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1. CAN 88-2 Gururaj. You see the force of meditation, just in one minute or less perhaps I don’t know your entire blood rate, your pulse and everything, your heart rate would slow down. A person’s life is not measured by how many years you live, it is measured by how you can control your pulse, how you can totally in moments of meditation slow it down. The metabolic rate drops and all that business you know I mean I have spoken about this many times before. These little things to learn, yes. Would you like to feel my hand, would you? Right, okay. Be a bit more comfortable. Right. Now you’ll find heat. Now I’ll show you - the temperature will go down and you will find it cold. You see how your temperature, heat or coolness or whatever you can produce within yourself by your Spiritual Practices and your thought power or whatever you want to call it, it doesn’t matter, labels are not important but the effect you can produce within yourself to control your heart, your arteries, your veins, your blah, blah, blahs, from top to, somewhere round the middle I don’t know where, under total control all the time. Yes. Right then, what shall we talk about this morning, question? Voice. Two questions. Gururaj. There can be ten. Voice. Actually there is one always which we think is enough but if you want Gururaj. Okay. Thank you dear. Voice. Well it actually came up when we were off the Course Gururaj. Well whatever okay right fine. I said from who, I knew you said you. (Laughter) Yes, my love. Questioner. How can the mind balance the material and spiritual values in our life. The second question. What is appreciation? Gururaj. Good. Fine. Now we have been talking of material values and spiritual values and these philosophers are trying to differentiate between the material and the spiritual. Really speaking there is no difference. I’m telling you something new now. Okay. Really speaking there is no difference to it, because if materiality cannot be incorporated with spirituality then there won’t be any spirituality and there won’t be any materiality. So it is just one factor, right, where both are combined in a person’s life, they are combined because how can you differentiate spirituality from materiality. What is

2. CAN 88-2 material and what is spiritual? Look if Divinity exists in your spiritual self and in your material self, where is there any differentiation? But what we can do is enhance our lives by becoming more aware of our inner selves, whereby we add that little extra dimension into the material self to make us more conscious of it. Now when one becomes more conscious of the body, right, you can become more conscious of your inner core which they call spiritual, spirituality whatever. Fine. Do you see? Now can anyone ever say that the spirit resides in the heart or in my big toe or in my left ear or whatever? No, it resides everywhere. It is everywhere. Every cell in your body has that energy of one’s spiritual self. So to separate the material self from the spiritual self is a stupidity. It’s nonsensical really because when we realise that I am the spirit and that spirit is part and parcel and totally integrated in my material body. Do you see? That is how you could find Divinity by realising that look I am not something apart from Divinity because Divinity is my entire being. Do you see? And by that realisation you will know, you will realise that look this body is a Divine body, it is the Temple, the Temple in which the spirit exists. So why should we discriminate between the body, the mind and the spirit? Those are the three aspects of life, but if we can find that unity between body, mind and spirit then you would know what you are about. Then you would know the true meaning of existence. Now existence only exists within itself. It does not require anything because existence itself I’m not an existentialist. Okay. Fine. Right. John Paul Sartre I’d kick his arse. No, I know, very good thank you. But we regard ourselves to be existence in itself, within itself and not apart from anything in this entire universe. Then you will get an idea, you will start, you will start realising the meaning of existence and the meaning of this universe. Now in this procedure what happens is this, that you find yourself to become as wide as the universe, great as the universe. You find that you are the essence, of course which you really, are the essence of existence because where does your existence come from, where does it come from, from nowhere. Existence exists within itself. Do you see? I hope I’m not going too deep, okay, right. Sorry sometimes I (Laughter) dear me. These poor legs of mine sorry, I beg your pardon. Right. Nevertheless, when we come to as I said, when we come to that realisation that there is only one existence, thee could never be two existences because there is only one Divinity, right, and we are not apart from Divinity. We are one with Divinity. So here we come to the question of that unity, unity with Divinity. Do you see? And that is why our Lord Jesus, it’s Good Friday today isn’t it? That is why Lord Jesus said, “I and my Father are one”. Do you understand the meaning of that now? This is my Good Friday message to you. Right. And it is within the capacity of everyone, everyone, every one of you are Divine. You are born of Divinity so how can you be otherwise. You are Divine, that’s your essence, your true essence. Of course the mind gets fogged up and clouded and what have you, but yet we can think a bit deeper and think of the essence of us. There is only one essence, that’s Divinity. Do you see? One essence.

3. CAN 88-2 Now through our Spiritual Practices what happens is this that we start,- you got to be regular in your practices but you start appreciating our own essence. See? And when we start realising, gradually of course our essence we will know that we are not apart from our Father. We are one with our Father and I could tell you that our Jesus had no monopoly at all to say ‘I and my Father are One’. Everyone has that right to realise and say ‘I and my Father are one’. Do you see? That is how you find yourself and finding yourself you will find what we call our Father. Do you see? For he is not that fa r away, God is just right, he permeates every cell of my body and my small little toesies. That is the realisation of universality, realisation of Divinity, realisation of the whole works. And by this realisation I will tell you what will happen, by this realisation you would become more happier within yourselves, a greater peace, a greater joy. You can just eat up the whole lot. Yes. Yes. That realisation you will not find separation, greater love would grow within you and that great love expresses itself in joy where you just love all the time. Have you ever found - seen me, I mean most of you guys know me for years Voice. .................( Inaudible) Gururaj. Yes Okay. While shaving this morning I nicked myself. It doesn’t matter. Got to have a little relief here, comic relief, right, fine. Nevertheless, with that, I am one with the Universe, I am one with all humanity, I am one with those trees, those hills over there , the flowers down there and everything. How much greater joy won’t there be in the realisation that oh God I am one with it. Right and then there is no place for any malice or hatred or animosity, or any fear or anything. For what can one really fear? I don’t know if I told you here or some other country wherever that of this experience that I had while I was going through the jungle and things and seeking, seeking, seeking, right. And now in this place I was sitting down ragged bare, - who cares it’s not important is it? Right. And a tiger came up, I beg your pardon, and I just sat there looking at the tiger and just said ‘Hello friend you are none other than me, you and I are one’. Oneness, so therefore because I have no fear realising that I and tiger are one. Just looked at the lovely guy, the tiger and he just slinked away. Meanwhile, of course if I had fear he would have mauled me, killed me whatever. So in our spiritual progress and the way we do things we become fearless. There is nothing to fear in this world at all, nothing at all, yes. We accept things that goes in our lives okay, I mean, but it must not be taken to extremes where we become fearful. So when you can reach a level of fearlessness, life can become much more happy and much more joyous. It could, definitely it would. Yes. Because all our problems in the world of all people stems from fear. Yes, that I mean - many Psychologist, here’s a Ph.D. sitting there and there’s another Psychologist there and I’m sure there are

4. CAN 88-2 many professional people here right and they will tell you that all phobias all problems whatever stem from fear. Now this is the way how to - hah hah - this is important now for you guys. Observe fear and in the very process of observation that fear will subside and disappear. That’s how it works. It’s so simple. Oh the poor human mind, I always call it the cunning animal. It is you know, it can play a lot of tricks on people, that’s no lie, it can play a lot of tricks but if we learn or understand that there is nothing to fear, to hell with everything else I am what I am. Yahweh as the Jewish people would say I think, I am. And of course this is said in many philosophies, for example in Sanskrit they would say ‘Brahmas mee’. I am one with thee my Father another way of putting it. We could use so many different words and so many phrases of different terminologies, but of course it all boils down to one fact, I am what I am. Now if this idea is well registered in one’s mind that I am what I am, then what the hell, what the hell do they have to fear for, I mean. Okay. What can happen to me or who can do anything to me, nothing, nothing at all. This whole theory of the devil and all that’s nonsense. There is no damn devil at all, oh damn him by the way. Right. We damn ourselves that is the thing and our self condemnation and our fears to get on that again, is what causes all our problems that makes us see the devil within ourselves which is ah God, ninety nine point nine percent of the people in the world are sick. Because they are condemning themselves, they are feeling guilty all the time, they are so fearful. There is no necessity at all for that. I’d say I am, I am, damn it and nothing is going to spoil it. I am what I am and I accept myself, I accept myself what I am. That’s how it goes. (Laughter) No problemo, so simple. Do you see? Now when one has this idea of family in mind of realising to oneself or acknowledging to oneself that I am what I am and so what. I might have said somewhere I don’t know where, there are only two kinds of people that could say so what. A fool can say so what, a wise man can say so what. The wise person will say, so what nothing can harm me in this world, nothing at all, nothing can. Really I mean nothing can harm anyone, it is only our thoughts, only the way we formulate our ideas and things. Right. It’s only the circumstances that is created by our own thought forms that seems harmful to us, but in reality nothing can harm you, nothing at all. What time do you guys have to go for lunch? Voice. Twelve. Gururaj. Right so I can carry on a bit. Thanks. So what are thought forms made of? The Psychologists know nothing about these things. Our thought forms are really speaking imaginary. We imagine things which creates a thought and when one thought is created, that one thought takes one to another thought. So what happens here that the imaginary formations of thought become vaster and vaster and vaster until you’re in a turmoil and you don’t know if you are coming

5. CAN 88-2 or going. You wouldn’t know your arse from your elbow. (Laughter) Do you see? That is what happens. That’s the process of how the mind works and with our Spiritual Practices you would find the mind becoming more steady and still and calm and quiet and peaceful. Then these thoughts won’t have any affect. They won’t hurt you, they won’t multiply but you’d be able to observe them as those thoughts are and nobody denies anyone and all these guys that talk of meditations and things, they are talking damn rubbish where the mind must be blank, nonsense, the mind could never be blank. If the mind gets blank you’ll be unconscious or dead. I tell you this. But the little secret is this that although the mind might be meandering with those various thoughts and that but observe it. That’s all. It’s so simple, you know, it’s a simple open secret. Do you guys get those magazines from England here in Canada, Yoga Today and all those where so many of my articles are printed and things. You might have read them. Right. Fine. That’s besides the point of course. So, let the mind get stuffed. Okay. Let it think whatever it wants to think but I will be the observer of the mind. Then it won’t affect you because thoughts then would become like ripples in a pond or waves in an ocean which would rise and subside. That’s the way it works, it has to. It has to, it can’t avoid it. But to repeat again become an observer of it. For example if you go to the ocean or the sea and all the waves are there, right, you don’t need to get involved in the waves, do you? You can sit on the seashore and enjoy the workings of the ocean or the sea. You can enjoy the ripples in the pond or whatever, that’s easy. Now that was an analogy, but the point is this, watch the mind, let it do what, okay, fine, you are steady and still as that Rudyard Kipling, his poem ‘If’, I’m sure most of you have read that poem of Rudyard Kipling. Let the whole world, I mean I can’t remember the words now but the world can go topsey-turvey but I stand still and then my son, I am a man, it goes something like that. That is the way, that is the way of living life, that is the way of enjoying life and whatever comes, whatever may would not affect our steadiness, we are standing firm within ourselves. Whatever the ripples are would not bother. For example we are sitting in this, in this lecture room here right and the wind might be blowing hard outside, fine, but we are not affected in the comfort of this room. The wind could be blowing, now that’s how the mind works. Let the winds blow there, it’s actually a whirlpool, so who cares about it, so what. You see? Right let the wind blow outside there but I am steady inside here. Right. I won’t be swept away with the winds or the storm outside, whatever, okay. I am still within myself. That is to learn and by just realising this, so many of your problems, so many of your problems my beloveds, so many of your problems will disappear, I tell you that. You’ll find a greater steadiness within yourself and when you find steadiness you find calmness and with calmness is tranquillity and of course birds of the same feather fine and then nothing will bother you. You’re okay. I’m okay. That’s the way to live. That’s the way of life really and you can really tell yourself I am okay for what the hell else if I’m okay.

6. CAN 88-2 So, sounds a bit Irish oh okay, Hugh will tell us more, you have Reillys and (Laughter) Okay. I used to know a girlfriend some years ago in my younger days, her name was Kay and I used to say Oh Kay. (Laughter) Yeah. I’m joking you guys. You get the point which I’m trying to make. I’m okay. And I will never allow anything to bother me. I’m Okay. Do you see? Very simple really. Yes. I have not been very well and the people in England wanted me to cancel coming over to Canada but I say no, no, no, I can’t disappoint my friends here, so I came over. I was feeling still very ill this morning, as Roopa and Sutrya could bear out the ill. Nevertheless. Fine. I’m okay. You see the idea, you guys (laughter) you see. That would be a positive attitude towards anything in life. If you say I am feeling ill, I’m feeling ill, I’m feeling ill, you will feel more ill because you’re getting that conscious thought into the subconscious and you definitely feel worse. By just thinking and mulling over oh I’m not well, I’m not well, I’m not well, no damn it, I’m okay. Yes. And you feel stronger. Right. I mean this is just a physical example but of course it also applies to your mental selves, your thought patterns all those things, your thinking, your attitudes towards life, and life and living, okay and your love whatever, say I’m okay. You know I think it was now - I’ve been doing so many countries as you guys know - and this lady comes to me and she says, Guruji I’m married for what did she say about, something like eighty years or so, or something like that I can never experience an orgasm. Idiot, I said to her not in those words of course I had to you know handle her (Laughter) yes and after doing a healing on her and you know giving her explanations on various things and probing into her mind and analysing it for her and putting her mind at ease and all that. The problem of course as I said was frigidity. So I say ‘We ll okay tonight go to bed with your hubby and you tell me tomorrow morning’. Yes. The next morning she came and said what a fantastic night she had. (Laughter). She says it’s practically the first time she had a real orgasm. Do you see? What I’m trying to point out to you, I mean these things go on all the time around me and people round the world everywhere and what have you, these things go along. The point is this that the mental conditioning, do you see? No fault of her husband at all, it was her mind that was making her feel frigid. Yes. Yes. And next morning she said ‘Oh my God that’s very nice’. (Laughter) You see? That’s how it works. That’s how it works, mental patternings, the mind, plays so many tricks on people, oh yes true. It has. There are ways to overcome these things. There are ways to overcome some and of course Spiritual Practices, it’s a great fact in a person’s life, it gives you that sense of stability and a sense of self confidence and oneness and all that. Now this frigid woman, her trouble was she had no confidence in herself that she could I mean you know have a good relationship with her husband. That was the problem and it was simple. What she couldn’t really do was let herself go. See? There is another Psychologist sitting over there. Yes.

7. CAN 88-2 So, right next point let yourself go, let yourself go. Your here in this world, float, damn it, what are the waters there for, the waters of life, float. Let yourself go. Now, by having this idea you would release yourselves of many inhibitions or repressions. Do you see? So what, float not in an immoral sense I mean and ethically and in a good way of course. Float. And that is how, these Psychologists know nothing. As a matter of fact I’ve got hundreds and hundreds of Psychiatrists that come to me when they have problems with some of their patients or whatever and we discuss things. And so let yourself go, to hell with it all. There is one thing very sure in life, one thing very sure in life that death is inevitable. So what the hell do you care for so much? So you’re going to live five years more, ten years more, twenty years more. So let go. Right. Let go of attachments and it is the very sense of attachment that produces a lot of unhappiness in us. Do you see? But if you can live in attachment and yet not be attached, in other words to come back to the point of being the observer and life could be very, very happy. You know all those ancient guys in the East they talk of renunciation, renounce this and renounce that and renounce. I say no, no, no, no, renounce renunciation. Renounce renunciation. Look we don’t all want to be monks and nuns do we, not that, what for. I suppose that’s their way of life, but we are householders and housekeepers and families and things to look after and we do our duties the best way we can. That does not mean that we must go into jungles and the Himalays and whatever and go into those monasteries and those caves and all that. No, no, no. That’s escapism and I’m sorry to say that, Pope will kick my backside. Many of these guys between us now, many of those guys that become these priests and this that actually they take it up, the take that because they are impotent. My God I know a whole crowd of them. I made a study of them of what makes their minds tick. No, for we live normal human lives and why not, husband and wife. What do you think you have your various instruments downstairs for? (Laughter) They are there to use, use it. Well I also make love, okay, once a year and some years I forget. (Laughter). Life can be very funny and it would be nice to view things in a humourous sense you know and just don’t become too serious about life. Life takes it course and as I said just now if you live for five years or ten years or twenty years whatever, right, if you need to. Ah take it easy, take things easy but at the same time sensibly. That’s important and maintain whatever moral standards you have, retain that or ethical standards or whatever you believe in right. So w e maintain these standards of life, we maintain family life or whatever the case might be okay, we do that. We find although these things are not really important but true okay for stability of society certain things have to be observed. I’m no moralist that’s for sure . (Laughter). In my younger days I think I’ve slept with more women - what you doing, sorry. Would you stop disturbing me Pushpuny. Right.

8. CAN 88-2 Voice. I’m sorry. Gururaj. I’m joking with you, you know that. I’m always a teaser you know, why not fun, a little fun, a little fun. While in my younger day I think I’ve slept with more women than what I had breakfasts (Laughter). Right. Now do you get the point here. (Laughter) No. The point here is to be honest and sincere. Right. Be honest and sincere with yourself and then you can be honest and sincere with the world. Do you see? I might joke in between but you must not miss the points which I am making okay you got it fine because it’s fun. Yeah. Life is fun because having that honesty and sincerity within oneself one does feel so so much better by having that. So on to something - take it as it comes and why not. Do you see? That’s the way of life and the very honesty and sincerity within us will really give us results, good results. Jesus, I am talking for an hour and a half about. Okay. Good. So I know you Fellas must go for lunch, so it’s twenty five past twelve. Relax for fifteen minutes and then have lunch. Never have lunch hurriedly, try and relax for ten t o fifteen minutes and have lunch, unhurried way (Laughter) Oh my dear. Voice ............ Gururaj. Okay I’m leaving. Gururaj. It’s funny. What shall we do with the stupid Guru early in the morning. This is for my grandchild - I got it in England, someone gave it to me in England as a gift for my little grandchild. I’m sure he’ll have fun. Well let me tell you these two grandchildren that I have they whispered to me in my ears that Papa don’t forget to bring us some present, naturally, you know what children are. They always expect ah well, we were children too I think, I suppose we were. We still are. Nevertheless these two grandchildren of mine expect it some little toys or something. They will enjoy that. END


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