you can. [We do.] [He speaks inaudibly about time and when to do something.] GROUP: Sings hode chalow, or holy enchilada ad lib.] GURURAJ: Thank you, my mother. [END SIDE 3] **** END ****


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