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2. Lo s Tres Yogas-01 Now if you can combine the subtle level with the grosser level, what a great different it will make to your life. So, the conclusion is this --

1. Lo s Tres Yogas-01 If you understand or if you don't, if you believe or if you do ubt , there’s a universe of justice and the eyes of truth are always watching you. Translator: He’s asking which is the way more appropriate for us, Bhakti yoga, gnan yoga or karma yoga? Gurura j: Ramakrishna, great master has said that in this time and age, Bhakti yoga is more important because bhakt i yoga implies a total devotion not only to your guru, but to everyone you are in contact with – contacto. Uma has been teaching me little Spanish and I've been teaching her little bit English. What is the basis of bhakti yoga? The basis of bhakti yoga is to allow the heart to flow in total devotion for if the devotion is lacking, there is no bhakti. To find true bhakti requires in the first stages an object of bhakti, that object can be anyone, even my picture. So from abstraction you bring life to concreteness. You try and love something which is abstract, you can’t do it. It is only after you reach a higher stage of evolution that you can be devoted to abstraction, but with the abstraction, you find subtraction and bhakti disappears and when bhakti disappears, your mind starts functioning in contemplation where you could analyse the reserves of your bhakti and in that analysis you will find the full force of your devotion because your devotion or bhakti is governed by thought forces in your mind. How else will you recognise bhakti if gnan yoga or the thought processes are not recognised so gnan yoga forms a part of your bhakti. Now as you progress in your contemplation and the understanding of your bhakti, then your feeling develops more and more because bhakti constitutes of amore -- love – el amore and when that constitution is formed think yourself then bhakti and gnan yoga or contemplation joins hand in hand. So you develop the feeling of love supported by the analysis of the mind because gnan yoga is an understanding that you have to understand the working of bhakti which is the heart. So wh en this combination takes place, its like mixing colors, you take yellow and blue and it forms green. Look at the combination. Like oxygen and hydrogen and its combination forms water which is a different thing from oxygen and hydrogen. It is a very scientific process. It is not mystical as some people think it is, it is practicos – practico. Now to bring the practicality of bhakti and gnan, it has to be externally expressed and the expression of bhakti and gnan comes through karma yoga. So in practicality, to repeat again, it has to find its own physical expression and the physical expression of karma yoga can only be through the actions of your lives. Now action in life is not only physical, but the action of life originates in the thought processes of the mind for the mind is also action, every thought you think is an action. The thought is of a subtle level and the physical action is of a grosser level.


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