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1. CAN 87-1 Gururaj. You will have to be able to differentiate the difference between meaning and life. Meaning is a mental analysis, while life is just being that you could be within the context of the meaning of life. Do you see the difference? People ten d to concentrate more on meaning and therefore you’re all damn mean because your concentration is on meaning. But flow in the context of life. Then you do not analyse any meaning. Meaning means nothing but living life in being and being is your Divine self, your real self where you really exist but you deny it, idiots. You deny your real self and attach greater importance to your superficial self. The little ‘i’ versus the big’ ‘I’. The little ‘i’ is your little individual self, okay, fine, have it, I don’t deny it to you all but at the same time listen to your higher self which is your big self. And there meaning of life disappears. Take the m away please and taking the m away replace it with a y and yearning begins to find yourself. Is that not great? That is the secret of your happiness. That is the secret from which you were born, all of you. That is the secret which is an open secret which can dawn upon you. Take away the meaning and start yearning to find your inner self which is you real self and not your superficial assumed self. There lies the secret of life. And yet it is no secret at all, it’s very open. It all depends upon one’s personal realisation. Thank you Sir. I’m sorry we have been late but the first night is normally belated. But there is nothing lost. So you sit an hour longer, so what. To gain Divine knowledge and to give half an hour or an hour of your life to it nothing is lost, but so much is gained. You lady there wake up. I’ve got a thick stick here just remember okay and I’ll smack your bloomin’ arses and why not, I am your father. So the idea is to get knowledge of your real self. Man’s concentration is on his artificial self. Look at my Sunita there, sitting over there, so pretty, so beautiful. Actually she is going to star in a series of films with me done by MGM. But I’ll have to kick her bloomin’ backside to get her right. That’s for sure. So now, the principle of life is this to move away from your artificial self to your real self because the artificial self is ego orientated. Phillip, come here, come here, come here, come here. What’s your spiritual name again? Pushpan, you sit here with me, that’s it my darling. The real secret of life is to get away from your artificial self which is nothing else but an assumption of your mental imagination. But to get to your real self the imagination disappears and you become your real self. And when you become your real self you start realising yourself. And then the question of ‘Who am I?’ just disappears. It’s effervescent like those tablets you throw into water - what’s it called, I don’t know? Voice. Alka Selzer Gururaj. Alka Selzer. Okay. Alka Selzer , Alka. We could analyse these words, we could add an e and an elexa to the beautitude of life. Come here Sunny, come here, come here, come here. Let’s move up a bit so that she could be near me. That’s it, sit here, sit here, sit here, it’s alright darling. No you sit there it’s alright wherever, it doesn’t matter to me

2. CAN 87-1 because I have no attachments. Attachments are mixed with emotions and feelings. Non-attachment is pure love and pure love does not need any affectation and neither any attachment. It is a giving. You give because you love. You want nothing in return, nothing at all. So how can love be returned in any physical form, you tell me? It cannot be returned in any physical form. Love, the purity of love can only be returned by the purity of - come on, come on, come on, come on, - the purity of love, lovely Joyce, you’ve got the answer. You that want to pray to Divinity and beg ‘Oh give me a million pounds, or give me a great job , or give me this or that, right I’m impotent let me get a cock stand’ Shit, rubbish, nonsense. But if you have the purity of love all this shall be given unto thee. Remember that. So the first requirement is purity and then if you are deserving enough then you’d be entitled to be demanding enough. Do that and start now. The prayers you do, ah shit, it’s wishful thinking, mental thoughts which bring no result. Get away from those mental thoughts and through your Meditational and Spiritual Practices deserve that purity and every thought will become so powerful - I beg your pardon - (Gururaj starts coughing) I have been ill for many months now - but through your purity any desire which is deserving, remember that word deserving will be fulfilled always, I promise you this , I guarantee you this. Draw up contracts and I will sign them because I know I have gone through it all. Come here lady with the yellow jersey, I don’t know your name? Sit down here, oh that’s a dearest. Oh chuck off your shoes and be comfortable, be comfortable. God bless you. Voice. Thank you. Gururaj. You have my blessings always. You believe in God? You do? It is an abstract thought. What do you know about God? Show me God? Show me? Come on, any of you show me, show me, show me? You can’t. It’s an abstract conception but you could see me in concrete form as His representative that brings you to this Divine message of peace and joy and of love. You could visualise me okay, fine, if you wish to doing your Gurushakti but can you visualise God, tell me, can any one of you do that? But you can visualise his rep that promulgates his message and I am nothing. I am just an instrument, teaching his Divine words to help mankind, to bring them to a better understanding of life to help themselves. I can’t help you at all. You got to help yourself to really, I am only a guide to guide you on the path to that which we regard as Divinity. That’s all what I’m doing. I am nothing else but just a little shit-arse. That’s all. And I’ve got the guts to say it. So take the wisdom that I impart to you and use it in your life would you to bring you to where you have to be to find the happiness of life. Is that not what you want? Do you want to be unhappy all your life or do you want some happiness at least? That is the message of peace and love and tranquillity and joy, compassion that I bring to you.

3. CAN 87-1 Tonight is the first night of the Course so I won’t go too deep. Just give you a little introduction. From tomorrow I’ll go deeper and deeper and deeper in the depths of philosophy, metaphysics , psychology and shitology. Stop crying my darling, you don’t need to. I am here with you, your beloved. Do not cry. Do not. In America I created the three L’s, Life, Love and Laughter and that is what I want in your lives. So you could enjoy life. To enjoy the joy, right, that is what I bring to you. That is my pivotal message for you. It’s not only my words that I impart to you a spiritual energy where you will go deep within yourself and at least find some understanding of you. You will, you’ll see. You will tell me tomorrow. You will tell me tomorrow. Karuna, come here darling, come Karuna? Sit there. Have you ever thought to yourself why I am, not one of these bastardo Gurus, money-making bastardos. I don’t work for money. I want nothing. A little gift that you would give okay, it would help my family that’s all, to put them through University and pay rates and taxes and mortgages and house bonds and you know all that’s involved, I mean I don’t need to tell you. But my main purpose is to bring you peace, to bring you knowledge, to bring you a greater understanding of what life is all about. Your fever has been lowered. You haven’t got - what do you call those things you put in the eyes, bifocals? Voice . .......contacts..... (Inaudible) Gururaj. Contacts, have you got that? Good. Relax darling. Right, you just give us a running commentary of what you see. Carry on talking. Voice. There’s a sensation of a light coming from a distance and now the light making very small patterns of slightly, bluish light now, patterns Gururaj. Geometrical Voice. Very geometrical. Yes. Gururaj. Right. Carry on. Keep on talking, keep on talking my darling. Keep on talking my darling, I’m your Father. Voice. The light is changing to greenish with a dark centre

4. CAN 87-1 Gururaj. A greenish colour with a dark centre okay, right. Voice. It changes to blue Gururaj. Right. Okay. Now Voice. Again the pattern is radiating out from the centre Gururaj. Don’t be shy I mean we are one family darling. Voice. It turning like snowflakes Gururaj. Very good. Voice. They radiate if you can imagine different shapes. Gururaj. Yeah I know all about it. Voice. Bright light, purplish blue centre and it changes to snowflake again. Gururaj. Now, we are not going to take it too far and now? Voice. Quite a brilliant light, greenish Gururaj. Carry on, carry on, don’t be shy. Voice. Patterns. Gururaj. No, no, no, no, no, no, there are squares and triangles there

5. CAN 87-1 Voice. It’s swimming now, swimming patterns Gururaj. Let it swim. Good. And now? Voice. A bright light pinkish, blueish, Gururaj. Pinkiish, blueish colouring. Fine. Good darling. We just fixed up a synaptic control in your brain between the right hemisphere and the left hemisphere and we have doctors here who will verify what I am talking about. Of course they can’t do it. Voice. .... (Inaudible) Gururaj. Ah that’s what we want my darling to relieve the stress and tension. It will go away in a second, it won’t take long. Oh yes, it’s gone. I can feel the nerve impulses. Right. Now would you please put your hands on your knees, okay darling, hands on your knees dear. You still got your hands on your knees darling, okay. I’m sorry but I will have to loosen up a certain nerve here. Good. The place you must concentrate on is the fifth vertebrae. Now I would like you to go to the chemist when possible to get Belladona plaster and just put it over here. Your troubles would be gone. Relax. Beloved relax. I love all my children. No one is separate from me. No one could ever be. I don’t love really. I am love. I am like the well. Draw water from it. If you bring a thimble, you’ll get a thimble-full, if you bring a bucket you will get a bucket-full. Do you understand. Understand. I am here for that. I am here for that. Change of climate. Getting in my nose a bit, darling. Okay. Right you can all join me. Many of you that are new might not know it, Jai Ram means Hail Lord and whatever name they call you by, you’re Krishna, Buddha, Christos, Christ, you are the same. You are the one cosmic spirit. (Gururaj chants Jai Ram) Jay Ram, Jay Ram, Jay Jay Ram, Jay Ram, Jay Ram, Jay Jay Ram, Jay Ram, Jay Ram, Jay Jay Ram, Jay Ram, Jay Ram, Jay Jay Ram,

6. CAN 87-1 Ishvara, Allah, Christos, deyranam, Ishvara, Allah, Christos, deyranam, Jay Ram, Jay Ram, Jay Jay Ram, Jay Ram, Jay Ram, Jay Jay Ram, Jay Ram, Jay Ram, Jay Jay Ram, Jay Ram, Jay Ram, Jay Jay Ram, Jay Ram, Jay Ram, Jay Jay Ram, Jay Ram, Jay Ram, Jay Jay Ram, Jay Ram, Jay Ram, Jay Jay Ram, Jay Ram, Jay Ram, Jay Jay Ram, Ishvara, Allah, Christos, deyranam, Ishvara, Allah, Christos, deyranam, Jay Ram, Jay Ram, Jay Jay Ram, Jay Ram, Jay Ram, Jay Jay Ram, Jay Ram, Jay Ram, Jay Jay Ram, Jay Ram, Jay Ram, Jay Jay Ram, Jay Ram, Jay Ram, Jay Jay Ram, Jay Ram, Jay Ram, Jay Jay Ram, Jay Ram, Jay Ram, Jay Jay Ram, Jay Ram, Jay Ram, Jay Jay Ram, Now you carry on with Jai Ram and I will do the improvisation. (Group chants Jay Ram and claps while Gururaj improvises) Jay Ram, Jay Ram, Jay Jay Ram, Jay Ram, Jay Ram, Jay Jay Ram, Jay Ram, Jay Ram, Jay Jay Ram, Jay Ram, Jay Ram, Jay Jay Ram, Jay Ram, Jay Ram, Jay Jay Ram,

7. CAN 87-1 Jay Ram, Jay Ram, Jay Jay Ram, In all my musical compositions, I have done thousands and thousands at this stage and things, if some of you guys could get together and compile them, you’ll sell them by a million. Name me any subject, any subject, come on, and I’ll compose for you now. But first relax light up a cigarette, come on relax. Give me one dear. Relax I don’t want to get you too tense up. I know exactly how far the mind can go. Why these two fingers, I think they are the best aren’t they. Light up, light up I don’t mind. Whatever, light up, help yourself and just relax, we’ll have a ten minute break before I start of f again. Where are you going to get a stupid Guru like me? Try and find one in the world, try and find one, forget it, you will never. Wit, wisdom and the shit. (Laughter). I am nothing else but love. I’m love and I give of love all the time to all my beloveds and you are all my beloveds. Pity this Course is so small but of course it could not be helped. It’s alright, it’s alright, it doesn’t matter. You can catch up things on TV and newspapers and whatever. I think Chetanji and Hughji, they have all arranged things but I go off in total ecstasy and I float away. That’s why I want you guys to relax. I will light a cigarette to relax and bring me down back to earth. Sit down darling, relax, let’s have a little break. I know exactly how far the mind can go. I know the extent of mental thought and how much it can absorb. So relax for a few moments, light up a cigarette and let go and then we will start off again. Are you alright Karuna, darling? Are you okay? And you my - that’s alright you’ll get cold and we don’t want that. I will be cold for my Vidya there, I don’t want that. A Goddess on earth, Vidyaji. Right. We did a little song now to get you relaxed after going deeply into a subject. Now suggest any subject you like, (Gururaj coughs) - pardon my chest, I’ve been trouble with it, having had open heart operation, being a very severe diabetic so you can throw the whole medical book at me, I’ve got it all. The doctors are quite surprised how I manage to live. They only know of physical energy and mental energy but what do they know of spiritual energy and that is what keeps me alive. Because all the greatest Masters that existed in this world died very young. They just burnt themselves up by giving and giving and giving all the time without any expectation, without any reward at all. No reward required. But it would be nice if the Guru that gives the spiritual energy, it’s not only my words but the spiritual energy that’s poured out to you in tonight’s meeting. For that’s my giving and of course one would expect that giving of spiritual energy should be returned in some material form to the Guru to pay his rates and taxes and mortgages and water and light and telephones. No one does that. No one does that. What a cruel world it is? What a cruel world? Do any of you mean to say that when you write a letter to me and read through all you bloomin’ shit and meditate upon it and send my prayers and all my spiritual energies to you that you could not put a little note in the envelope? Yet you would go out to a fucking restaurant

8. CAN 87-1 and spend twenty or thirty Rand, Dollars as you call it here a night. What’s wrong with ten or twenty dollars to your Guru. What’s wrong with it? What’s wrong with it? Because you’d be gaining by that, because the giver is always the greater receiver. And I’m asking for nothing. This is just a suggestion seeing that we’re talking about that. Now name any subject and I’ll compose a poem for you? Voice. Giving. Gururaj. Okay. Another one, we could come half a dozen together. Voice. Devotion Gururaj. Giving, devotion, right. Any more? Voice. Being. Gururaj. Very Good. Voice. Beauty Gururaj. The beauty of life lies not in receiving, but the beauty of life lies in giving. For what are you giving? Not few dollars that are involved, oh no, you are giving your heart and your soul and the more you give your heart and your soul the more would you be receiving. And as you receive more and more compassion grows and that passion in compassion will grow more because you would say ‘Come passion in my giving for giving to increase the passion of yearning for Divinity and that should be my life of giving’. A long time ago you only thought of receiving but now change your life to giving, for in the very process of giving you will be receiving ten times more. It is a way to purify your heart for the heart is filled with problems and problems and problems. How are you going to get of these problems? It is only by giving, giving, giving and your heart becomes purified. That is the secret of life and then you will know how to live the beauty of life. For life itself is beautiful but you mess it up because, why, because you are a mess. So, what can a mess do? Just to messify it and then you want a Guru to come, yeah god false what I would earn here in a week won’t even last me to live for two weeks. So you make your life a mess and become messified because you want to receive and never to give. You don’t

9. CAN 87-1 need to give anything to me. Give to some worthwhile charity the Blind Society, the orphanage, the deaf and dumb whatever that you think is best for you. Now tonight I’m going to give you a great secret of life and listen please very carefully. Take a cent or two or five cents or ten cents, is that your currency here? Okay. Take it out of your pocket and just throw it over your shoulder and don’t turn back to see where that landed for the person that would need it most will pick it up. What this actually means is this, that you have given without any return or any purpose but you gave for the sake of giving. Do that and you will find your life so, so much more happier. I’m sure each and every one of you can afford a cent, two cents, five cents to throw over your shoulder for someone to pick up. Try it, try it. I know, I know, I talk of experience. So you have given there without any expectation of any return at all. You have just given. You don’t know where it went to, you don’t know who is going to pick it up. Who cares? It is the act of giving that is important not who receives it. Do that and you will make your lives much, much happier, I promise you, take my word. I will repeat it three times. I promise you, I promise you, I promise you. Do it. Did you get my watch adjusted, Chetanji? Voice. I haven’t had a chance yet Guruji. Gururaj. Okay, tomorrow no problem. Vidya is with me and she can always fill me in with time and Sujay and all my beloveds here, so it’s alright, no problem. So we had a philosophical talk, we had a few jokes, we had some sing songs, a hymn to the Lord, we had poetry and I think that would fulfil the evening for tonight because I am sure, Vidya, they are waiting for me to have a piece of bread. Yeah. So we shall call it end for this evening and see you tomorrow. What is my time tomorrow? Voice. Eleven Gururaj. Is it eleven? Right. Okay. Good. Fine. I know you have many questions so we start with that tomorrow and I didn’t want to be too heavy on you tonight, I wanted you to relax because I know many of you have travelled many, many miles from all over. Good. So with wisdom - I did not want to go too deep into it. Tomorrow we will start doing things. I’ve got special practices for you that will benefit you and we start on that tomorrow. You’ve seen here just by a touch, the healing. Do you feel more comfortable darling?

10. CAN 87-1 Voice. Yes Gururaj. Now if we should measure that in percentages would you say fifty, sixty, seventy, eighty, ninety, hundred. Voice. Ninety Gururaj. A hundred by a touch and it’s not me, I am nothing. It’s my Father that works through me, not me. It’s my Father, I’m just an instrument. Nothing else. I’m a very humble person, I’ll have a cigarette with you, I’ll have a drink with you, I’ll enjoy myself with you, I will joke with you. Tell me. We’re a family so why should there be any separation in our family? I can sit on a high pedestal untouchable so that no one can touch me and say ‘Oh Gururaj’ - ah bullshit. I don’t want that. I am a member of our family and our family is worldwide. Any country you want to go to you just need to give me a tinkle and I would phone and you would be looked after, anywhere in the world. And of course you are all welcome at my home too. Very modestly we live but we take after, look after rather our guests, our beloveds, always. These guys have been around, Vidya and so many of the others and they know. So I think I’ve been speaking for about two hours now, nearly so, I don’t know. Yeah. I think we’ll call it a day because I need a piece of bread in my stomach. Right. So we shall adjourn for that. END


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