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1. CAN 83 - 23 -2 Gururaj. Good, shall we just meditate for a few moments to settle down? Are you comfortable? There are plenty of chairs if you want one. Okay. Good. Now let me hear some of your deep profound, philosophical metaphysical questions. Questioner. I have a question. Gururaj. Yes. Sir Questioner. It seems on by the subconscious and the subliminal areas of human experiences it’s rare in my experience that anyone used the word superconscious I wonder if you might speak of what .................... (inaudible) Gururaj. Very good. Very good, indeed. Fine. Did you? I could handle half a dozen at the same time. Questioner. ...............(Inaudible) Gururaj. Beautiful, very good. It combines with his question. Questioner. ......................... sexual energy and awakening the Kundalini and so on, Gururaj. What do you want sexual energy for? Questioner. Kundalini awakening. Gururaj. I know, I know what you mean. Good. The human mind is a total continuum but for explanatory purposes we could divide it up into three sections, the conscious mind, the subconscious and the superconscious mind. Now you might well know the workings of the conscious mind. The conscious mind is the sector, a very small sector of the mind governed or portrayed through what we call the brain which is but an organ. I said in a talk not so long ago that the brain, a two and a half to three pound organ contains two billion cells and we are only using one millionth of the twelve billion cells. Not two, twelve. We are using one millionth of the twelve billion cells. So from that we could gauge how small the conscious mind is, which in turn governs our senses hearing, seeing, touching, tasting, smelling. So these senses have their centre of cognition in the conscious level of the mind. So if you hear something, it is not the ears that hear it, the

2. CAN 83 - 23 -2 ears are just organs. That sound goes through to the particular centre in the conscious level of the brain where it would recognise it to be a sound. And most of you must have experienced this that you’re absorbed in doing something, say reading a book and the doorbell rings and yet you do not hear the door bell. Most of you have experienced this. So the ear was there, the conscious centre was there, right and yet you did not hear it. So this means that the conscious level of the mind is not enough to make you hear. You still have to go to a deeper layer of the mind which one could call the intellect and that intellect weighs up the matter ‘Did I hear a sound or not?’ It weighs up the quality of the sound, ‘Was it a bell ringing or was it a knock?’ And in this weighing process, there it does not end, it still goes further after it has made its judgement that it was a bell, a electrical bell or a knock, it still goes further. For the intellect itself cannot judge it can only weigh. And when it goes further to another layer within the subconscious level of the mind, to a finer layer of the subconscious, there that very thought gets energised and acceptance takes place upon the judgement of the conscious mind and conveyed back through the same area to the intellect, then through the various brain cells and that cognises that I have heard a knock. Good. So the conscious mind performs a very small function in man. You know it is said that even a genius like Einstei n - by the way I only know two kinds of people geniuses and ‘geniasses’. (Laughter) Nevertheless it is said that Einstein only used about eight percent of his brain. The rest is lying dormant. Through Spiritual Practices and Meditation you awaken more and more cells in your brain, so that more and more of the mind could filter through. Now in reality in actuality, there is only one mind, there are no two minds. There are no individual minds at all, there is only one universal mind which is the first manifestation of the Manifestor. But why do we find individual minds? Individual minds are found and to put it in a form of analogy, are like bubbles on a pond. Can the bubble be separated from the pond? It is made of the substance of the pond and the various air currents etc which are in the pond brings it up as a bubble but to burst again and become the pond again. Can one separate a wave from the sea? You can’t. For once the wave subsides, it is still the sea. So there is only one mind and because of the subconscious mind that the individualisation takes place. Now the question would arise what is the subconscious mind? Modern Psychologists and Psychiatrists who consult me on many of their cases, they call me in as a Consultant, know very little of the subconscious mind. They have just about dipped their toes in this vast ocean of the mind. The subconscious mind is nothing else but thought formations. Where do these thoughts come from? Good. Since the Big Bang or the start of the present cycle of the universe when you started off your evolutionary progress and was forced into this momentum, this propulsion which in other words is called evolution and from that sub, sub, sub, sub, sub atomic particle which has been crystallised from the primal manifestation which we have called mind, it through various stages of mineral and plant and animal reached the stage of man. And yet there are

3. CAN 83 - 23 -2 still other stages on other planets which go beyond the stage of man, for man in his present state of evolution has reached only a certain height. Ninety nine point nine, nine, nine percent of the world’s population are insane, cuckoo, only that fraction of a percentage, sane. The totally integrated man is sane and if you’re not totally integrated then you can’t be sane. Like a friend of mine said to me the other day ‘Oh, the lady just can’t be a little pregnant’. Fine. Do you see? So now we are busy on the subconscious mind. The subconscious mind is nothing but composed of thought forms. These thought forms since you began, since you became individualised, other individual atoms mixed with you the little atom or sub, sub, sub, sub atomic particle and it also had the quality of duplicating itself and replicating itself until it reached the stage of the amoebic stage, the first cell and from there on that cell too replicated and this is how the whole universe came about. Fine. Now your subconscious mind is a storehouse of memories and everything that had happened since the Big Bang, millions and millions of years ago all that memory is stored in this little head of ours which can be recalled at will. Now our experiences might have been pleasant experiences, so they are pleasant memories. Experiences might have been unpleasant so they are unpleasant memories. Now everything in this world or in the universe is forever finding expression. As I always say the flower finds expression in the fragrance it exudes. The sun finds expression in the heat and light it gives off. Everything wants to express itself. Now which is the easiest way for the subconscious to express itself because the subconscious mind is made up of thoughts as I said and thoughts are patterned, they are patternings of thoughts. So the patterning of the thoughts get conveyed in its expression to the conscious mind and the conscious mind puts it into action through your five senses and through the limbs of your body. Fine. So the process is this, to find grea t peace, to find the peace that passeth all understanding is how to overcome, how to overcome all the patternings that lie there in the subconscious mind. Now this might take lifetimes to do, two hundred, two hundred million lifetimes to unpattern all those patternings. So man goes on suffering while his real true nature is one of total bliss, for Divinity is bliss. Yet there’s one factor not recognised by modern medicine, modern psychology or psychiatry. I remember about two years ago I was invited to speak at a Seminar in Las Vegas on Holistic Health. So we had Physicians there and Psychiatrists and various members of the medical fraternity and of course I spoke from the mystical and spiritual angle and I told them that the body, the mind and the spirit within man is a continuum. So when you speak of Holistic health, people must be treated wholly and not partially. Today because of specialisation, a Physician will only look at the physiology or the body, the Psychiatrist will only think of the mind and of course the Church Ministers are wasting their time, mostly.

4. CAN 83 - 23 -2 To give you an example, I had a press conference in London not so long ago and of course various newspapers were invited to this hotel by the organisers and I told them that look I have not come to empty the churches, I have come to fill the churches, the synagogues and the mosques and the temples but firstly if the priest can’t give you anything then naturally people don’t go there. Like it reminds me of this man who went to a doctor and his complaint was he says ‘Doctor, you know I snore when I sleep.’ So the doctor says does it disturb your wife’. So he says ‘Oh, not only my wife, it disturbs the whole congregation’. Nice place to be able to sleep by the way. (Laughter) You end up there in very, very deep sleep too and from there direct to the cemetery. Right so I told them that we want to fill the churches and synagogues and temples. But the way to do it is this that every church minister, pastor or whatever you want to call him, must during his years he spends in a seminary, - funny that word seminary - when many priests are supposed to be celibate. I tell you with me it’s only wisdom but you’ll find a lot of fun as well. Right. So this is what I told them that while going through the period of studying theology, they must be put through a period of intense meditation, where they themselves are lead from fragmentation to integration and it is only this integration within themselves that they could impart something to the people that come to church. People don’t want to listen to empty sermons. They could be very, very parrot like but if the priest or the pastor, minister could really impart a spiritual flow, for example I am speaking to you, you are not only hearing my words but through the voice, I am also imparting to you a certain spiritual force. So therefore I can promise you one thing, when those two days are over you’d never be the same person again. That’s for sure. That’s besides the point. So the subconscious mind is a repository of all those things that have happened to you, all those experiences and the experiences live in the subconscious mind as impressions. The word for impressions in Sanskrit is Samskaras. So your entire life style is guided by your Samskaras. In other words you are today the sum totality of what you have been before in other lifetimes, if you believe in that. You are the sum totality. You do not recall those lifetimes because most people dwell just on the surface level of the mind, the conscious mind. But through Spiritual Practices when you dive deeper and deeper to the various layers of the subconscious mind, you can recall your past lives. You can bring forth all those memories that had, all the things that had happened to you which left those impressions. But I still tell you that God’s greatest gift to man is that his forgetfulness. For if you could remember all the things you have done in the past, life could become intolerable. There was this one lady who came into great wealth but she wanted a title, an English lady, she wanted a title, you know, of nobility so she could be known as ‘Lady So and So’. So, she wrote to this firm that specialises in going into ancestry and this firm went into the subject and found that her great grandfather was electrocuted

5. CAN 83 - 23 -2 for committing a heinous crime, he must have killed someone, so he got electrocuted. But these people felt now, how shall we reply this lady because they charge big fees. You like to keep the customers happy. Hah. Good, so that’s how bus iness thrives. So they wrote back that ‘Your great grandfather, Mr. John Parkinson, left his body while occupying the chair of applied electricity’. So if we could remember all the happenings of our past lives, life would become intolerable; not that the function of the subconscious is dormant, we are still coming to the superconscious, right not that the functionings of the subconscious is dormant, it’s working on, all the time. When you sleep, the conscious mind might sleep or get blocked off, but the subconscious mind is still working and the very patternings in the subconscious is the substance of your dreams. And thank God you have dreams. Many people have nightmares and I say ’Please, have more nightmares’. Yes. Because that is a mechanism, a release valve that if you had to live those nightmares in the waking state of life, life would become H -e-l-l. Do you see? So now, all these patternings are there, what is man to do about it? He wants to find peace in this life. We wan t peace in this life, we don’t want to wait for two hundred million lifetimes to find peace. What can we do? Ah here is where Meditation and specialised Spiritual Practices come in, that in spite of the cloudedness of the subconscious mind, there exists a direct line from the conscious mind to the superconscious level of the mind. Fine. And one can bypass or bore through the wall of those thought patternings, who has no real existence of its own. Remember it has no real existence of its own, because it is dependent upon spiritual energy. Fine. So through systematic meditation, one leads the conscious mind directly through the subconscious areas of the mind, in spite of all the patternings that are there and reaches the superconscious level of the mind. Now, what is the superconscious level? That’s a term which I have used for many, many years, perhaps I might have been one of the first to formulate that term. Now the entire mind being the primal manifestation, falls in relativity, it is not absolute, but at that superconscious level, it is at its finest level that the mind could ever achieve. So the mind causes a lot of trouble for us. All our miseries and sufferings are caused by the mind and at the same time, the mind can be used as a tool to bring joy and happiness to our lives. If you could picture to yourself a vast board, vast board, have a dark blue colour at the one end and then fade it out into a finer, and finer, and finer and finer blue, until you reach the finest blue. The finest blue you could regard to the superconscious level of the mind, while the very dark blue is the conscious level of the mind. So through certain practices, you go right through and reach the superconscious level where although there is motion because the mind cannot exist without motion, but the motion seems as if it’s totally still. It’s like a top, the children

6. CAN 83 - 23 -2 that play tops, you spin it and when it’s at its highest speed, you think it is standing still and yet filled with the greatest amount of motion. So, at that level, one finds that stillness. It is at that level where the Biblical injunction is properly understood, that ‘Be still and know that I am God’. Fine, so through a systematic scientific manner, we reach the superconscious level of the mind and being like a clear pane of glass, you’d find the light of the absolute shining through. And when it shines through, it goes through that channel you have created through the subconscious mind and that light being so powerful, it banishes the darkness of the subconscious mind. And when the darkness is banished there, that light comes through the conscious level of the mind, which influences action and reaction and makes us act in the right proper way, very, very spontaneously. In other words you do not need to force yourself to do a certain action, for forcing yourself to do a certain action could create a lot of repressions and inhibitions in your subconscious mind. What you would end up doing is shifting around energies and not dissolving the energies. The whole purpose of Spiritual Practices is to dissolve those negative energies that are in the mind and give greater force and power to the positive energies. Now, for example, a chap like Dr. Norman Vincent Peale, you have heard his name most of you, I have said this a few times before, that I would challenge him on any public platform that he says ‘If you have a negative thought, you change it over into a positive thought’, and that is impossible. It can’t be done. It is not electric switch where you just switch on the light and switch off the light. If the mind is bothered, you are so emotionally involved in the negative thought, how can yo u just flip it over into a positive thought. No. The process, which I would tell Norman Vincent Peale is this, that you take the negative thought and neutralise it through a spiritual practice which just takes but a few moments to neutralise and then you introduce the positive thought. It’s just like tilling a field, if the field is full of weeds and it’s not well ploughed, the seed you plant of positive thought won’t grow. You got to plough it, otherwise, neutralise, and then you plant the seed and the beautiful flower would grow. You see? What is the nature of the superconscious mind? The superconscious mind, being of the finest point of relativity, being the finest in the relative existence, is the purest and free from thought. Thought patterns only begin from the subconscious down, to the conscious and then in action, but the superconscious mind, although it is still in the relative, is totally devoid of thought. So it is not affected at all. And thoughts are things. You could actually see thoughts if you have developed certain abilities and through Spiritual Practices you develop these abilities, but of course you don’t take notice of them, because I would discourage any of the, any psychic phenomena, because it only tends to drive you crazy. You might have read a book ‘Psychic Discoveries Behind the Iron Curtain’, and they give you a story of a woman who could shift the yellow and the white from an egg just by a thought force. But she was such a nervous wreck the book goes on to tell you. So it’s not worth it and you get stuck in these psychic things. Your path, your path is to become one with Divinity. Your path, your goal in life is to go from diversity into unity, where you develop unity consciousness - that’s a different

7. CAN 83 - 23 -2 subject. We’ll speak about that in the next two days. What unity consciousness if all about and what is consciousness. Remind me to speak about it, I’ll speak about it. Good. So, at that level you’ll find that stillness without any thought. So when you approach that stillness, you do not come back empty handed. You bring that stillness through the subconscious layers of the mind, brightening it, banishing the darkness there and bringing it to the conscious mind, so that your senses feel the power of this light. Your emotions get governed by this light. People say annihilate the ego. You can’t, it is impossible. You cannot annihilate the ego but you can, like a piece of rubber, if we compare the ego to a piece of rubber, you can pull it so that it becomes transparent and loses its opaqueness. And by becoming transparent, that effulgent, indefinable, ineffable light of Divinity shines through and experience the peace that passeth all understanding. For the mind itself, being so limited, finite, could never have any idea or explore the totality of that which is infinite. But the infinite can be experienced. So on the experiential level, you know what they call God to be all about. Because God, Allah, Eternal, Infinite, these are all labels, energy, Divine energy, you can use any label you like, labels does not matter. You can wear a blue suit or a green suit or a sky blue pink suit, you’re still John or Jack or James. Good. So labels do not matter. But you reach, by reaching the superconscious of the mind, you reach the totality of the mind and from that vantage point you see the workings of the subconscious, not only on the individual basis, but you see the entirety of the universe, for the mind is as vast as the universe and there is only one mind. And all these little galaxies and solar systems and suns and all that which you see, are just but bubbles. At this very moment there are millions of universes, galaxies exploding. At this very moment there are millions of them being recreated, being pushed out of the Black Hole where another universe is being formed and formulated, to progress on again until it reaches the Black Hole and gets sucked in from one side. And after a while, when the vibrations become more faster and faster, and faster, it explodes to recreate another galaxy or universe. Do you see? So, when one through Spiritual Practices approaches this very fine level of the mind, you can know the entire universe. Tomorrow evening, I will be going into a state of meditation which in Sanskrit is called Nirvikalpa Samadhi. You might have heard that term. You have Savikalpa Samadhi, which means meditation with form and Nirvikalpa Samadhi means, meditation without form. So, tomorrow, that’s set for tomorrow evening. Well other practices and things we’ll do during the day but that is specially set for tomorrow evening, where you will just sit back and relax and I will go into meditation. And you will go through experiences, of a power, a force that is far greater than what we think in terms of this body and our senses and our limbs. There is a power far greater and you actually experience it. Because with me going into the Nirvikalpa state, I bring back that Divine force which you tangibly feel and experience in particular ways. I don’t

8. CAN 83 - 23 -2 want to tell you what you will experience because I don’t want to influence your mind. You experience it and you tell me what you have experienced. That’s set for tomorrow evening. So, man has the ability to have eternity. What did the poet Blake say? ‘Eternity in an hour’. I think he was wrong, eternity in a moment, that’s what I say. Why take a whole hour? Ah. In a moment. Do you see? And this can be achieved and meditation, look this is no, this is not a selling process. It’s a non-profit making organisation. I travel round the world and for example, the Canadian Meditation Society just provided the air fare for me to come here. And I go round the world that way, teaching, teaching, teaching. Many people might say how do you make a living, I say, well, through gifts and donations which friends give or don’t give. One day it’s a piece of dry bread, next day perhaps there might be a little butter, but to me it doesn’t matter. You see? So, when you reach that vantage point of the superconscious level of the mind, then you are in the area of knowingness. You know, within yourself. You know, that you are Divine. You do not need to think that you are Divine, because your thought is very, very limited. As I said using one millionth of twelve billion cells in the brain, so how much can your thought be? But man has the ability to grasp, embrace the entire universe in his hands, in his arms. Then man can start realising that unity, that the entire universe and I are but one. There is no division, there are no boundaries. There is no separations and these separations we feel or think about are only creations of these thoughts and thoughts not well regulated and running around at random like a rudderless boat, does not find its proper direction and it drifts along in the ocean of life purposelessly, yet life itself is a purpose and we don’t use it. And then we say, ‘Oh Lord, I’m suffering, suffering, why are you so unjust?’ You have some trouble, you blame the children, then you blame the poor wife, then you blame the boss and if that doesn’t help you , you blame the Guru. And if that still doesn’t work, you blame God. And that Divine power has nothing, has nothing to do with it. That Divine force is a neutral force and you could use it any way you like. Like electricity, put it into a stove, you’ll have heat, put it into a refrigerator, you’d have cold. It’s still the same electricity. It’s a neutral force. And how we apply this neutral force, that constitutes our free will, how to combine freewill with Divine will until you even transcend all that and know that ’I am that I am’. Otherwise, when you reach that stage, the rest becomes baloney. You know, this young man and his girlfriend went for a drive somewhere here in Vancouver, up one of those mountains. Now I believe there is a point there called Echo Point. So she tells him, she says, ‘Why don’t you try it?’ He says ‘That’s silly, that’s for children’. She said “’Come on, try it’. So he shouts ‘Baloney’, no reply, no echo. So then she

9. CAN 83 - 23 -2 says ‘Well, try again’. Then he shouted again ‘I’m the handsomest man in the world’ and there the reply came, ‘Baloney’. Dear me. You see many of these teachings have been so watered down. There was this Mullah Nassruddin. So a friend of his brought him a whole lot of vegetables. So this Mullah thought, what must I do with them? So he thought, let me mak e a nice pot of soup. So he made a nice pot of soup. Then after a while he had some of the soup, he was hungry, it was nearly this time. And then there was a knock on the door and the person said ‘ I am a friend you know of the man who brought you the vegetables’. So, Mullah - it’s an Eastern custom, someone comes and visits your home, you always offer something, you don’t let him go back empty handed. You offer them tea, coffee, whatever, scotch, whatever. Right. So then another knock came on the door and this person said ‘I’m the friend of the friend of the man who brought you the vegetables’. So he says “’Come in, Sir’, gave him a bowl of soup. And then after a while another knock came, third knock, fourth knock, fifth knock, and the fifth knock, the fella says ‘I’m the friend of the friend of the friend of the friend of the friend of the friend who brought you the vegetables’. ‘Come in Sir’. Meanwhile, the soup was getting less. So this Mullah, he kept on adding a bit of water to it. So then the sixth and the seventh, and the eighth and ninth knock came on the door and this time the chap says ‘Look, I’m the friend, of the friend, off the friend, of the friend, of the friend, of the friend, of the friend, friend who brought you the vegetables’. So says the Mullah, ‘Please come in’ and he gave him a bowl of soup. This chap starts eating and he says ‘Oh’, he says ‘Mullah, this is not soup, this is water’. So the Mullah says ‘Look, seeing that you’re the friend, of the friend, of the friend, of the friend, of the friend, of the friend, of the friend of the friend, this is the soup, of the soup, of the soup, of the soup, of the soup, of the soup, of the soup’. Ah. That is how all these ancient truths have been watered down, where all the soup is gone and only water is left. The beautiful birds of love have but flown away and only the droppings are left. (Laughter). You know, we are all, we are all good people like this boy. He says to his Dad, he says ‘Dad, I will be good today if yo u give me a dollar’. Where is that fella, I don’t see him? He says, he says ‘Dad’, he says ‘Dad, I’ll be good today if you give me a dollar’. So the father says ‘Oh, what’s become, what’s coming of this generation’. He says ‘When I was your age, I was good for nothing’. You know on this - we have time for one more joke. Let’s see what one. Ah, there was this beautiful luncheon you know of some Embassy, Ambassadorial luncheon, so these dignitaries were invited at this luncheon and there was a venerable Chinese gentleman, very well dressed, belonging to the Diplomatic Corps and next to him sat a young Englishman, and, who wanted to start up a conversation. You sit next to someone at a dinner table, and you start

10. CAN 83 - 23 -2 chatting. Fine. So when the soup was served, the Englishman asked the Chinese gentleman ‘Likey soupy?’ So the Chinese gentleman just smiled. You know. So the Englishman thought ‘Oh well, perhaps he doesn’t understand English at all’. So after the dinner was over, at such function - I have been to many of them myself so I know - they normally ask people to stand up and give a little speech. And so a few speeches were given and then came the turn, the turn of the Chinese gentleman. So this Chinese gentleman got up and he gave a little speech full of wit and wisdom and in impeccable English. So, as he was sitting down amidst the applause, he asks this English gentleman ‘You likey speechey?’ (Laughter) Well, that bring us now to lunchtime and we will be getting together this afternoon. So Hugh would you please make any announcements. What time and I know it’s the same place, that’s of course true. Hugh. (Hugh giving announcements). We are going to have another chant and a meditation at three o’clock but between the end of your lunch and three o’clock, we hope that we can set up the television so that you can view one of our Video Tapes from our Course in Vancouver last week. So those of you who would like a conventional lunch hour, can sit here and watch television and have, I would think, a lovely bonus to the Course, mainly one of our Satsangs with Guruji in Vancouver. He was here last week. I believe there is a cafeteria quite close by, which Larry can probably point you in the right direction. Voice. What time should we be back for Satsang? Hugh. That’s an excellent question, I would say two o’clock. Gururaj. Two o’clock if you like. Yes, hour and a half. If you wanted longer, perhaps to take a walk Hugh. The programme that is suggested – didn’t you say three o’clock for the chant and meditation? Gururaj. I’ll be here before four. I think I’ll go with Barbara. Right. And then from four you’ll be finished with your chanting and meditation by that time, and then we’ll have a two hour session. One hour a talk on any subject you like and the other hour would go in Rapid Fire Question and Answer. You can ask about anything you like. Right. So that will bring us to six, then, I think. Good. Meanwhile, I could go with Barbara. Is there anyone here who wants.... END


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