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1. CAN 88-6 Gururaj. What shall we talk about this morning? Have you got any questions? Questioner. ......................... (Inaudible) Gururaj. I’ve got wonderful Secretaries you know and they are very inefficient. Voice. .................... (Inaudible) Gururaj. Don’t worry about that. Namaste, Namaste. Yes, so that it could be on the recorder whatever you’re doing. Questioner. If the way to Divinity through the heart, what is the role of the mind? Gururaj. Great. The mind can only be a guiding force because of our thought patterns the mind is conditioned by thought. Now repatterning the mind can lead us to the heart. Now what is the value of this? That is the important thing that one has to think about. Right. The mind with all its varied thoughts and meanderings can be used as a wonderful tool to lead one to the heart but now here is this, that when you reach the finer levels of your heart what are you going to find? Think about that. What you will find is joy and peace within yourself. Because the heart, I’m not talking of this little organ here okay, you understand that, I’m talking of the core of your personality, the core which we could call the heart. And the core of your personality contains the peace and the joy that you really are. So we use the mind as an instrument to get there. Otherwise how can you get there? Look we all need the instruments don’t we, to do things in life or whatever is involved in life. So the mind is used to reach the core of yourself which you can call heart. Now how do we work instrumenting the mind which itself is an instrument? What do we do with this damn stupid mind? What do we do with it? Right, there are so many procedures for that depending upon your own temperament. We can take the mind in our hands speaking, fine, we can take that mind into our hands and mould it. Yes, we can. The problem with us is that the mind controls us, but we do not control the mind. Now, how does one control the mind to lead it to the heart? Do not try to control the mind because the human mind is uncontrollable. All these various thoughts, imaginations and projections and all of them will be there. So do not try to control it. Do not try to control the mind but we can direct it. Do you see? We can direct the mind in whichever direction we want to direct it. We can direct the mind to joy, pleasure, pain, whatever. If you want an experiment you can take a long needle like this and pierce it through my

2. CAN 88-6 heart or my arm or wherever and I will not feel it because I will know how to separate myself from what is known as the mind. So any pain that anyone suffers is created by the mind. Now as I said before you do not need to control the mind because the mind I can assure you is uncontrollable and these Psychologists and Psychiatrists, that have got PhD’s here and what have you, they do not know the mind. It’s not a matter of control at all. It’s a matter of direction. And we all have the ability believe you me, we have the ability to give it a direction to whatever we want to achieve. And of course the greatest thing we want is to achieve happiness. We can direct it to happiness and it can also be directed to pain and displeasure and all the other problems that exist in human life and human living. So if we just could try to direct in a way which would be conducible to our own joy and our own happiness, our stability or whatever. It is so possible and very, very simple. Only thing we have to do, that’s all. Now step one would be to neutralise the energies that are floating through the mind. And the way to neutralise those energies is through our Meditations and Spiritual Practices that gives it a neutrality. And when the human mind comes to a certain stage of neutrality you can introduce these thoughts of one’s higher self. And when we introduce those thoughts of our higher self the mind becomes calm and more peaceful within itself. So that is how the mind operates. You become calm through your practices and your calmness is not your physical calmness. Your calmness comes first from the mind and extends itself to the body. There is no - people don’t seem to realise this that there is no differentiation at all between your mind and your body. The mind is a subtle form of your grosser body. And when we try and condition the mind in positive thoughts or whatever, it will extend itself to the body definitely, yes. I don’t know if I told this little story perhaps somewhere I travel all over the bloody show. Four friends got together, right. In the morning, one friend said to this one guy, right Joe, said to Joe ‘You’re not looking too well this morning’. Fine. Then when it came to tea time the number two friend said, ‘Hey what the hell is wrong with you Joe?’ And then when it came to the late afternoon the third friend said ‘Hey what the bloody hell is wrong with you, Jesus.’ And by the evening the fourth friend said, ‘Oh my God you better go to bed you look damn sick’. And that night Joe was terribly sick. You see how the mind works with external suggestions. Fine. And people seem to absorb these suggestions instead of them being themselves. That’s how it works. It is so simple. I could just with a touch put any of you into a different sphere of existence now and if you’d like to try it let’s have some volunteer, whoever. Yes, it would be a good journey. I would take him to outer space. That’s for sure. It won’t be harmful or anything at all. Voice. .................(Inaudible)

3. CAN 88-6 Gururaj. Come. You see when they don’t volunteer I’ve got to order them. Come. Sit down darling, I’ll show you a simple experiment. Just a touch, okay. Your name is? Voice. Dolores Gururaj. Okay sweet. Relax, why not, that’s alright. Are you sure? Voice. Sure. Gururaj. Right. I’ll show you in a moment. Okay. Fine. Okay, Dolores. Close your eyes. Lay back, damn it, I’m your father. Yes. In the mind, Dolores, relax there. That’s better. Dolores, you and I are going to a different sphere of existence total peace. My beloved children I give my life to all, always. Come on my darling, gone to sleep, wakey, wakey, wakey, wakey. Ah love. Come on. Don’t you feel better and more calm. This is just a little demonstration. I messed up your hair, (laughter) so what? Right. This was a little demonstration of the power of the Master’s touch. And do you know what this power is? Love, totally unselfish devoted love without any motivation or nothing at all. Do you see? And when one is filled with that deep love I tell you all of you , you can get that depth of that love, the energy of the Divine or whatever you want to call it, flows through you, because you become a channel and its imparted within one and everyone. Yes, see how it works. Now you guys relax and I’ll carry on a bit more after that. Yes. Where is that girl of mine that.....your cookie of past impressions and whatever you have been taught, blah, blah, blah, blah, right. Let it crumble and may you rebuild yourself in the realisation that you are Divine. Okay. Every cell of your body is permeated by Divinity and remember that. So why do people call themselves helpless or hopeless? Nonsense, it a misunderstanding, it’s a nurturing of the negative thoughts and what have you. Every cell of your body, every cell, and there are twelve billion cells floating in your body and if every cell is Divine regard yourself to be that. Nothing can destroy it. There is no force on this earth that could make my life unhappy unless I with attitudes of my own mind make myself unhappy. Do you see the idea? Do you get that? These are great truths to remember and of course practised and realised and what have you.

4. CAN 88-6 Our Brenda here has been so kind to iron my shirt, my shawl, thank you very much Brenda and all of our other guys around they all have been so kind and Jay over there. You didn’t come and see me this morning, I was waiting for you. What were you doing? Voice. .................(Inaudible) Gururaj. Never mind don’t tell me. Okay. Fine. And that canary son of mine over there. So wonderful, all of you are really wonderful. God Bless you all. Yes. God bless you all and this guy here, Chetanji, where’s ............ (laughter) I’m joking you know that. We got to have a little comic relief in between you know. And of course Hugh and Bina, I don’t see Bina. I know, I know, I know and of course, the kids are okay? Voice. Yes. Fine. Lovely Gururaj. They came to visit me this morning. It was nice I enjoyed being with the kids, so nice, lovely. Yeah. .............Where the hell are you. Oh thank you, I know. (Laughter) Nevertheless my beloveds life is really wonderful. D o you know what the word wonderful means? It is full of wonder, realise that. That every moment is a wondrous moment and the wonder of the fullness of existence and of life. When we are entranced by the wonder of all existence around us we can feel wonderful. Good. You see the fullness in the wonder. I think I’ve been talking for quite a while now. Voice. ............(Inaudible) Gururaj. Okay. Right. Let’s do that now. You guys relax. And now close your eyes. Okay. Ask any question that you would like to have answered and within a moment or two you will find the answer. (Group meditate together with Gururaj) Aum Shanti, shanti, shantihi. Open your eyes slowly. END


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