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2. DK 85 - 6 Gururaj: Right, very good. Public : And also there something called the Great White Brotherhood of a ascended master -- Gururaj: Forget it. Public : Okay. Gururaj : There’s no such thing. Next? Public : But what about the first question? Gururaj: Yeah descended or ascended, yes I understand it. Masters c ome down to the earth, those they are particular masters called true mas ters, they are called avataras or incarnations of divinity. Now they do not come down by their own will, but the things that are happening on the planet where evil is rising t oo much and people are focusing their attention on the sufferings too much and they direct that feeling, that trouble , the turmoil, the suffering to the master. Then the ascended master descends in body form. -- Ascend to go up, descend to come down. – yeah, so it is the total atmospheric structure of the world’s thought that makes the master c ome down and that is how Buddha, Krishna, Christ came down. So when there’s too much suffering going on, he takes birth from age to age as the Gita says. Now the re are certain masters that are in total self - realisation and in unity with god b ut they always sit on the fence, they can very easily merge away totally into divinity at will and they're gonna also come down here at will. Those true masters have one purpo se in life, is to teach people the better path of life towards divinity. They do this not only by words of wisdom, but their very presence is a blessing to the world and lessens evil. I can tell you of my experiences why I live in Cape Town which many people asked me. Because people say that in so many other countries where you are so welcomed, you could live a peaceful life instead of all the apartheid and segregation laws. I stay in South Africa for one main purpose and thanks to the grace of god tha t I have been able to prevent a lot of bloodshed. The black people in South Africa are five to one white. Now if you study the history of the all of Africa, you will find in all these other countries like Uganda, the Congo, Tanzania and others, Zimbabwe, a ll had rivers of blood flowing. In South Africa there has been skirmishes, little fights, little riots but not the bloodshed that is in the other countries. So I am in the position of sending forth energies and negotiating with the higher ups to prevent this. Good. And knowing the higher - ups from the cabinet, governmental level, there are – there are a lot of things that I was able to achieve. For example, I give you one example, in Durban which is 1300

1. DK 85 - 6 Gururaj: Interpret it. Because if I tell you what you will experience, and everyone will have different experiences. Now if I tell you about experiences, then your mind will start concentrating on a particular – particular experience and it could be false. That is why I shall not tell you what experience you have, but tomorrow morning we can have a small discussion about your experiences. You were – Bhavna at that course too, in England? Yeah, fine. Another announcement Easter is coming and when you have your main meal of the day , or dinner, you leave a place for me; everyone round the world is doing it. What you do is use a pure white plate, no designs on it and put it at the place and one flower on it. That will be my place a t your table in your homes. Before eating meditate for about 15 minutes and you will see what will happen. Okay? Right ! That is on Easter Sunday – Easter Sunday yeah? Fine, it’s a very very holy day, very important day. Good. Now what shall I speak about t oday? Public: Yeah, well I also have some questions about what you talk about yesterday, maybe I can give you all and then you coul d answer all in one. Gururaj: Let’s take it step by step. Public : Okay. Gururaj: Don’t jump dow n a seven storey building; use the steps to come down. (Laughs) Okay. Public : How do the ascended masters keep on working for the evolution of mankind? They don’t just -- Gururaj: Descended or ascended? Public : Both. Gururaj: Ascended. Public : Ascend, yes. Okay. Gururaj: Or both. Okay, young man, gotta please him. Public : And you talk about yesterday the ego disappear, so I wondered when I'm must this body is discarded, how will you keep on working for mankind? < 0:03:56.0 >

5. DK 85 - 6 How do you think I'm living? Every vital organ of my body is finished, I'm only living by spiritual force that keeps the body going , to try my best to help others. You see, now that is the faith of true masters, then you find other so called gurus that make a business of divinity and I don’t mind mentioning their names because whenever I used to meet them, I used to give them hell. Like Maharishi Muktananda, the way I gave in his private office, Muktanada hell, he cried and Maharishi and Sacchidanada and so many others. When they hear I'm coming, then I think that they start shivering in their pants already because I am totally fearless, I fear nothing and I will go to a ny length to talk of the truth and show the so - called gurus what they are really doing and what they are really doing is filling their pockets with millions. Maharishi, to avoid tax on a lot of his millions, even had to transfer so much money to the Je rsey Islands , no tax. If of – of England, Jersey Islands, you see so many things like that. I know once in Spain, Maharishi had a course there and there two big trunks of all cash money in there which you're not supposed to take out and they were caught. B ut of course sometimes with government officials you grease the palm and you can get lot of things right. Do you see? False gurus wanting to make money. If you want to make money start some kind of factory, start some kind of business, start something and you can. If anyone of you want to become a millionaire you can , in five years. Firstly you must have a solid plan in mind, then you must have a burning desire to achieve your goal and then you must work hard. You must find people around you that could help you activate your plan. And there are other principles that you use as well as mental thought, and in five years’ time you can be a millionaire, if you are interested in that kind of life. I am not, because I've been through it all. I was a millionaire three times over, once by inheritance which I rejected, I didn’t want it. I told my mother , “Take that money and build a school and a hospital or something like that, I don’t want it.” Second time, by marriage, marrying a millionaires, we had parted and I didn’t want a penny of her money. And the third time in business , I was the biggest film importer and distributor in South Africa , plus so many other companies I was a director of 28 companies at one time until I had the heart operation and my partners thought I was dying. So they fiddled the books and I lost it all, I said thank god, because if I to have that, I wouldn’t be doing the work which I was born to do. All of these f alse gurus have big big ashram s, I have nothing. This pair of socks I have on is a gift given to me by some chela. These trousers I have on is given to me by some chela. This shirt I have on is given to me as a gift by some chela, and my shawl and I don’t know about my underpants. Do y ou see? My, I've got thousands and thousands of ashrams and those ashrams are in your hearts. That is the greatest ashram. So you see why masters come to the earth. Now – now you find some people that become self - realised and that’s the second part of your quest ion and they get rid of the ego, discard, but that is not entirely true. You cannot annihilate or destroy the ego and you cannot sublimate the ego, but you can clarify the ego by losing the sense of the small I. now to use an example how it is do ne is you take a piece of rubber, latex rubber something yeah, which is opaque, you can’t see through. So through spiritual practices you stretch that rubber until it becom es

3. DK 85 - 6 miles away from Cape Town , the government passed a law – African government that all – that all the people – Indian people that had businesses in the Gray Street area, whole big complex which is just off the high c lass European shopping area, now these Indians that came to South Africa started as workers in the sugarcane fields, sugar plantations, very good and the government, and they built up buildings and things worth thousands of millions and the government were passing a law to throw them all out to go to an Indian area, according to the Group Areas Law , so I took a deputation to the ministers in power, Minister of home affairs, Minister of Economics, Minister of this and that and I explain them the position these people with very hard work have built up this area and it is not nice to throw them out, expropriate their properties and when you e xpropriate people’s properties, the government gives you one tenth of its real price. So this was under Section 21 of the Group Areas Act and then I was instrumental in having put into force Section 17 of the Group Areas Act and I always work in the background, I don’t want headlines. So that was done. So now the Indians, this happened about 10 years ago I think, and all the Indian people are still there where they were and running their businesses. Only thing is that if a family should out residence, if they should move out from that area, they can’t transfer it to another Indi an and go to their own area. You see, so here millions and millions and millions of people’ s hard earned money were saved and for these reasons and so many other reasons, I live in Cape Town . So these masters that we – to go back to the original point – these masters are forced down by what is happening on the planet. They know that they are going into deep suffering and it is not only their personal suffering, but they suffer because of the suffering of others. Do you see? That is why Jesus’ life was not happy outwardly, everyone rejected him. The Jews did not like him, the Sanhedrin’s, the Zealots did not like him, the Roman rulers did not like him and in the end he was crucified. A horrible death. Do you see? And the funny part of this is this that when his own disciple Judas gave him away, and the other one said before the clock – the cock crows thrice, you will deny me. And when he was crucified all his closest disciples ran away. He had a maximum of only 500 followers, the 5000 that gathered with a three loafs of bread and fish, they were curiosity mongers and government people. And even having just 500 followers, his words are still alive now after 2000 years. Because like Buddha and Krishna and Christ, they don’t care what happens to them, they live for the love that they can give people and how they could benefit people. So those masters that have become one with god come down for this purpose, to love and love and teach and teac h and show people the path. Therefore Jesus said that, “I am the way, I am the life, I am the truth.” You see, and this happens to all of those masters without exception. In this century, at th e beginning of century, we had some, they were not in the class or category of Buddha or Christ, but they were highly realised people. Ramakrishna was suffering of cancer, a realised man. Raman Maharishi also had a very severe cancerous ailment. Swami Vive kananda suffered very severely of asthma for three years before he died. Swami Rama Tirtha was a very sickly

4. DK 85 - 6 man – Ram a Tirtha – and even your Gururaj suffers from his heart, had an open heart operation, severe diabetic, I got to take insulin injection every day . I've got cancer here, but these true mas ters never think of themselves – pardon me – because as soon as they start thinking of themselves, then they will start building their egos by becoming self - centered , they're thinking of themselves, but a true master always thinks of others and neglects his body because – because they’ve realised that this body is so transient, it’s here today and gone tomorrow. Who wants to think about something that is a flash? They're always thinking of that which is eternal, the eternal spirit. Now if true masters put their thoughts to themselves, then their spiritual energy which they send out will be blocked. Like in last night’s chart we drew here, I showed you how the ego has to be bloated away, or annihilated or sublimated or whatever you want to. so that the super - conscious mind and the conscious , pure consciousness could flow out of them to others to help them. Many people do not realise consciously wh at great benefits they receive by even just being in the presence of a true master. It is not only the words you hear from me, the wor ds of wisdom and understanding and seeing things from a different perspective but also the spiritual force that a true maste r keeps on emanating and sending forth to all those that come near him. You can ask these people that are close to me like in England, America, here, everywhere that any stranger I would meet, I would put a sm ile on his face; make him happy just by a few words. yes, and when you flow, the self - realised person, when he flows with the force of the super - conscious level, everything he wants, he just thinks of a little and it just comes right. Yeah, for example I applied for my Da nish visa in London and normally it takes four to six weeks, because the London foreign office has to write to Denmark foreign office and they have to reply back . So much red tape, and yet I got my visa in 24 hours. But of course Jyotima here and Danji has been very – working hard here going to see the foreign office and when Karen was in charge, she also pressurised the foreign office, but all these things just come together. Do you see? In which – in whichever way . And when Karen was in charge , same thing, you said that . You see, so anything you think when you reach a certain height through meditation and spirit ual practices, it comes to bear. Now the other suffering of a spiritual master that comes is – is this that he comes from that great vastness to capture all those universal energies into a small little body. He has to go through all the various levels of evolution to come down as a ordinary human being so he can communicate with another human being. Now if he should come in some differe nt form with six arms or what have you? He won’t be able to communicate. And the best way as even today’s psychologist and psychiatrist prove is effective communication. Not only from mind to mind, but heart to heart and then after all the spirit is one an d in the chela, because of that communication, because of the understanding given and because of the power imparted, and doing their spiritual practices, the eternal spiritual self within everyone becomes apparent to them . That is the procedure. There’s one tragedy though, that all true spiritu al masters burn themselves out on the physical level. Therefore you’ll find them all dying very young. Christ at the age of 33, Vivekananda at the age of 34, ramatiirtha 38, Ramakrishna 50, like that. They b urn their bodies out.

6. DK 85 - 6 transparent, like clear glass. So that the inner light, the kingdom of heaven wit hin sh ines through in its full glory and those are the signs of a self - realised man. He is not an avatara, those are very few and rare and all avataras are not different avataras, it’s only one avatara. That at times he gets born as Buddha, after all these all names, John, Jack, Jean, Joan, a ll humans but different names, Maria, good – good, good. So there's only one avatara, one total manifestation of god, but from time to time he takes on a body and is given a name, like Rama or Buddha or Krishna or what Jesus , Jesus or someone else you might know. Do you see? Now the person that reaches self - realisation in this lifetime compare him to a drop of water that falls in the ocean, so he merges away into god. Or you can compare him to a lump of salt which is thr own into the sea and becomes with the salt of the entire sea and that is merging into divinity. Now why stick to the small little individuality when you could be t he entirety, the universality – universality, universal, yeah. So when you preserve the indiv iduality, the individual ego, then you have a ll these ups and downs in life because the awareness is small. But when you merge away into unive rsality, your awareness is last, y ou rise above pain and pleasure, but you're in the land of pure joy and you're still helping the world which is another part of your question, as being a part – pardon me – as being a part of the total divine energy. You see, that is how it works. I ’ ve to talk – I have a few jokes, I promised Danji a fireman's jo ke, he’s a fireman. You see -- < audio skips > -- and they called Danji and his team to put out the fire. So it took them two hours to put out the fire, you know of this girl’s hostel, yeah, but it took the girls four hours to put the firemen out. (Laughs) You know there were three priests going to a religious convention, and they were sitting in the same compartment, they were catholic priests yeah and you know they do believe in confessions. So the one priest says that “My greatest weakness is women,” and the second pastor says, “My greatest weakness is gambling, I go to the races when I have money.” And the third pastor says that, “My greatest weakness is gossip , I'm hardly waiting to get out of the train .” (Laughs) So then this man goes to the doctor to t hank him, “Thank you very much for the medicine you gave ,” but the doctor says, “I never treated you and you are not my patient.” So this person says, “I know doctor, but you treated my late uncle.” (Laughs) Because uncle left him a lot of money you see. I got another one, turn around. Oh – yes Ma’am we are coming along now. You have understood me well young man? Yes, you see — you see what happens to avataras and realised men and how they helped the world? You see it is so important to come to courses. Firstly you receive darshan, you are in the presence of the guru impart spiritual force to you that can be developed t o that beautiful family spirit, which really teaches love thy neighbour as thyself and thirdly you're imparted some wisdom and makes you l ook at life from a different angle, a new perspective. So it’s very important to attend courses. Good, you know I think in one of my lives I must have been a bull - fighter . Namaste! Enjoy your lunch. Public : Remember your < 0:51:36.1 > Gururaj: Oh, oh, oh sorry < 0:51:42.4 >


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