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3. German 78 - 2 side 2 this little planet earth, but the entire solar system, and this catastrophe will be brought about by man, man is progressing at a very fast pace in the t echnological fields and technology is developing at such a rate that greater and greater destructive instruments are being made. Lately we have heard such a thing as the neutron bomb, this bomb for example, will not break down buildings and cities, but it will kill every human being. So the conqueror c an take possession of other places < 0:21:06.4 > and have everything readymade for, without requiring to rebuild as < 0:21:21.5 > wars. Now this is only one little example . There are other countries in the world today that are busy with certain types of inventions that are even far far more destructive that aeroplanes and jet planes would not have to be sent for warfare, that sitting right in your home and pressing computerised buttons, the whole communities and countries could be destroyed, and that will happen because man's mind is progressing too fast. Where their intellect is going deeper and deeper into the finer points of itself and the combination of various factors which the intellect could bring up, can only culminate in the destruction of man, and this destruction would be so vast that its affects will be felt on other planets in the solar system. The stories you have heard of UFOs are to a great extent true, a lot of them are not true and are hoaxes , and they are brought about by sensation seeking people that amidst all this rubble there is some truth, and there are beings from other planet that is warning this world in so many different ways how to prevent this catastrophe. Now the catastrophe is l ikely to occur at the turn of the century, so what our mission is and the mission of the International Foundation for Spiritual Unfoldment is to develop the path of man, because if a man has an expanded heart filled with love, it will act as a brake on dev eloping the intellect. Now you cannot stop the intellect from developing because technology itself is a force that will leave you from one point onto the next, but if the quality of the heart is infused in the intellect, then the intellect will be used i n a proper constructive manner and not a destructive manner. So therefore all developments of humanity should be well balanced, the mind and heart. People t oday have forgotten how to love, their hearts have become so thin < 0:27:24.7 > and it is the opening of this heart that we are after so that the energies man has can be used – can be used in a worthwhile manner. Now I have been saying this and talking about this catastrophe for many years and not very long ago, a man called Linus P auling, yeah, who won the Nobel Prize twice for physics, he has also been saying the same, in th ese pa st few years. My perce ption has been direct cognition, in other words, a yogi can go beyond the levels of the entire < 0:29:07.7 > and see the whole patter n and scheme of things. In western terminology it might be called mystical perceptions. Good, but these direct perceptions is now being collaborated by modern science. So therefore, my message is this that all of you that have started meditating and that a re meditating since the < 0:30:20.2 > now there are many among you that could become good teachers, and if you can spare a few hours a week, < 0:30:52.0 > meditational systems and of course all the philosophical knowledge that goes with it, it will be supplied in the form of cassette tapes, and when the person does the practical side of meditation and also the understanding side of the < 0:31:26.8 > one not only improves oneself, but also helps others and so make

4. German 78 - 2 side 2 this world a better world. There have been reformers before that thought that society could be tra nsformed collectively, but they have not succeeded. Our method is this that transformed the individual because individuals are units that form the entire society. < 0:32:45.1 >

1. German 78 - 2 side 2 Gururaj: — he does not manufacture the energy but because he being a channel, it flows through him. Now, for a human being one needs the human impulse to impart because as we said, this energy embraced is abstract and this abstract energy has to be concretised and who else could concretise it better for the human being than another human bei ng. Because the true guru has experienced life – for the true guru has experienced life and perhaps not only one life, to reach the oneness and communion with divinity must be the process of many many lifetimes. And having experienced this communion, he ha s the ability to go back into his previous lives and know the lessons he has learnt and knowing all the mistakes that were made , he is in a position to advise others not to make those . Or as the saying goes that there is no saint that did not have a past, and there is no sinner that has no future. So every saint has had a past, and every sinner has a future. A good guru would intuitively know the sufferings of mankind ev en without a word being spoken and through the power and grace of divinity, he del ves de eply into the human soul of the true disciple. So there are two qualities required, a good guru and a good disciple. Now what are th e qualities of a good disciple is acceptance, openness, love and devotion, and through these few abilities, everyone has or in other words, these capacities which everyone has, you draw this grace to yourself or this gurushakti is like a well and you can draw as much water from it as you like , as Gita says, if you take a thimble,< 0:05:11.2 > then you can only get a thimble full of water. And if you take a one litre jug, t hen you get one litre of water and you take a 50 litre jar, 50 litres of water, so much to draw of gurushakti depends upon you. The greater love and open - mindedness you have, the more regular you are in your pra ctices, the more you draw from gurushakti. – So sweet, isn’t he? These are the principles of gurushakti. And this is nothing new, it has been demonstrated over a nd over again by true master s throughout your lives. Good, < 0:07:07.2 > Public: Gururaj, what if one has a hole in the bucket, and have no other bucket? Gururaj: If you are born with a hole in the bucket, then remember it is you that created the hole. We talked about it yesterday that every person is responsible for himself, and divinity is a neutral quality. So w hatever position we are put in is a creation of our own self, but there is no hope lost because if you had the ability to create a hole, then be sure to know that you also have the ability to mend the hole. So find wa ys and means to mend the hole and your bucket shall never leak. Now what are the ways and means to mend the hole? The ways and means of mending the hole is by doing one’s meditation al practices personally prescribed to you by your guru, secondly by self he lp that meditation is effortless, one hour a day, half an hour in the morning, half an hour in the evening, but what about the other 23 hours? Are you just going to sleep? You have to make some effort during the waking state of life, some effort is require d. Say one hour the qualities of the hole in the bucket is to be unemployed, it won’t help you to sit at home waiting for a job to come to you, you got to go and look for it. So effort is required. If a man is a drunkard, an alcoholic, now if he does not make any effort to push the bottle little further and further away, then all the meditation in the world will not help him. The

2. German 78 - 2 side 2 strength which me ditation gives you which is gained without effort must then be used in the waking state of life and to be used with effort to mend the hole in the bucket. I will tell you a little story. So there was a traveller and travelling a long distance, he was tire d in the evening, so he found a tree and he was resting under the tree. Now you know the Indian summer is very hot, you do not need blankets, you can sleep outside. S o this man was sleeping under the tree for the night and this tree was a fruit tree, it is a lovely Indian fruit called jam bol , it is something like a plum, little purple colour, very nice. Good , so he woke up and his eyes was still close and the thought went to his mind, I wish I ha d a jam bol to eat, and then when he opened his eyes, he saw a jam bol there because he was sleeping under a jam bol tree. But yet this man, when he saw this beautiful jam bol , he thought to himself a second thought, he thought I wish this jam bol can fall down right onto his < 0:14:08.4 > . So lazy, he don’t even want to stretch up his hand to pick the jam bol . So in our waking state of life, if we do not make effort to improve ourselves, then improvement will not come. So that is why combined with meditation and self help, the quality of life improves and as the quality of life improves more, more and more, we draw to ourselves the power of gurushakti. So the three things work together. Gurushakti, you don't need to ask for, it is always there, but meditation you have to do, self - help you must make and the gur ushakti which is always there will aid your growth and there’s no more holes in life. < 0:16:10.0> Public: Yes, it’s lunch time. Gururaj: < 0:16:15.1 > thank you, then have you got announcements to make? Public : Yes, a few announcements. Gururaj: -- We can start with questions. Translator: For the next future, there has been prophesied catastrophes and big changes, can some - - something be said about this? Yes. Gururaj: Because of that, I have undertaken thi s mission of peace and love to teach people how to find their real selves and every person’s real self is divine. Divinity can be called god, and god is love, love is god. I used to be a very big business man and my businesses ranged from films, finance, p roperty development, textiles and many other kinds of this. There was a time when I was a director of about 28 different companies, and I have renounced all these to live a life of poverty and to bring this message to the world because of this catastrophe that is coming. At the turn of the century, a catastrophe is likely to occur that will not only affect


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