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7. DK 85 - 7 del 2 a tabloid newspaper, you know tabloid is this size? And in that magazine was nothing else but adverse of various kinds of movements and when I just glanced through it, I said, “This is totally useless, the people that started it were just after making money. ” Knowing that the people have so much interest. Any of you that are intelligent enough, which you are, can start up a movement. Just read 15, 20 books on a certain s ubject, take something from this book and something from this book, something from that book, something from there and you start a movement, but it does not work. The guy that started it might be making money, yes that works. For a spiritual movement it re quires a true guru who can give you the spiritual force that is required and that is how people benefit. You see, next. – Just a minute, what a lovely gentle voice you have! You interpret it. Translator: She said that from time to time you often experienc e that you come to a place you have never been there before and yet you somehow recognise that place and the same thing occurs with different situations. You feel you have been in them before? How comes? Gururaj: Yes, you might have been there before. Yes , definitely! Therefore you recognise it. They had an experiment with a 9 year old child in India not so long ago, and these – these people had a neighbour who was psychiatrist. Now this little girl of 9 always used to talk about my husband is alive, 9 year old girl, and she described the house, totally room by room and even the furniture in the room. This was, you know, articles in newspapers throughout the world. So it got the psychiatrist interested. So they asked her you know w here about the place was and they took her there and they found exactly all the rooms and everything she had described and the person that was there, she said that this was my husband in my last life. Yeah, and she had never been to t hat place ever. But th en there she remembered something else that her grandfather had buried some money in the ground and she pointed the exact spot because she had helped her grandfather burying it. So they dug and found a whole lot of gold jewellery. The – the Indians are ver y fond of gold. You see, so these things are definitely possible. It is called pre - cognition. It happens to me very often where a thought would pass through my mind tal k ing to someone about something and then perhaps a week or so later, I meet the same per son which I had not seen before and we start talking, after which I realised it, “Ay, we discussed this before!” This again goes to show the universality of the mind. There is only one mind and through meditation the more brain cells you open, the more – t he more of the universal mind floats through. So this is done by meditation. Now the experiences you had were at some particular moment, some certain of your brain cells, without doing it intentionally were just opened and you have a glimpse of something. I was saying during this week when we spoke on a similar thing where you at

1. DK 85 - 7 del 2 Gururaj: (Laughs) You could’ve changed seats, she could’ve come infront. Good, shall we meditate for a moment? Just to settle down and let the tea and coffee also settle down? (Laughs) < chants prayer > Open your eyes slowly , Namaste – Namaste – O yes thank you. People that are not meditating and if they are in – and if they are interested, please collect a card from Jyotima and she will give you explanations and also teach you. Now all our meditators are given techniques personally by me. Now I have personally trained teachers around the world who are taught how to teach others, but the prescription is written by me. What -- the procedure is this that you fill in a form and the questions there would be your name and address and date of birt h and – and any special problems you might have like economic, health, social, whatever. Fine ! Now these forms are sent to me in South Africa with your photograph on it. Then what I do is use the photograph as a focal point and I go into the highest level of meditation , the super - conscious level , and in that area there i s no time and space. And I'm as near to you as we are near to each other here now. And in that deep meditation, your personal practices are worked ou t, which I write on the fo rm and send it to the teachers so that the teach ers can teach whatever practices that I prescribed. So in other words, I'm like the doctor and the teacher’s like the chemist giving you the medicines. So those of you that are interested, collect a card from Jyotima, you c an leave them o n the table. Yeah, a nd those that are interested, just pick up a card for the address and telephone number. By the way Jyotima is the leader of the Dansk Meditations Samf un d. Good, now let’s have some questions -- let’s have some questions from you. I mean not only from the meditators, but from our visitors as well. Anything you want to ask. We’re all like a big family around the world. Shall I translate that in English? (Laughs) Good. Translator: They seem to know it al l already. Gururaj: Yeah. Translator: Why do you dream? Gururaj: Ah, I can write a whole book on that. One has to go into dream psychology. Now that is one of the greatest gifts of God. And if you have nightmares, all the better. May you have more ! (Laughs) Now what the purpose of dreaming is this that is a released valve. Good. The mind is filled with so many thoughts in the waking state, yeah and there so many thoughts that are unexpressed which are expressed in dream form. I do not agree entirely with Fr eu d because Fr eud says that all dreams are but expressions of a supressed desire. Now how many people will have a supressed desire that they want to be murdered? Or get

9. DK 85 - 7 del 2 Now let ’ s get back to Sai Baba, I spent hour and a half with him, he is partly deformed you know, has an awkward body – awkward body, very nice man and we had long philosophical discussions. His speciality is turning his hand like that and manifesting ash which Rajnish, you must have heard of Rajnish yeah, says that you can find in the streets of Bombay a hundred of people that can do that. He is a good man, but not a very intellectual man. So therefore most of his following is amon g the poor peasants in India , yeah he speaks their language that they could understand. If I should go and speak to those peasants and go into the depths of the mind, psychology and psychiatry and you know neurophysiology and things, they wouldn’t understand me. He works on one principle, faith, and through faith it has helped many people. Now my teachin gs are not based on faith. Faith does not come first, faith comes afterwards in our teachings. First people get the experience and automatically faith develops . You see, so Sai Baba, they worship him as a good. And one thing he told me, he – he said, “My d ear brother, don’t let people make a god of you, because it’s a horrible life. You see, but he's a good man. Sincere, sincere man. I've met all th e g urus. < 1:07:56.8 > invited me to span when he was holding a course there and he wanted me to take with the TM movement which I refused because I did not agree with his principles, Muktana n d I know very well, you heard the name Muktanand? Yeah, he is the guy where you got to go with a ball of fruit and prostrate yourself on the ground to him and then he has a bunch of feathers which he bobs you on the head with. Nice way to enlightenment, but one thing it puzzles me, why do you – why does he use a bundle of peacock feather s ? Why can’t he use a heavy hammer? Then the people will see stars (Laug hs). So I know them all very persona lly, very personally. Swami Sachinand and all those, you can mention any names, yeah and I only go to those places if I'm in the area and by invitation. Yeah, so most of these gurus demand worship, you got to worship them, I don’t believe it that. To love the guru and have devotion is something different. Look you are devoted to your frien d or your mother or your father, you love them. Like that, not worshipping. Not worshipping. I'm just as ordinary as you are. I eat, I food, I drink tea, I drink water, right I go to the toilet. I'm ordinary like you. I sh ave, oh my apologies to you! (Laughs) Yes, yes, that’s only one difference, that you are on the path to divinity and I have achiev ed and become one with the divine. That does not make you any lower than me. Yeah, because as I said before, I see the divinity in you, although consciously you have not recognised it yet. Say for example if you wanna go from here to Copenhagen, how many k ilometres is that from here? About 30? Alright say 50. I'm just using an example, right. Some people could be 40 miles away from Copenhagen, some could be 30, some could be 20, some could be 10 kilometres away. Some 5 kilometres away. But all will reach Co penhagen, you see, but many people, not knowing the truth or doing their proper practices fumble around this way and that way and that way.

10. DK 85 - 7 del 2 Right, for example if you want to go to, name another city here – Aarhus, so you might b e running around the wrong roads and then you meet a person and you ask the direction and the person will say, “You take this direction to reach Aarhus.” Right, so the person that showed you the way, the right way to reach Aarhus is a guru. You see, a guru is also like a map, you don’t know – you go to a strange city you don’t know the city, then you look in your map where a particular < 1:14:06.3 >see, that’s why true g urus are needed to show the way. That is why the great master, Jesus said, “ I am the way, I am the life, I am the truth.” You see, when a child goes to school, he needs a teacher to learn the ABCDEF, what comes after F? G – Aha, beautiful! That’s the word I like, G. God. Umm, then after they’ve mastered the alphabet and word formation, then they can start reading themselves. So in everything, in any trade or profession, you need a teacher. You see, that is why true gurus are necessary. Good, I think we shall end tonight. So nice to meet some of the old meditators which I haven’t seen for a long time and the new meditators and our visitors, thank you very much. Namaste!

2. DK 85 - 7 del 2 involved in terrible accidents ? And yet people dream those dreams? So I disagree with Fr eud . You’ve heard of Freud ? The so called father of western psychology. And he started off with psychoanalysis and dream analysis, things like that. Good. Now why does a person have a dream that you would never think of in your waking state? The reason is this that the mind contains a memory box which contains all the experiences since this universe began including – the memory box contains impressions, right. Now in that dream state and we have studi ed REM which stands for Rapid Eye Movement , and we can tell you exactly when a person is dreaming. So from the deep state of sleep, you come to a lighter state of sleep. And all the impressions that are in the sub - conscious or the memory bo x has a chance of expressing itself. Now it is not necessarily of something which happened to you today or last week , although it could act as a trigger. Most dreams are a combination of so many different impressions. That is why people cannot interpret their d reams, because something is from this lifetime, something from another lifetime, some impression from a different lifetime, all still there in the memory box comes together and forms the story. Um - hmm. Now no one can interpret a dream for you. You get so m any rubbish books at book shops which says, “ If you dream of water, then it means that. ” “ If you dream of fire, it means that. ” “ If you dream of a ship it means that you're going on a holiday.” Nah, no only you can interpret your dream. Now this is a long subject, right, but last year I conducted a dream workshop at the University of Cape Town – at the University of Cape Town. And in that I put the people through – re - experiencing their dream. What I'm saying is just general principles wi thout going into deep details. Um - hmm , so I made them sit comfortably and you go over your dream, think the dream in your mind and after you have completed thinking of what you have dreamt, you just let your mind float into thoughts and those thoughts will normally be from where the dream left off. And you would be surprised what – how the dreams end in your thoughts. Why the dream stopped while you were dreaming is because your sleep runs in a pattern, comes to the surface, goes lower down, comes to the surface again and goes lower down. So when each of the surface you have your dream that when it dives deeper into deep sleep, then the dream is cut off. So in the waking state, you let the drea m play out and it will give you an idea of what the dream is about. And only you can do it yourself. When it comes to recurring dreams, like one lady came to me and she had one dream that came on over and over and over again. Now she has one daughter and she is very – very attached to that daughter and because of her attachment and the obsession that the attachment had produced, she always dreamt that they were somewhere and she lost the daughter and she hunted and hunted everywhere and couldn’t find the daughter in the dream and then she would wake up, of course, and the same dream used to keep

3. DK 85 - 7 del 2 on coming and coming and coming. Um - hmm, so when I explained to her in very great detail about her attachment to the daughter, you can love your daughter very much but you do not need to be attached -- she was a divorced woman and – and in her mind, she thought when my daughter grows up, my daughter will look after me and that is what caused the fear of losing the daughter. So I explained her about attachme nt, I explained her about obsession, I explained her about fear and when she had a proper understanding of it, that dream never returned again. You see, and of course I first made her work out the dream as I explained you before and then I went into detail s. Good. Okay? Next question. Public: < 0:19:31.7 > Gururaj: Yeah, unfortunately, because these people have been with me here for the whole week and there’s been a closeness, a repo so I could say, “You come on the next course,” because we do such a lot of things on the courses. For example we had the golden thread ceremony, those that meditated today, didn’t you find your meditations better? Yes, nearly everyone, you see, then we had a yoga nidra, nidra means sleep and yo ga means union, right, where you can go into the deepest sleep and still be aware of everything around you. I showed them how to do it, it will take some practice. For example at the Univ ersity of Cape Town in the sleep laboratory, and St. Thomas’ Hospital in London, and then Professor < 0:21:51.1 > , what they do is they make you lie down, which they made me do and w ire you up . We’re just connected to their apparatus, machines, and on those instruments they could see how deep and how deep asleep I was. So I was in very – very deep sleep but totally aware. The deep sleep was measured on their machines and when they woke me up, I could tell them everything, who came into the room and who said what to who and I was totally aware and if I could do it, all of you can do it too. So a lot of things happens on the course, like tonight we’re gonna do the midnight special, we have two talks a day, one in the morning, one in the evening., um - hmm. We ha ve group chanting and meditations and for example tomorrow night, which is only reserved to members that are on the course, we have the communion practice. Communion means where I -- you just sit still and do nothing, and I go into the deepest meditation c alled Nirvikalpa Samadhi in Sanskrit – nirvi – nirvikalpa and you got it right. Good. Yeah, and the people present, because a great energy is generated in the room, m e consciously becoming one with god , so that is w hy the people there in the room, you go through various kinds of experiences. And then we – and of course th en we discussed the ir experiences and I explained them what their experiences are all about. So lot of things happen on these courses and there’ s lo t of socialising, member's get together, lot of new friendships are formed and quite a number of people have found their marr iage

8. DK 85 - 7 del 2 home and you are thinking of your aunty, which you had not seen for a long time. And at that very moment there's a knock on t he door and aunty is there. Yeah, you see, so you get a glimpse sometime. But a glimpse is a glimpse. You eat say some favourite – some very nice dish now and you’d like to eat it again so many times, it was so lovely, but you can’t get it. So through spiritual practices y ou can develop these abilities where it becomes permanent. Yeah, I do not advocate any of these so called occult powers because they are very great stumbling blocks on the path to god. Because you get so involved in those psychic powers that the real goal is lost. There was a woman in Russia and they out her under a laboratory test. The title of the book which you could read it in is “Psychic discoveries behind the iron curtain” It’s written by someone called Ostrander and a co - author. -- Ostrander and a co - author, I'm sure it’s translated in Danish as well. Is it? Yeah, good fine. Now they described this woman in there where she could sit at a table and there’s an iron object and she could move that object by thought power. She could sepa rate in an egg the white from the yellow without touching it, but she is in such a terrible mental state, emotionally unbalanced. After every demonstration she gives, she has to be hospitalised for a good few weeks. Yeah, so not worth it. The only thing wo rthwhile is finding that inner peace. But when you go into meditation and spiritual practices, you develop some of these abilities, because the mind has become more and more aware, but you need not get tied up in it, enjoy. You pass a garden you see beautiful flowers, look at the flowers, enjoy the flowers, enjoy the flowers, enjoy the fragrance. Then you still have to come home. You're not gonna get stuck there in the garden. You see, or else if it’s a woman then – if it’s a man, the husband – the wife will say, “Where the devil has he gone to tonight?” (Laughs). I think it’s going on for about half past ten, I could sit and talk the whole night with you. Translator: What do you think on Sai Baba? What is your opinion upon him? Gururaj: Umm, I met Sai Baba personally and I spent about 2 hours chatting with him. Now Sai Baba has an ashram which is more or less 300 miles from Bangalore – Bangalore, so I phoned him from the hotel I was staying in Bangalore that I've – we were corresponding a lot before, yeah, that I've arrived in India, I'm in Bangalore and I'm coming up to your ashram. So he tells me that don’t worry to come because he was going to come to a place called Whitfield where he has a high school. So Whitfield is only 12 miles from Bangalore so it was better for me, instead of paying for a taxi for 300 miles, I paid the taxi for 12 miles and I'm a poor man, I'm not like those false gurus that got millions. I was telling s omeone, today I think it was, that this pair of socks I got on was a gift from a chela. The suit I have on was a gift made for me, also from the chela. The shawl was given to me from a chela. My underpants I don’t know where I got that. So I'm a poor guru.

4. DK 85 - 7 del 2 partners. And an atmosphere i s created of great happiness and joy and people fee l very uplifted when they leave. Because it’s not only the talks they are listening to, but -- and gain some wisdom, but also I exude something called “ Guru Shakti ” -- that uplifts. Because I am nothing else but a channel and these universal energies of the divine pour through me to you. I'm like a flute and he blows through it so that the world could enjoy the melodies. So many things go on courses. Try and come to the next one. There would of course be a charge to come onto course, because these people don’t give us this place for nothing, or they don’t give us the beautiful food for nothing, or the rooms and accommodations for nothing, you got to pay them. Good, next question. Public: Sometimes I < 0:27:43.2 > irritated with people taking a lot of time, talking and stuff < 0:27:51.0 > Gururaj: Yeah, what should you do? Public: And how could I handle it although I want to be loving and < 0:28:01.2 > Gururaj: And you're not a meditator are you? No? Um - hmm. Good, now what you would be given is certain practices of meditation. Um - hmm, you will be given a special practice called gurushakti and through these practices, it will be something like Ruyard Kipling’s poem, “If” most of you, I'm sure, must have read th at poem perhaps and translate it into Danish because it is world famous. And I can’t remember the exact lines, but the end of the poem says that the world can go crazy around you and you remain steady, unruffled, and that would prevent the irritation by le arning to meditate. You see, so it’s very important. So meditation not only leads you to the kingdom of heaven within, but it’s also makes our lives smoother. One man who was a General Manager of Building Society – Samfund – something you know where < 0:30:30.7 > building society? You have it here as well in Denmark? Translator: Okay, I got it now. Gururaj: Right you’ve got it right now, good. Umm, now he came to me one day to my office and he says, “Guruji, many people have flashy experiences in their meditation, but nothing is happening to me and I'm meditati ng for one year.” So we sat down, offered him a cup of tea, the girl brought in a cup of tea and we started chatting. I started about in a very casual way, I sta rt talking to him about his job, he tells me, “ You know before I used to get so mad at my boss that I could punch him in the nose and the people that work under me, when they used to make mistakes, I used to get so irritable ,” and now what happens now, so he says

6. DK 85 - 7 del 2 felt very proud that my great grandfather was a professor. You see, it does not help going into past lives. I can go into my past lives because it would not affect me in any way. Once a perso n has found total integration and self - realisation then he is not affected by anything, but when people have not yet reached that st age, it could be very dementing. It could affect you psychologically and cause mental disturbances. Okay, so don’t go into p ast lives and don’t go to the crystal ball gazes. This one man goes to a crystal gazer and she looked into the crystal ball and she told him a lot of things which could not be proven and then the last thing she said, that you are goin g to give someone a 100 kroners, meaning her. (Laughs) Yes, next? Translator: If you could stand up, the sound could travel. Gururaj: The sound could travel if you stand up you see. Public: It’s about America and its spiritual significance for the future and would you spea k a little on the subject? Gururaj: Um - hmm. Now America is a country that believes in instant coffee, instant pudding, everything instant. It doesn’t work that way. Even if your child wants to learn to play the piano, but at first ping – ping – ping – pin g and after practice will play Bach or Beethoven or Vaughn. But one thing I found with the Americans and we have a very large following there. They have a great desire for spirituality. The reason is this that they’ve advanced so much technologically, ther e were always after external things, so after materiality, that’s right, you see I can understand. So now, most o f them has reached a solid wall. So now where can they move but inward. They’ve explored as much as they could so far, of technology, and being a very prosperous country, of material acquisition, now they want to acquire the inner self. Which is a very good desire. So the external, the material side and the spiritual side can be combined < audio skips > pleasant and happier. Do you know I was telling – I was invited at the pentagon for dinner, now you would know that the pentagon controls the entire army and the navy, yeah with the idea of teaching soldiers and sailors meditation , which is being done, so there was a beautiful dinner, I made one remark which I found out that every day they waste so much food, so much food that it could feed the population of another small country. Yeah like Ethiopia or Uganda or any of those third world countries. So much waste. When I go to various cou ntries, I just don’t only teach , but I'm interested in everything and try to observe as much as possible. So with the take -- to go back to your question, with the advancement in materiality, they are definitely trying their best to turn inward. Hmm, but t hen remember a lot of them are opportunists – take, want to take opportunity – so when this interest in spirituality increased, so many movements were founded and 99% are rubbish. In San Francisco somebody showed me

5. DK 85 - 7 del 2 that , “If my boss is angry you know I just say nothing you know, it doesn’t affect me.” “ And the staff under you, if they made mistakes ?” , he says, “No guruji, I don’t get angry with them anymore, what I do is call them into the office and I have a nice chat with th em and show them, look do this this way and do that that way, ” and after that I start sp eaking about his wife. So he tells me, you know we used to have a lot of quarrels , and it used to be so bad that if I want to go this way, s he always wanted to go that way, but now we don’t do it anymore, we would take the centre path together.” You see, “And if she forgets to put a handkerchief in my pocket before I go to work, I don’t get angry, I buy myself a little box of tissues. ” Right. You see, and when I start talking about his children , he says, “I was so terrible before, when I used to come home they used to put on the music, that disco -- changalangalang -- so loud and I say, “Now?” He said, “Now I just don’t take notice. After all the children must also have some fun. ” And I discussed details like that with him and I say, “You tell me meditation has not benefitted you ? ” You see so it benefits a person in every practical aspect of one’s life. A meditator you can see a mile away -- a true meditator, you can see a mile away, there’s such a gentleness on their face s , there’ s such a glow, you become transformed. Okay? Start meditating, and then after a couple of months, you tell me if you still get irritated or not. Good, next. Transl ator: Would it be sound and reasonable for people to look into past lives? And if so , what should we do about it? Or rather how could we go back in earlier lives? What is the method? Gururaj: I would not advise it. Every person likes to imagine that he wa s a great king in his past life, every woman like to imagine that she was Cleopatra in her past life. But do you know that some of you might have been murderers and thieves and rapists i n your past lives? How will you feel then? So why go into past lives? It will not benefit you. There was a woman who came into a lot of money – pardon me – and she wanted to have a title, you know like in England, Lord so and so and Sir, so and so and Baron so and so, do you have it in Denmark? So this lady’s name, Mrs Greedy Body, she wanted to, you know, Lady Greedy Body, lot of – because she came into a lot of money now she wants a title. So she wrote to a firm that goes back into your genealogy. You know family tree, goes back. So this firm found that her great gran dfather was electrocuted because of murder. The electric chair, that was his punishment because he murdered someone. Now this firm thought, how shall we reply this woman because she paid a lot of money? So they wrote back that your great grandfather so and so died while he occupied the chair of applied electricity (laughs) – applied – thank you, good. It’s her first time by the way she's doing interpreting for us here. So you must help with some words, although I tried to be as simple as possible. Because w hen I lecture the universities I use a different language altogether, more highly technical. Now for example, when you said occupied the chair, it means professor, yeah, so when this lady got this letter, she


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