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8. DK 85 - 17 Translator: Yes. Gururaj: Good, now very important – I do than k the Danish Meditation Society, yeah right. -- Put it in – I --

5. DK 85 - 17 Gururaj: Um - hmm, last night. Public : < 0:59:34.6 > Gururaj: Right, the reason is this that there were many mental confusions in your mind and I drew them out. Do you not feel better today? That’s your answer. Gurus are funny people working funny ways you know , they work a ccording to the needs of people. Your face when I saw you yesterday, it was so withdrawn and today you seem so lightened up. Right? Good. Namaste! Translator: Thank you for the beautiful picture (laughs) Gururaj: The beautiful what? Translator: The painting. Gururaj: Oh! I had to do improvements on many of your paintings and then of course we had – we were workin g for hours and hours and hours, nev er had any rest the whole night and < 1:02:08.0 > Translator: He felt that he was surrounded by darkness but it was very – very pleasant feeling and he was sort of brought downward but he felt very comfortable and warm until the – the heater turned on makes that click sound. Gururaj: No, now let me tell you of the darkness. Darkness is an expansion where you m erge into the ex pansion of life f or there is in reality no light. There is only darkness an d when you can reach the extentity of that vastness of darkness, then you will find that pinpoint of light. You have to pass through the stage of the vastness of this darkness before you could see the pinpoint of light and that pinpoint of light conquers all the vastness of darkness. What does the surgeon do? You are feeling ill, for example, and it just takes a little needle to give you an injection and that cures away your ill ness which is darkness. You understand? Good. Next. Public: < 1:06:01.3 > Translator: Humming sound something like that. Gururaj: Did you sleep well?

4. DK 85 - 17 Public: < 0:50:54.3 > Gururaj: With a Scotch – Public: < 0:51:17.9 > Gururaj: In your experience of last night, I made you because of your question, I took you back into three lifetimes. There might h ave been pleasant or unpleasant, but that is not the issue. It is the idea of – because of your question of yesterday, so therefore I took you back into three past lifetimes to make you know that it is a possibility. Right, next. Public: < 0:54:00.6 > Gururaj: Oh my beloved, do you not realise that because you’ve been going through darkness all the time, I was the light that was penetrating you. Simple. Public: I was seeing myself sitting and talk to a little boy about two or three years old and I was explaining him something about < 0:55:36.4 > I don’t know the boy and I don’t know who < 0:55:44.0 > I wonder what that would mean. Gururaj: Good, you're married? Have you any children? That experience you had was because of your deep desire to have a child that you could love. So it is actually a mental desire which of course affects your emotions and feelings. So you might even impregnate your wife or your intended wife within the next three weeks. That is going to happen. < 0:58:10.6 > I'm getting tired of talking. Hold on. What a lovely wife I have! Public : < 0:59:05.1 > Gururaj: You were tasty? Translator: No, dizzy – dizzy. Gururaj: Dizzy – dizzy, giddy yeah. Public : I felt so bad.

6. DK 85 - 17 Public: Yes, < 1:07:16.0 > Gururaj: Good, and how did you feel this morning? Public: I feel good. Gururaj: If you have an appendix you got to have an operation to remove the appendix. Now the operation might be painful, but after that in a few days, you will be feeling very well again. So when people have problems, which they might not even be aware of , it is the guru’s duty to remove those problems. So therefore, you slept well after removing the problems and today you are feeling well, so has your problem not been removed? You see, right -- Translator: Let’s take a last one because it’s 10:00 o’clock . Public : I just want to – sorry, Namaste guruji. Gururaj: Namaste Public : < 1:09:37.0 > Gururaj: You’ve always been in a mess. Public : Yes, that’s what I saw. I mean, I didn’t know what I experienced -- Gururaj: Translate it. Translator: Well, he is going to translate it when he is finished. Gururaj: Okay. Public : And I didn’t know what I experienced spiritually and what my mind made up and what was what and at one moment I saw you coming and putting your fingers here and giving me blessing, you give me a golden ray of light and it was very great and all

3. DK 85 - 17 Gururaj: Oh good. Namaste, god bless you. Would you like to exchange my 1000 rand omega which was given to me as a present with your < 0:31:50.7 > god bless you my son. Where’s that girlfriend of yours? God bless both of you. Namaste and always be tied together, good. (Laughs) who is he? < 0:34:08.6 > oh yes, of course. Do you wear this round your neck? Public: Yes. Gururaj: Right please change this colour into turquoise. Public: < 0:34:47.4 > Gururaj: Oh it could be the same thing, doesn’t matter. If you change it to turquoise, it will provide great energy for certain problems you have, it will help. Do that, throw it out, < 0:35:21.7 > you take the same chain and buy another stone. Change that, do that and you write to me and let me know how much better will you feel in two three weeks. ( Chants prayer ) My darling son god bless you. < 0:38:05.9 > the most wonderful and < 0:38:49.3 > same to you my darling, god bless you, Namaste. Not Ken, but Kanji. Kanji is another name for the incarnation of Krishna. Kanji, Ken. What do you Ken? In other words it means what do you know , but Kanji, to realise that divinity within yourself of the incarnation of one of our divinities , Kanji. Bless you my beloved, Namaste. Would you give me a chance to blow my nose? Are you comfortable? Good. May you ever be timeless and yet exist in time. God bless you. Come closer, you're so beautiful and I'm so glad that you are a best friend of my wi fe. You don’t need me to know much but try and feel much and life becomes that . Bless you my daughter. Go away – can you? (Laughs) turn up, I'm too high for you and kiss me < 0:45:52.3 > good good. God bless you. Was it in his < 0:46:25.7 > that he will become a brilliant surgeon. He will become a brilliant surgeon. I can’t see darling, can you read for me? Translator: Her name is Med. Gururaj: Med , god bless you, Namaste. I'm just trying to compare the time and it matches. It synchronises between you and I. God bless you, Namaste. Meditation < 0:48:50.9 > right, mid - night special experiences. Now you're being granted mid - night specials. Now if anyone would like to ask any question of me of whatever experience, I’ll be glad to answer. I’ll do it with a glass. Public: < 0:49:58.2 > Gururaj: Well, is this a question or an experience? The experience you have, talk to me of your experiences you had.

2. DK 85 - 17 come to your grandfather. Oh what a lovely baby! ( Chants prayer ) oh look at its lovely booties, lovely. Okay my darling. Now what is my next programme? Translator: We were going to have our < 0:16:23.9 > Gururaj: Good, now t wo ladies will have to help me. No, no, no, no bring it to me. Yes, you’ll have to read out the names because I can’t s ee. Is something mixed up here, is it? Translator: It’s okay, it’s supposed to be there. Gururaj: Oh, it’s supposed to be there? Translator: < 0:17:39.2 > Gururaj: Okay. God bless you. I marry you today as my spiritual wife. < 0:20:10.4 > give me your hand. Namaste! Can you manage? Okay. Go over your < 0:23:12.7 > how do you do it? I know so little about women. I think I only had about 700 in my life. – Yes, is that the way? See I know nothing about life . ( Laughs ) Are you feeling much better ? Good. How do you open this? I can’t see. Um - hmm, put it on there? Aha, okay. Namaste! – here comes the bride – god bless you. This is open and < 0:28:36.4 > get a bigger one and you put a picture of me in there — Public: Okay. Gururaj: And one of your boyfriend. Public: Haven’t got anyone. Gururaj: You got one (laughs). Oh my darling, god bless you my daughter. < 0:29:32.1 > oh great, I must give you a sticker. I don’t mind -- Translator: She always have it in her purse that’s why < 0:30:11.2 >

1. DK 85 - 17 Gururaj: Ah wonderful. Umm, did you get your painting returned? Good. I had to make – yes, I – what’s his problem? Translator: He's missing his painting but I haven’t seen it, I’ll take a proper look when we come back. But I haven’t seen it anywhere, not from the description he tells me. Gururaj: Oh, but you’ve all got yours with the comments on it. Do you know that throughout t he world that people have become so creative in letter writing, in poetry, in art. What does this mean? That you are developing yourselves because creativity is a mark of creation and you are becoming closer to the creator and his creation and this I found all over the world. I get about 2000 letters a month and the beauty that’s expressed in it is just phenomenal. T hat is what we are developing. It is to become more closer as a creation to the creator. So in the past 12 years, 10, 11, 12 years that I'm lecturing around, we have achieved a lot of success. People have developed in love and love is t he blood brother of creativity and that takes you away from the mind and when you're taken away from your min d, the heart quality develops in creativity. The mind can only think but the mind could never create. The greatest inventions in the world never came from deep thinking. Take the example of Edison, the American -- Translator: Yeah, the light bulb. Gurura j: Idiot. Translator: Okay (laughs) Gururaj: His greatest inspiration of the light bulb and all his othe r inventions came from a flash and the mind can never flash because the mind can only analyse, but the flash comes from deep < 0:06:04.2 > I talk to you and I don’t prepare any lecture, I just let myself go and the heart welds up and it might produce some wisdom perhaps, I don’t know , because if I want to know the wisdom that welds up, then it will become analytical. Why analyse? Because when you analyse, you become more confused, but when the heart flows, there’s no analysis because it is just a flow. Good. Let us meditate for a moment yeah – listen to the crying child and flow in the voice, in that innocence. -- ( chants prayer ) open your eyes slowly . Wha t have you heard in this child’s voice? You heard the divine sound of Om, Om is the mother of all cells. Every word is composed of it. Try it. – ( chants prayer ) – everything is contained in there because when you open your mouth, you say O, O, O, O and you lengthen it in the U, O....mmmm, the completion of sound where you start off with opening the sound and lengthening with the U and closing it so it forms a total completion. Om – Om – Om, that is a total sound that composes your life in its total value. Your mantras are to make you proceed to that. Om – Om — it will take you to that where you will recog nise the totality of all sounds. – Come here baby, come up – come on,

7. DK 85 - 17 night it ’ s been following here . The next moment I saw you meditating , floating in the air crossed legs and the next moment you are somewhere else and < 1:10:34.9 > . By the way I was al so meditating crossed leg in front of you < 1:11:13.1 > I think. Gururaj: Good. My advice to you is to find a girlfriend and have more sex (laughs) that will get you rid of your tensions. Now the experience which you had last night was valid because I was in your room and therefore you saw me floating in that golden light, but there are certain problems of sexual frustration in your life, so find a nice girl and do it more (laughs). Translator: Do you have any arrangements? They – they want t o give you some presents guruji. Gururaj: Oh, have you got < 1:13:52.0 > oh thank you. Okay, right. Oh wait for it, wait, wait, wait . Who brought this now? Translator: Mary brought that. Gururaj: Oh thank you very much. Don’t forget what I told you, if you can’t find a girlfriend I will find one for you. Ah, my darling thank you! – Thank you for your gift. – where did you find such a pretty girl like her? ( Laugh s ) – Oh if I had to meet her before you, I would have married her. Thank you. Public : Namaste! Gururaj: Namaste, Namaste! Thank you my darling. – than k you – oh hi, come here, can I kiss my grandchild? (Laughs) – Thank you my beloved. – Thank you! Remind me to tell you about explaining these flowers. Public : It is from me and my roommate. Gururaj: Two flowers -- < 1:20:11.3 > thank you to both of you, thank you, Namaste. Thank you. – First me then you, oh thank you. – What date shall we sit for our marriage? (Laughs) Oh thank you my darling, Namaste! You're all so kind. – hey you, give my flower back. Who you're gonna give it to? -- < 1:24:53.4 > -- oh my son ! – Namaste! oh yes please, Deva – come Deva my darling, if you don’t come to me, I will come to you – Ay, don't hurt your bums or what else am I gonna do without it? (Laughs) thank you my beloved, thank you. – you're gonna kiss me first, good to you my darling, thank you and by the way you r nail colour should be not so bright but a little more pinkish to suit your complexion. I'm a – a guru has to be everything. He has to be a beautician, he has to be, you know the works. Namaste my beloved. Namaste. -- I don’t know him either. – They’ve been working so so hard, it’s really wonderful. (Laughs) right I suppose we’re all done, aren’t we?


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