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2. CAN 83- 24 -1 Now the very favourite story. A man used to go into a cafeteria every day and the first day he went he asked for a tin of soft drinks. So when he got the tin of soft drinks, he took out a can opener from his pocket, he opened the tin and o f course he had the soft drink. He went to the same cafe the next day and he did the same, took out his can opener and opened the tin and this went on for a few weeks. So here the shopkeeper got very curious because on the tin of soft drinks you have this little pull tab which you use and you can drink your Coca Cola or Pepsi Cola or Seven Up or whatever you want to. Right. So this man was curious. So he says ‘Sir, excuse me for asking this question but the tin has a little pull tab that thing a bob there, why don’t you use that, why do you use a can opener?’ So this man explains, replies that ‘That pull tab is for people that do not have can openers’. (Laughter) And that is your trouble, that is your trouble, when you have the pull tab there and you don’t want to pull. No wonder the toilet smells. And you talk of botheration. That if we have the superconscious level there then why do we have to go through this botheration? It is because we do not want to contact the superconscious level of ourselves. We are so tied up within the patternings. We are smug in those patternings and yet we yearn for greater and greater peace and yet we don’t walk along the path of peace to dive deep within ourselves where peace really resides. And it’s been said over and over again in all Theologies, Hinduism, Christianity, Sikkism, Jainism, Buddhism, it has been said in different ways, ‘Seek ye first the Kingdom of Heaven within and all else shall be added unto thee’. And that Kingdom of Heaven within is the superconscious level of yourself, the finest of the finest in a relative existence. Beyond that there is the absolute. So you’re centre that dwells everywhere and all the time eternal is right within yourself. You are the center of the Universe. Find yourself and know yourself to be th e center of the universe. Good. And the center of the universe does not mean being centered in the ego-self. To be self- centered with the small ‘s’ is a far different thing than to be self-centered with the big ‘S’, the higher self within yourself. People only have to do one simple thing and that simple thing is to shift the emphasis. You do not need extra energy at all. As a matter of fact you need less energy to be centered in the higher Self, capital S. To be centred in the small s means that you are centered in the go self and the ego self is part and parcel of your sub conscious mind that has all the dirt there and that causes all the mischief. So the little ego self starts bluffing itself, it thinks it is self existent but it is only living in borrowed light of the higher Self because the little self, the little ego self could never exist on its own. The little ego self is like a mirage for a thirsty man in a desert. He thinks it is there and yet it is not there, his imagination is playing tricks with him. So when a man thinks that I am John, Jack, Joan or Jean and the world revolves around me,why must such and such a person say a bad word to me or such and such a person say a good word to me? It means that you are thinking only of that imaginary ego self which is filled with all kinds of impressions and those very impressions are not even tangible. And yet with the delusions and the illusions you go through, you add tangibility to that via your five senses. Do you see how we bluff ourselves, how we mistake unreality for reality? If you ask the question ‘Am I real?’,

3. CAN 83- 24 -1 what would you answer? What is there within you that is real? Who am I? And when you can answer that question, you move from fragmentation to total integration. Am I this body? Am I the center? No. I am not because this body is forever changing and medical science has proved this that within every seventeen days, you have a total different system within yourself, cellular system, reformation cells are forever being destroyed and rebuilt all the time, even as you are sitting now. So within seventeen days, there is an entire change within you, physiologically speaking. So where is the permanence? The real self has to be permanent otherwise it is not reality, it is appearance. The ocean is turbulent and you find the waves going up and down and up and down. Those are waves we do not deny the reality of the waves in the relative level of life. But that wave is up now and within a few seconds the wave is gone, submerged in the ocean. Another waves comes up to be submerged in the ocean, and another comes up to be submerged in the ocean, and another comes up and another all these bubbles of individuality come up and they go. Where is the permanence? The permanence lies in the water upon which these bubbles arise, upon which these waves arise but we attach as I said emphasis on the waves which are forever changing, changing, changing, throbbing in its turbulence until it drives you nuts. So, so it is a matter of changing emphasis. Observe the waves, observe the waves by all means do, but do not regard the waves or the little ego self to be permanent for your thoughts, your ideals, your mode of life is changing every day. Let it change every day. It is the nature of the manifested universe to change every day. It is the nature of the manifested universe to be in motion all the time and where there is motion then changes must occur but take them as changes and become the observer from the deeper level of the ocean where things are quiet and still. So upon the foundation of this tranquillity, equanimity, absolute stillness, let the changes occur. So simple! So people say forget the ego, annihilate the ego it’s of no importance. They are totally wrong. I disagree and this is not only said by ordinary people, it is said with authority from the Vedas. It is said with authority from the Upanishads and all the other great religions. I say no, that is wrong. At those times those Sages perceived certain truths which were valid for those times . Today we perceive the same truths, for truth are eternal but we could apply the same truths according to the times we live in. What we need is to accept those changes that are there and not to deny them. And when you can accept the changes then the changes loses its bite, it loses its sting because you become accepting. And when you can accept then all its blood brothers flow in turn with it. With acceptance comes sympathy. With acceptance comes kindness, with acceptance comes compassion, with acceptance comes love, concern for our brother man. For are we not our brother’s keepers? And for this, through spiritual practices and meditation, one acquires that integration that gives you strength. You need courage.

4. CAN 83- 24 -1 Did I tell you the story yesterday of the three Admirals . No. No. Good. There were three Admirals on this vast Aircraft carrier. So the one was a Russian, the other was an Englishman and the third was one of us, we Canadians. Now. So there was one Canadian. So the Russian says, ‘Russia has the finest navy in the world and I will prove it to you’. So he shouts for Slivovitz or some name, I believe that is the name of a liquor is it? (Laughter) He shouts for Slivovitz and he comes and he says ‘Yes, Sir’. He says ‘Right I want you to climb up the mast and dive down into the ocean and swim right round the aircraft carrier and come back and report’. This was duly done. It was done. And he says ‘You see how courageous our Russian seamen are?’ So of course the Englishman thought, wait a minute let me show them something. ‘Right lad, Smith, you climb up the mast and dive down and swim twice around the aircraft carrier and come and report’. This was done. The man came back to report. So the Englishman says ‘You see how courageous our people are, the English sailor men?’ So now comes the turn of our Canadian Admiral. He says ‘Look, we’ve got to show these Russians and these guys a point’. So he shouts for Robinson, he says ‘Robinson‘. So Robinson comes up there, he says ’Hi Ad’ calling an Admiral, ‘Hi Ad’ (Laughter) Okay. Fine. He says ‘Hi Ad, what can I do?’ He says ‘Look lad, you shinny up to that mast there and you dive down and swim seven times around the aircraft carrier, seven times and then you come back and report to us’. So Robinson says, ‘Ad, you must be barmy. You want me to dive down from that mast, and swim seven time around and come back to report to you. You must be barmy, why the devil don’t you do it yourself?’ So the Canadian Admiral says ‘You see this is supreme courage where a man like that can speak to an Admiral like that’. We Canadians are great guys you know. Right. (Laughter) That’s right. So to proceed on the path of peace, of enlightenment you’ve got to have courage, you must have courage. And as you start your meditational practices, you become stronger and stronger and courage wells up within you spontaneously. It is not make believe, where you’re forced or compelled or coerced into doing something but various spontaneously your actions become right actions and courageous actions because you, although the outer field is turbulent like the waves, the inner self is so stable, so strong that you could face the world and spit it in the eye with love and you are not affected. And when you are not affected you have been centered within yourself and that is the meaning of centralisation. It’s like a wheel on a cart, the hub remains still but the wheel turns. And that is how life turns and turns and turns but yet the axle remains still and yet the wheel cannot turn without the axle, the pivotal point which is the centre. But we dwell on the periphery along the rim and there are so many spokes, so many paths as many as theologies and different systems and methods go. Those are the spokes. Take any spoke you like and from the rim, from the periphery approach the centre and there you will find the stillness within yourself. You find the centre. So the superconscious level of your mind is not to blame, it is a fort to be captured.

5. CAN 83- 24 -1 There is a story where this King was giving a dinner party at the Palace and as is the Eastern custom when you have a guest at your home or wherever you do not let him go away empty handed. For example guests come to my home, you know for dinner or for tea whatever, we don’t let them go empty handed we always give the guest a gift. That’s an Eastern custom. Fine. So after dinner and all that and after the entertainment in the Royal Palace and all the dancing and the fun making and court jesters and what have you, the King made an announcement, that out of all these treasures you see in this vast ballroom whatever you touch is yours for the taking. So people rushed and some went to the diamond studded statuette of the Goddess Kali, some went to some other beautiful work of art made of ivory and diamonds and gold and this that. Fantastic works of art and they took it to take home. So after they settled down after a while, everyone had what they thought was good for them and they took it. So here the maid that worked in the Palace said, ‘Sire, would you repeat what you said earlier, that anything you touch is yours’. So what this maidservant did is touched the King. So by touching the King, the King was hers and having the King, everything else the King owned was hers. ‘Seek ye first the Kingdom of Heaven within and all else is added unto thee’. Get the King. Why mess around with the clarks, clerks, sorry? (Laughter) Get the King and it’s a simple path to reach the King and yet we must grovel like worms in the dirt and the dust. Why? Arise, awake and stop not ‘til the goal is reached. That was one of the maxims of Vivekananda. He said that. You see? So everything is built in within us just for us to use through simple meditation practices which will relax you physiologically firstly, biological reactions. It will lower your metabolic rate thus bringing greater rest to the body. It replenishes the energy that’s lost. So firstly you find that deep relaxation when the body functions in coordination and in relaxation, the mind follows in a greater quietude so you feel the calm. And still you go deeper and deeper and deeper to the superconscious level of the mind, the centre and that as I said yesterday that the mind is only one mind, it’s a universal mind, so you reach that state where you become one with the universal mind and from there draw the energies to regenerate and rejuvenate yourself and feel the peace and joy. For if you spend half an hour in a perfume factory, you will come out smelling like perfume. You do not come back from that level empty handed. So your body is rested. You benefit physiologically, you benefit psychologically, biologically and you benefit spiritually and more than that you develop a more heightened awareness, a greater understanding of life. Because of a widened awareness that you could understand the meaning of life. I said yesterday we look at things very, very sectionally in this vast continuum which is life and life is eternal. There is no death, there is only life and what we regard as death is just a transition when the organs of the body gets worn out, you take on another body until it becomes not

6. CAN 83- 24 -1 necessary for you to take on another body anymore because taking on bodies is like going to school and no child really likes to go to school but you have to. They don’t like to get up in the morning for example, they don’t like to do their homework in the afternoon, they don’t like to go to school but they have to. So life is a school we come to but once we have passed the exams and did our finals, we do not need to go to school anymore and the knowledge gained in the school of life is used for practical purposes. So liberation can be had in this lifetime. You do not need a million lifetimes for that it can be had here. Don’t let me make you think too much. Talking of schools. In the Sunday School the teacher, the Sunday school teacher talked about the Prodigal Son who had returned. So the teacher asked, ‘Who was the saddest being there when the Prodigal Son returned?’ So the little boy answers, ‘The fatted calf’. (Laughter) See if we can find another.? They were sitting at breakfast the husband and wife and the wife said ‘I don’t know darling if you noticed that I mended the hole in your pocket’. So he said ‘Oh thank you very much dear, it was so sweet of you, I appreciate it, but just tell me one thing how did you discover that there was a hole in my pocket?’ (Laughter) You know this doctor took on a partner. He was getting old and he needed assistance, so he took on a young partner that qualified as a doctor. So the older doctor had to show his partner round. So first they dropped into Mrs.Goodbody, examined her, put the thermometer in her mouth and while the senior doctor was taking it out, the thermometer slipped out of his hand and fell to the floor, so he bent down to pick up the thermometer. So the old senior doctor says to Mrs Goodbody that ‘Madam, your recovery would be expedited if you ate less chocolates’. So when they the home of this patient the young doctor asked, why did you mention chocolates that she must not eat them. So he says ‘When I bent down I saw a lot of chocolate wrappers under the bed and so therefore I said eat less chocolate, it’s not good for you’. Fine. So they went to the next house Mrs Loveday. So they go to Mrs Loveday. So this junior doctor, junior partner examined Mrs Loveday and also they stuck the thermometer in her mouth and he too somehow or the other while he took out the thermometer, it slipped and it fell you know under the bed. And so he bent down to pick it up and his last parting words to Mrs Loveday was this that ‘You must not have too much to do with the church’. So when they left the cottage, so when they left the cottage, the elder doctor asked, he says ‘Listen, why did you have to bring the church into it?’ So the younger doctor explained that ‘When I bent down to pick up the thermometer I saw the Vicar there’. (Laughter). Do not belong too much to the church but divide it up, belong to the world and also to Divinity. Give unto Caesar that which belongs to Caesar and give unto God that which belongs to God. So what am I trying to say here now is that

7. CAN 83- 24 -1 you can live in the relative and the absolute simultaneously but every moment in every action there is a remembrance of Divinity because through meditational practices the mind is filled even unconsciously so, filled with that Divine force permeating each and every single cell of your body where you function on the conscious level of the mind doing various duties during the day but the power of the superconscious level is spontaneously mixed in the actions of the conscious level. And that is how life is to be lived and then all miseries and all sorrows, they just vanish into thin air. If you believe in the Law of Karma which simply means that whatever you sow you will reap. Fine. Good. This is a law that works only on the relative plane but it works only in time space and causation. For every cause has its effect and every effect has a cause and the cause becomes effect and the effect becomes a cause, ad infinitum. Right. There is a way out. For example, for ten seconds your mind is filled with a negative thought, then for the next eleven seconds try to have a nice pleasant thought so you have one in the credit balance. Next five seconds a negative thought hating Auntie Mary, so for the next seven seconds have thoughts of loving John another two in the credit balance. you’ve got three. And like that if your day passes and when it comes to the end of the night, all your body will be so relaxed, you will feel that I have lived a nice day today. You would not need to go to Physiologists. But then they might starve - we got to go there as well. Nevertheless, the point apart from joking around, is this that if you add up all those extra seconds that has been to your credit balance, twenty four hours times sixty, times sixty brings you to the seconds and if you add it up over a year and then add it up of a span of three score years and ten, then you’d be leaving this world a better place than what you have come to in the first place. Do you see? So this is how in practical ways the quality of life improves and that is what we want, the quality of life to improve for the betterment of ourselves for if we find betterment within ourselves, we will find the environment the world better for ourselves. If there is harmony within us then we will find greater harmony in our environment, work life, family life, life in social circles. You will find greater and greater harmony and that harmony is the centre of yourself. That is where harmony is and it has always been there. It is, was and forever will be. Theology describes it in all various different terms the whole thing is to be, being, being in the here and the now and enjoying every moment of that. And as you progress in your meditations, you will find that your entire waking state of life and sleeping state of life is but a meditation. What am I doing here now? I am meditating actually because I am speaking from a totally different level. I’m not really -and all the people that’s being associated with me, thousands and thousands of them around the world know that I barely remember, I am only dimly aware of the things I talk about, it’s only afterwards when I listen to the tape that I say oh did I say that, did I say that, did I say that. Do you see?

8. CAN 83- 24 -1 So your life itself becomes a meditation. Someone asked me a question ‘Oh nobody loves me’. I said ‘Well the answer is very easy, you first become loving, then everyone will love you. If you are loving, then you become loveable’. Then all them fears and anxieties disappear for fears and anxieties are like the waves of the ocean and most of them with the ad mixture of anxiety, insecurity and what you, you’d find it just blowing up like a balloon, blowing and blowing and blowing beyond the proportion where you start suffering of hallucinations, where you start fearing things which are totally non -existent, where you walk through a dark road perhaps and your mind is filled with fear there might be robbers and thugs lurking around the corners and yet there are none there. But through your own mind those fears are created and while you’re walking through that street, your feeling utterly fearful, instead of walking through the street and looking at all those beautiful flowers in the lamplight and the beautiful gardens and lawns. I see Victoria is a beautifully well kept city , I admire it very much. Beautiful gardens very clean. So while you are walking in the lamplight, you admire the lawns and the gardens and all the lovely light in people’s windows perhaps if you glance at them occasionally and you enjoy the walk instead of fear. And then you fear work and you don’t feel like working, I always say take the ‘erk’ out of work and what is left is w it stands for wonderful , full of wonder. Yes. So enjoy, enjoy, enjoy everything you do. But to enjoy everything one has to have inner stability and inner strength. To me a piece of dry bread is just as good as a King’s feast. If I had the choice I would choose the King’s feast why not. But if there is no choice I would not hanker after the King’s feast nor would I condemn the dry piece of bread. For the molecular structure of the dry piece of bread is but the same as the molecular structure of the roasted chicken or whatever you call whatever people eat, whatever Kings eat I don’t know. Do you see? It’s the same. And I told you yesterday how far do you enjoy it - four inches just from the lips to thereafter tha t the taste is gone and it all gets mixed up inside. And yet the King’s feast will eliminate itself in the same way and throug h the same organs as that dry piece of bread. Have you thought of that? So where does the food land up? Emphasis, where do you put the emphasis? That’s important. Don’t want to stretch your minds too much - see if I can find another one here. You see this grandmother was old, I don’t know if I told this one. The grandmother was old and she was reading the Bible from morning ‘til night. And so the two little granddaughters were discussing with each other, why does grandmother read the Bible, - grandmother is about ninety years old now - Why does grandmother read the bible so much?’ So the other little granddaughter replies, ‘Well granny is cramming for her finals.’ (Laughter) Here this poor Parson he came to the city of Victoria and he was hunting up and down the roads for a parking place for his car and he couldn’t find a parking place so he parked where he was not supposed to park. So he wrote a little note there and put it in the windshield wiper to say ‘I have hunted high and low for a parking place and I couldn’t find a parking

9. CAN 83- 24 -1 place, so forgive us our trespasses’. So a few minutes later a traffic policeman came by there and he read this note. So the policeman also wrote a little note that ‘My Sergeant in charge is coming around in five minutes time, so lead us not into temptation’. (Laughter). So we are forever lead into temptation. There is no temptation at all. Temptation stems from the mind and not from the object. Temptation is because of the patternings of your own thought processes. So temptation starts from a subjective level and the subjective level is objectified in the object which is perceived. So you walk down the road and you see a fat wallet lying there. So the temptation to pick it up where does it stem from, not from the wallet. The wallet can’t think, you are thinking one. So you pick it up, you’re tempted. But then you say ‘Oh, it must be the salary or the pension money of some old person perhaps or whatever but the man whose lost his wallet might have to pay his rent and buy food for his kids’. So here is the difference between negativity and positivity. You think that someone else is going t o suffer. So will you take the wallet to the nearest, you call it a wallet don’t you where you put in money. So because of that you take the wallet to the nearest police station or if should find a card with the address of the person, you go to a telephone and spend your own twenty five cents. You see? So you have overcome temptation, you have overcome negativity with some good deed by just logical reasoning by having that sympathy that feeling for someone else who might suffer because of my action. In any case what is that person going to do with that wallet he has picked up? Anything y ou get for nothing just floats away from you, it never stays. It never ever stays, easy come, easy go. To change negativity to positivity is a matter as I explained the other day neutralising the mind through certain practices and then introducing the positive thought from the person and you would find that some people have come to return your wallet I found it a few hundred dollars in there whatever and they would say thank you very much and close the door in your face. They would do that. It’s happened to me, I’m talking of experience. But I was not sad because I am centered. That is this lady’s behaviour not my behaviour. Why should I feel sad because I did not expect anything? I am doing my duty. I am doing what my conscious tells me to be right. I am doing what I should do as a human being of not taking things that does not belong to me. So if the person does not thank me or reward me, that is that person’s business, not my business. I have done my business. Full stop. Do you see? Do you see how life can be made so beautiful and joyful and so smooth and after I returned the wallet and I walked away, beautiful home, lovely garden, walked away and saw the lovely lawn and the flowers and things and I said ‘This is nice. May God bless them and give them more. And may the flowers grow better with a deeper hew of colour, hew of colour not Hunt of course’.

10. CAN 83- 24 -1 You know this one chap went to his Minister and he says ‘Sir, I am a football fan, now could you tell me if they play fo otball in Heaven, seeing that you speak to God every day?’ You know the Ministers are supposed to speak to God every day. Minister, sometimes the M should be taken away there and an S put there. Yeah. So he says ‘You pray to God every day, so would you ask God if there is football in Heaven?’ So the Minister says ‘Come back in a week and I will let you know if there is football in Heaven’. So a week goes by and this man went there, ‘Your Reverend, have you got the answer for me?’ So the Minister says ‘Yes I have got the answer for you and the answer is this that there is football in Heaven and you have been reserved a seat for next week’s big match’. (Laughter) And then this other Minister was caught for speeding in one of your Victoria roads and naturally as anyone else, he started arguing with the traffic policeman. He says ‘Look I don’t see any radar round here and I don’t see any speed-trap, so how can you say I was driving sixty five kilometres instead of thirty five? How can you say that?’ So the traffic policeman said ‘We don’t have a radar here that is true and neither a speed-trap with clock watches. But do you see that helicopter flying on top there, he has been timing you’. So the Minister looks up and he saw the helicopter. ‘Well’, he said ‘Okay, give me a ticket. Whatever comes from above, I accept.’ (Laughter) You know talking of meditation, this person went to an Estate Agent and he asked the Estate Agent, he said ‘Look I want a house which must be about a mile away from the nearest neighbour’. So this Estate Agent, Realtor or something you call it here, said ‘Look why are you a meditator?’ because this Estate Agent was a meditator. He says ‘No I’m not a meditator but I want a house far away from the next door neighbour because I want to practice the saxophone’. (Laughter) Good. I think it’s about time we. Like - you have heard of literary agents - so one of the meditators wrote a book and he sends it to the Literary Agent. So after a while he wrote a script, a film script. So after a while the Literary Agent phones back and he says ‘Paramount loved your work, your script and they found every word to be just in place and the dialogue was natural and everything was good, the scenarios were right. Paramount liked it, that is the good news but I have the bad news also’. So this man asks ‘What is the bad news?’ So he replies ‘Paramount is the name of my dog’. (Laughter) About lunchtime now. See you later. END

1. CAN 83- 24 -1 Gururaj. Let’s have a nice deep philosophical question. Yes, there is a hand up there at the back. Questioner. Could you talk something about the Kundalini? Gururaj. I have done in England last year two full tapes on the Kundalini and I think they’ve got it in the library here, you could listen to them. I have done an extensive talk on that but meanwhile during our talk this morning we will speak something about it. Questioner. We are supposed to have this super-mind should we say as part of this continuum Gururaj. Superconsciousness Questioner .................why do we put up with this nonsense? Gururaj. Good. Next, I could handle half a dozen questions at the same time. Questioner. What is this centre which is everywhere and every- w hen? Gururaj. Good. Beautiful. If there is a superconsciousness within us, the question is why do we put up with it? The trouble is that you are not putting up with it, that is putting up with you. Yes. Now the superconscious level of oneself is always in a state of total purity and total stillness and the trouble of course is where your subconscious mind starts with all the dirt in there of past Samskaras which I spoke about yesterday, past impressions and that is which takes you away from the centre of yourself, which is everywhere. Good. So you would ask where is the centre, where is the center of yourself, is it in your head or is it in your big toe, or is it in your heart? Nowhere. You’re entirety is the centre. For once you find the centre of yourself, you have found the entire universe because the entire universe is contained within the centre and you do not need to look for that centre anywhere else but just within yourself. And in order to approach the center within yourself, naturally you have to reach the highest, sublimest, purest level of your mind. As I said yesterday, the conscious mind forms only a very small fraction which is associated to your five senses and to the organs that activate the five senses. So that is just a very, very small part of yourself which is influenced by the impressions or Samskaras in the subconscious mind, yet we have everything built in us and we do not use it.


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