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10. DK 80 - 3 look at the angle from the child. The angle from the child is this that it, as we said the other day, that it had chosen its parents as a vehicle, because of the proper chromosome and genetic combination, chromosomic and genetic combination. Right, now in the evolution of that child, the child just needed the experience of being conceived and feeling the warmth of the womb and the process of ovulatio n momentarily without taking birth and we have found, entering deep meditation on such happenings as abortions and miscarriages that those people, those children that have been aborted or miscarried were normally those that in a previous li fe died from a v ery sudden accident and really wanted to experience life again, for that was the obstacle in its evaluation to fi n d another complete birth. So it was the evolutionary process as far as the little foetus is conc erned, but as far as the parents are concerned, there are greater karmic values involved. I would never advocate abortion, but if the circumstance is extreme, where so much harm could be caused, then only is it justified, otherwise not. What does the docto r say about it? Public: Very beautiful. Gururaj: Now I've got to see some people tonight, 8 or 10 people I've got to see tonight and it is 9:00 o’clock, we started at half pa st 7:00, we’ll call it a night. So tomorrow we’ll talk about action and motivation, we’ll talk about dying in the evening perhaps. Better to die in the even ing, nice, calm, cool. (Laughs)

2. DK 80 - 3 there is from the world to South Africa, nothing is happening because of Western interests. For example, America would not have a single piece of chromium if it was not imported from South Africa, so to get to the point, not only planets, but entire continents also have been dissolved or exploded and every minute of the day, a certain universe is destroyed and so in every minute of the day, certain universes are being created so that according to Hindu mythology, which describes it very descriptively, they call it Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva, yeah, creation, preservation and dissolution. So this law of nature exists all over the universe and as I s aid at this very moment thousands of planets are being destroyed and others are being recreated and this process is eternal. Now these planets seemed to us to be so big but in its proper context and in relationship to the universe, it is but nothing and even in our present galaxy, this earth is not even as big as a grain of sand and yet on this grain of sand, there are 4000 million people living and 99.9% of them think they are the centre of the universe. Good, next. Public: < 0:12:32.7 > Gururaj: Yes, it has to do with the crystal, the crystal has a great pulling force and where the Bermuda -- this is one theory advanced that where the Bermuda triangle is, there is a portion of this crystal that would draw in the boats and the planes and disintegrate them totally. And because they could not discover the power of that crystal , that is why the Bermuda triangle still remains a mystery, although so many different theories have been advanced that an aeroplane flying through the area enters a different dimension, that is not true. Because this plain itself is of such such gross mat ter and the people in it that for them to go to a different dimension would be impossible because the evolutionary status is n ot applied to the gross matter, but it is applied to soul matter. So what happens here that it is totally disintegrated into minut e atomic particles. Good, next. Translator: It’s about people who have – who have had their bodies frozen down. Is the soul still attached to these frozen bodies? How do they experience life, are they like in a bad dream or what? Gururaj: Would you like to have that experience? Translator: Too cold. Gururaj: Now, there is a cult in America that after a person dies someone opened up business where they take the body and freeze it into a volt with the belief that in time to come the soul will return to that body. This is not true, but it has become big business. Now I remember while I was in America, not last year but just about 18 months ago, they found a giant mammoth, you know a mammoth a pre - historic animal and they found this mammoth frozen in ice in Iceland somewhere and this one restaurant was doing fantastic business by selling mammoth steaks. So what has happened there is this that the – the life force and the soul or the subtle

5. DK 80 - 3 amongst the Hindus as well. I, about 14 - 15 months ago went to visit my guru in India who was very ill. I think this was a bit longer, 18 - 19 months ago, yeah, and neverth eless so after visiting my guru, I went to do a bit of touring. Now 90 miles away from Madras, there is a place < 0:31:11.0 > of some name like that, I just can’t remember t he name, yeah you go through the hills and there's a beautiful temple and with pure g old dome and the architecture is just out of the world and built about 12 - 13 centuries ago and still well preserved. People come from the peasant people specially, you know that are given to believe, blind belief, without reasoning, they come from thousand s of miles to the temple. Now three miles away, they built large sheds without sides, just the roof for the protection of the sun where thousands of people are sitting and the queue or the line comes down to the temple to go in the temple to see the statue of the god there. Good. Now they queue up for days and days because they haven’t got money and they sweat in that hot Indian sun. good. Now if you got 20 Rupees , Rupees is the Indian currency. Now if you got 20 Rupees , you go to an office and within half an hour, they take you inside the temple to see the statue of this god called Venkatesa , but if you pay a 100 Rupees , then they escort you directly, you don’t need to wait a minute. So you see, in the name of religion what all is happening. So if you got money you can see god, isn’t that what it means? Poor people that are so sincere that walk for miles and miles with oxen carts and donkey carts and suffers so much to make this pilgrimage and they got – they got to wait days and days before they could enter the temple and then when you enter the temple, you go in this railing built like that, you go in one way and you come out the other way, jus t you know, passing, seeing the statue of Venk atessa who has adornments worth 30 million rupees, gold and diamond. Now everyone that goes there has to give some donation in respect of the god so that they will get good blessings and there is round metal ring with a long tube built down and this one ro om is totally barricaded with, like a jail, iron pillars , light around, so nobody could get in and I saw with my own eyes 20 people sitting around the room doing nothing but counting money. Their income is estimated to be between 80,000 and a 100,000 Rupee s per day. So much so that one Indian bank even opened a branch there. You see what is happening in the name of religion? Terrible, terrible, it’s become so commercialised. And like that it is not only the Christ ian religion or the Hindu religion or the Mu slim, everyone has become so degenerated. So therefore I say that once a person transc ends the boundaries of religion and tries to find, like our mandala portrays, the inner essence of all religions, then you find that oneness, you find the truth , because we are not looking for religions, we are looking for the one universal truth that underlies all religions. You see, so whatever faith the person is born in, I encourage him, if you're a Christian, be a good Christian, become a better on e. If you' re a Hindu, become a better Hindu, Buddhist, become a better Buddhist , f or the essence is but the same and we want to find the essence, we want to go to the source. Good. Next. Public: < 0:38:21.4 >

6. DK 80 - 3 Gururaj: Yes, you must have them, it is your dharma to procreate, it is your duty to perpetuate the race, but there must be a control. Lot of things must be taken into consideration. For example, economics must be taken into consideration that if you can only afford to have two children, why have seven? Because it'd be easier to ed ucate the two children properly, given them good training with the present earnings than seven. You know I was in one Indian village once, I was in an Ind ian village once, sometime ago, and this man a nd his wife , they were peasants, poor people but they had about seven - eight children, so I asked them why all these children, you're hardly making a living? So they reply me, you know blind faith, they reply, “Oh god gives, what can we do?” so then I had to ask, do y ou two sleep in separate bedrooms?” (Laughs) So what it means is this that a contr ol must be kept in procreation whereby the children can be brought up as responsible citizens useful to themselves and to others. Next. Public: < 0:40:54.4 > Gururaj: That is a theory – oh please sorry. It is a theory amongst certain beliefs of systems in India where they teach of Bra h macharya . Now Bra h macharya does not mean celibacy, it has been misinterpreted to be celibacy and total abstinence. Brahmacharya actually means, Brahma means creator and achar means your way of life. One must modulate ones way of life according to natural laws of the creator. That is the meaning of the Sanskrit word Brahmacharya. That does not mean that you must abstain from sex, but there should be no unnecessary lustful wastage. The sex act is something very beautiful, it is one of the highest experiences that man could have apart from reaching high Samadhi, but there are very few pe ople that know how to copulate, which is unfortunate. Peo ple copulate or come together or make love with the body only, with a little stimulation of the mind and that is nothing but animalism, that is not human love making. Love making should be done in totality which means tha t the mind, the body and the spirit must flow in a unified wholeness. It is not jus t a matter of ejaculation. So when a person, through meditational practices, achieves this integration of mind, body and spirit, he does not seek to satisfy his lustful feelings, but he seeks a union with the divine and the love that the integrated person has for his beloved is of a different quality altogether for living in this world, there is the sense of duality and man's inner urge is to find the oneness in the duality, the unity in diversity. So if sex is practiced as a natural flow of wanting to merg e in the lover or the beloved, then – then that in itself becomes a meditation. Good. Now that is for the householders. Yes, we are all householders. Now there are certain yogic practices – for the householders where there is this natural flow between m en and women and where they unite in a oneness, they melt away. So there is nothing wrong with it, and if there was something wrong with it, why are you born with the organs you have? Why are you born with the urges you have? If it was unnatural you would not have these propensities. Now then you have the person who is an ascetic. Now he is born with certain inclinations and then he will go i nto a cave in the Alps or the Himalayas, I'm talking of the genuine a scetic because most of the ascetics are nothing but escapists, they can’t face the problems of the world so they run away. Those are false, but the real ascetic who has found this total non - attachment

7. DK 80 - 3 and having this particular kind of temperament b ecomes a recluse and with certain kind of yogic practices, he elevates the sexual urge. In other words, he sublimates it. the very energy of the sexual urge is not dissipated but used as an energy force to send out to the world for the benefit of the world and in that process, he gains enlightenment, but such ascetic people are very few in this world and one does not need to practice asceticism, you can live in the world, have all the little joys of the world and yet reach god. Yes, it is totally possible. That is why the bible says, to be in the world yet not of the world. So without temperament as householders, we partake of everything – we partake – we do everything, we are part and parcel of everything and yet achieve the realisation of divinity and become very close to divinity. Krishna, great master lived in the world as a king with 1,600 gopis or pl aymates and 6000 no 16008 wives, what he did I don’t know. Rama, another avatara was a married man, Sita was his wife and he had two sons, Luv and Kush . Buddha, he was brought up in palace and they had a system that when a child is born, they call in an astrologer and the astrologer forecasted that this little child could become a great king or a great religious man, a great saint, a god on earth. So the k ing naturally wanting to have his kingdom perpetuated, he put Buddha in all the pleasures that could be found on earth, every possible pleasure and he was not even allowed to go out of the – out of the grounds because everything was there, but one day Budd ha went out and he saw an old man walking with a stick and then he saw a dead man, a corpse, he saw a decaying man, ill and to find the answers to this, why should there be death, decay, old age, suffering, to find the answers to this, he became a renuncia te, he left the palace leaving his wife and child b ehind while they were sleeping and he went through all kinds of ascetic practices and austeriti es. He sat for years under the Bodhi tree and meditated, and do you know what answer he came up with? That those extreme pleasures are of no value and the extreme austerities are of no value, but choose the middle road, no extremes in the middle road, that is what he preached and that is very practical, very very practical. If you really want to read the life o f Buddha, I would recommend to you a book written by Hermann Hesse called Siddhartha, I'm sure there must be a Danish translation. Now all the eastern people have written the life story of Buddha, but with all the ornamentation and the miracles and all ki nds of things, but after reading so many biographies of Buddha, I found that Hermann Hesse was the only man that has portrayed the life of Buddha to its, not totally, but nearest to his true life. You see Hermann Hesse was a great writer, he won the Nobel Prize for – as a novelist. He writes very well. So those who haven’t read the book, try and get a copy, it’s a small book, it’s worth reading. He gives the closest approximation to the life of Buddha where everything was enjoyed and in th e term ination, the conclusion rather that was reached, that the river that flows, the water is there, the water is here and the water is over there, the river is everywhere. Meanwhile Hermann Hesse says in his book that this is based on the life of Siddhar tha, he doesn’t claim it to be the life of Buddha, Siddhartha was the name given to Buddha when he was born. He said it is only based on the life of Buddha, but he had to say that, or else he will have the entire Buddhists population on his head. Good, nex t.

1. DK 80 - 3 Gururaj: -- pastor – pastor. So this one pastor wanted to post a bible to his friend, so he made a very beautiful p arcel, he went to the Post Office and gave it to the Postal Clerk . Now it’s the duty of the Postal Cle rk to ask and he asked, “Is there anything breakable in this parcel, sir?” So the Pastor answered, “The only thing breakable in this parcel is the Ten Commandments.” (Laughs) Now at every course – now at every course we have one programme and it is this th at when a question is asked, I speak on it for 45 minutes an hour, hour and a quarter, but in England, America, Spain, everywhere else, we do have one session whe re we have a rapid fire question and answer. The reason for this is this that if, then everyon e can have a chance to ask something , otherwise if you have eight lectures and there are only eight people that can ask a question and perhaps that is not enough, so if we could have the session tonight of this question and answer from the floor, it would be very nice. Although if one question is asked, I try to cover it very comprehensively so that unasked questions are also answered. Very good, I understood everything too. Good. Someone start. Would you guide the people with their hands upright? Public: < 0:03:13.6 > there has been a < 0:03:15.8 > Gururaj: Yes, there has, not to use the word atomic, if you take the continent of Atlantis for example, which is quite prevalent in people’ s minds. Now Atlantis was destroyed by – by an invention and Atlantis was a very highly civilised culture, now they had invented, or discovered rather, a kind of crystal and it is because of man’s folly, with one faction trying to gain greater power over the other faction that wars took place and this crystal was exploded and it sunk the – it sunk Atlantis in certain stages. India, for example, if you could get hold of ancient maps, India was right at the bottom, right next to Africa, and because o f this vast explosion it created so many underwater earthquakes and fantastic currents that this whole portion which was next to South Africa was shifted up. I could imagine the power of the explosion where a whole land mass the size of India was actually shifted and the very impact of that explosion, the very impact o f India being shifted up to the north made the Himalayas rise, yeah it caused an earthquake and as you know all mountains are created by earthquakes. So this collision pushed up the Himalayas and it is beli eved that part of Atlantis is under the Himalayas. Now this I talk to you from experience and I've proven it to myself that the greater fragmentation of that crystal is under t he Himalayas, but there are smaller pieces scattered at nine points throughout this world and those are very highly magnetic poi nts , there is one piece of that crystal in Cape Town, yes there’s one portion of the crystal along the Yangtze river in China, one portion of that crystal along the Andes mountains and like that there are nine different places with pieces of those crystals ar e, and there is a high magnetic vibration. I personally invite you to come to Cape Town and – and feel the vibrations there. Some countries are very rich in minerals which also contains a vibratory factor to produce those minerals and countries like South Africa, Nigeria, for example, and certain parts of R ussia are very rich in minerals. For example South Africa produces two - thirds of the world's gold, three quarters of the world’s diamond, it’s got chromium, plutonium, uranium, manganese, everything and i n spite of the opposition

3. DK 80 - 3 body of the mammoth has left the body, but because of that deep freezing, the – the carcass , the body remain fresh. Like I've been told by people that eat meat, that many countries import sheep and – and ox and cows, cattle that have been killed or sent to the abettors six - eight months ago and then quickly deep - frozen – that’s where they kill, slaughter, butchers and pe ople in many countries are eating meat which they think is fresh that’s actually eight months, a year old. See, that is technological development where they preserve dead flesh for a long period of time, but the soul is not there. Next ? Translator: I'm th inking about Atlantis this thing that went – Atlantis went over, could that have something to do with doomsday and the big doomsday and the big flood, and can it have something to do with - - the – because of the shifting of the continents that the balance of the globe would shift, that’s why Equator is now where the poles would fall and Greenland has a < 0:20:07.5 > Gururaj: That’s true — that is true. Oh yes, and not only that, many such explosions have occurred but of course the theory of Noah and his ark and taking pairs of animals, that is very symbolic, that's mythology where truths are portrayed, to me it means that in spite of all the calamities, the soul remains immortal and it again, through the process of evolution, takes on different forms. Transl ator: When is the next explosion due? Gururaj: When is the next? Translator: Explosion due? Gururaj: Another 200,000 years’ time. Yeah. I hope you're around. (Laughs) Translator: Nobody will still be there. Public: < 0:21:43.0 > Gururaj: Um - hmm, this is a very deep question and I can speak about an hour on it. Would you like to have that for tomorrow morning? Yeah, because then I could tell you what happens to the soul after it leaves the body. Translator: That’s nice, ‘cause there was another qu estion put forth about life after death which could go very good together with this one.

9. DK 80 - 3 Translator: Is the action itself or the motivation for the action, is it that – excuse me – is it the action itself or is it the motivation for the action that counts? I'm thinking of the effects on oneself and others, the karma for instance research or experiments with animals. Gururaj: Beautiful, that w as the talk I was going to give even – even if the question was not asked. So we have two subjects for tomorrow. Right, one on dying and one on action and motivation. You see, you tell me – you tell me that there are no questions . Translator: There is now. Gururaj: Well, but you see I know how to draw them out so that we could have full lectures on it. Public: < 1:04:28.1 > Gururaj: Yes and no, man has no right to take life, because the life is there and at the very moment of conception the soul enters the body and we have no right whatsoever to destroy that entity. So we are heaping some karma upon us. Now there could also be a counterbalance th at by the birth of the child great harm could be done to the mother, father and the environment, then one has to very careful weigh this matter and as everything in life, we do the lesser evil for the greater good. We slap a child’s backside, it burns and it hurts the child. Now hitting is violence, but that is benefitting the child. So life is like that where a person has to continually use discrimination that sometimes a lesser evil for a greater good has to be performed. Right, but there must be sincerit y and honesty about it. if young woman becomes pregnant and if it does not cause any harm to herself, to the father, to her parents, or whatever, then she must see that she keeps that child and brings up the child. But normally the case is just reputation. Oh o ur reputation will be destroyed, now what is reputation? Reputation is nothing else but your ego. In the eyes of divinity there's no such thing as reputation. Oh I must be called good by other people. Now on the average, how many people doe s a single person really know? You know dozen, two dozen people < 1:08:11.4 > if you're engaged in some little sporting or public activity, then 200 - 300 people will know you, and the very few who are international personalities, thousands know them, but – bu t for the ordinary man, it is just those few relatives and neighbours, 10 - 20 people, and they want to protect their reputation just for those 20 people by killing, by taking a life. These are facts, these are facts, because one thing I can tell you that someone will call you bad, for how long? In two - three months it’s all forgotten, your very best friend after you are dead is not going to remember you after six months. Now and then association of ide as and say, oh you know I had such and such a friend, but the – there won’t be any intensity or feeling. And that is what we are up against, trying to protect a reputation from – among 15 - 20 people. So – so for that girl, have the baby, bring up the child, it is not your child in any case, it’s god's child. Right, now if an abortion is performed, let us

4. DK 80 - 3 Gururaj: Right, and what happens to the soul, as you will call it, after death and how you can die, you know consciously. It’ll be a nice subject for tomorrow, to talk about dying. Yeah, but I’ll need a few volunteers (Laughs) You know there was a story, I m ust have told it somewhere but I could repeat it. there was a man who was very rich. He had palaces and he had everything the heart can desire. So after he had achieved all that, he had one desire and that desire was to sit at the right hand of god. So he went to see a guru, and this guru was more a business man than a guru, but in any case the gurus existing in this world today, 99% of them are businessmen. Yes, that is why many of the organisations in the world < 0:24:10.5 > millions while true gurus are always existing from hand to mouth. Right, so this guru said, “You know, this is a problem how to get you to sit at the right hand of god, but I think I can do something about it, come back in two weeks’ time.” So this man was counting the days you know, one day, five days, ten days, 13 days , 14 days, and he went to the guru. So the guru tells him that look I've made some contact and there is a great possibility, but you know there are so many people you got to get through before you can reach god, and you know they all want something, you go t to grease their palms. It is like our government departments in some parts of the world. You take them nice little gifts, your job gets done quickly. Right, so he says, “It will cost you 20,000 pounds.” So this man was very rich and he gave 20,000 pounds , and he says, now the guru says, “You come back again in two weeks’ time, right, and I’ll fix up everything.” So two weeks went by and this man went back to the guru, so the guru says, “I used the 20,000 pounds to bribe you know the smaller people, but no w I've reached the big shots that are very close to god, but the bigger the man, the more he wants, so unfortunately we’ll be needing another 50,000 pounds.” So the rich man thought okay here’s another 50, guru says, “Come back in two weeks’ time.” Right, so two weeks passed and this man went again to the guru, the guru says, “I've got – I've got it arranged, but there is good news and there is bad news. Good news is this that it is 100% fixed up that you can sit at the right hand of god, but the bad news i s this that you’ve got to leave tomorrow. ” (Laughs) Right, so tomorrow we talk of dying and what happens thereafter. I don’t want 50,000. (Laughs) Next? Public: < 0:28:06.9 > Gururaj: Answer, you hadn’t met me you see, that’s why. (Laughs) Public: < 0:28:43.4 > Gururaj: Yeah, it is connection formed in the present life to other lives and god. Direct hotline. This – this will be included in tomorrow’s talk. Good question – good question and this does not only apply to Christians, it applies to people of all religions, therefore a person becomes only a religious man when he transcends the boundaries and the dogm as of religion because organised religion today is nothing else but a business. I'm sorry to say that there's more wealth in the Vatican then there is in the whole of Italy. For example, they are the biggest land owners in the world and this is not only the Christians or the Catholics, this is

8. DK 80 - 3 Public: < 0:57:54.9 > Gururaj: T hen they must go to an asylum. (Laughs) No where, you can’t have one foot in the butter and one foot in sour milk. Public: < 0:58:36.0 > Gururaj: Um - hmm, they can be – I see what you mean. They can be combined, but not in extremities, the extremes must not be there, the middle road has to be there. Public : < 0:59:01.0 > Gururaj: I can’t advise you on that, I'm not – I'm not a moralist, I'm a – I'm a purist. What did < 0:59:35.5 > say? Translator: He said go to – go to the institute and learn tantra yoga. Gururaj: Oh, (laughs) Translator: What is tantra yoga is now the question. There’s two tapes on that. There’s a big long lecture on two tapes on that subject. Gururaj: Two tapes on that subject, you can get it from – this is on the catalogue, you’ ll enjoy it very much. Translator: I think < 1:00:57.5 > said that you said about the poor peasants giving money to the church in in India, like you descr ibed that this temple, he says its – its – it shows some kind of balance that both, they need each other so it’s a whole and they support to each other somehow, it wasn’t really a question I think. Gururaj: That is true, but the money is totally misused. If it was used or re - harvested for the benefit of people or the needy, then it would be worthwhile . Mind you it would have, it would have some benefit for the true believer that the true believer gives with faith so that fait h gives benefit to the peasant, but – but we were not talking from the angle of faith, we were talking from the angle of how religion has been turned into a business. Every – yeah, everything given with sincerity and faith for something g ood always has its return. If you give one, you will get 10 back in return, but what we were examining earlier is how religion itself and the people that propagate this has degen erated -- Ten to nine.


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