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1. CAN 83- 24 -2 Gururaj. What a splendid journey, to lose your conscious mind, merge it into the subconscious and go further and further still into the superconscious state and yet going through all those stages of the conscious, superconscious and the subconscious you are totally aware of the entire universe around you. You go at a speed faster than light through all the various planes of existence, through all the galaxies and instantaneously you are ever present at every far end of the entire universe, the endless end and yet you are at the centre, you are on the way and at the same time, you are at the end. So the beginning, the end and the way becomes one. And as you feel as if you are travelling through the deeper and deeper and finer levels to the superconscious mind, you see God’s beauty and glory around you, scintillating in various hues and colours which words could not describe, so totally luminous, shining, self effulgent. And yet even while observing as you travel along through that height, even while observing the manifestation of millions and billions of stars and planets and galaxies and solar systems and suns, you are still at the same time conscious of the minutest little atom, minutest little sub-atomic piece of matter. So when you reach that stage, you are conscious of consciousness and consciousness is conscious of itself. For there is nothing apart from the totality of consciousness that could be the observer. So consciousness observes itself and experiences itself as the totality of consciousness which is the entirety of the limitless manifestation which we call the universe. So all of you sitting here have that ability, to know the totality of all that there is, to know the totality of Isness. And then you go a step further, after enjoying all these planes or realms you go further than the universe and further than the universe means you go to the essence which is essenceless. You merge into that nothingness which is the everythingness, meaning that you have now experienced the entire universe as the Personal God,as the manifestation and then further you go to merge into the causeless cause or the Manifestor and merge away in the Manifestor, the Impersonal God, the nameless, the formless, the attributeless, indescribable. There are no words, only experience. Who experiences the experience? The experience, experience experiences itself. Though paradoxically it sounds but the mind with its thought forces are forever comparing and therefore the mind thinks in the terms of opposites. Therefore the mind thinks in the terms of paradoxes but when you are beyond thought, when you are beyond all kinds of rationalisation, when you are beyond linear thinking from A to Z then there is no paradox. Then you know that the manifestation is also the Manifestor and the Manifestor is also the manifestation and this is what is called unity consciousness where you are totally united. As the mind, the conscious mind merges into the subconscious and then the subconscious with the conscious mind merges into the superconscious which is at the finest relative. So the finest relative merges away into the unmanifest so the manifestation becomes the Manifestor or that which can also be termed the unmanifest and nothing remains, you have reached home. You have reached the primal

2. CAN 83- 24 -2 source, primal though beginless source and that is the area where you experience in a moment eternity, immortality and the here and now of all existence in a moment. That is the journey I took now and then back from there, you don’t want to come back there is so much work to be done. So through this vast beauty you come back, you come back and then you look around you, you see all the pain and sorrow on people’s faces and you feel sad, you feel sorrowful. But why should I experience that unity consciousness and not everyone else? Why? It is their birth right. They too can reach there, they too can achieve that. Many times I cry and I feel that if the burdens of the world the sufferings and the miseries could be turned into a boulder that I could lift it up and throw it away into the sea, so that no man need to suffer. And that is the essence of my mission. That’s the essence of my mission. That is why I travel round the world out of a suitcase, eating strange food that I am not used to, sleeping i n different beds every second night perhaps. Sometimes not having the facilities - wearing one shirt for three days and things like that but you don’t mind, because the suffering of the world creates so much love in my heart, so much compassion that I am compelled to go on and on, on and on and on. And while this body is still there I will still go on and on. Times there when there is hunger, times are there when there is food. Who cares, it’s only the body that needs it. The spirit is full totally Divine. So when you hear the sufferings of great Masters, such as Buddha, Krishna, Christ and others, you know, I know what that suffering is observing the sorrows of the world and not being able to do too much about it. That is still the greatest suffering. So here I come to you my beloved with the knowledge and wisdom at my disposal through the grace of Divinity. Understand them, understand these words which are simple, spoken in very simple language the profoundest truths that would include all the wisdom of the Bible, of the Koran, of the Sikh religion, of every religion the basic truths, the profoundest truths brought to you through this little channel - I am nothing -through this little channel. He speaks, I don’t. I am only an instrument. Think of these words sometimes. Put on the video or a tape recording and the feedback I normally get is this that Guruji, call me Guruji not Gururaj, Gururaj is a title, Guruji is a closeness, an affectionate term, Guruji, because I love what am I doing with you, I am just sharing the love. The relationship between a Guru and a Chela is but a love affair, a Divine love affair. That’s what it is. So I ignite the spark but you have to do something to blow a nd fan the fire so the flame can grow. You see. So I come to you, I have come to you and leaving in about an hour or two most probably. We’ve got to catch a ferry to Vancouver because tomorrow morning early I am flying to Calgary. So it’s been such a short time together, just two days, but I believe that the Council of the Canadian Meditation Society is planning a Course in Victoria next year and of

3. CAN 83- 24 -2 course it will be at a nice hotel you know where food and board and lodging would be supplied and we’ll go through so many, many other practices. In two days I couldn’t do very much and I have done my best. Good. Now. Let us - I could go on and on I’m a chatter box. So be blessed, may there be peace within you. May you enjoy the joy that is inherently within you. I give you tools those that been initiated today into the preparatory primary practice, preparatory explains it so, it is to prepare you for the full techniques and I have explained to you how the full techniques are derived at where I go into a similar state as this meditation you saw now, not the same but something similar because I have to focus on the individual person, so there is a little difference there. And that is where I derive, where I dive deep down within your soul and your spirit and your bod y and know exactly what you are made of, your evolutionary status, your emotional state, your unfoldment of the heart, how much there is of that, your physical state and a set of practices are made for you specifically so that your progress could be expedited and so that you become happier, more contented, more peaceful, more at oneness, more integrated and thereby making life worth living. Many people think ‘Oh this life is so terrible, it’s not worth living’. It’s worth living, if you can only see the joy that life really is, you would be understanding. I was talking to you about tapes just now before I drifted off into something else. Many people tell me, this has been feedback from thousands of people, they say ‘Gururaj, when you sit and speak we just get drowned in your voice. We don’t hear a word.’ And afterwards you buy the tape, the cassette and you take it home and in quiet moments you listen to it and then you say ‘Ah, this is what was said’. But not only that you listen to a cassette today and this is also the feedback from thousands of people and you listen to the same tape, the same cassette, video or audio whichever the same cassette three years later and you will find a different meaning in it. Many people experience that all the time because you have grown to understand the depths. Now you will always find a Spiritual Master, who is also a Mystic, speaking in terms that many people could read so many different meanings into it. Do you see? So as your awareness expands, your understanding of the words spoken here would also assume a far greater significance. Now we have got about forty five minutes left. Now would any of you I know at first people are shy to say a few words, but please don’t be shy, we are one family. As a matter of fact you meditators are not only the family of Vancouver but you are part and parcel of the family world round. If you phone any of our centres if you want to go to England or Denmark , Spain or anywhere any of the countries where we are established. You just need to pick up the phone to the main centre and say I am Gururaj’s meditator of the Canadian Meditation Society and you will be well looked after everywhere. They will even come and meet you at the Airport. In other words it means the world wide family for the purpose of finding love and peace and spreading love and peace. Now would anyone like to start of any experience that

4. CAN 83- 24 -2 they have had and I could explain you what it means. So we just need one person to start and you will find the other following, I know that. Gururaj. Yes, mam. Chela. .......................... (Inaudible) Gururaj. A peacock with various colours the tail wide open. Yeah. What you have seen there is the multi-coloured or multi-hued aspects of the universe that I was going through. It’s very beautiful. Next. That gentleman was first. Would Hugh or Chetanji or someone sit on this chair and guide the hands because I find it difficult, please. Chela. ................................(Inaudible) Gururaj Yeah, did you find me disappearing. Yes. That’s right. That’s a very valid experience because that is what I experience and you caught it. You phase in and out and out and out and you recede away, away, away. Let’s have some more questions and I will talk more about this, this lady was before that one. Okay. Chela. ........................ (Inaudible) Gururaj. Ah wonderful. That’s the smell of perfume and flowers that I have twenty four hours of the day everywhere I go I just smell this beautiful aroma. Yes. Very good. You see the reason is this, that a tremendous energy is generated. You have a person who has become one with God so God is present. Do you see in physical form at the moment and our five senses everyone does not have all five senses equally developed, some has more acute sense of hearing, some of vision, some of smelling, which is very, very good. Now that lady with the red stripe, beautiful girl. Chela. ............... (Inaudible) Gururaj. Ha ha. Very good you should have just let yourself go and you would have projected your mind out of your body then and you would accompanied me, you would have held my hand and travelled with me. You have just to let yourself go instead of stopping. Then you’ll have the spiritual experience of just let go and you enter different deeper and deeper, higher and higher realms. Next.

5. CAN 83- 24 -2 Chela. I was surrounded by a golden glow Gururaj. Round the head all round yes. Yeah. That is a very common experience amongst a lot of meditators, most meditators. Did, you can put up your hands. How many of you saw me covered in a golden haze around me? Quite a number. Any others in a different colour like lilac, blue, blue ah beautiful. The blue of Krishna. Everywhere for a long time. Any other colours, green. Good. Chela. I saw you become a mountain Gururaj. A mountain,yes. Which colours were dominant there? Chela. It was a type of a purplish blue and was serving ...........................(inaudible) Gururaj. Mountain meaning big. Well that is symbolic. If you study Yungian or Freudian psychology, specially Yungian psychology, that would symbolise the vastness that I was going through or that which I had become. Very good. Very good. Chela. ................... (Inaudi ble) ......... Gururaj. Felt. Chela. .................... Your face changed, much older with a long beard ...... Gururaj. Ah yes, that’s a very, very common experience too. You have no right to go into my past life young lady (Laughter) because what happens in this is that you go through in those minutes, you go through your entire existence, you go through all the lives you have lived and that is how I could recollect all my past lives. So you caught one of them. Was it a Chinese face? Chela. Yes.

6. CAN 83- 24 -2 Gururaj. Yes I know, I know. I lived in that body for many, many years, two hundred and sixty two years I lived in that body. Beautiful. C hela. I saw ......................... (Inaudible) I saw you Gururaj. You saw me before I passed away. Chela. ..........................(Inaudible) Gururaj. Yes. Yes. That is very good. No it is not illusion, it’s a great truth. Now I’ll tell you what that means. Wh en you saw the mask beside my face, this side, right, fine. What it means is this that you are seeing the dual nature of man. You are seeing the man as the man and at the same time the man as the God. Because man and God are not apart, they are one. The self realised man, the Spiritual Master can make himself apart at will but all have the dual quality in them. The whole idea is to merge that duality. Right. When you saw the ugliness on the face, that represented the Goddess Kali. Now if you see a picture of Kali you will always find her very black, she wears a skull, a garland of skulls, she has a sword dripping with blood. Seems very hideous - there is a very deep philosophy behind that and what it signifies is that she is the destroyer of evil. That’s what is signifies. Chela . ...........reminds me of Hanuman ........... Inaudible) Gururaj. Ha, ha. That is so because I had gone through a phase of total and deep devotion, so that Hanuman is known for his devotion to Rama. Total devotion, that is the aspect. This gentleman here. Chela. ................warmth come to my heart ........ (Inaudible) Gururaj. Ha, ha, lovely. You were going to say the same. Yes, good. How many of you, this is a very common thing which I always ask, how many of you felt a warm or a deep peace in the heart - oh practically everyone. Oh yes, that would happen because that energy is generated, the energy of God if you want to call it by that name that energy, indefinable energy naturally must bring peace. When it rains it must make the earth cool and when the sun shines it must make the earth warm. So this is very natural being in the presence, that is Darshan actually, that’s Darshan where everyone feels that cool and calm within that peace.

7. CAN 83- 24 -2 Chela. ......................... (Inaudible) Gururaj. Shakti , Shakti. I do it with a glance and gaze. Chela. ............(Inaudible) Gururaj. It is all the power of the grace. I lay no claims to myself at all. It is all the grace of the Divinity with whom I have become one, that is all. I’m an ordinary simple person. I enjoy my cigarette now and then, yeah. I eat, I go to sleep, go to the bathroom - ordinary person. The only difference is that I have become one with God and you are proceeding on the path. Some are nearer, some are a bit further away but everyone will reach there. So then a little chap like me comes along and gives you a little push, gentle push, to push you a little further, sometimes we forget. We forget to go home and get mixed up in the main street of Victoria seeing the sights and you forget going home where the wife and children are waiting. In this case Divinity is waiting there and we forget to go home. So the Guru comes along and give a little push. Chela. More of a thump that a push Gururaj. Pardon. Chela. More like a thump than a push Gururaj. Depending what they deserve, depending what they deserve. Yeah. If it’s a reasonable person, come on friend, let me walk you half the way and if see he is nice and tipsy or drunk, I will take him by the scruff of his neck and drop him at home. You know like Ramakrishna would say there are three kinds of Physicians. One Physician would just prescribe the medicine for you and he says ‘Well, one teaspoon three times a day’. The second kind of Physician he would phone you and coax you and say ’Look have you taken your medicine or not, this, that and the other?’ and makes the person take the medicine. The third kind of Physician, he will throw you down on the floor and put his knee on your chest and throws the medicine down your throat. So these things are applied as they are required. Sometimes when knowledge doesn’t penetrate from the top, I make it penetrate from the bottom. Nice kick in the butt. Please, yes. Chela. You had a very, very severe look, not mad, not cross, something very stern, not hard, with love

8. CAN 83- 24 -2 Gururaj. With love but still stern at the same time. Yes, with some children you got to be stern. Chela. Like a disciplined look. Speak with a look. Gururaj. Yes. Yes with a look. Like children, our children sometimes they are naughty and when we spank them, it hurts us more than it hurts the child, spanking them but if it’s necessary it must be done. Do you see? That’s the way it goes. Chela. ................................tingling ...... (Inaudible) Gururaj. Yes that is good, it threw off some of the tensions in the body and you feel more relaxed now don’t you. Yes. Yes. Chela. I didn’t know where I was. I wanted to hold you ..............(Inaudible) Gururaj. Mother, why did you, silly. But why not it’s beautiful, it’s beautiful. That’s a very profound statement you made. I am just, look I’m a punster, I like making people laugh and joke and we the spiritual path does not need to be serious it should be fun filled. If I crack jokes and tell stories and this that and the other but that was a very, very noble thought. It is that yearning within. It is that yearning within to go all the way with me but because of Samskaric blockages you couldn’t help but to stop yourself. Next time when you are with me, you go all the way. (Laughter) Ah, yes. Lovely, lovely. Do you know when I come next year, I don’t know what month it is set for but say if each of you can bring just one friend along you know we can have double the amount of people. Just one friend, it would be a good idea if you do it. That is what they do in America really and then the Courses get quite filled up because I know the problems which the Canadian Meditation Society has - you know air fares are very, very expensive and in the talks that we had in Vancouve r for example, I don’t know if its lack of publicity or lack of interest or whatever, where a hall would cost one hundred and fifty dollars for the night and you have ten or twelve people. You know tons of losses incurred. So if we have bigger Courses then these losses would not be incurred and its quite a burden on the very few for the very many, which I personally know. So yes and this time of course we always have hindsight but through experience we learn. We had a Course in DC for nine days and just Friday, Saturday and Sunday here and not even the full Sunday because we are finishing at six, it could go on ‘til eleven tonight really. But next time we could divide up the time five days here in Victoria

9. CAN 83- 24 -2 and five days in Vancouver or whatever. The organisers will work out a much more workable plan you know after this experience has been the first time and all of that and by experience we learn and have a better organisation. Okay. Chela. ...................... (Inaudible) Gururaj. Oh of course you can, anytime anyone is welcome. Well as I said I am flying to Calgary Monday morning and then from Calgary will be coming back and will be staying in Langley for two days I think it is, two nights and then I will b e flying to San Francisco where I am having a mini Course, something like this, a weekender and from there I will be going to Los Angeles we will be having a long Course of about five or six days I think it is. That’s thirty five miles out of Los Angeles, it’s called the Astara Centre and then various speaking engagements, various TV shows, various radio broadcasts. Mind you here we had some radio broadcasts. In Victoria we had two radio broadcasts and one TV Show - Ida Clarkson, yes. And in Vancouver we had a radio broadcast and CKVU, Vancouver Show we had that there yeah and of course if I had to stay longer we could have had another TV thing but of course time was short and I have to move around. So then after Los Angeles Course various other engagements, of you know halls, you know evening talks and then there is another Course in Chicago at some holiday resort. I can’t remember the name, Lake Geneva, yeah, Lake Geneva yes there and then of course so many other talks and what have you and public media etc. And then flying down to Washington, where we will be having a little Course there, and then in Baltimore and all the other little towns around there. And then that’s for a month, every day would be occupied, thoroughly occupied and on the first of September I leave for South Africa, home to see how my old girl is getting on and the kids of course. Then I’ll be at home for a month and then I’ll be going to England and Spain and most probably Denmark as well and having Courses and public talks there. Then I’ll be home for another five or six weeks and there is a possibility of me going to Spain, not Spain, to India, December, January. Well this is still in abeyance but there is a great likelihood . I did a Course once in Spain and the TV there in Spain is owned by the Government, so they had sent down the camera crew and the lighting technicians and the sound technicians and the Director that come to the Course and made a half hour documentary there. And it was very, very well received and immediately after the Director did the Course he and his whole crew became meditators, they loved it so much and they thought here we found something. So now in April when I was in Spain, the Director came to see me and they doing a half a dozen documentaries on India. So while we were chatting I pointed out the similarity of culture. For example they want to do this series of documentaries on various

10. CAN 83- 24 -2 different subjects like music for example. So I pointed out that the flamenco dance and the Katak dance of India, which is a special dance School, one of the main four Dance Schools in India, classical dancing of course, not this what you call this disco or something, classical dance schools and I pointed out that the rhythm and the beat and the music is so much the same and the various movements of the hands and things. The same I pointed these things out. We talked of architecture where the Moors, the Easterners ruled Spain for eight hundred years, eight centuries and there you find a lot of Eastern architecture in Spain. So we talked about that at length and then we spoke about facial features of people especially the women, the higher cheek bones, there is an Eastern flair there and it compares very, very well and then we discussed so many other subjects. And so he got home and next day he phones me he got hold of the chief of the television services, the Ministry of something, something, something and they want me to go with them or meet them in India on a particular date to be a technical advisor to the Productions they are doing. So I told him look I can’t say yea or nay at this moment but you get , they have got a script, I said well get it translated into English and send it down to me and let me go over them and you know shovel it around or correct or delete, add whatever is required and then we’ll decide. So there is a great possibility of me going to India. And after that it comes around about February I will be back in Europe again. By the time it comes to April, I might be in America and like that on and on and on like a merry- go -round all the time, on the merry- go -round but I regard myself as the centre pole, I don’t move everything else moves (Laughter). Well my beloved it’s been so, so nice being with you Questioner. Guruji, can I ask you a personal question. Gururaj. Ask me a personal ‘poisonal’question. Questioner. Are you in contact with .........and Del Maria, are you in contact with them? Gururaj. Not specifically by name because name is just a label. No. I don’t want to be in contact with any label, I am in contact with the essence of all. Questioner. Thank you.

11. CAN 83- 24 -2 Gururaj. You see if you are contact with a label then you typify yourself, then you are not a universal teacher, but if you are contact with the essence you’re a universal teacher. Because that’s what I teach the essence. That’s beautiful, that thou art, tat vamasee in Sanskrit. It’s a very beautiful T shirt. Do you understand the meaning of that? Questioner. Not yet. Gururaj. Not yet, you will that thou art, thou art Divine. Everything is Divine. Good. So let me thank you very, very muc h for your kindness and your hospitality here in Canada so far with Karl, Chetanji that’s his spiritual name, Chetan Walters and Leslie and Caroline and here of course Barbara and Hugh. And they have been so, so kind and hospitable and Larry of course. I don’t like to mention names because I might just forget some name and then they say ‘Oh Guruji didn’t mention me’. But everyone has been wonderful and kind, even Charles sitting over there from Seattle, he brought me some nuts and book, it was so kind. Oh and they took me and Jayraj took me for lunch this afternoon to a Chinese restaurant. They want to take me to the Shah Jahan but it was closed. Nevertheless doesn’t matter. Namaste. God bless you until meet again. I would not say goodbye of course because there are no goodbyes but if I do say goodbye, do you know what goodbye means. Goodbye means God be with you. That’s what goodbye means. Did you know that, Mam? Good. Nevertheless. Here in Canada we speak a lot of French - Au Revoir. END


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