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8. DK 80 - 6 incompatible vibrations. So being cover in the sheet of powerful vibrations, the incompatible vibrations cannot touch you and that is the real guardian angel, but we can put on our wings now and fly to lunch.

6. DK 80 - 6 and a psychiatrist on the mental self and I spoke on the spiritual self of man. And there’s one thing I pointed out that science must stop creating a division between these three sections because mind, body and spirit is not separate but a continuum from a grosser level to a finer level. I will give you a practical example of this, I get called to the hospital a fe w times, good few times a week to see patients, especially cardiac patients – cardiac heart yeah and patients with neurolog ical problems and things, I teach them meditation on various practices so that a greater calmness is produced in them, then whatever surgeries required, there the patients become more conducive to the surgery because most pe ople are afraid. So you give them a certain understanding, you give them by mouth a certain understanding, you make their mind feel at peace, you take the fear away, you give them techniques that will give them further greater peace and calmness and this h elps in the opera tions. Now there was this one person that was flown from Port Elizabeth to Cape Town, now Port Elizabeth is a city about 600 miles, 900 kilometres from Cape Town, and he was supposed to go a heart operation to put in other valves in the heart. So I started talking to this man, a very poor man, a black man and he told me he was in a very upset state, he was upset and speaking – speaking to him I found out that he was worrying about his two children, his wife had passed away. He was worrying and he was in that state of mind where he was thinking that I'm here 900 kilometres away, I'm going to have a heart operation, I might not survive it. What will happen to my children? Now in that state of mind, with that worry, it is easy for the operation to fail because part of the operation also involves the will to survive. Many of you that are nurses or doctor will know this fact. So immediately I called for the social worker. So I got the social worker to phone the Livingstone Hospita l in Port Elizabeth and to get in touch with the social worker there and this social worker in Port Elizabeth was instructed to go and these children and also to go and see this man’ s employers and the very evening, the social worker form Livingstone Hospi tal phone d back to Groote Schuur Hospital in Cape Town that the firm where this man worked for such a long time will be sending his pay envelope every week to his children and the children are well. Immediately this worry was gone from the man’ s mind and just lit up as if he was relieved, yeah he was relieved because now he felt that his children are looked after, not starving and when a few days later he underwent the heart operation, it was very successful. So in the treatment of the body, th e mind too has to be put at rest and this could be helped very much by our spiritual practices in drawing the spiritual energies to the mind and the body. I personally was born with a congenital heart disease, from birth my heart was defective. At about th e age of 14 or 15, I was ill for something else, some minor illness and a doctor was called in and he heard something wrong there, so he recommended to my people that you better get specialist and a thorough examination. So they examined me and it was the opinion of all the specialists put together that I won’t live for more than six months. So I sa id to myself, like bloody hell, and I'm still alive, I think so. (Laughs) So now, after giving you all these examples, I do acknowledge the cruelty to animals, that innocent animals are killed in these experiments, but this world is so constituted that we can, and we have to perform a lesser evil for a greater good. We know killing of these animals is wrong. Now the animal has a very very much lower state of

2. DK 80 - 6 Gururaj: (Laughs) Good, the parents can never produce schizophrenia in a child. The child, because of its previous lifetimes and experiences, are born with the schizophrenic tendencies. Those schizophrenic tend encies are latent in seed form at the time of conception. And what the parents do, because of the genetic combinations, training and environment, and hereditary values can bring those tendencies to the fore. Good, now this is a lesson that the soul that is born has to learn. Some lessons are painful and some lessons are pleasurable, but whatever the parents do would definitely be a lesson for the growth of the child. You are doing no harm to any child . This is a misconception of psychology, and psychology u pto the present stage and I would challenge any profess or of psychology on the subject, that in this vast ocean of the mind, they’ve only dipped their toes on the seashore. They have planted misconceptions that parents do harm to their children, it is tota lly wrong. Whatever reactions of the parents, is always a lesson for the child, it might be difficult or easy, but life itself is a school and we have come to the school to learn. So we are never ever to blame our parents and at the same time the parents m ust feel no guilt whatsoever. But there is one thing involved which is called duty, we have our duty to our parents and our parents have their duty towards us. And the greatest duty as parents is to see that thei r children are brought up well in whichever way they can. If the parent finds that the child has inborn tendencies, for example, to be a carpenter, then do your best to make him a good carpenter. If your – if you feel your child has tendencies of becoming a great mathematician, then encourage him to become a great mathematician and this is normally insp ired by love or so called love because love can also be a personal interest and not real, but whatever it is – but whatever it is , we do our duties and the other thing to be remembered that when we do our duties to our children, we are not during the children a favour, we are only returning the obligation and the things which our parents have done for us. Our parents has done someth ing for us and we could never do anything for our parents. We can’t give them birth, right. So what our parents has done for us, we return that by doing it for our children. So from either point of vi ew, there is no guilt involved because the greatest calamity on earth in this special transitional phase of man's evolution is the feeling of guilt and in whichever way we can, by developing this understanding and our spiritual practices, we get rid of gui lt. When we get ri d of guilt, we get rid of fear and all the other negativities that are involved with fear. For the guiltless man and the fearless man becomes a free ma n. You see the very closeness of the words fear and free? Get away from fear and you be come free. I don’t know if the niceties of language can really be translated. See, so no guilt is to be suffered, but as our duty and as an expression of our love, we do the best we can for our kindred’s and there are many ways of doing it. firstly people feel, oh my parents did not do this for me, but let it make it my duty to do it for my children and that could be a good motivation. I wasn’t given this but let me at least, through the grace of god, give it to my children. And if I've been given so much by my parents, let me at least tr y and return it to my children. And that is how the perpetuation of love and duty goes from generation to generation without guilt or fear and just in a naturalness. It is only when parents become unnatural that children get spoiled and so many problems arise such as juvenile delinquency etc. So by meditational practices we

3. DK 80 - 6 become natural and spontaneous and that must , to a greater or lesser degree, reflect on the children. It is far better to create that fee ling of freedom and spontaneity in our children, far greater than leaving them 10 millon kroners, okay? Next. Public : Is one the essence of one’s dharma? < 0:21:32.9 > Gururaj: No, the essence of dharma is never a sacrifice. Because sacrifice means giving something which y ou feel is taken away from you, but dharma is an offering that contains in it so much joy. If I take a flower and offer it to you, it is not only the flower that I'm offering. Couldn’t anyone get fresh flowers this morning? -- Joking – I'm only joking. – When I offer this flower to you , it is not the flower that matters, but the beauty of the flower is mixed, intertwined with the beauty of my heart. So through this offering of this beautiful flower, I'm conveying to you in a poetic form the beauty that is within my heart. So I'm not sacrificing a flower to you, but an offering, offering of my heart and offering of my heart to you is a sharing with you. And when it comes to the highest level of offering, then I, the flower and you are one. There is no difference, for the vibrational value of my love expressed through the flower in its own form of vibrations and the vibrations that are in you combined and become one. It is like a beautiful symphony or chamber music played by < 0:24:53.9 > on his oboe. How that sound of the oboe melts away in the sound of the other instruments. If you isolate that oboe from the other instruments of the orchestra, then the oboe has no value, for here you are joining those vibrations of the oboe with the vibr ations of the violin, of the piano, of the harp, it all becomes one. And in that oneness, a beautiful melody arises to pervade and permeate the ears and the hearts of men. Now if it is done in that way, then it becomes an offering and how much great joy it gives you doing it for offering, not only brings joy to the one to which it is offered, but more so to the one that gives it. You might have read the French writer, Victor Hugo, and he write the story Les Miserable, A Life Miserable, in there there is on e scene where this man by stealing this loaf of bread for his hungry children was chased around by the police f or that loaf of bread he stole and he took refuge in a church and he was thinking of what – the loaf of bread is finished, he was thinking of what to do, how to live, so he tried to take two of the candlesticks, silver candlesticks from the church. So as h e was going out, the priest was there at the door and these words I will never forget, and – and it was this that, “My son, life is made to give and not to take.” If you give me one kroner to buy a slice of bread, and if I eat that slice of bread, remember that it is your entirety, your love of that one kroner for the bread that will permeate my whole being. What a g reat prisoners this love brings. And love is to be felt first, and d emonstration becomes secondary, but it is human nature to demonstrate , to e xpress and that is how we express ourselves to our children. We are essentially expressing love and demonstrating it in the various ways of giving them cloth and education and whatever is required in bringing up the children. And the greater beauty lies in this that the child accepts in total innocence. The child is at its finest until it starts thinking, beautiful little baby in the arms, the warmth, the innocence. Have you ever watched a baby being fed on the mother’s breasts ? Ah the lovely gargling sound is even better than < 0:31:28.2 > music (laughs) and to listen to the

5. DK 80 - 6 Gururaj: You’re supposed to interpret and not give -- You’re supposed to interpret every word I say and not your opinion. Translator: Okay, no more commenda tion. Gururaj: (Laughs) You put the beds together still a dividing line, and when two single beds are put together, those wooden portions hurt the back. So why must you try and mix your radiations and then wake up with a back ache? (Laughs) Translator: Y ou're completely sabotaging my idea. Gururaj: Oh what great fun! Good. Translator: These people are really complicated. < 0:42:52.1 > you could put a pillow between so that the wood is covered so you won’t wake up with a back ache. What do you say to that? Gururaj: Seems to me you're talking of experience. (Laughs) What fun! What great fun! Good, next? Translator: The question is that she has read that during say experiments with animals harmful experiments w here animals are harming the innocent animals, it will always give you karmically the harmful effect. What’s the idea about – no matter how good your motivation is, no matter how convinced you were that it was going to be for the good of mankind and so forth and how do the account stands? Gururaj: Good, by the way before I answer your question, you have a very – very beautiful voice. There is a beautiful intonation and power in it. You should become a radio announcer. Good. Now it is a common thing in the world today, and I’d long talks with Profes sor Barnard, the man – the man that pioneered the transplanting of the heart, you must have heard his name, Dr Christiaan Barnard, yeah it was he and his team that gave me a heart operation, open heart operation. Now they have been experimenting with baboo ns, with for a long time. In other laboratories we have people, scientists experimenting with rats and guinea pigs and all kinds of animals and with these experimentations where various kinds of dru gs are injected into these rats just to observe – just to observe the reactio n it would have on the animals, and after hundreds of experiments when they find in their observation that the result is more or less the same, then they start using those drugs or whatever on human beings, and then the human beings are also become nothing – are not 100% sure. Because medical science today do not treat a person holistically as a whole. I was invit ed to a conference in Las Vegas, America on holistic health, one per son who was a physiologist spoke on the physical body

4. DK 80 - 6 wind blowing through the trees, and the whisper of the soft whisper of the grass as you lay your head down, the gentle warmth of the sun as you bathe your bo dy in it, and the lovely rain drops bathing your body as you walk through the rain, how beautiful life is, how joyous, experience it, live it, and laugh with it. Good. Next? Public : < 0:32:55.6 > is there a technique or method we can be taught to contact aliens from other planets? Gururaj: No. No direct technique, but as you develop, through your meditation, a higher and higher awareness and sensitivity, then not only UFOs, but every other thing that had not been observable before becomes observable. You look at a flower before meditation practices and after six months or twelve months or whatever period of meditation, you look at the same flower again, and you will find a totally different value and a totally different beauty in it . And what creates that beauty more beauty is this, the flower is the same, your eyes are the same, but your communication has grown. And the same thing happens with people, m e n and women. There is a subtle energy that everything emanates and as with meditation, the energies or the emanation is sent forth more powerfully, the greater communication and interpenetration occurs. That is why living together, husband and wife, they develop a grea ter and greater oneness. Unless in the first place it was started off on the wrong footing, unless they were totally incompatible in the beginning, and they were so drawn in by infatuation – infatuation, not real love – not real love but just a superficial mental attraction. So they mistook unreality for reality. Then with ordinary people, the communication does not grow, never mind how hard you try. But then you meet someone and you might have known that someone for 23 - 30 years, but suddenly there’s an ele ctricity, the light is just switched on with one flicker. The light shines, everything seems brighter. The light has been switched on before, but that light was not noticed, because we wore dark glasses and now we have taken off the glasses and we see clearly, the light and we feel clearly the electricity. There’s one advice I want to give you married people today, if you have twin beds in your bedroom, throw them away and buy a double bed (laughs). I tell you why, and this has n othing to do with physical contact because in satsangs I don’t talk about physical contacts. Every person and everything, this microphone, these flowers, these chairs, this sofa < 0:39:32.2 > everything is forever emanating radiance, it is radiating. Now for a normal human being there is a circumference of six feet of radiation, I'm talking – I'm talking of a – a healthy normal person. Now when husband and wife, even if they don’t touch each other in other ways, and being close togethe r for those eight hours in sleep, their bodies are still radiating and when the conscious mind is asleep and the body is at rest, the radiation becomes more powerful. Now how beautiful it is for – the occultist call it aura, we call it radiation. Now how b eautiful it is for the radiations, the emanations of two people to bathe in each other even during sleep and that is how a greater and greater closeness can grow. So throw away the single bed and buy a double bed. (Laughs) What was that? Translator: Well , I just said < 0:41:48.5 > they could push in together it’s a bit cheaper than throwing them away.

1. DK 80 - 6 Gururaj: Good what shall we – okay, what shall we talk about this morning? You could have one question or a request has been made to me that following last night’s talk, there've been many questions in people’s minds. So instead of talking for an hou r, hour and a half on one question, we cou ld ha ve, like the other morning, short questions and quick answers? And it would be nice if one person does not dominate all the questions so that everyone can have a chance. Will I always be with you? Now the question is, “Will I always be with you?” I could say no and I could say yes. This physical body will not always be with you, but the consciousness that I represent was always with you, will always be with you and is with you. For the consciousness or the pure consciousness that flows through a human being is forever imm ortal. And as a person has reached the fullness or the total purity of consciousness, that consciousness never fades away. I was invited to the ashram of Yogi Andanda in Los Angeles and we arrived five minutes late because the gates clo sed at 5:00 o’clock, the place, the ashram it’s a beautiful lake with little houseboat and beautiful gardens and a chapel and the caretaker saw me from a distance and came running to the gate . He said, we close the doors at 5:00 but I don’t know what he sa w and he said, “I don’t mind opening the gates again if you want to come in.” This man was a very intellectual , brilliant, god - loving person and I'm sure he must have had some top profession in his working days, but he threw up all that just to serve and be a gardener and a caretaker. And while talking about various things, he told me a little story which is so beautiful; this one chela went to a guru, so the guru asked him, “Why do you come to me?” So the chela replies that “My guru is dead so therefore I come to you.” And so this guru replies that, “You are dead but your guru is alive.” You see. So the physical link can be broken, the mental link can be broken, but the spiritual link, the spiritual bond that is formed can never be broken. In the Gita, when Arjuna asked Krishna a question and Gita – and Krishna replied to this question and the reply was this that. “You and I have been together many times and in many lifetimes, the only difference is that you do not know of those lifetimes and I know of those lifetimes.” So meeting you, my beloved, is not only from these past few years, we have known each other many many of you for many many lifetimes and many many more lifetimes to come. So do not worry of thi s little physical one shilling four pence chemical factory, okay? Next. Public : Is about what you said about children choosing us as parents, choosing their own parents and is it so that the soul can choose to be borne by parents who would guide the child in same or into schizophrenia and madness? Is there the possibility o f the child being born there to teach the parents some kind of lesson and thereby sacrificing < 0:08:36.0 > Gururaj: Beautiful – beautiful – you finished? Translator: Yes.

7. DK 80 - 6 consciousness while a h u man has a muc h higher state of consciousness. So, as I said before, sometimes a person has to perform smaller evil for a greater good. Now this might sound like a justification, but that is so. If, for example, the doctors h ad not experimented on baboons and monkeys, I might not have been here speaking to you. You see, but I do object very much to killing of certain animals so that their skins could be made in furs, you know mink and – and all the other kinds, I don’t know the names. That I object, when natural clothing is available. Wool is available without killing the sheep, cotton grows, it’s available, and of course today so many synthetic fibres are there, but to kill animals so that when you go to a party “Oh, she had such a beautiful silver fox fur coat.” Absolute rubbish, not necessary. Personal ego and you know the old story that a woman wants to g o to a party and she wants to have a special dress for the party and when she turns up there she will find half a dozen others who has a similar dress. You see, so this does not only apply to women, but to men also. Yeah, so boosting of personal ego like fur coats by killing innocent animals, I would not agree with that. Okay? Next. Translator: It’s past 12, would you maybe we should stop or what? Gururaj: One question more? Okay. Okay. Translator: I think this is – this is, this would be quite a long one guruji so -- Gururaj: What is it? Translator: Would you explain something about spiritual – spiritual leaders what do you call < 1:01:46.3 > god – guardian angels etc. Which role do they play in our lives here? Gururaj: I know nothing about that. No, I don’t believe in guardian angels. There's no such thing. That is a subject for occultists. You don’t have a guardian angel really, you are your own guardian angel, the greater the awareness, the greater the spiritual energies would flow through you and that is your guardian angel. There's no other being you know hovering around you, protecting you and having some wings you know flying around you, these are mythological explanations of a deeper truth. You see this mythology started in primitive times. Now how would it be possible at those times to explain the development of awareness and – and the spiritual energies that emanate from a person? So to explain simple people, they created this guardian ange ls and it served a good purpose, b ecause by nature man is fearful. Now you tell such a person , primitive person, “Oh don’t worry, your guardian angel is looking after you. So do not be < 1:04:15.4 > fine.” Now that has a psychological effect on the person an d gives the person some confidence. But in reality what is the truth is this that as your awareness expands, the sheet around you, the sheet, th e emanation around you automatically becomes a protection for you and in reality what do you have to protect you rself against is


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