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2. CAN 84-5 parents’ home. She does not stay with her in-laws or husband. Now there is no mother- in -law that could look after her daughter better than her own mother. And the woman is encouraged to listen to talks by holy men, to be in the company of holy men, to read good scriptures not all those rubbish novels. I am a member of the South African Censor Board for the past twenty three years and I’ve been reappointed for another three years and of course I see films and books and whatever comes in. We have various committees and I see quite a lot of them and the amount of rubbish that comes in. There is not a single page you know that has not any of those four letter words described so luridly and so explicitly that I read some of these books just a half dozen pages and I reject them, ban them. So this is the society we are living in. I give you this example to tell you what kind of society we are living in. In America for example every child, they have worked this out, is subjected to thirteen thousand murders a year. And that is why there is so much degeneration in Society. Now how to bring about a better society. This generation is here, nothing very much can be done about it. But a lot can be done for the future generation if the mother gets involved in Spiritual Practices, in Meditation, in good Scriptures, listening to Holy Men, all those impressions are implanted from the time while the child is in the womb and mostly from the sixth, seventh month. Now the spirit within the child is there is at the moment of conception because that spirit is contained in the male sperm because as I said before everyone is totally porous. And all the souls are floating in and in and out of you, out of you. And if the woman especially the woman and the man of course, of course naturally we can’t leave the men out, ladies, fine, if they would consider this factor, that they are only attracting to themselves the kind of souls which they are, if they make themselves better persons, then the souls that they would attract around them would be better souls. Right. I mean this quite clear. If you have a negative thought, do you know what happens? You would be attracting negative thoughts that have been discarded by others. Birds of a feather flock together. So when you are negative, you attract more negativity to you and when you are positive, you attract more positivity to you. Likewise it happens with the soul of man. You will attract to you the kind of soul that you are. So if we want to produce a better of generation, then this is very important for all. Now after we discard this body, the soul, the spirit is immortal but the soul is not immortal. The spirit is immortal. And nothing is destructible. Even when we leave this body, it goes back to its various elements. The fire in us goes back to fire. The earth in us goes back to that. The flesh for example is also doing a good service by feeding the termites in the ground when people get buried. And those that cremate the entire body is reduced into ether which goes into ethereal matters, in ether. So nothing is destructible. It only changes name and form, name and form. So when things change,

3. CAN 84-5 name and form, we recognise it by saying which you would call different substances, stable chair, glass what have you. So the important factor here to remember is to how to unpattern our patterned minds. We’ve got to get out of the groove. In the backwoods of India, for example, where there are no tar roads just sand roads and the oxen carts go through them and as they go through these backwood roads, gravel roads and by constant usage they form grooves. Now the driver of the ox-cart can sleep because those grooves are there and the wheels run in the grooves and the cart just goes on and on. So when people like me come along what I do is put a stone in the groove so when the wheel knocks against it, it wakes up the driver. So my mission is there is to wake you up to the factors that you are so responsible for the future generation. This world is becoming so degenerated that around about the year two thousand twenty two, two thousand fifty there is going to be a great calamity because of man’s power and greed. There is so many inventions existing today which the governments of the world have suppressed in fear of not causing panic amongst people. For example you take the neutron bomb where it could kill all the people in the city and not harm the buildings. And there are many other things. The entire population of Victoria could be destroyed by injecting certain kinds of germs into the waterworks. So because of man’s greed and this happened in Atlantis as well, where they had formulated this energy crystal. Because of man’s greed they warred for power, it exploded and sunk an entire continent. Now that is the tendency of the world today. And I’ve been saying this for the past fifteen years and recently the American Linus Pauling who won a Nobel Prize twice over he agrees with that. So therefore that is my mission to open people’s hearts. Technology will not stop there will be greater and greater technical progress. But how it is going to be used that will be dependent upon a person’s heart or evolution. You see. Now let’s get back to the child. The child, the spirit there enters the ovum, the sperm enters the ovum with a fully fledged spirit. It doesn’t come afterwards. And it is so important that this must not be neglected at all, for every mother . N ow today we have the system and gradually it is changing, when a child is born today in hospital the child is yanked away from the mother and put away in another place with a dozen kids all screaming. That is absolute cruelty. The child has been nine months in the mother’s womb. Its beat, the child’s heart beats have been so synchronised with the mothers heartbeats. The child has felt the warmth of the mother. The child has been fed through the food which the mother has eaten, fed through the umbilical cord and all that and yet to yank the child away. So what should be done is after the child is born, it should lay on the mother’s breast and feel that same heartbeat that it has been used to for nine months. They have developed a system like that now. But it is not too prevalent yet. So that from that moment, from that moment the love will develop between mother and child. Sometimes some mothers believe, believe they love their child but they do not really love their child. They are going back into their own childhood where they were used to playing with a doll. And now they have a living doll to play with. So it is not love but it is a need they go through. No doubt mothers love their

4. CAN 84-5 children, definitely they do, but it makes a difference if one studies the psychology of the mother, is it a total giving or is it a need has been fulfilled? And yet a woman has all the necessary qualifications to be a mother. There is no man that has the patience a woman has. There is no man that has the tolerance a woman has. There is no man that has the kindness a woman has. And all these qualities are inbuilt in the mother for the sake of motherhood. But many times it’s just misused and abused and then we talk of delinquency and we talked of this degenerating society that we live in. So if we could remember the principles that the spirit is there from the very time of inception and that these souls are floating around and if we better ourselves, we will attract better souls. Meanwhile, one soul takes birth it also brings with it certain Karmas or Samskaras because of its previous births and the experiences that particular soul has gained. It is only the Avatara or the Incarnation that could be born through any vehicle, not depending upon genetic combinations and that is what is meant by Immaculate Conception. And I mean any Physiologist, Biologist will tell you that it is an impossibility for a child to be born without copulation. But this is the real meaning of Immaculate Conception, that that Av atar, that Incarnation does not need the support of the right genetic combination. But everyone else does. You see. Now those Samskaras of the child are very close to the Samskaras or impressions of the parents. And that is as far as science goes. When a child behaves in a certain way, they say it is heredity and that is as far as they go. Heredity has certain values because the child chooses the parents that is similar to the parents but it goes so so far back, they do not take into account the Samskaric values of the child and the Samskaras of the parents whom they have found to be vehicles. Now you would say that why is one child being born in happy healthy circumstances while another child is born in poverty and suffering and what have you. It is not your fault. It’s the fault of the child, because the child has chosen you according to its Samskaras. And in the period of evaluation it has to come through that suffering, or that happiness to learn. For life is nothing but a school. We come here, we take birth to learn. It is only the Avatara, the Incarnation that does not come to learn. He comes to teach, like Krishna, Christ, Buddha. They have no attachments. They are not bound by any form of Karma, good or bad. They are not bound by it at all. But everyone else is born in bondage. And that is why people say we are born in sin. Now the true meaning of that is this, that we come with a bundle of Samskaras. And that bundle, that burden is the sin and that is the proper meaning that we are all born in sin. But then, now the child takes birth through certain parents, it comes with certain tendencies which scientists would call heredity, really speaking i t is not heredity, it goes further back. It comes with certain tendencies. Now there is no to be lost. All those tendencies in every human being can be altered. If a river is flowing towards the north, you can build a bank for it to flow to the West o r the East. And that is why we insist so much that people do these Spiritual Practices so their tendencies could be lessened. Tendencies could be averted and redirected. And in this very redirection there would be a greater impetus, a

5. CAN 84-5 greater impetus is built up in the person to flow faster in that direction. For when you build a bank, you’ll always build it not going uphill but going sloping down so that the water would flow faster. So tendencies of life must never become stagnant because stagnant water would always fester. You’ve got to give it a flow. And to give it a flow from this pond you’ve got to dig a trench and that trench is dug by our Spiritual Practices, so that the water starts flowing and there is no stagnation. Now this trench is dug in this pond on both sides, on the inflow and the outflow depending upon the slope of the land and the wind and whatever. Many other factors involved. We are just a small section in this vast continuum. From the right it extends into infinity and to the left it extends to infinity as well. And our problems lie in the fact that we are just in the pond, just in that little spectrum, little phase and we think it is so important while yet you are moving on and on and on all the time. So if you allow that water to move by digging those trenches, through your Spiritual Practices the water of the pond of this life will not remain stagnant. Now when the water is flowing the water becomes healthy. You become more healthier, mentally emotionally and more and more of your spiritual self shines through you. Now when that is happening naturally the children that you would be attracting, the souls that you would be attracting to be born through you will be better children. I’ve seen this around the world, where little children of meditating parents are so, so beautiful. Let me give you a little example. Here in Victoria, our little Rosemary, so beautiful, such a spiritual child, so wonderful that at the age of two she has a vocabulary of a child of six I would say and so many, many other things. Her face just glows, there is an ethereal. See how important it is and how much it affects us. So we want to better society, better next generation, we have to prepare for it. Because we will only attract things, children that would be like us which scientists call hereditary. And yet in this vast continuum there are so many Samskaric factors that are involved. But let us make the water flow so it does not stagnate and flowing water throws the dirt away. It is clear. You can drink the water from a spring, from a running brook and not from a stagnant pond. Right. Any questions? Fine. Alright Questioner. ........... (Inaudible) Gururaj. Sure, sure, - ask ten more Questioner. About one hundred years ago, Darwin came up with the revolutionary concept of Evolution, the Survival of the Fittest and now different groups are coming up with reasons why Darwin is to be thrown out and new concepts coming. Could I have your view?

6. CAN 84-5 Gururaj. What new concept are you particularly thinking of? Questioner. Karl Waters came up with this one that Fred Hoyle had devised with another co-author of life coming from outer space and passing through the vastness of space and coming to launch on Planets such as Earth with sparks of life taking hold as entities. There are other concepts which I’ve read about in the papers that go through more of a statistical probability approach of molecular and so on. I just wondered if you have Gururaj. Yes, yes, yes, I do have. Darwin was partially right. Hoyle and these people, I’ve not read them but they are also right, that we are from a vast continuum. And that continuum represents evolution which Darwin also spoke about but in a very limited manner. So on this earth planet which is like a speck of dust as far as universe is concerned, in the evolutionary process you have the mineral kingdom which is conscious. Do you know a stone is conscious? Has not the conscious development of man, but it has consciousness. You leave a stone lying outside for a while and you’ll find it changing. And it changes not because of outside environment but because of its molecular structure which is inside the stone. And whenever there is a molecular structure or motion then it must have consciousness, because consciousness itself is emotion. And then they proceed to the plant kingdom. And it has been proven by some scientists where they wired up plants and they burned one plant and they recorded the screeching and screaming of the other plants. So that too has consciousness. From there you have the animal kingdom. Good. And in the animal kingdom there are various gradations of consciousness. For example a dog – even the master could be two blocks away and the dog will run to the gate. It has that sense. ‘Ah my master is coming’. Human beings have lost that sense because their minds have become muddled up. Okay. So, from the animal kingdom we reach the human kingdom. Now there is one thing which scientists are trying to find out, which scientists are trying to find out, which they will never find out. They are trying to find the missing link. So many archaeological excavations have been done, they have found fossils that are five hundred million years old or whatever. They will not find the missing link between animal and man. The higher animals are elephants, dogs, horses, cats. They are a high form of animals. And the reason why they cannot find the missing link here on this planet is because the transformation occurs in a different dimension and it is only the mystic that reaches that other dimension to see the transformation and evolution of man. Good. Now, as far as that goes Darwin has gone wrong because he does not know of the other dimension. He says directly from the ape-man, you become man. You just do not become that. Transformation occurs in a different

1. CAN 84-5 Questioner. Following on your talk this morning in which you said it would be a good Satsang for this evening, what happens at conception, what happens when the spirit enters the embryo, and when? Gururaj. Good. A child is born and the most formative years of the child is up to the age of three. Whatever impressions the child gets to the age of three formulates its future life. Now, it does not start when the child is born, but the entire formation of character of the child starts from the time of conception. Many people believe that the spirit enters the child at the time of conception. Many people believe that the spirit enters the child at the time of birth. But that is not true. It is not true at all. The real truth is this, that a human being is totally porous. You think you are solid but you are not. You are absolutely porous. I had the chance of going to see Disneyland in Los Angeles and there was a ride there where they took you through a snowflake and what a beautiful ride it was. It made you realise the enormity and the greatness, the vastness even of a snowflake. So that way the entire human system is totally porous and at this very moment there are millions of souls floating around here in this room. They are entering and leaving your body. The group of souls that would be around you would not be the group of souls around you because it has to be a proper combination for a child to be born. There has to be the proper chromosomic as well as the genetic combination for a child to be born. When a person dies, he goes into a dimension and in that dimension there is no evolution. The only thing that happens in that dimension with the soul and the spirit and the soul are two different things. The soul is a collection of al l your mental impressions that you have gained in lifetimes empowered and energised by the spirit. So your thought formations and the impressions that you have gained through your various kinds actions and experiences are there, formed in that dimension empowered to say again by the spirit or else the soul will not be able to exist. So when a person passes over into the other dimension, he carries with himself what in Sanskrit we would call the Jivatma. So there you are, evaluating what body to take and through whom to take that body. So, you do not choose your child. But your child chooses you. It will only take birth when it finds the proper genetic combination. And you know we have so many sets and there has to be the proper combination between the two sets for the child to be born through yo u. Now the training of the child does not begin after birth. The training of a child begins around about the sixth or seventh month while it is in its embryonic stage in the mother’s womb. Whatever the mother thinks at that stage, all those im pressions are gathered by the child. The child is still not conscious of it but the impressions are gained and gathered and later as it grows up and becomes a thinking being, it would express those impressions it has gained. I give you an example India. Many parts of India where a woman is about seven months pregnant they have a ceremony. It is called a Sheemand Samskara. In the ceremony, a big prayer meeting and then the woman that is pregnant is sent away to her

7. CAN 84-5 dimension. The other opinions are also correct on what I’ve said earlier that this is a vast continuum. Right. And this vast continuum has forever and ever existed. So as the water flows from this end to the middle and then to that end into the ocean, in the same way this flow has gone and on and on and on. Now, this is not, this planet is not unique at all. There are thousands and thousands of other planets existing that has people of a similar level of evolution as us. And so your next life could be on another planet depending what evolutionary stage you have reached. Now as in this continuum, as people enter a particular section, there are others moving out. Those who have become more evolved are moving out to a higher planet, a higher stage until he has reached that totality within himself that he does not need to be reborn again. So in this continuum you’ll find that why does the population increase? Although so many deaths occur yet the population of the world is increasing all the time. We call it population explosion. It increases all the time because there are more coming in from this side and far less going out the other side. Far less are becoming more and more evolved than from that side coming in and that is the reason for the population explosion. And that is why Government’s of the world have to create wars. Not only because of the population explosion, but mostly for economic reasons. So kill the people and have them killed so that the rich can get richer. You know who controls all the Governments of the world? A handful of very wealthy people. It’s a mad, mad, mad, mad, mad world. Now, if these things are understood, you will find that Darwin was partly right. Theories of Hoyle I haven’t read his book. As a matter of fact Chetan has told me he has brought a copy for me. I’d like to go through it but Chetan also told me that he has read the book thoroughly and there is nothing new that they say in that book which I have not talked about before. So, but I’d still like to glance through it and like to learn a bit more. Shall we call it a night? Are you feeling hungry, Vidya? Okay. END


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