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1. CAN 87-6 Gururaj. A glance at you is your full Satsang. Okay. Bye bye. (Laughter) Karuna come sit here next to me put these glasses to one side here. Put this over here I think. What you have lived through last night would be a lasting experience for you. Have you ever felt ever in your life the presence of Divinity, but last night all of you felt it. I was there all the time with you. You can ask Vidya. I never slept I mean not deep sleep, dosing perhaps. Now if there is anyone that would like to describe the experience of last night, please do not be shy, I am your father. You don’t be shy of your father, you are always frank. Is there a mike somewhere there, something? You can be close to me and talk to me. So let us start off from there before we start the Satsang. It is not Sat-song it is Satsang, sang - to be in - Sat means truth, sang to be in the company of truth. That’s what it means. Good. So, anyone that would like to start saying something please do, you’re welcome, whoever - whatever experience you had last night. Vidya is with me all the time looking after me because of my heart problems and sugar and I go into comas and she knows. Come on now guys, carry on, we don’t waste time do we? Sure Les. Questioner. Beloved Guruji, Gururaj. My beloved Son Questioner. The main thing that I noticed were quite a number of fairly intense pains across my heart. I thought my heart was going to conk out or something. I also had the sensation of light coming from above and different shapes and colours and visions and at one point there was a sort of a picture with figures of people swimming and intertwining throughout each other and the shapes of the people were white on a black background. Gururaj. Beautiful. Beautiful. Now I will explain you what this means. It means that you are coming closer to the universality of existence and when you come closer to that, you come closer to God, believe me. For the closer you become to the universality of existence, the closer you come to God. Because what is God? He is existence. And I tell you why this experience was produced in you, not only because I was with you last night but your whole musical life is a meditation in itself. You are totally absorbed in the wonderful melodies, the symphonies or whatever you might call it, was there existent and the only thing I did was giving you that push. Where is Pushby? Oh there she is. Only thing I did was giving you a push to make you dive deeper in your musical meditation. But that is not enough, you are to meditate and practise darling. You must encourage him, this Bastardo son of mine. (Gururaj chants in Sanskrit ‘De ray bina ‘and explains in English). Without you how can I live. (Chanting continues). For your life is my life. (Chanting continues).

2. CAN 87-6 Your life is my life and that is how you know the meaning of existence. And that is how all the faces flashed through your own light, the light of what? The light of life. Because life is light. I don’t know these guys that have invented the dictionary they know nothing of Philology. Life, light, what’s the difference? It’s just a difference in pronunciation and transliteration of words. It means the same. But the true meaning is life is light and that is what you experienced in your Midnight Practice and seeing all existence there within you and that’s why I came to you to show you that. Carry on my Son, my beloved Lesley, carry on. Good. Good. I’m happy, I’m happy to see the progress of life and of light. I don’t know if you have ever noticed a dimmer that you have in your home where you can make the light brighter or softer just turning that knob. You have it here in Canada, you do? Voice. Yes. Gururaj. So what is happening is from that dimmer you are making it brighter, so you could have the full glory of the light. That is what I want you all to achieve and my son Les has given you a good example of it. God bless you my son, God bless you. May the light become more and more brighter. Next question? Gururaj. Darling. Questioner. What happened with me was very, very subtle and it started with an incredible pressure in my ears Gururaj. Right. Good. Questioner. And then it was like a sort of like winds going around my head and my neck. But it was mostly round my head but it was so subtle that I almost like I................................pressure on my ears was very strong winds going around.......sensation, very soft. Gururaj. Good. Lovely. I will explain you what this means now. The pressure in your ears was created by emotional tension and I tried very hard to get rid of it. Then I produced that cool wind around you to get rid of the pressure. So stop being pressurised. You don’t need it and any person that pressurises you tell them to fuck off, you don’t need them. Why do you need anyone to pressurise you? If I don’t love my Sujay and my Vidya, I will not impose myself upon them. They are my children, so close to me like all of you are I mean. So if you have a thorn in the foot or a stone in the shoe,

3. CAN 87-6 chuck it out, you don’t need it. And be comfortable because that is what a human being is seeking, to be comfortable. What is the meaning of the word comfortable? Look I’m a Philologist, philosopher, metaphysician, and a bull-shitter too (Laughter). To feel comfortable - examine this word now carefully. To be able to have the comfort that is comfort-table. Are you able to be comfortable? Examine yourself I tell you, become able. Comfort will come on its own. You don’t need to call it and to quote an old analogy of mine, you don’t need to call the butterflies. Make your garden beautiful, the garden of life and the butterflies will come automatically. As I’ve said somewhere, I don’t know where, I can’t remember. Make your garden beautiful and all those butterflies will come on their own. You don’t need to call them. So what this means is this, be able and the comfort will come there on its own. If you can’t make it come on its own Papa is here, Father is here. Call it in, he’ll send it to you, anything, anything you ask of life. It will be there, I promise you. But you’ve got to do your duty too. Ah. Yes. Yes. Say you want to buy a nice dress, or you want to buy a beautiful - ah that’s lovely, that suits you. You want to be, you still got to go to the shop to get it. Damn it. (Laughter) Does that not make sense? Go to the shop, shop around and one shop will charge for that lovely thing my darling has on there will charge fifty dollars and you can still shop around and get the same thing for twenty dollars. We all know economics and how to work with it. But people are so damn stupid. Why? They do not know the economics of the heart. The heart is the hardest part of economics. Did you know that? I’m telling you so many truths, please record them, please remember them. And I tell you why. The heart has become so hardened that it has forgotten the value of the economy of the heart and how to use the heart’s energy. Use it rightly, please, please, please. Use it wisely please, please, please and you’d be much more happier for it. Yes. That is true. I’m talking of things that I have mentioned I think I don’t know where, of the truths of life. Use it wisely. What is wisdom in any case? Do you know? Voice. Knowledge Gururaj. Very good, Mother. Thank you. Wisdom is the use of thought in its proper manner, Mother. That’s wisdom. Knowledge is analysis, but wisdom is the proper use of the heart in its true way to bring you happiness, Mother. That is wisdom. Do you see? People regard me as one of the wisest men walking on this world but I regard myself as the most stupidest man on this world. But it is, listen very carefully, it is the cause of my stupidity that I come to allow the thirty people to give of that wisdom. Oh Shameer, give me some water please, my throat is dry. I’m not too well, I’m ill. Thank you, thank you darling, have it yourself. This is not from the faucet is it, it’s fresh.

4. CAN 87-6 Voice. No it’s fresh. Gururaj Thank you, Mother, thank you Mother, thank you, thank you. Now shall we go through any more experiences? Yes, please come darling and don’t cover up the camera, that’s it, so he could capture you my darling, my beloved. I love you, I love you. You’re so beautiful but I have got to change your hairstyle. (Laughter) Tell me? Voice. When I sat down to meditate and Gururaj. Speak a bit louder so we could catch it on the mike. Voice. I sat down to meditate and I had an experience where it was golden in front of my eyes. I started to cry and the tears just came down and I had a sad like a feeling of your presence and then it was over and I was still crying. Gururaj. You know what happened there? My eyes say this in front of people, I was making love to you and the organism you experienced the intensity made you cry. Without me being there. Yes. That is the meaning of your experience and that golden light, who could it be? I’ll leave it to you to guess. Okay. Namaste. Namaste. Namaste. (Gururaj blows his nose loudly) (Laughter) Someone just farted. (More laughter). Boys, girls, brothers, sisters I can tell you this means fun and if I should live long enough to come next year see that I have not thirty people, it doesn’t even cover my air fare. You know that. Let’s have three thousand or whatever you can organise. I know you are capable of it, he’s a master organiser. So I’ll leave it to you. Now what we are going to do is something different today. Every Course is different. Give me a cigarette, come on relax now, I want you guys to relax, give me a cigarette? The presence of a Spiritual Master - don’t expect anything, he ju st flows and flows gently. He just does that. Come and light up relax, I want you to relax for five minutes or so, okay, then I’ll carry on after that. Do you see now I have lost so much weight, I normally judge it by my watch, look, slipping off. Not proper food and not proper water, bullshit and hard work. I’ve been on the go for about nearly seven weeks now on the road lecturing, lecturing, lecturing, consulting, healing, and all the blah, blah, blahs, TV interviews, newspaper interviews - Jesus, don’t talk and all the S’s too. I don’t know if you know what it means . The S’s means a sweet pea, shit, shave, shower, what’s the fifth one? Shampoo. Right. Beatrice, my sister beloved sister. You relax for five minutes

5. CAN 87-6 or so okay. Then I will start with the second part of our programme. Does anyone here know anything about art? Right I’ll tell you what colours to pour there so while, would you like to please Voice. .....................(Inaudible) Gururaj. Would you like to? Right yes you did that. Come my darling. I want yellow, orange, blue, red for the beginning. Voice. Do you want me to use the little ones or does it matter? Gururaj. Yeah the little ones are better I think. Voice. .......................(Inaudible) Gururaj. Right. Not too much don’t waste. I can’t afford it. Right that’s fine. (Gururaj starts chanting ‘Day ree bina’) , while she is busy. Without you how can I live, (Chanting continues) when you’re not hear me, we haven’t got symbols have we? (Laughter) get it quickly, run. Voice ............ (Inaudible) Gururaj. Ah he’s such a beloved son of mine. He is just as sweet as this seven foot six guy. No sorry Voice. Six foot seven Gururaj. No six foot four. I’m joking with you know that. (Gururaj continues chanting in Sanskrit). Good now he’ll take two hours to tie his bloody shoes (Laughter) and he’ll take two hours to get the cymbals. Hurry up, immediately. I love teasing. You know that. I mean nothing by it, it’s love. The secret is that you can love even in teasing. For example, if my Sujay, to use an example, smacks my Vidya’s arse. Good. Do it. (Laughter) But the secret is do it with love. So even in that smack you feel the love. Life is an art - how you do it, how you take it. You two guys stop crying and you can make love in your bloody room, not here in front of your Guru. Voice. It’s a better place

6. CAN 87-6 Gururaj. Oh it’s a better place yeah (Laughter) What happened to my hankie darling? Oh there it is. So that is the art of love. For example, Les shits out Karuna tomorrow morning, do it, why not? It’s a release for you (Laughter) but do it with love. So even shit becomes love. Do you see the art? The art of love. It’s the art of togetherness, the art of whatness, that I am smacking your bloomin’ bum but it is not the smack that matters, it is the love I’m conveying to you. And that is how you will find conjugal happiness. Do you know in the Western World unfortunately there are out of every three marriages, two and a half are divorces,.they do not live, they do not know the art of love. I could smack her bloody arse, but she would know, Karuna would know, my sister would know that it is with love. Because after that smack I would caress her and make her feel - hey cookie (Laughter) Where are you going to find a Guru like me? Because I am love, I am love. And the only thing I can give you is love. What else can I give you my darling, what else could I give you but love. I have nothing else to give. Love, knowledge, wisdom, spiritual force okay to help you in your life for a better life, that’s all I’ve got. I’ve got nothing else, nothing else. I do not even own anything as I said somewhere in some lecture. These socks were given to me as a present. This pants was given me from Charles, this shirt was made for me I think, Vidya, you, someone in England I don’t know where organised it. These beads were given to me by my Guru. In fact I’ve told you ........ (inaudible) I discarded it all, I don’t want it. What’s that my darling? Oh, oh the cymbals, cymbals, cymbals. You see I forget I don’t remember, I just live in the moment my darlings. Sorry, I must have my eyes seen to really. Put it there remind me. I think it matches with your white pants. (Gururaj plays with the cymbals and chants in Sanskrit – Jay jagedee chataray). I praise you my Lord for you could remove my problems in a moment. (Gururaj continues chanting and playing with the cymbals). I haven’t got my prayer book. Have I got prayer books? Voice ........... (Inaudible) Gururaj. Yeah. Okay. I’ll look at it. Now how much time have we got left before your lunchtime? Okay. Sujay help me up. Good. Fine. Yeah. Now while I am dithering a sketch for you, any question please? I’ve got this thing on haven’t I? Yeah. Right. Any question I’ll talk while I am still doing my little shit here. Questioner. What is the truth that sets us free? Gururaj. Find it out for yourself. (Laughter) Questioner. I think I did that............. (Inaudible)

7. CAN 87-6 Gururaj. Why couldn’t this have been pinned on properly, damn it? Questioner. ........... (Inaudible) Gururaj. Look at this bloody thing shaking here man. Damn it. What’s wrong with you people? Yeah, you all got aids. That’s how I’d never sleep with any woman. (Laughter). I’d like to live a bit longer, I’ve got a lot of work to do. Voice. Ah we’re all rejects Gururaj. I know you’re all damn rejects and from you rejects I want to bring you into projects for the purpose of life and true living, remember. I can do a quickie here - some more water. Voice. Do you want more blue? Gururaj. Shut up. I’ll ask you. Questioner. Guruji, how do you see as leading a life service? Gu ruraj. Ask yourself that question. Who asked that? Voice. .........(Inaudible) Gururaj. To find true service in life is first to find yourself and if you cannot find yourself how can you serve. Otherwise it would be a damn pretence. So do you want to serve one and serve that and belong to this organisation and that organisation. Bullshit, forget it. Find yourself first. I’ve got to get that in here. Where did we discuss, where is Bil l? Voice. ...............(Inaudible) Gururaj. The one with the beard,

8. CAN 87-6 Voice. Mike Gururaj. Mike ah. You see I’m blind. (Laughter) Yesterday we were discussing a word which I invented called samcophony and he gave a lovely description of it, what was it darling? Voice. Visual symphony. Gururaj. Visual symphony. This is what you are seeing. Come on questions, questions, let me talk while I am – (Painting) - come on don’t be bloody lazy. Questioner. Guruji, whenever you have pains in your energy areas, your chakra Gururaj. Now what energy areas are you talking of? Are you talking of your vagina? Voice. No, not that one. That’s the only one. The rest of them pain like aches, kind of, you feel the drudgery of life in your bones Gururaj. That’s very easy, that’s very easy. What you do is this when you have any area of pain take your mind to the area of pain and that pain will go. Try it. Try it. Try it. Voice. ......... (Inaudible) Gururaj. Yes, right I’ve got my stick here for your toothache. Voice. Should I do the mantra as well? Gururaj. Why not? What’s wrong with it. Jesus, Jesus, Jesus. If you do not have a heart how can you use it better? Develop your heart by Spiritual Practices, then your heart will automatically will become better and stronger. That’s the Divine energy I impart to you my darling and you know how much I love you. You both know that. Voice. .....................(Inaudible)

9. CAN 87-6 Gururaj. Thank you. Thank you for what, I don’t know (Laughter). No thanks to our Lord, thanks to our Lord. Shit I need a bit more yellow, darling. .Ah thank you dear. Without my assistant I’d be able to do nothing at all. I don’t know if any of you people know that my paintings are hung in various National Galleries throughout the world, Right, Cape Town, Johannesburg, New York, San Francisco, London all over and with me it just, like my talks, like that, that’s all. Like me making love. I could make any woman here make her fall in love with me within two minutes and take them to bed but I’m not capable any more. Sorry. (Laughter) Right now here. Sorry son. I have to get that little in there. Vidya, light me a cigarette darling, would you please? Come on, questions? Why are you so all quiet? Ask me about any shit. Questioner. Tell us about the four stages of consciousness, Eurea Gururaj. The what? Questioner. The four stages of consciousness Gururaj. Yeah alright, I tell you what it’s a very large question, very deep and I can’t do justice.in a few minutes. So reserve it for tonight, for tonight’s Satsang I can go deeper into those levels. Just let me oops so-daisy, I just want to, right I just wanted to - never take a photograph of me with a cigarette in my hand, it’s bad for a Guru. (Laughter) Uh hu, uh hu, hah, hah. Voice ................(Inaudible) Voice. Guruji Gururaj. Darling Voice. Just as we are doing short questions ................. when I was meditating I had a very short vision of a small man with rather ordinary clothes all blue. Gururaj. Oh that was me.

10. CAN 87-6 Voice. .......................(Inaudible) Gururaj. Shit. (Gururaj continues to paint) Good green there. Now we have to balance it off, don’t we? Slightly, slightly, we balance it. My art is abstract and you interpret it. The abstract artist does not interpret his art. It lies in the eyes of the beholder remember. I’ve got to make this a little stronger here, look here we do it. Okay. We’ll leave it at that, I’ve still got to do some other touches there. Voice. Bapuji, what are the primary colours in the painting of life ............? Gururaj. There is only one colour in life and it is white. And you view different colours through a prism and that gives you the interpretation of colours and that’s what the rainbow is all about. That’s what this whole world is all about. There is only one colour white but shining through the prism you see so many hues reds, greens, blues, yellow’s, blah, blah, blah seven basics. Now those seven basics means various facets of energies. Every colour has a certain basic energy and when some of you people and I teach you Advanced Healing I will explain this. How to use certain colours in which way to help people, not for yourself. Those that are just curious I will tell them to fuck off. But those that are sincere and can do some work, those I will teach the secrets of life, but you have to initiate at least fifty people to get into flow. Many peo ple come to me around the world and say, ‘Oh make me a healer’. I could impart those energies at any time but if the flow is not there then it’s useless. They are doing it for their ego selves. So they first have to teach at least fifty people in preparatory techniques or full techniques or whatever, then I will make them full healers just by a touch. I could give you a demonstration here now by a touch. Has anyone here got any problem? Come here, come here. If anyone has any problem, right my son. Voice. I have a pain in my neck. Gururaj. Right. Now just watch. He’s got a pain in his neck and within a minute the pain will disappear by a touch, the healing force, the spiritual force and the origination of your pain is not there my son. The origination is there I could feel the pulsation. Now put your hands on my knees, both of them, okay thank you darling. Go on, I have taken it over from you. Voice. I like to thank you for healing me.

11. CAN 87-6 Gururaj. Ah no thanks required . Thank the Lord not me, I am nothing. Voice. ..................(Inaudible) Gururaj. Thank you for reminding me. Now tonight is Communion Night. Now round the world and with those thousands of Satsangs I’ve had around the world Communion means that I leave my body, I die and become merged with God. I go through the whole Universe and see it all and then after merging with Divinity I come back to be with you, to bring our Lord’s energies to you. Therefore please in future I want you guys to remember, do not invite people to Communion unless they come to the whole Course. We can have an open night where anyone is welcome to come. Okay pal. You got the message. We can always during a Course have an open night and where anyone is welcome to come and listen to a lecture, no objection. But for the Communion practice you need my talks to prepare you to receive that Divine force. Do you see? So this has to be remembered for the future when people that has been invited they have come, you can’t say you know shit off. We don’t do that. We don’t do that because I love everyone you know that. Good. Now Communion night is a very sacred night where you will be in the presence of God - tonight is Communion. So please have a nice little bath, put on clean clothes and be together with me. And those of you -hey don’t sleep when your father is talking. He is not sleeping, he is just resting, he’s tired. So these are the only things I can remember saying. Is there anything else you can remind me of, dear? That’s fine. So have a nice bath, clean clothes you know and be with me. And in my Communion I will put you in Communion with Divinity. You will experience it, you will. I don’t want to tell you things to influence your mind but you will experience it. It’s a great experience, the greatest that you could ever, ever have. What is greater than to be in Communion with Divinity? Is there anything greater in life? Nothing at all. Chetan and all the others that have been with me on previous Course they could tell you about it. Isn’t that right? Now this afternoon organise yourselves into small groups and Katie can lead a group and my son there can lead a group and this six foot seven could lead a group and Les can lead a group. I mean look you guys organise it. Hugh, yeah. Right. Okay. Get together in small groups and discuss things. And if you have no subject to discuss, discuss the things which I have talked about. Right and say ‘What did Guruji really mean when he said these words, or those words or those words or whatever’. There my darling, there can also lead a group. You organise them, look I don’t mention names and have these little chats and talk about - if there is nothing else to talk about what Guruji was talking about this morning and how much have we understood of it. That’s important. That will bring greater understanding of points that are not really clear and with you guys sitting around and chatting about it in your little groups, you will understand more about it. Chetan has been doing a great job I think in Cyprus explaining them, England yes of course, of course explaining things. So do that.

12. CAN 87-6 So I think it’s nearly one and it’s time for lunch I suppose. And we shall adjourn for lunch until we meet later again. Wha t time is my next meeting? Voice. Six thirty with the Teachers here in this room. And anyone who is interested in becoming a teacher should come to that meeting also. Gururaj. Right. Then I could talk to you about teaching and what teaching means and how it would help you and what benefits would be produced to others in the world and like that. So come along at six thirty. Meanwhile Voice Six thirty and then come up here in this room. ..................(Inaudible) Gururaj. Meanwhile tonight’s programme would be, we’ll be doing the Ajnas. Sujay my son would, you bloody lazy bastard. And then because we couldn’t finish all last night, I am not strong enough to do these things for myself anymore but I empowered my son here, this son of a gun. I’m the gun, you’re the son. Okay. Right. We will be doing that and then we will do the Communion, right, and whatever you have in mind afterwards. Voice. ....................(Inaudible) Gururaj. Right so get some of the boys like my James here and the guys, right to set up the chairs with the names. You know the normal way we do things and organise that. END


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