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6. DK 82 - 5 become affected. Yeah, and that is what we wa nt. You see, until the day comes where you go beyond the positive and the negative, because positivity and negativity are still relative qualities and when you transcend that, you go into the absolute and then when you reached the absolute, then all the po sitivities and negativities becomes useless to you, you become a law unto yourself. You see, so these are the things that a true guru teaches and he teaches with the utmost amount of love and affection. Yes, and his love, a true guru should only be a perso n who has found oneness with god – a true guru should be only a person that has found oneness with god. Otherwise he is not a guru. Now we have a lot of them in this world. We have a lot of them in this world that teach certain kinds of teachings, but could never portray or give forth a spiritual force. A true guru does not o nly speak the words of wisdom, he speaks that he speaks, that it talks about but in those very words, there contains an unseen power of the spirit. Not visible, yes, the very words are for the mind – the words are for the mind to understand and the spiritu al force conveyed through those words is for the heart to feel. That is why you’d find in our satsangs that you feel uplifted. Your worries for that moment are gone, there comes about a neutrality in the mind, in the mind where even for that hour the mind and the heart can join together. So it is not only the wisdom that counts, because any intelligent person here can read a – a dozen books on philosophy and can give a marvellous lecture, but it is only words. The spiritual force is missing and tha t is how you can recognize a true guru. You see, so all these studies becomes of no avail. It is the spirit and how to extend that spirit to others, that is the important thing and that is what the true guru would do. Yes, so there should be no indecisions . The reason today why churches are empty all over the world is because the priests or padres themselves have not got the spiritual force. They go to a school of theology for a few years and learn books and talk about the books that they have studied, which goes into one ear and out of the other ear. I had a press conference in London about two years ago and I told them this that I am here to fill the churches and not to empty them and that answers your q uestion about Jesus and Christ and Krishna. Good. What our churches lack today is giving people the experience of god. We don’t want mental knowledge, that you can buy half a dozen books and you can have it, but for if these priests and pastors are properl y trained, then they can portray, give forth a spiritual force which could inspire people by experiencing a little at a time that peace and tranquillity . The peace that goes beyond all understanding, so mind is not necessary, the brain is not necessary. There is hope for all, it could be the most intellectual person or the most stupidest person. I have long decided many years ago to throw away all the books, I do read still, but not for the sake of gaining knowledge, because they don’t tell you nothing. Y ou can – anyone of you can write a book tomorrow. You read twelve books on a certain subject and take materials out of that, formulate your own idea and create a thirteenth book. The real knowledge or wisdom comes

5. DK 82 - 5 give ta lks everywhere, I don’t remember most of the time. Now there will always be negative thoughts in man’ s mind and – and the more you try to push them out, the stronger they become, but for example if your negative thought is for five seconds, then for the next six seconds have a positive thought. One in the credit balance. Now throughout the day if you have little – little credit balance, then by night time you have quite a nice little amount in the spiritual bank. Yeah, and you times this by 3 65 days of the year, and times that by 60 or 70 years that you're going to live, what great spiritual balance won’t you have? You see that is the way to god’s. Now by doing spiritual practices, these things become very possible. Don’t try and pus h those negative thoughts away, let them happen . But there’s one secret there, yeah that when a negative thought comes in the mind, do not get involved in it. It should be like as if you are sitting in a cinema and watching the screen. There’s nothing you can do to change what’s happening on the screen because what is on the film wi ll be projected but by sitting watching your thought as if it was a film, you are objectifying it. You are not subjectifying it and when you objectify, you are throwing it out because t he film that is within you is made up of impressions and samskaras – samskaras, impressions. Now whatever impressions there are in your mind g athered over millions of years will forever be projected because your machine is forever running . But to watch it, that is the secret and when you objectify negative thoughts, then it does not affect you and your mind. It does not cause a deeper impression and that is how the mind is clarified, made clear. Um - hmm, and when these negative impressions are thrown out, greater and greater peace comes in too. Picture to yourself a block of wood, oblong, and it is cut in a wedge – wedge – wedge, can you draw an oblong there? Chalk? Draw an oblong – longer. Now positivity an d negativity is like that block. Now at the finer end, the thin end, if that is negative, then the other part up top will be positive and if the broader end is negative, then the finer end will be positive. So that is how the mind functions, like two wedges on top of each other. So on the spiritual path, we proceed on that line to the thinnest end of negativity. Translator: Would you please say that again? Gururaj: So on the spiritual path, we go t o the fine st end of negativity and because we are at the thin end of the negativit y, the positivity will be more and that is why we do spiritual practices. So where there is the greater amount of positivity, th ere is more happiness, more joy, more love because happiness and joy can only be expressed by love. So – so by finding the integr ation within ourselves, positivity increases, you become more harmonious and if you are harmonious, then the environment becomes harmonious to you. There can be so many wrong things in the world, but you do not

7. DK 82 - 5 from inside and it rises automatically when the mind is made tranquil. Therefore I say, do your practices regular ly, yes. if you don’t experience anything, you would have doubts, and that too is very good, because doubt is the forerunner to knowledge . You would only have doubt if you want to ex plore and examine and having explored and examined, you gain some knowledge. Now that shows a little purpose, but there’s still further to go to find wisdom. So wherever you are with doubt or without doubt has start with the tools you have in hand. Explore, investigate, analyse, rationalize, yeah, and then you will find that all these is not necessary anymore for your knowledge and wisdom, the wisdom rather will just come up from inside. It just flow, because then you will not be functioning from the position of belief, you will not be functioning from the area of faith, but you will be functioning from the area of knowingness. You – you – you just know 20%. Now the second part of your question was about guardian angels. True? There are no guardian a ngels. The theory about guardian angels is the same as the theory of Santa Claus . You are your own guardian angel and not an outside force. I've told you many times that there are many layers to the mind. Grosser and finer – finer – finer. So the finer levels of your mind is your guardian angel an d through spiritual practices, you cont act the finer levels of your mind and that will guard you and guide you. That is the meaning of the inner voice. You see, so lot of these stories have come about and the origin had been mythology. Now mythology although is in st o ry form, has very deep mean ing, but people do not interpret it the way it should be interpreted. There are other forms of existences in this universe. We are different beings exists, hmm they are, but they are not contacting you and neither are they guarding you or guiding you. It is you yourself and when you reach and explore the entirety of the mind, then you are one with all different entities and all different existences, all in that oneness contained within yourself. Existenc es yeah, hmm contained within yourself. Yeah, you see, so many people say, “My guardian angel is protecting me,” no, it is the higher level of your mind. Many diffe rent names has been given to it, like the over soul , many labels, but these are just labels. You see, so you have to rationalize yourself, read as much as you can from different authors, good writer s and see what they have to say, yeah but the decision will come from yourself. Yeah, this one man was decidi ng if he should marry or not, so his friend ask him, “ Look you're deciding for such a long time if I should get married or not, ” spending such a long time if you should marry, the friend asked, so he replied, “I don’t know what to do, I can’t decide. Becau se when I’m drunk, my girlfriend does no t want to marry me and when I’m sober, I wouldn’t like to marry her. ” (laughs) I had quite a lot of jokes. Now this one fellow meets the girl, they were on holiday. A pr etty girl and he was a nice boy, they met each other and in a week’s time, they fell in lo ve and there was another friend, another friend there (laughs) – I’ll start again, this boy and girl

1. DK 82 - 5 Gururaj: -- Talk about today. This morning’s question? Translator: This woman asks if you can create conflict when you feel very devoted to Jesus and then you are worshiping a guru instead and but then she would like you to talk about the guiding – guiding your spirit into < 0:00:50.0 > Gururaj: It’s a very short answer for that. There are certain cults that require guru worship, but in our organization there is no guru. You must worship Jesus, Krishna, Bu ddha or whoever you believe in , but with the guru there is love and devotion. You have l ove and devotion to your father, to your mother, to your brother, to your friend , ours is not a cult organization and I am tot ally against any kind of cults because cults, people belonging to cults b ecome very narrow - minded . Their minds only funct ion in one direction while in our organization we want an open mind. It is on the principle, the biblical principle that my father’s mansion has many rooms. Mahatma Gandhi had said that, “ Let my house have ma ny windows so that the fresh air of all different cultures can flow in.” The final decider is you. A guru is a spiritual teacher and a true guru is a channel for spiritual energ ies. It has been published in many newsletters overseas because I've told them to do this that I must be treated just as an ordinary man, nothing special , but with the human dignity everyone deserves. The other thing I've said over and over again is this that the external guru’s job is to awaken the internal gu ru within you. Yes, once the internal guru has been awakened in you and you have become integrated, then you don’t need me, but then you will come to a realization and understanding that the external guru and the internal guru are but the same because you will find, with integration that the power of the spirit is one. The relationship between a guru and a chela – chela – student is a love affair where each cares for the other. If you love your wife very much or the – the w ife loves the husband very much, then if the husband has a headache, the wife also feels it because a great empathy has developed. Now that happens to me, when I see any of my chelas suffering in any way, I feel that pain but there is only one difference , that you might suffer a pain for years and years and me, taking the p ain will last only for an hour, but a guru or any spiritual master including all the greatest masters we have mentioned can never take your karma away from you. He will show you the path , but you yourself will still have to walk the path. You cannot walk with the guru’s leg. He does not shine the light upon you, but he shines the light upon the path so that you don’t stumble and fall. Now the scriptures will tell you that every man is born with a burden and life as it is constituted today and in the present state of man’s evolution on this world, he has to carry that burden not downhill but uphill , and this experience you find in all your lives. Yeah, all your lives you’ll find this. Fine ! What a guru does, he helps you up the hill, he shows you the right

4. DK 82 - 5 is known and felt and experienced with every cell in the body. Um - hmm, now in the relationship we do n ot have to repeat again , worship. The relationship between guru and chela is a two - way street, not a one way street . As much as a chela has love and devotion for his guru, so much h as the guru the l ove and devotion for the chela, because if he never had the love and devotion for the chela, then he wouldn’t care. And the main ingredient in the love relationship is caring and sharing. It said in Sanskrit that “Guru bina gyan nahi.” Say – say, guru bina gyan nahi. It means that without the guru, there is no knowledge. Now what this means is this, we don’t mean the kn owledge that we pick up from books, but that spiritual knowledge and wisdom which the guru ignites in your heart to make burn, yeah, so that divine light that is within everyone is put aflame , but here preparation is required. Now igniting the flame is enl ightenment, all the practices you are doing are preparations. Illumination comes in a moment, but it takes time to make the matches and to make the candle and making the matches and the candle, that is the preparation. Once that is done, the flame is lit and you have reached the goal. Now in the preparation, as you proceed , to use an analogy, you have 20 pen ce – 30 pence -- 40 pence -- 99 pence – pence is pence English money, what do you have besides Krone, smaller? What ’s your coinage here? What is your coinage here? You have Krone and what else? < 0:32:50.1 > how many < 0:32:50.2 > to one Krone? Translator: Hundred. Gururaj: Hundred, right. So you have 20 < 0:32:56.3 >, but it ’ s still not one Krone, you got to reach 100 < 0:33:15.3 >, then you have the one Krone. You see, so as you progress in the path, you are filling the spiritual bank with all the < 0:33:33.2 > until you reach the total. Y eah, and that total is the one, the one god. Yeah, all else is preparation. Yeah, but it’s nice to have a credit balance. You see, now these are the functions a guru performs. There is one story where a young man went to see a guru, so he asks, “I will be your chela, but what are my duties?” so the guru tells h im, he was sitting there, smoking his hookah, that’s an Indian pipe. He says , “A chela’s duty is this, he must wake up 4:00 o’clock in the morning, then you go to sweep the ashram, you got to wash all the dishes, you got to do, make the tea and cook the fo od and you got to make up the beds ,” and so many other duties he pointed out, “Then you become a proper chela.” Then this man asks, “Then what does the guru do?” So the guru replies, “Oh, I just sit around and I talk little bit,” Oh then he said, “Please sir rather make me guru.” (Laughs) So there is some hard work involved. You must have determination, you must have that earning to find divinity , yeah, and on the process of finding divinity, you will find, at the same time all joy, p eace and happiness. You see, so it is no good sitting on our backsides, we have to do our spiritual practices regularly and that is how we increase the balance in the spiritual bank. Yeah, now I was given an example somewhere, I don’t know where, I

2. DK 82 - 5 way , it might be difficult, it might be easy, depending upon your evolution , a true guru should hav e the power to assess you and ev aluate your stage of evolution – assess to evaluate – evaluate, to judge, your state of evolution. So he helps you slowly up the path a nd you are carrying your burden . But gurus work in very funny ways, as you’re working he has a little pin with him and he makes a puncture in that bag you're carrying. So slowly – slowly all the sand in the bag drips out , and when you reach on top of the hill, you’ll find that there’s no more burden left be cause it has all fallen out slowly. While you're climbing you might not notice it, but when you reach the end of the path, then you will find that the path and the end has been the same. You have really gone nowhere; you have gone from here to here. The past disappear s and the present remains only and there is no future, for the eternal spirit within we say it was is and will be but wha t it means, it is here and now. Now when the guru sees certain problems in a chela, he does all he can to alleviate th at problem , but he also has to be careful about one thing that by alleviating this problem, is he not taking away a headache which will result later in a toe ache? You see, so every person being an individual person – individual person, he – that person has to be individu ally evaluated , yes , right. So that is the help a spiritual master gives and the greatest result that could be produced is to bring about a harmony in the chela. 99.999 % of the world’s population live a fragmented life. The body is pulling that way, the m ind is pulling that way and the spirit is totally ignored. So these teachings and the practices are designed for the person to live an integrated life where mind, body and spirit function in a wholeness , in a togetherness. Now when this harmony is created through spiritual practice within ourselves, then life becomes more smoother and miseries and unhappiness’s disappear by themselves. Modern psychology and specially the Freudian school , they believe in psychoanalysis. In psychoanalysis they try to dive deep to find the causes of things. In our system, we don’t tr y and find the causes of things; we don’t dig up old dirt because it could be harmful. What we do as the old saying goes, “If it is darkness, we switch on the light and darkness disappears.” What is the use of analyzing darkness? Use an object by which the darkness disappears. If there is a bad smell in this room, it won’t help to analyze the bad smell, clean up and have some perfume. You see, the re’s a nice little story from Ramakrishna, there were some science students, and they went to a mango orchard. So these students were studying the leaves, how many leaves there are on the tree , some were counting how ma ny veins there are in the tree and how thick the bark is and all these things, but one student what he did, he plucked mango, sat in the corner and start eating it. So who enjoyed the mango orchard more? He enjoyed the mango. So let us enjoy the spiritual life without analyzing what cause that tree to grow and all these and that. As the tree is there, you are

3. DK 82 - 5 there, but people are such that like a fish living right in the ocean, dying of thirst. You see how silly it is? And so (coughs) – I second you on your cough – umm that is t he basic teaching of a guru. If any spiritual master promises you – promises you miracles, please stay far away, there are no miracles. A spiritual master recognizes the finer laws of nature which he can put into operation. Now things which we don’t understand, we call miracles. A hundred years ago if you told someone that a big 2000 tonne machine can fly through the air, we will call him mad. But today all the aeroplanes are flying we don’t e ven take notice. Yeah, if Kar e n picks up the telephone and in two minutes she’s in touch with me 6,000 miles away, and if you had to tell this to a person before the telephone was invented that you can speak so many thousand miles away immediately, they wi ll tell you, “You are mad.” But today knowing electronic laws, these things are possible. Now the same way with a man’s inner self because man’s intellect h as not developed to that extent. Even Einstein used only 8% of his brain and not understanding these finer laws, we call it miracles. Now a guru having travelled that path and having gone through all the various stages of existences, from the grossest to the finest, he understands all his laws. In othe r word s, he knows what makes you tick, to make you function. You see, sometimes it happens when a person has some kind of trouble, then the guru sees the problem and is not prepared to help with the problem because he knows that if this person goes through this problem by himself, he will make great progress. The guru’s main duty is to enable a person to find his god , to find the kingdom of heaven within , yeah. There was one day a guru sitting around with hi s chelas round a fire, and they were talking. So the guru, all of a sudden, took out a burning piece of wood and burnt one chela on the arm. So all the others were surprise d why did he do this? So the guru explained that the future of this chela was to be burnt to death, and by this act, I have prevented him from burning to death in the future. You see, so therefore I say, “Gurus are funny people. ” Yeah, they work in so many different ways for different people. He will treat someone very harshly, cruel, harsh but the chela won’t understand , he will think, “ Oh, my guru told me this, he kicked my backside. ” But that harshness was filled with love, yes, because he knows that this is necessary and that is why we have the English saying that, “Sometimes you have to be cruel to be kind.” Yeah, you see, so if anyone can say that he understands his guru, that would not be true. He might understand, perhaps one facet of the dia mond, but not all the facets, but the time will come when he becomes alike with his guru , of the same stature – status. Um - hmm, then only will he know what was done and what was meant. But then when that stage comes, the separation ceases. The universal sp irit is recogniz ed, not only recognized because recognition is only a perception but it

8. DK 82 - 5 went on a holiday and met each other, um - hmm, and the talk came o n about marriage, good. So meanwhile umm there was a friend of this boy, also in this holiday resort, so this boy tells this girl, he says, “I am not rich, I’m not like Jack who’s got a new motor car. I’m not like Jack that’s got a beautiful lot, and I’m n ot like Jack that’s got a summer bungalow in Aarhus, but I love you.” So the girl says. “ I love you too, but tell me a bit more about Jack.” (Laughs). Then umm this one woman sued her husband for divorce, so the judge asked, “Why do you want to divorce your husband?" so she says, “It is because of his careless appearance.” So the judge asked, “You want to divorce your husband because of his appearance?” appearance – so she says, “Yes, on appearance because he only appears home once every two years.” You know funny thing when it comes to humour, it is – it is difficult to translate humour because sometimes its words that one has to know well to really – I got another one (laughs) right, this friend asked his friend, “Why do you want to marry a rich girl? ” so he says, “I want to marry a rich girl so – I want to marry a rich girl so that I could buy her everything with her money.“ (Laughs). So there was this couple that were engaged, so a friend asked, “You're engaged a long time, when are you going to get married?” so the girl says that, “Um you know, the love is fading -- fading – fading away . It is not as strong as it was before, its fading away,” “So are you going to marry him?” So he says, “ No, I’m not going to marry him, I don’t love him anymore, so ho w can I marry him? ” “So did you tell him this?” She says, “I have told him this that I don’t love you anymore,” “Have you returned the ring? The engagement ring?” She says, “No, I love the right.” (Laughs). Good that’s enough fun. Now umm half past nine to morrow morning we want to have a little meeting with these few people, Carsten Hansen, right, Kurt Hansen, Lina Hoffman, Jacob < 1:10:46.2 > am I pronouncing the names right? < 1:10:51.6 > right, good, half past nine tomorrow morning at my room . It will last f or about – it will last for about half an hour or so, forty five minutes. These seven – eight people might have to miss the chanting perhaps, but I’ll make up for you, I’ ll chant. Well, half past nine.


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