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1. CAN 88-9 Gururaj. That which people call Divine is not necessarily taken to be Divine. These thoughts that flow through our minds imploring things Divine could very well be a misconception until devotees realise that you do not have any right to call it Divine or Divinity or whatever words you want to use. But when it dawns on us the true meaning of Divinity, then only can we know what Divinity is all about. As an example, now a few ladies with me today and we were sitting and chatting and of course I dozed off and had a nice nap. Right. But look at them, they are Goddesses to me, they are representing a form of Divinity to me. So I look at them in the sense of them being Divine and ah as Goddesses. And this kind of realisation you will know that whatever you see or touch or feel or what have you is nothing else but the expression of Divinity. Now if you cannot touch Divinity at least you can touch the expression of Divinity. Do you see? Another example our Brenda here, good, fine, she’s been you know ironing my clothes, my shawl and whatever. Right. Look at the wonderful service that she did, yes. Every day she sees that a shirt is ironed or a shawl is ironed, and blah, blah, bla h and what have you. You know what she’s like at that. Is that not an expression of a Goddess of Divinity itself? They way we look at things our attitudes, our conception of things is so important. Yet earlier on she was there in my room with some of the other ladies and men and what have you I was sitting and said ‘Come, come sit on the bed here’. I was holding her hand in appreciation of the Divinity that is within our Brendaji. The purity of life of love is always there. For example Jamesji he came to visit me up there in my room right, ‘Right my son come sit next to me, yes’. These are the practical expressions of our appreciation of that Divine force that is around us and is in us all the time. In Jamesji, who is doing so much work and of course he came up and I says ‘Come sit next to me’ and I held his hand my son okay and then of course Brendaji was there and I said come sit next to me and I held her hand in love and purity without any motivation or anything. Right. The point is this that if we can love without any motivation because in reality true love for our does not need motivation. It is a giving of one’s heart in totality and in purity or whatever you want to call it. You see? I am just giving you examples of Jamesji and Brendaji just using it as examples to illustrate to you the purity of one’s heart, For example here Amitaji and Jamuji ok every morning and afternoon and evening they would come and visit and say ‘Hello Pops how are things okay and it is because of their love so pure untainted that’s the word I was looking for really, untainted love which is the bottom line of purity. See how it works? And by achieving that or having an idea, at least, at least having an idea it brings on to the quality of our purity. Do you see? So purity in reality does not require qualification and it does not require quantification either, that we leave to our Hugh that works in quantities of water power and water pressure and dams and so, damn it. It means the heart pours that very, very pure love. It has no motivation, no requirement, nothing, acquisitions. It is just there Right. That is the constitution of love and that is our true being

2. CAN 88-9 although many people miss the point of love and loving, but that truly is our being. That’s how it works. The boy can’t help it. Fine. Now if there are any questions which you would like me to talk about this evening. Voice. ............(Inaudible) Gururaj. Yeah I think better now than later. Voice. .............whynot ............(Inaudible) Gururaj. Prasad is a blessed offering that’s what Prasad means a blessed offering. Voice. .................( Inaudible) Gururaj. Sure, sure, sure, sure let them go in first. Prasad is a blessed offering. A blessed offering means it is blessed by the energies of whoever, I am nothing. Right. This is just, you could call it ceremonial or whatever, to me it does not matter, right, and of course to partake together. You know travelling around everywhere, the beautiful dinners which for example our Bina and Hugh and them cooking that. It’s nice to share a piece of bread together. This is just a okay. You have forgotten me have you? Poor, poor Guru you don’t think of me, do you? Only the men. Yeah. She’s funny Roopaji. This is a slight interval, okay. Voice. Did you want to do the Initiation of the three people first? Gururaj. Don’t you rush me woman. Everything in good time. Meanwhile while you guys rest you can light up a cigarette, relax, relax then I’ll carry on after that. Relax. Is to feel released from stress and strain and that is relaxation. It is simple really. And when a person feels release from stress and strain he can sit back as old saying goes, your okay and I’m okay. So it is important to release oneself from stress and strain that is created by our daily lives and our living and our modes of living and work and whatever. Yes. That’s important and releasing stress and strains from ourselves, we can become more and more efficient in whatever we are doing. Yes. True. For example I will demonstrate to you that I would sit here and anyone could ask me any question or anything for that matter and it’s there all the time because I’m in a relaxed state. Right. Stability that’s inner itself there are no strains and no stresses and yet you’re just yourself, your inner self within yourself. You see? And these are secrets, simple secrets, open secrets rather that could be achieve by

3. CAN 88-9 anyone at all, yes, yes, yes, anyone. They could do that. If I could so something please remember that everyone else could do it too, two, three, four, million, right. So I don’t know where I said this, I suppose in the world in a lecture thing please never think of the word impossible but say ‘I’m possible’. You just only need to put the apostrophe between the I and the M, I’m possible, always there. It is all possible. There is no impossibility in life, no that is thinking the wrong way round, nothing impossible. Everything is possible, I’m possible. And when a person approaches all their life’s problems or attitudes or whatever in that way, in that manner everything is possible. Yes. If I should love her or her or her whoever I would not regard that to be impossible. I say yes I love you, I find myself possible and I would make that person love me. That’s possible and this applies to man, woman or whatever. Right. And this is just a crude example but because the point we are getting at is this that I am possible and nothing can defy me in my own personal possibility. Do you see? So by that what we mean is this, personal possibility means that you are personally possible unto yourself. Do you get the idea? And in that way you will find yourself. You will find yourself greater that what you think you are because you are greater than what you think. You are that force as I said yesterday or whenever, right, that you are Divine, you are greater than what you are but you do not recognise yourself and the greatness in yourself. Do you see? So when you say ‘I’m possible, I am it’ you could even say I am a shit. It wouldn’t matter, as long as the it is in shit. That’s important. On yes, oh yes. Now I’ve got a few Roopaji, some initiations to do, darling. Voice. .......... ( Inaudible) Gururaj. Whatever, right. Come my children, come. Come on, pile around me, my children. Voice. Chela pile. Make yourselves comfortable. Gururaj. Fine. Before I empower you guys, it’s always good to have a prayer. Would you like to listen to a Sanskrit prayer? Fine Gur uraj. (Chants in Sanskrit) Guru brahma, guru Vishnu .......... You are my mother and father You’re my brother my friend

4. CAN 88-9 You are the knowledge of eternal life You are my Lord. My Lord you are everything, my Lord. (Gururaj continues in Sanskrit) For my dharma and a true life, who should be my Father. (Gururaj continues in Sanskrit). (Gururaj does the Initiations) My children may you ever be blessed. Thank you darling. (Gururaj starts chanting in Sanskrit and translates) First I pray to the Lord of protection who takes all my troubles away. (More Sanskrit) To the mother, I pay my obeisance who has given me sweet words for everyone in the world. This I composed when I was about seventeen years old. Sanskrit I worship the feet of my Guru who has given me knowledge and wisdom to bring ..... (Sanskrit) Firstly I remember my mother and father (Sanskrit) Fortunately I remember my mother and father that brought me up and gave me some things (Sanskrit) You have given me this status with whatever knowledge I impart to you (Sanskrit) We worship the Lord that takes our problems away (Sanskrit) Yes. So I’ll give you another one of my compositions if you like? See if I can find something here? Shall we do an Arti, would you like an Arti? Alright okay it will be perhaps be interesting. (Gururaj chants in Sanskrit). This means my great Lord, my Father, right, you are the one that takes away the troubles of your beloveds that are devoted to you Lord. (Gururaj chants in Sanskrit). Whatever you desire could come to you. Sanskrit. Anything you desire in your life can be yours. Sanskrit. All problems can float away. Sanskrit. You’re my mother and father as foolish can I be. Yes. Sanskrit. Without you there’s no one else. Who can I hope for, Lord who can I hope for, you are everything, you’re my mother you’re my father you are everything to me. Sanskrit. You are the complete God and you are the one that resides within me. Sanskrit. You are so beyond, transcendent and the Lord of all and you are the Lord of everything. Sanskrit.

5. CAN 88-9 You are an ocean of kindness and love, you are the one that supports us all. Sanskrit. I’m so ignorant, a little child. Sanskrit. Give us your grace. Sanskrit. You’re the one that gives us life. You’re the Lord of life. Sanskrit. You are all, I am small but you are all. Sanskrit. You are the friend of the lonely and the lost. You are my protector, you look after me, you take my problems away. Sanskrit. And because of your grace descending on me I bow down at your feet. Sanskrit. Take away the lust and the greed and the evil that is within me oh Lord, take it away my, take away my sins my Lord, help me. Sanskrit. All I ask you Lord is that give me more faith in service to you and this is a little child’s appeal, request. Gururaj chants in Sanskrit. Jay jagedee sharay. It’s a prayer. It has a meaning. Fine. Bless you all and see whatever you can do for humanity. What time is it? Should we call it a day or would you like me to carry on? Voice. It’s up to you. Gururaj. Whatever you guys say is okay with me. Voice. What about a short kind of question instead of a long one? Gururaj. Sure, sure. Sure. I don’t mind I can carry on all night. We started at quarter to nine and it’s quarter past ten right fine. Come on. .Any little thing there. Voice. We have a couple of questions. James maybe you could ask your question if you want to ask. Gururaj. Okay. Sure. Questioner. .......seven Chakras in relation to the aspects of our being. Gururaj. Now the question is the seven Chakras and the aspects to our being. I could tell you the seven chakras that’s situated around one’s body and going down the spine is total rubbish. These are theories perpetrated and started with Kapila Yoga and Patanjali and these guys. Forget it, there’s no truth in it. What it actually means is this that the mind has various aspects in the way the mind functions, right and of course naturally the mind is involved with energies. Fine. Right. Now do you know there are twelve billion cells in your brain and we only use a millionth part of it, so where the

6. CAN 88-9 devil are your chakras then? Logic, common sense. Nevertheless okay if we should give any validity to the chakra rubbish, okay, why not, we got to have some rubbish in life as well. If we should give any validity to it, let us rather view it not from a chakric system but from a physical system, where you have all those vertebrae down the spine and what have you and they say there’s one chakra there and one chakra there and one chakra, cha, cha, cha - chop, chop, chop rather. Rather let us view it from more of a physical system - I will go on to mental in a moment, right, let’s view it from a physical system that this physical body you know has its spine, the spinal cord is a continuation of the brain fine so whatever happens in the brain would naturally affect the body because your whole spinal cord is just an extension of your brain. Do you see? So now if you can think of the energies that are emanated from the brain going down your spinal cord which gives energy to the other organs of your body right, then you can call them chakras. You see? Otherwise all this business of this lotus there and that lotus there and the lotus and these damn lotuses open up Jesus. I know of other beautiful lotuses that open up when I go to bed. There must to be some common sense to things and these guys like Kapila and Patanjali and all those that came up with those dam chakras situated here at your anus and your awadisthana and all those, I could go through the whole list for you. It is all up here. All the chakras are there and your method of thinking and doing things that is important. Yes. True. For example if you go to bed with your wife, your girlfriend whatever okay, with your wife, fine, do you know if you want to make love, do you know what really stimulates you, it’s not your body that stimulates you, it is your mind that stimulates you or your wife, of course your lady. You know it comes from somewhere up there which goes through the body that makes you perform and whatever you want to do. So it’s the mental force that’s important because the mental force controls the physical force very, very simple. You know many times I have three or four, five women in the bed around me yes and that’s no lie. While I don’t hide anything from anyone why should I what have I to hide for. Are you going to give me a million bucks now for me to hide things? No. But I could be surrounded by half dozen women on my bed which is not unusual and yet, and yet there won’t be any sexuality - total control of the mind and total niceness and love to all of them around me. You see? That is practical yoga and all this business of that .. ...... forget it, rubbish, rubbish. True yoga comes from the mind and control of the mind and how to behave. so as I said I could have and this is very normal half a dozen naked women sitting around me (laughter) half a dozen well I tell them to take their damn panties off, half a dozen sitting around me totally naked I know my control of myself because I’m in control of my mind. This afternoon after a nap I had two or three women there, on the bed there and it didn’t bother me at all, I was napping away. (Laughter) I’m trying to have a bit of fun too nothing wrong but you get the point of the truth of it, th e truth of the self control and it becomes very spontaneous to us and in our minds where any woman, half a dozen of them – do you know in Spain for example I had five women sat on my bed no, no, no, before I came over to Canada. No, it

7. CAN 88-9 doesn’t bother me. One sat that way, this one and that one and Jesus I wouldn’t let them get much nearer than that (Laughter). You know I’m sure you get the point of what I’m trying to tell you apart from the wit and the shit and blah, blah, blah. You see? The point is this self control and the purity within oneself that is the point. If you are pure and innocent as a child there could be half a dozen naked women sitting around you on the bed you know blah, blah, blah, blah, whatever. It doesn’t bother you. That inner innocence is so, so important to us all really and it takes time. Have you got a cigarette? Yeah. You see that innocence, thank you my darling. Look I love Brenda, I love my Cuckoo sitting over there, I can’t see her and I love her and I love her and I love her and all the guys okay such lovely beautiful women and the works right okay you got the idea. Fine. The love is pure, my Maddie over there. Fine. You see? The purity of love that is the point . Because look if the whole idea is degraded then it just becomes bloomin’ animal lust. I mean we don’t need that. In total purity for example the girl in green right so very, very close in my arms as my sister or daughter or whatever yes and there won’t be any other kind of desire at all. No, no. So that is why thousands of women will trust me. Yes. I read their minds, I do read their minds and I mean lets not make two twos about it I read their minds I know what they want. I know what they want, cha, cha, cha. Where the hell are you going to get a guru like me? We gotta have a bit of fun too, some wisdom and some laughs, whatever. For example our Binaji I love her to piece I would give my life to her, right, but I have never, ever even touched her. Do you see the purity, that’s what I’m trying to tell you guys, the purity, love, love, love sincerity, loyalty, purity, yes. It has its own rewards you know, you’d be surprised how it works. What I found being a man of the world as I was, not now an old man, being a man of the world I know, a man of the world I could charm the shit out of any woman’s arse like that. (Laughter) Apart from joking this is very true. Look now, now, now look you, good fine nevertheless you know I could look at a woman, I’m just talking about it, I could look at a woman and in five minutes I could get her into bed. (Laughter) We have a bit of fun. You men of the world listen to me. Yes. But of course these things are so easy not difficult. No, no, no, I’ll tell you the secret now. Right I will tell you. I will tell you three factors only so simple you men okay.(Laughter) Three factors One a pleasant face, right a glib tongue, and a lively prick. (Laughter). So there you are. We are having fun together. So you guys got the three points. Okay. You guys got the three points Voice. What were they again?

8. CAN 88-9 Gururaj. A pleasant face, a glib tongue and a lively prick. That’s the secret of it all. Voice. A glib tongue, Guruji. Gururaj. A glib tongue means to be able to speak your mind. That’s what a glib tongue means and use charm you know and after that you know that, Jesus, other thing, K, you got the idea. Meanwhile, meanwhile, that’s not what our life should be. Look I can joke and yet convey a very deep message to you guys okay, fine. But we have some fun and some bloomin’ philosophical dissertations all the time, have some fun and some laughs, right, you know, I don’t know. The handsomest Guru in the world sure right but apart from that we have our little fun and things in between. We just can’t be serious all the time can we? It would be too much of a strain on the human mind so you have your comic relief in between. Yeah. I’m not only a Guru but a master entertainer. Yeah. I’ve done over forty films whatever and various other kinds of stage appearances blah, blah, blah, blah and I know how to get the crowd going but there is one important thing I know is to impart knowledge and at the same time make it fun so it does not become a strain to anyone. So they could have some knowledge that’s given plus fun and their minds are lightened up and laughs, ‘laffs’ as they say, together, why not, why not, do you see? The mastery of teaching for our teachers, that’s the mastery and we can kick someone’s bloomin backside and yet make them feel ah Jesus this was nice. (Laughter). Whatever you want to call it.Tomorrow or day after - is that the last day? Nevertheless I would like to go into the subject of sexology and how to make love. I’m a master of the art. We’ll see, we’ll see how the mood goes. Well I’ll tell you, it’s a pity I’m a dam stupid Guru, it’s a pity I’m a damn stupid Guru or I will it would have been more profitable for me to start a school of love. Bring your partners and I will demonstrate. (Laughter) Oh well my beloveds, my beloveds, I love you all, I love you all so, so much apart from our joking and fun and all that and whatever, I love you all very, very dearly. I’m a very sick man and I do hope that I could manage to see you guys again. I’m sure I will. What the Devil. I will just get a bloomin’ cock ..... Yeah. Nevertheless I don’t know, it’s a quarter to eleven I don’t even have a piece of bread. Right shall we call it a day? END


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