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2. CAN 83 - 1 8 Gururaj: You see, so if a man, through a systematic process of meditation leads himself from a fragmented life and a fragmented life is fi lled with stress and tension and that is the greatest disease, if we would like to put it that way in the world today. And if he can become more stable trough meditation and spiritual practises, a stability is produced in him, he becomes more harmonious within himself and when he becomes harmonious within himself, he experiences that joy and peace, the peace that passeth all understanding. Interviewer: Y ou a re lecturing here in Victoria, this evening at 8:00 you will be at the planetarium theatre -- Gururaj: Theatre. Interviewer: -- and people may just come along to hear you do your lecture? Gururaj: Yeah. Interviewer: And when people come to hear you, how do you begin your lecture? What is your opening remark? Gururaj: Well, I never prepare a lecture . I normally start off with saying , “What would you like me to talk about tonight ?” and from any question I’ll speak for an hour or two or whatever the time allows. Interviewer: And these days you feel that the kind of spiritual healing that you can offer would benefit mankind in all walks of life? Gururaj: In all walks of life because an integrated man can function in all walks of life muc h better than if he was just fragmented. In other words his home life would be better, his relationships would be b etter with h is wife and children, his work environment would be better. He would become more accepting, more stronger inside and when a person becomes more accepting and stronger inside, he would know the value of what love is all about, then it does not remain a ment al conception, but it becomes something experiential and then someone asks me, “Oh the world does not love me,” I says, “That is very simple. The solution is simple, become loving so that you could become lovable.”

3. CAN 83 - 1 8 Interviewer: So you love the world befor e the world loves you? Gururaj: Loves you, because every person emanates a certain quality abo ut them . For example you might go into a home and the atmosphere is such that you just want to leave immediately and other homes, the atmosphere is such that you’d like to sit there for an hour. Interviewer: Yes, you have – you have visited homes like that where the tension you can feel tension – Gururaj: Oh you can feel the tension yes. Interviewer: -- as soon as you walk through the door or you can feel comfort? Gururaj: Definitely. Everyone has experienced that I'm sure. Yes. Interviewer: When someone decides that they will now meditate. Can they leave behind truly such problems as ar e rampant these days as unemployment and financial problems and recession? Gururaj: Well, look by mediating you're not going to have a million dollars drop in your lap. Interviewer: No. Gururaj: But it will give you the integration and the clarity of mind to formulate ideas because once your mind is in turmoil, or in turbulence, you could never formulate any ideas whereby you could be benefitted. So if you reach th at calm state of mind, then your mind will function better , you could think better and therefore make all your efforts more effective. Interviewer: Tell me about the – are you able to follow up on people who – to whom you have spoken? Have you have --

4. CAN 83 - 1 8 Gururaj: Oh yes I've -- Interviewer: -- they could come back to you and say “Gururaj this is what happened to me.”? Gururaj: Um - hmm, now -- now what – what happens is this that I do make an – one or two visits a year to a country. We’ve got organisations established in various countries of the world, and we us ually use the countries ’ name, In Canada the Canadian Meditation Society, in America the American Meditation Society, in Spain, Denmark, Germany – Interviewer: Yes. Gururaj: -- South Africa, ever y where around the world, we use the name of the country. Interviewer: All right. Gururaj: Yeah, and then I have trained the teachers personally who are able to cope with that, but everyone gets initiated through me, I initiate a person personally – Interviewer: I see. Gururaj: --- and the teacher just teaches over. In other words, I'm the doctor and my teacher is the dispenser -- Interviewer: Of course. Gururaj: -- the chemist. Interviewer: Yes, now you’ll be here – back here in Victoria on the 23 rd and 24 th Gururaj: -- and 24 th

5. CAN 83 - 1 8 Interviewer: University of Vict oria for a two day intensive? Gururaj: Intensive, yes. Interviewer: Um - hmm. Gururaj: Now in that intensive I’ll be leading people through various forms of mediation and make them experience what it is all about. And meditation is just part of it. The philosophy that goes behind it is very important as well, that would show you the different aspects of life and how to look at an object in a totally different perspective. Now these flowers here are so beautiful, but if you have that inner integration, they will seem much more beautiful to you. Interviewer: Um - hmm. Gururaj: Because you’d not only be looking with your physical eyes, but you woul d sense the bea uty of it, you would know that this flower is just a formulation of the invisible sap. Now the idea is to reach the invisible sap to perceive it, conceive it and to experience it. Interviewer: Gururaj Ananda Yogi who will be back in Victoria the 23 rd and 24 th at the University of Victoria, register at 9:00 O’clock in the Clearihue Building , Room C305. This evening at 8:00 O’clock in the Planetarium in Vancouver. Our very special thanks. Gururaj: Thank you very much. Interviewer: Right. Gururaj: It has been a pleasure. Interviewer: Pleasure.

1. CAN 83 - 1 8 Interviewer : -- Chat with and to meet and know more about a spiritual master who is here under the auspic es of the Canadian Meditation Society, affiliated to The International Foundation of Spiritual Unfoldment under the guidance of my guest, Gururaj Ananda Yogi , welcome. How nice to have you here. Gururaj: Thank you very much. Interviewer: Do I refer to you as Gururaj? Gururaj: Just call me Gururaj. Interviewer: Gururaj, so nice to see you so relaxed sitting with legs crossed. Gururaj: Well, that is what I teach, total relaxation of mind and body, and by relaxing the mind and body totally, one has a chance of reaching the spirit within. So the entire teaching is to lead man from fragmentation to integration . And 99% of the people’s problems are because of fragmentation, they do not function holistically. Interviewer: Um - hmm Gururaj: The mind, one thought pulls that way and another thought pulls that way and through a very scientific and systematic process of meditation, we teach people how to allow the mind, body and the spirit to function as a wholeness . So all the actions become sin cere, pure and dynamic and so much should be achieved in life. Interviewer: And e veryone could benefit from this ? Gururaj: Oh, everyone could benefit. I gave an analogy last night that it is the nature of flower to be beautiful, but that’s not the only thing it does, it also enhances the beauty of the garden. Interviewer: Ah, yes!


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