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6. DK 82 - 2 Translator: Oh you need to have some rest? Gururaj: No, I need to have my meditation. So after I finish seeing people at 7:00 then I will d o my meditations and then we’ll have our communion practice tonight. Okay.

1. DK 82 - 2 Gururaj: What shall we talk about today? Public : It’s a bit long question . It is said that the inner part of the earth is a magnetic seed and that for example , explosions from some have influence of the seed. It is also said that these explosions are capable of changing your mind. If that is true, how is then the relationship between the earth and its inhabitants and how is then the relationship between the earth as a living being and o ther planets if they are capable of influencin g each other ? Gururaj: That’s – that is – that is chapter one. Now have you got chapter two with you? No? Translator : If I should say it in Danish? Gururaj: Yes, so that they could understand the question. That sounds very nice in Danish. It is very tru e that there are certain explosions occurring in the core of the earth. If man – um - hmm sorry – if it was not because of these explosions and these various elements operating, you would not have any source of minerals on this earth. It is because of the functioning of these natural elements that you have gold and silver and manganese and chromium etc. good. And it is because of these various functioning’s inside the earth and th e ground that food can grow. So these things are important and because of these functioning’s in the core of the earth, with its relationship to gravitation, yeah that the earth rotates and the earth revolves. It rotates on its axis and it revolves around the sun. So it is not only the gravitational pull that makes this happen, but also the energies that are in this planet. Good. Now the gist of the question is this that how do they affect man? Good. Everything in the universe a ffects each other. Even the m ost distant star affects our planet earth because in all exi stence there is only one energy, one basic energy which is transformed into different kinds of elements. What is the purpose of this energy transforming itself into different elements ? That is the question. Now there are basically seven energies that control this entire universe , including the earth. Now although this energy is basically the same, it works in different gradations from the very subtlest level to the grossest level. Now how does it affect mankind? Mankind is affected by all these seven different energies but man also has the ability to attract a particular energy to him. And the reason for this is very simple. If your mind is composed of a greater amount of grossness, then you will attract grosser energies and if your mind is refined through spiritual practices, then you will attract the finer energies. Now science has proved that anything which is subtle and fine is more powerful. I always give the example that if you drop a 2 000 tonne bomb, it will just make a very big hole and destroy a small town, but if you split a very tiny atom, it can destroy a whole country. Yeah, like H iroshima – Hiroshima, similar to that. Explosion of the hydrogen and the atomic bombs. So in order to gain the maximum amount of the benefits the earth gives you, we have to reach that refinement within oursel ves. Everything operates in cycles so when we say eternity, it means that there is one cycle after another cycle after another cycle and therefore it is eternal and continuous. Yes.

3. DK 82 - 2 circumstances, w hat should one do? There is only one way, is to strengthen yourself and by strengthening ourselves through spiritual practices, nothing can affect you. Now I have heard that in some of the Scandinavian countries, I don’t know how true it is, but there is a great belief in being possessed , yeah, there’s a great belief in black magic and voodoo and things like that. I don’t know if it’s true or not but this is what I've heard. Perhaps this has to do with ancient Scandinavian mythology and although mythology portrays great truths, but if they are wrongly interpreted, then the truths are distorted. Now there these influences that do exist as we have said earlier that bad thoughts will bring out a bad atmosphere and these can be shunned away and thrown away. By spiritual practices we build a protecting wall around us and none of these contrary influences can affect us . So although we are connected to everything else, we do not need to live in any fear because it is a God - given power to man o nly to attract good to himself and not which is not good. Actually s peaking there is no good or bad, there is only usefulness and uselessness -- usefulness and uselessness so we discard that which is useless to us for discarding that which is useless to us, it would expedite or make quicker our evolutionary progress. Now by gaining greater and greater refinement, we are evolving more and more because divinity being at the finest level, it requires us to reach at that finest level and that is – that is why the scriptures say – yeah, that “No man reaches the father but through me. ” That is what Christ has said. Now what is meant by that is this that once man reaches my level of fineness, then only can you become one with god . Yes , so although t here are all these influences from inside the earth and outside the earth, we can remain in a state of not being affected. Now the questioner also asked about magnetic forces, a magnetic force is nothing but an energy. Now a magnetic force can only attrac t to itself of something of a similar nature. If we take a piece of magnet and a piece of iron nearby it, it will attract it but if we take the same magnet and put a piece of wood near it, it won’t attract. So like the old English saying, “Birds of a feather flock together.” You see, birds of a feathe r flocks together ; like attracts like. Like attracts like, yeah . So there is nothing to fear from any kind of force in this world. The only thing you must fear is fear. If you want to be angry, be angry with anger, don’t be angry with something else, becom e angry with your anger and ask yourself, yeah, why am I angry? Why should I become angry? Let me be angry with the anger and I fight the anger by a reasonable attitude in life. Why must I be the cause of sending out these angry thoughts to the world? I wa s born with the support of positive forces and why must I convert the positive forces into negative forces? As far as magnetic forces are concerned, astrologists believe that with certain conjunctions of the planets and the moon, man’s minds gets affected. There is some little truth in that. For exa mple, the moon affects the tides of the waters, high tide and low tide . So if it can affect the high tide and the low tide, it can also affect the mind. Yeah, because most people have wa ter on the brain. (Laughs) Yes. Someone was brought to me that at full moon, this person becomes half - mad. This person became so receptive beca use of his mental conditionings, yeah so I gave him certain practices which strengthened his mind and not allowe d those influences to re - occur. One of the main reasons of his mental condition was this that he believed that the moon influenced him. Now beliefs can be good

5. DK 82 - 2 All the qualities we men tioned in our prayer last night, the prayer of Francis -- St. Francis of Assisi, you that one, it is in Danish as well. Now all these qualities come to us, then you can say you're highly evolved. But if you feel this that you are highly evolved with out these qualities, then remember you need some kind of help. I t could be psychological or psychiatric help; it could be help from a guru and god. Now the reason for saying this, this also has to do with the magnetic forces the questioner asked about. That it is the condition of our minds that we attract these things. Now how to strengthen the mind? Don’t try, the more you try to strengthen the mind, the more you get mixed up. Open the heart, and the heart is only loved and when the heart i s opened and you allow those energies to flow, they flow to the mind and when those energies of the heart flow to the mind, the mind becomes pure and strengthened and spontaneously whatever you do would be right. You would lose impulsiveness. Impulsiveness is created only by the – by the condition of your mind and the circumstances around you while spontaneity is a natural flow that comes through -- from the heart through the mind and expressed in action. The impulsive act is always a conditioned act yeah a nd it is -- being a conditioned act, it is dependent upon not only the envir onment, but also our samskaras but the spontaneous action has its roots far deeper down in the super conscious level of the mind that we spoke about yesterday. So our actions and our thoughts reveal who we are. It reveals our human qualities. Do whatever you like, nothing is wrong, but every action must be infused with the knowledge of god. When I sit down to eat, I know it is for physical sustenance, to maintain the body, to give the body some strength. But as I'm eating, the main thought in my mind is this that lord it is you that has given me this food and I'm offering it back to you, like that in every action we do, even when we put on our clothes, do you know the labour that went into this suit that I got on? First, the she ep had to be well looked after and brought up, all the natural forces of law provided food for the sheep, tha t sustenance ma k e the wool grow, then there were people that sheared the wool, then that sheared wool went through so many processes until it was made into cloth. So many people made cotton and buttons and then the tailor made the suit. Now if I think back how many thousa nds of people in this world worked to give me this suit? So although these people – I'm sorry – so although those people that are unknown to me, I am very grateful to those thousands of people. Do you see? Now when you don’t know who all slaved and sweated to give you the suit, when you don’t know who they are, you can only express the gratitude by serving others. So you are doing no one any favour . So when you serve people, remember that you are only returning that which has been given to you. Seeing that we’re talking of clothes, it reminds me of a little story about a woman's dress. A woman's dress must be tight enough to know that there is a woman in it, and lose enough to know that there’s a lady in it. (Laughs) Yes, oh 10 past 12:00, do you have to go for lunch? O r dinner, sorry. But I don’t suppose they will mind, I don’t think so. Tell them we’re talking of god so you must not worry. Good, then enjoy your lunch and see you in the afternoon. Now my appointments will start from 4:00 o’clock? Translator: 4:00 O’clock until 6:00. Gururaj: No, no, no, longer because lot of people to see, till 7:00? Okay?

4. DK 82 - 2 beliefs and believes and be bad beliefs. So one has to be very careful with what one believes. Belief is not something bad but what we believe makes it good or bad. There was a person, a prisoner in jail, he was there for a little while for doing some misdeed and the warden of the prison helped him very much to get him out on parole. Parole, to get him free. But within less than a month the same man was back in jail. So the warden tells him, “Look I helped you so much to get you out, why did you do this? What did you d o and why?” So he said, the prisoner said, “It is because of my belief.” So the warden asked, “What did you believe?” So the prisoner says, “I believed that the jewellery shop I broke into had no alarm system.” So you see, if we start on wrong beliefs then all these various forces inside and outside the world will a ffect us, but if we have right beliefs, uplifting beliefs, they will uplift us and not only us, but people around us. Many of you have experienced this with me. You come and see me and you might be sad and in five minutes’ time you feel lighter. Yeah, it is not only because of what advice I give, but because it is the energy that I radiate. So if the mind is filled with godly thoughts, if the mind is filled wi th joy, then naturally the people around you will also feel it. Now if you go to some person with a long face and so very sad, it will make you – it will make you feel sad also. You see, so if we truly want to be our brother’s keeper as said in the script ures, th en we have to modulate the mind, to put the mind right. The mind therefore thereby we will not only help ourselves but all those near us. People have a habit of going to long lengths to do – to do things. Yeah, yeah, do you have a word, in Danish, for a Pekin g ese dog? – Pekin g ese dog? Good, so this man was very proud of his Pekin g ese dog and he was showing it to his friend, “Look -- Look at this beautiful dog I bought.” So the friend naturally asked, “Where did you buy it?” So he says, “I went to Peking in China to buy it.” Yeah, so he says but why did you go so far? You could have bought the Pekin g ese dog in Copenhagen.” He says, “That is true, but who can find parking in Copenhagen?” (Laughs) So you see, we go to great lengths to do things which are unnecessary. What we have to do is just listen to our inner selves , inner self, to listen to the true voice within ourselves is brought about by meditation and spiritual practices , but be very careful that it is not hallucinations. Sometimes we can feel that something speaks through us but this must not be believed until it is verified. I always call the mind a cunning animal and it can cause a lot of damage and is it hallucination or real truth one can verify by one's self. There the tests are simple. You ask yourself that am I doing this for my personal ego? Am I becoming more and more humble? Am I becoming more and more loving? Am I feeling greater and greater peace? Do I feel the power of god within me? And is that power of god that I feel within me practiced in my daily life? Do I ever say a bad word to another person? Do I ever gossip about another person? Am I on a power trip? Am I always w illing to be helpful to others? And am I doing it? Now if the true answers to these, I could give another whole quick list and – and if you can truly ans wer these questions to yourself, yeah and feel that it is really divinity flowing through me, then you can be a highly evolved person and a highly evolved person becomes so humble -- < audio skips > is also evolving and a highly evolved person becomes so humble that he or she would never say , “ I am highly evolved. ” They just keep on going, expressing their humility in service to mankind. Yeah, they would never cre ate conflicts in any situation and wherever there are conflicts, they will bring together.

2. DK 82 - 2 Translator: Can I have the last? Gururaj: Therefore we say every – therefore everything is eternal and continuous. Today science has also found the process of recycling matter. For example they will colle ct you know old plastic containers melt it d own and then create new plastic, the same thing applies with tin, they’ll take up old bear cans, recycle it and make new things. Now is hap – this is happening in everything. For example, man’s excretion or manure that goes into the ground to for m minerals, that minerals goes into the food that grows and you eat that food. So what are you eating? So everything operates in cycles and it is a great necessity but because of its va riations of energy, man having a thinking mind, a reasoning mind, a rational mind , can bring the mind to a finer level where he will only draw fine energies to himself. For example in satsangs, the vibrations are heightened, made more finer and everyone's minds are attuned to a higher level. Yeah, so having the vibrations at a higher level, the atmosphere changes and that atmosphere in turn affects you and makes you feel lightened. And this goes to prove that there is no separation in this u niverse from one atom to the other. If you stir – if you stir the water on the ocean of Denmark, the sea in Denmark, those very vibrations will reach England , yeah in a very fine form. So that is why it is so important to have right thinking, positive – po sitive thinking, yeah, for by doing that we would be drawing energies not only from inside the earth but also from the stratosphere or atmosphere. So we are benefitted in both ways. You can experiment yourself on this, if you go to a home where there’s always quarrels and lot of misery, you do not feel like staying long there, you feel like leaving immediately. And if you go to a home where there is a lot of peace, it makes you feel peaceful and you like to sit there. Yes, you go to – into a church for example and you’d feel very peaceful because of the prayers that are being done there regul arly. It creates an atmosphere and this atmosphere comes about from inside the earth and from outside the earth. It is – it is a combination because, to say again, nothing is separate from each other. Talking about a church, there’s a big church in Copenhagen and this big church has a very large congregation. So the minister gives three sermons on a Sunday, three services on a Sunday , yeah services. Services on a Sunday at half past 9:00, half past 10:00 and half past 11:00 -- half past 9:00, half past 10:00 and half past 11:00, three services every Sunday morning. So this li ttle young boy from the countryside came to visit hi s grandparents so the grandparents explained how busy this church is , three services on Sunday. So this little child, eight year old boy was taken to the church and just as they entered the church, there was a big brass plague on the wall, and there were l ot of names written there in alphabetical order. So the young boy asked the grandfather, “ What is this?” so the grandfather explained that , “This the memorial to the people who died in service. ” So the boy asks, “Grandfather, which service? The half past 9:00, half past 10:00 or half past 11:00? (Laughs) Yes, so because of the inter – sorry that is so nice of you , thank you – so because of the interconnectedness , you will always be influenced by the circumstances around you. Now you would welcome a good in fluence around you. – atmosphere yes, around you but what do you do if there is a bad atmosphere around you? Now remember energies are the same , but how these energies are manipulated, that makes the difference. Now if one is placed in the


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