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Feedback from our online Meditation Retreat

Testimonials from participants in our Zoom November Meditation course

Testimonials from participants in our Zoom November Meditation course

What did I enjoy about the session I like the fact that we all come together as a group and communicate and find peace
Would I attend again 1000%😊
No quite but I’d like respond to this with meditation has made me find the guy I am and who I want to be
Would I like to include anything myself no, just good the way it is😊️
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It was indeed our pleasure to be present. Thanks for inviting us. I was planning to write to you today to thank you for all the good work that you do in promoting our father’s teachings
It was good to interact with the meditators. I could feel the sincerity and the love expressed by everyone. It was a wonderful experience.

Take care. Please convey our love to everyone.

Love and namaste,


Thank you for the feedback and the invitation to attend. I share Praneet’s sentiments as per his mail.
All the best

Kind regards,


I just wanted to take the time to thank you both for hosting the Retreat last weekend.  I was originally scheduled to attend the Belgium retreat with Jacqui in March so it was good to meet you all – even if it was online!

I spend a lot of time on line in my working world and it’s never easy or straightforward to get the flow right first time and meeting people in an online setting just isn’t the same as in person but we are in unprecedented times and I feel we will be operating in this way for some time to come! Conducting the Retreat online was great as it enabled me to have some set times where I knew people would be meditating so I could join as and when it fitted in to the schedule with my family and other activities throughout the weekend, plus it gave me opportunities to meet other meditator and listen to other people’s experiences.

I always mediate first thing in the morning, but don’t always commit to a second med so I absolutely loved having set times throughout the weekend where I could join for a second meditation and also to experience some other practices, that I’m not so familiar with.

If you were to host another retreat it would be really useful to know what time we should turn up for each element.  For example, I had planned to join Tratak on the Saturday but I think it rolled straight on from Visualisation, so I was ‘late’ and unable to get into the meeting, it wasn’t a problem as I was all set up and just meditated on my own, however, If there are practices that are running back to back it would be great to know that on the Itinerary as I would have then made sure I turned up on time and seen all your lovely faces 😊

That is only a very small issue though as the times that I did join were fantastic and it was so good meeting other meditators from the other world. I am so grateful to Jacqui for introducing meditation into my life – she quite literally saved me from myself!  And it’s been lovely meeting you both too and I hope I get to do that in person one day.

Thank you again for all your hard work.

Emma x

Thank you for wonderful course over the last couple of days. It was my first and one of a kind experience . I came with an open mind and heart and wondered what I would feel during and afterwards. Oh my , during our sessions , I felt included, heard and was  overwhelmed by joy and knowledge uphold there. Hand on heart , I feel different afterwards. It is difficult to explain but here we go .. feeling stronger, grounded ,  being touched by...  non explained , non seen but can only feel immense love beyond my mind. 

I hope to attend many more of upcoming events  and hope to meet you in person. I understand Covid makes this retreat a virtual one but it was very handy. Perhaps future ones can be lifestream so either in person or virtual can be attended.

Thank you for your graciousness ❤️ and generosity of your time, wisdom and love.

Best wishes,


Sorry, for not getting right back to you to give my input on the lovely online weekend spiritual retreat that we had. However, here I am thanking you for the organisation of the event.  Once again, it was great and spiritually incentive even though it was different being done through the media we had to use.  Thank you.

Love and Namaste,


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