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1. CAN 88-1 Gururaj. So lovely to be here together with the family. It’s so nice to be back here with you all here. What can I tell you? I can only say I love you. These words are so common but if we can realise the true meaning of the love word which is not just verbal but that internal feeling flowing then we could realise the very meaning of our, we can realise the very meaning of our own selves because whenever we say I love you - I’m not getting the sound. We have some technical difficulties okay I know, so what. Voice. So the video tape that’s being made will be alright. Gururaj. These things are not - ah that’s better. These things are not important and as I was saying when a person says ‘I love you’, that is a total contradiction. Why must there be an I and you. Why can’t we just say ‘I love you’ in total oneness of whatever that be in that supreme energy that makes us one. So I love you, there is a separation there. We do not want separation, we want a unification so that there is no more I, there is no more you, but it’s just a togetherness a oneness of existence that we exist together in this very existence. Do you see? Whatever, fine. But when people can really find this secret within themselves, finding the oneness not only with our wife or husband but with the entire universe then we can start knowing or having some glimpse of the togetherness of the love that really is. For what really exists in life is love. And we with our stupidity, our stupid minds, we dissect what love is all about. No, that involves a mental analysis, that involves - I haven’t a loud voice unfortunately and I don’t know what the hell those guys are doing. Voice. We can hear you very well. Gururaj. Okay, okay, right, fine but I like to hear myself (Laughter). Nevertheless, now what we do with our own mental analysis, we separate ourselves not from our beloved one’s but we separate ourselves from ourselves and that is the greatest mental problem in the world and me, I mean doing psychology and psychiatry and blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. Okay that’s not important but I could tell you this that separate yourself from your beloved but please do not separate yourself from yourself. The greatest problem on earth is this that a person hates, a person hates himself or herself whatever the case might be. Now if we can stop hating ourselves, never mind the object of our love but we’re talking of our self, okay, if we can stop hating ourselves and there is not a single person here, look I could read your minds your hearts your souls and there is some part of you that hates yourself. Now if we can really learn to love ourselves then we will have the capacity and ability to love everyone around us. So, the real problem is not the outer world or the environment that we are involved in, but the problem is our self. So we start by loving ourselves and by loving ourselves

2. CAN 88-1 we can love the entire world the universe, whatever conception you have of the universe it’s not important. I know the universe, so what. Right. To repeat again we must learn to love ourselves first. When we can learn ourselves, when we can learn to love ourselves rather sorry, when we can learn to love ourselves we can learn to love everything around us, because in reality everything is so beautiful really. I don’t know why we people are so blind not to see the beauty around us. The leaves blowing in the wind, the music it creates, the symphony, the sun rising over the moon or even the clouds or the rain or whatever. Everything is beautiful, everything is beautiful. Now the question would be how can we see all the beauty around us? The answer is not difficult, it is simple really. It’s a matter of certain realisations and it is for these reasons that I travel thousands and thousands of miles around the world to teach people how to find that beauty within themselves. Because all of you my darlings, my beloveds all of you are so beautiful within yourselves. Look your essence is that Divinity that is within you and that Divinity is totally beautiful. But now why do you get confused? Why can’t you discover that beauty that is within you? That is the mechanism of the mind, the cunning animal, the stupid mind. Because we confuse things by our own thoughts created by ourselves. Then we fail to recognise the beauty that is within ourselves and around ourselves really. And then what happens is this that we do not have, we lose the capacity of our inherent awareness. You see? And when we lose that capacity of our own awareness, then we do feel lost. And that is the reason of so many mental problems in the world, so many illnesses, so many sicknesses. Look I’m an old man but I still carry on and on and on, believe you me. I have done India now, Ethiopia, Spain and England and now Canada, yes, because there is something to be done. Right. A little test. How many, you’ve been sitting around okay fine. How many chandeliers have you observed in this room? Come on, come on, come on, come on, come on, come on. Voice. Twelve Gururaj. Anyone else? Look one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine. How much have you observed? That’s what I am trying to tell you. This is just a little bit of fun okay, a bit of fun together with my Canadian family. It’s a bit of fun. Do you know how many hairs I have on my head? So now, so now, the point is this who wants to count how many hairs we have on our heads? Not necessary. We know we have a head and there are hairs on it. We do not need to count all the stars in the sky. Do we? We do not need to count how many stars there are in the sky, but to realise that the sky is filled with the stars in God’s glory. That is important. I don’t know if I told you a story before, some other country I keep on going round the world all the time, and nevertheless some students they were botanists, botanists, okay, fine. They went to this wonderful orchard, mango orchard, is that the way you pronounce it? Right. Okay. They went there

3. CAN 88-1 and the students were counting how many leaves there were on every tree and how many blah, blah, blah, all that, but one fellow plucked a mango and sat in the corner and enjoyed the mango. Do you see? What’s the sense of counting all the leaves on those trees and all that how many branches and how many, hah, whatever. Rather enjoy the mango. You see the point is this that enjoy the mango of life, enjoy the sweetness of life instead of wasting time in counting how many branches and how many leaves and how many - it wouldn’t help you but enjoying sitting in the corner enjoying the mango that is important. Do you see? So the point is this, enjoy yourself, enjoy your own reality that is you, away from the surface coverings that people present but to enjoy one’s inner self, one’s reality, a true mango within oneself enjoy that. Mind you the pit in the mango, you could always discard because that pit in the mango is your Samskaras, your past experiences of all the things you have gone through in life. And that is the greatest blockage of the human mind that pit, pit, pit, right yeah of the mango that holds all your experiences together. And definitely I promise you this that you can get rid of that bloody pit, pit, pit, so what. (Laughter) Right. You can always throw it away and enjoy the juice of that delicious lovely mango because that pit means nothing. What you are interested in of the mango is the juice, the pulp whatever. Okay. That is what we should be interested in. Now what this means is this, that be interested and take care of that inner juice that is within yourself and enjoy the sweetness of that inner self which is none else but the Kingdom of Heaven within. Yes. For the spirit is immortal and forever residing there and I don’t know why people would have to cloud it up. Now the clouds, to come back to our analogy, the cloud is the skin of the mango. That’s the cloud. Let’s cut away the skin, let’s throw away the outer layer of our own stupidities and enjoy the pulp of the mango. That’s nice. That’s how it works. Now of course to some of our new friends that have come to our Course, you know I never prepare lectures, I never do. That’s for the birds as they say. Is that an American expression? That’s for the birds. Voice. Yeah. Gururaj. Okay. Fine. So let the birds go to bloody, let them fly away okay. Right. Now okay with this little introduction on the first night of our Course. Right. Any question on any subject, anything you like. Please ask right so I’ll talk about it. I’m sure it would be a deep psychological, philosophical, metaphysical question. I’m sure you guys are intelligent enough, don’t ask me rubbish? Come on question, hold on, hold on. Voice. You answered Dorothy’s question. You have already answered some of the questions people had without even their asking you. You have answered them. You could either

4. CAN 88-1 Gururaj. It’s not me, it’s not me Voice. You do this all the time Gururaj. I don’t know. I’m an old dying man okay. Fine. Voice. Dorothy do you want an elaboration? Perhaps you could elaborate for me I asked what are Samskaras and you answered it partially for me. Could you elaborate? Gururaj. Yes. It’s actually very simple Dorothy, exceptionally simple. Samskaras means the impressions that have been created on our minds through past lives if you believe in that or whatever or the experiences that have gone in this period of the life that we have lived. And every action would have a reaction. So every impression that is created in our mind must express itself in some way. It would and in this expression, many people find it difficult I suppose whatever but there are many things that have to be accepted and realised to say this right. This has happened and what people normally think that it’s an accident and that is not true, not true. There are no accidents at all. We have created ourselves what we are and nothing else more than that. Of course with the help of the grace of the Lord we could diminish the reaction of it perhaps, okay, fine, to make it easier rather. But please remember that anything that happens to us is created and caused by us and no one else, no one else. You know in my line of work I mean, for years and years and years, right, sometimes a lady would come to my office and say my husband is this or a man would come and say my wife did this and this, and things like that but then I’ve got to - very case is a different case okay, fine. And I’ve got to treat them with a boxing glove or a kid glove. Voice........incidents from my past life. Gururaj. Let me finish this point first, idiot. So, so sometimes a lady would come up to me to my office and say my husband did this or a man would come and say, you know, my wife did this. I say ‘Hey be careful here. You’re treading on terrible ground. Because if your husband did something wrong to you or your wife did something wrong, how much of that responsibility are you taking upon yourself? Have you not been a cause or a slight cause or whatever percentage you want to put on it? But in reality don’t you think that you have been part and parcel of the cause that created the problem’. Do you see? That is what people must understand is to approach the problem in reality always, always. And

5. CAN 88-1 with thousands and thousands and thousands of my followers around the world I tell them, first ask yourself, how much, how much of the problem I’m responsible for? And you will find for sure that any problem that’s caused, you are part and parcel of the problem, perhaps not in a greater percentage or a lesser percentage we are not going into mathematics are we? Right. Nevertheless let’s always remember that hey God Father, I might have done something wrong, I might have done something wrong and I could be a portion or a part of the problem that is created in our lives. That’s how it works. And when we can admit to ourselves that we have been contributing in whatever measure to the problem we will find a greater comfort within ourselves. We will be admitting to ourselves our true reality instead of imaginary projections of problems upon another. Do you see how it works? Let’s have a little relief here. What’s that song I did in England? Voice. What do you do with Gururaj. (Gururaj starts singing). What shall we do with a stupid Guru, what shall we do with a stupid Guru, what shall we do with a stupid Guru early in the evening. What shall we do with the stupid Guru, what shall we do with the stupid Guru, what shall we do with the stupid Guru early in the evening. (Laughter) Yes my beloveds I love you all so, so much. Don’t you think you guys are sitting there I am observing every eye lash of yours and I know what makes you guys tick like that. We were at Bina’s home and met people coming in and of course for consultations and this that and without them saying a word I just blah, blah, blah, blah, I mean you know you were around. That’s how it works. You see this stupid Guru, Jesus, I thank God for being stupid. Please do not give me intelligence but forever my Lord give me love. Do you see that’s how it works? Now if people can feel that within themselves - Lord give me the capacity and the ability to love, great, because it’s only through the capacity of love that we could realise our higher selves within ourselves. That’s how it works darling, it works. Jay Ram, come on. (Gururaj starts chanting Jay Ram and the Group join in) Jay Ram, Jay Jay Ram, Jay Ram, Jay Ram, Jay Jay Ram, Jay Ram, Jay Ram, Jay Jay Ram,

6. CAN 88-1 Jay Ram, Jay Ram, Jay Jay Ram, Jay Ram, Jay Ram, Jay Jay Ram, Jay Ram, Jay Ram, Jay Jay Ram, Jay Ram, Jay Ram, Jay Jay Ram, Jay Ram, Jay Ram, Jay Jay Ram, You know perhaps there are a few new people here and I’m sorry I just got here and started talking and what have you. But welcome to our new visitors to our family. So nice and wonderful. Good. Now Jay Ram what it means Hail to our Lord, that’s what it means. Hail to our Lord. Jay mean Hail, Ram means Lord. That’s what it is. Ishvara, Allah, Christos, deyranam, Ishvara, Allah, Christos, deyranam, Jay Ram, Jay Ram, Jay Jay Ram, You can call him by any name, you can call Him Ishvara, the Hindus do, or you can call him Allah, the Muslims do, or you say Christos as we Christian people do. But it is still the same Lord one, one, one. Jay Ram, Jay Ram, Jay Jay Ram, Jay Ram, Jay Ram, Jay Jay Ram, Ishvara, Allah, Christos, deyranam, Ishvara, Allah, Christos, deyranam, Jay Ram, Jay Ram, Jay Jay Ram, Jesus you know I haven’t got that voice I had those years ago. Never the less there are so many albums out of my composition and songs. So what, it doesn’t matter. It means nothing. It means nothing. It means nothing. But what really means is the message I am try to get across to you my beloveds. That is important to me. That is important, the message of love, peace, beauty, sincerity, devotion. Whatever, I could use a million more adjectives. You guys get my meaning so, okay. That’s the idea. What time have we, ten? Okay, fine. I can go the whole night. Oh dear me, what shall we do with a stupid Guru? Yes. Yes. Yes. Now what was the last composition in England that we had and they loved it so much, I can’t remember. Voice. What shall we do with a stupid Guru or else did you make up - Baldef

7. CAN 88-1 Gururaj. We did but nevertheless okay right. Never mind I can’t remember anything which I do. If you ask me tomorrow morning what I talked about tonight I will not remember. That’s for sure. (Gururaj starts clapping with the Group clapping and Gururaj singing la la la la) Now you carry on with that okay, right, I’ll do the, carry on with your la la la. (Gururaj continues singing la, la, la, with the Group clapping) This is just composed now for you guys. I never prepare anything you know. (laughter). This stupid Guru is, this stupid Guru is so damn unpredictable really, that’s for sure. My beloveds, it’s so nice, so nice, so, so nice. Right now just mention any subject you like and I’ll compose a poem for you, anything. Voice. Full moon. Gururaj. Oh come on that’s not philosophical is it? But I can turn it around. Right yeah yeah, okay, fine, a good idea. (Laughter) Oh Kanuji. Anymore, come on, come on, come on? I can wrap things up into one parcel. Voice. Mango pits Gururaj. Oh my God. (Laughter) Voice. Romance Gururaj. I walked through the road on a cold night and yet you know the coldness while the crowds are parting I saw the moon shining. I felt so lonely and so lost but yet this moonbeam that glimmered gave me sight so that I would not stumble and fall or go astray. So I just kept walking on my way. So here that light that shone from above the clouds and through the moon made me realise that Lord thanks for the feet you have given me to walk even under dark skies. This is a sonnet for you. Excuse me sorry. Now why don’t you guys just pull off your shoes and relax and if you want to have a cigarette please have one. Look I don’t mind these things. Relax, that’s the idea, relax. Give me a cigarette so I can start

8. CAN 88-1 them off? Yes, sure why not, I could also stretch my feet - Jesus. Why don’t you light it, darling? What the bloody hell is wrong with my women? Thank you sweetie pie. Yes, come on, relax, that’s it. Voice ......... (Inaudible) Gururaj. I cannot bring, come on relax you guys then I’ll go on again. Relax. Camera director this is not made for television - cut, cut. (Laughter) Yes. Yes. Relax. You see normally at the other Universities and that, the normal period of lecturing is about forty five minutes. Also the most an hour or so you know and I suppose you get them to relax and then of course you can do another period. Relax, bloody hell. Tomorrow you guys must really try - I don’t know if you Canadian fellows - what the h ell is wrong with you. Voice. We’re wondering that. Gururaj. You guys must have a little table there with a glass of water at least. Voice. Would you like a glass of water? Gururaj. Not now, thank you darling I’m just pulling their legs. You know me, I’m a funster. If anyone - have a cigarette - it’s not something that’s needed whatever. I was after doing all countries, pardon, with all these Courses and things, India, Ethiopia, Spain, England, Canada and all that and I was not feeling well I was feeling very ill and our English brothers and sisters, they said, ‘Guruji, don’t go, Guruji don’t goes all those miles and there are thousands of them to Canada and just relax’ and that and I said ‘No, I said no, I must go and see my family’ and that’s why I came. Because to me thirty people or so, it’s fine look I love each and every one. but I’m used to speaking to not thirty but three thousand, thirty thousand people at a time. But of course I had to visit my Canadian family. It’s lovely to be here. It’s very beautiful. It’s very beautiful. You know what they did in England, they bought me a Sitar and I am regarded to be a very good Sitarist. You know the sitar, I don’t know of course I’ve done I mean a few years back some concerts with Ravi Shanker, have you heard of his name? Ravi Shanker, right. I have done some concerts with him and I was doing duos and solos and what they did in England this time they bought a fantastic sitar. Right. Oh it cost, Jeez about a thousand pounds in English money. They got that and of course I gave a few recitals and what have you. Perhaps in the future if we could get something small

9. CAN 88-1 because this was massive and it’s difficult carrying it around. So perhaps in the future we can get small one you know I mean to keep here so that in our intermission, intermission - look I’m a master, I’m a master showman - so in our intermission I could give you, you know I’d be very happy to do that in future. We don’t need anything expensive, a small one if you can’t get a sitar a serode, I don’t know if you know a serode. It’s a string instrument which you do with a bow. It’s not a violin, and perhaps if we can find some secondhand one somewhere, it’s alright no problem we have the fun of things. We don’t want to discuss philosophy all the time. We need this relief also. Because I know exactly how the human mind works. Not anyone can preserve a thought constantly for more than eight seconds. Of course Masters would be able to but I mean having studied psychology and blah, blah, blah, blah, I know that the mind can preserve a thought for eight seconds, you break it and then you start with the next eight and like that it goes on. Do you see? So if we had a sitar or a serode or something here I mean to keep here okay. I leave it to you and I could give you a recital of whatever nature. It’s good, it’s good because in the recess, in the interval then the mind can rest a bit, right I mean talking to all of you of course, the mind can rest a bit and then you start off on another philosophical point. It could register better because in between those periods that rest is required. Do you see how it works? I know these things my beloveds, I know, I mean lecturing around the world and blah, blah, blah, blah, okay and I know how minds work. Someone must do my nails for me, Jesus. Have we got a manicurist here? I’m joking you know that. You see now here, this is the point by talking of this that and the other immediately I took you away in talking of a manicurist. Can you imagine, do you see the recess in the mind in between thought gaps? Now here Roopaji she is a Ph.D, a Doctor of psychology and my Secretary there and this one she’s an M.A. in psychology and all this we have and there is a Master Computer expert and of course Amitaji is a Psychologist and I have so many wonderful people round the world and Kanuji of course you know him, Attorney, and what have you and blah, blah, blah and of course Januji, a master musician, great, great, and of course his beautiful wife too. Yes. Yes. All around the world I have such beautiful people. It’s so funny that we with our teachings or philosophies and metaphysics whatever you want to call it, you know we always seem to attract wonderful people round us and that’s nice. Now what happens on every Course and I have for the past fifteen odd years when travelling round the world doing Courses and things and we always have such a wonderful crowd of people and this is so beautiful that in a day or two they become such a lovely family. Right Joyce, I mean you have experienced that and so this happens all the time that is nice. So that is love, that is love, that is extended by our family feeling, you know all that. There is no piano is this room is there, Janusji?

10. CAN 88-1 Voice. One next door Gururaj. One where Voice. In the back room, the back room. Gururaj. So if you would like, I don’t know if I might request this (Laughter) if you like, look I’ve been talking from morning ‘til night I have been cha, cha. Okay. So if you guys would like to adjourn for half an hour or three quarters or whatever you would suggest, to the next room so our beloved there could give us a cha, cha, cha. Okay, right then let us, let’s get a move on to the next room How do you feel about it, is it ok? END


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