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3. CAN 88 - 7 ourselves we find that joy, that peace , that infinity, divinity with everyone to < 0:23:52.6 > find peace within yourself first and you’ll peace everywhere. Do you see? But th e problem in the world is this that people try to find peace elsewhere, ah ah ah, that’ s a wrong procedure, find peace within thee and all peace will be found elsewhere. That’s how it works, yeah. You know Karanji it’s so simple (laughs) < 0:25:23.3 > I don’t want to stretch your brains too much (Laughs). There was a time when I thought I loved you, there was a time when I thought I loved you but the thought is gone and now I know that I love you not because how you walk or whatever you do, but I just know now that I love you. I tried to reason why, but I never knew and now I do not need to know why I love you. – humming -- < 0:27:04.5 > now I know why I love you, I < 0:27:15.0 > but now I just feel I love you. – crowd claps – I'm not only a master guru, but I'm also a master entertainer < 0:28:04.1 > (Laughs). Right, now of course that was a Britain English, I wonder what I could compose for you in Hindi or Gujarati or Sanskrit. – S inging in Hindi – this is the meaning, this is the – just little demonstration – this is just little demonstration on the meaning of creativity. We can just flow and create a poem or song or music or anything, you see, it requires the heart < 0:32:43.9 > within us and this is all possible through your meditations . Please, please, please a million times, please do you meditations. < 0:33:04.3 > ask me any question at any time, nothing is prepared, you can ask me to compose a song or a poem or a lec ture, anything at any time, nothing is prepared, it just come out and this comes about through meditation where we develop a concentration of the mind that could focus onto anything – anything. Nothing becomes strange because you are so at one ment – atonement – at one ment, the reverse. So what can there be there that could be strange? Nothing at all. Anything, you can ask me anything and say, “Gururaj, compose a poem on this subject or that sub ject,” just is a chees to me. Yes, < 0:34:33.4 > I'm a really practical man and of course I teach not o nly philosophical, metaphysical, okay but also practical side of life. Our life could be enhanced that you < 0:34:59.7 > you can be so graceful, so beautiful, so creative and all that goes with < 0:35:27.6 > various aspects of life < 0:35:42.0 > the other day when we were < 0:35:45.5 > I was telling him – telling him lawyer, I said, “If I should meet you in court for any case, I’ll tear you to pieces.” Sure – sure – sure – sure so the point is this that if we can be integrated within ourselves everything is possible. I have done cases where < 0:36:25.5 > magistrates and judges judges minds to smotherings yeah, I mean I don’t practice accountancy or law all these things and my work is going around the world teaching the message of love and peace. That's my work but I was regarded to be a great accountant or a great you know law, lawyer, what do you call it in this country? Whatever, right, fine I was regarded to be that, < 0:37:10.0 > now it is just going around the world and spreading the message of love and < 0:37:23.3 > it is not the lucrative < 0:37:33.0 > since I have to do and I want to do and < 0:37:44.5 > really there all the time and my love < 0:38:03.6 > what’s that stupid thing < 0:38:23.0 > you reminded me is to show you the scripture, this is – this my guru of course he has since passed away, you know I was in, doing a course in England, I think it was in London or Birmingham or wherever, that’s not important. I got a telegram that he passed away at the age

4. CAN 88 - 7 of 84, this is my guru, if you’d like to have a look < 0:39:21.6 > and it was so nice of her Jane, yeah < 0:39:32.8> that's my guru, Pavitranandaji. Great guy – great guy and he said to me there’ s only one purpose in life that I have is to produce you as a teacher < 0:40:06.7 > wonderful – wonderful – wonderful. < 0:40:16.4 > right pass it around to these guys there, that’ s my guru, Pavitra nanadaji . – Chants prayer – what shall we do tonight? Public: < 0:44:09.1 > Gururaj: Oh yes, thank you – thank you < 0:44:16.7 > Public: You see that there? Gururaj: Yes, that’s my guru’s photo, I bought with me to show it to you guys < 0:44:37.8 > okay, now tonight there’s a practice right at about quarter to 12 or 12 or < 0:44:57.2 > we start meditating in your rooms and I will be in my room, around 12 something whatever, right < 0:45:1 1.3 > you meditate in your rooms and I will be present in < 0:45:22.6 > form or the other in your rooms. < 0:45:32.2 > but it’s midnight, we call it mainly midnight special, I shall be there, you guys be careful okay? (Laughs) yes, yes and tomorrow morning you can tell me of your experiences whatever . I’ll be there, midnight tonight and do not forget that, I’ll be there in your room with you , in all, right, midnight tonight. < 0:46:25.3 > shall we call it a? Public: Yes.

1. CAN 88 - 7 Gururaj: Our master shown < 0:00:19.8 > for the definition of duty depends entirely on what we interpret as beautiful. Many things be so wonderful around us and yet we could regard it to be ugly. Yet the same chilly we can look at it properly, it is nothing else but beauty all around us. When we recognise the beauty all around us, we can enjoy life and come on joys life and living. You see, so what this really means is a conception of one’ s o wn meanderings of the mind, everything is illusion, everything is < 0:01:55.5 > there is no ugliness in the world its only our mind says things are ugly but when our souls, when our hearts is evil, that everything is beautiful < 0:02:14.4 > mind that there’s beauty everywhere. Having said < 0:02:25.8 > well this is what I have found whatever is < 0:02:37.5 > it is just beau ty < 0:02:42.3 > all the time. Look at this loving < 0:02:46.3 > and okay without mentioning names, my darling here < 0:02:59.4 > beauty, the creation of beauty manifested as beauty. Do you see, by having this, you would know, feel within ourselves < 0:03:34.4 > my son over there, Jamie Jee what a beautiful person he is, yes, right. Chetanji, Karanji and < 0:03:57.6 > fine whatever. Ho w beautiful and wonderful and that son of a bitch of mine there (laughs) right. Everyone is beautiful < 0:04:29.3 > section of beauty, that is the criteria that we must think of. Everyone around the world is beautiful, < 0:04:55.6 > you're created as the scrip tures would say, “In the image of god.” If they are created or manifested in the im age of god, they are beautiful. But our interpretation , our recognition of the beauty that surrounds us without the world < 0:05:35.8 > upon us. This is what I'm trying to teach you guys okay? Develop that capacity with the beauty and not only the beauty, there's something more for you, not only the beauty, but the originality of beauty. You see my beloveds, that is how it works. You can see the ou ter beauty, and at the same time perceive the origination or the origin o r what has created this beauty in life. Right, for example now I've just been from my bedroom to satsang room < 0:07:03.9 > I haven’t been outside of – there hadn’t been anything < 0:07:18.8 > you see, the mind, remember this now, the mind creates necessities, where necessities are not necessary. You get my point there? Okay. Fine, now if we find that we do not need or create n eeds, then naturally, I mean there will not be any < 0:08:14.5 > necessities are created by one’ s needs of the mind wanting this or that or the other. Everyone can know or develop that sense really, I need nothing that my lord you need < 0:09:04.1 > it’s very simple. I’m su re you understand these things < 0:09:14.8 > I'm trying to say it to you guys. I need nothing, the lord needs me. What this essentially means is this that I'm totally surrendered to you my lord -- totally surrendered. You do, I am no t < 0:09:49.6 > you my father is the doer and not I. so that is how we drop the ego sense within our self thinking that I am doing this and I am doing tha t, okay, but not enjoy that too, he is real doer and not our little small indivi dual self that thinks that they are great. You know, let me tell you something, all of you you're nothing else but bullshits . If we cannot surrender ourselves to the real doer, then what the devil are we in? < 0:11:12.0 > around with life and yet that life that we have is created by the creator that we seem to forget of this. We seem to forget this. Why I don’t know, I

2. CAN 88 - 7 suppose its just human nature or human stupidity, who does that? I see here or I'm not well in health, I'm sorry, please excuse me, so what we need is surrender to the doer that does < 0:12:29.3 > and that is the meaning of Bhakti yoga, that is the meaning of devotion and without devotion, in this age and time you are lost. So be devoted to whatever you believe i n, you never talk of, say believe in this or that or the other, and whatever you have belief and faith, devotion, true to it. Now tonight I will be going away from you in total union with what is regard as god, divinity and < 0:13:54.5 > now – and new comer s here have not been < 0:14:06.1 > you’ll experience the energy and the force when I go into divine communion now. < 0:14:25.8 > Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes. < 0:14:58.6 > you guys and you girls < 0:16:02.1 > experience the love from something above, this rare one – that is where I would like to lead you to experience love < 0:16:52.3 > too much, we’ll come – just be honest and sincere within yourselves < 0:17:14.9 > no problem. Now when I went away from you, < 0:17:33.3 > are dead, dead to the world, but alive to the lord. And through the journey would see the entire universe, you see all ga laxies and star formations and all that, so – so clear – so clear and rich < 0:18:27.1 > in the presence of divinity < 0:18:56.0 > that which is < 0:19:18.4 > that is god. Do you see? Many times people ask me all around the world what is god? I'm giving you a very simple explanation of the meaning of god and that divinity and divine force or whichever terminology you want to use, it’s not important to me. That is < 0:20:03.6 > it has to be experienced and that’s not beyond that anyone’s reach at all, everyone can experience that divine force which < 0:20:28.3 >. If I can reach, everyone can reach and though < 0:20:39.8 > exception at all, an ordinary human being that all of you guys < 0:20:48.5 > that’s not important. (Laughs) You see, this means seek the principles I'm talking about. So all could reach that divinity which is associated within ourselves. It’s not far away , it’s very near but he is – he is reach out at all, you can grab it. Knock on the door and it shall be opened , as the old saying goes. And what’s the other part of it? Seek and? Public: Ye shall find. Gururaj: Seek and ye shall find. So simple, < 0:22:16.8 > misery , it’s all there. Seek and thou shall find, it is there, so why don’t you seek? Dammit! Why not? And yet you try and seek for all kinds of pleasures and all kinds of things to find peace within yourself when this energy, this power, this force, this divinity is right here and now. So we do not need to seek through various doors or go to roam or Paris or London or bla bla bla bla bla , we don’t, no, it is right here within ourselves to find ourselves and by fin ding


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