Practica De Purification Y Preguntas-02

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2. Pract ica De Purification Y Preguntas- 02 Gururaj: Sixty four. Now, I am going to make you feel not sixty four, but thirty four. Public: Maybe she already feels thirty four. Gururaj: I love you, yeah. You, my good lady, feel very sexy (laughs). I'm making jokes with you. That little problem you got here is gone. You see my teachers and the healers must not even ask the problem of any person, but they must feel the problem of the person and just by a touch we get rid of the problems of the person. Good, bless you my mother, bless you. Face me and look at me, you stupid bastardo, you have been messing around with your life for so many years and the first time you made love when you were only 11-12 years of age, you could not help that, but you were taken by force. We’ll get her out of that problem, you wait, you wait I will show you. Oh are you comfortable darling? Public: She wasn’t comfortable, now she is. Gururaj: Good. So at a very early young age you were raped. Translator: Perhaps yes. Gururaj: Bullshit! Your father knows, no one can tell any lie to me because I read their minds and their hearts. So at a very young age you had this experience of sexuality – sex, it is not important, not important but throughout your life you have been going through so many problems. The first problem in feeling disappointed within yourself and the second problem was the circumstances that produced a greater problem to you. Now we have to realise that the whole world can go to hell and I am not going to allow the world to affect you.

1. Pract ica De Purification Y Preguntas- 02 If you understand or if you don't, if you believe or if you do ubt , there’s a universe of justice and the eyes of truth are always watching you. Translator: You say that when you're doing social work to do gurushakti do be non-affected by problems of all the people, but if I do this social work is because I feel affected by these problems. Public: When I do the social work, I become too emotional. Gururaj: Oh it has been decided to what you are interpreting? Public: No, but then I would lead them on how to do gurushakti so that the problems of others won't affect you, you wouldn’t become too emotional affected by the problems by natural ways. Gururaj: Now, you come here and I will show you the power of gurushakti, sit, take off your shoes. I’m joking. The power of gurushakti comes by total surrender and if you have with you the stem of total surrender, then nothing can affect you. For example, my beautiful lady Rose or my <0:05:44.8> have consultation with their patients and yet the idea is to separate one’s self from the problems of the patients – how do we do that? The way to do – the way to separate ourselves from the problem of the person we are in consultation with would be to separate yourselves that you are not the problem, but the patient is the problem. Now if we can realise the patient to be patient and the consultant to be consultant, now in that separation of patient consultant, there is still a rapport that you create in the feeling of your patient. I have been doing this for all my life, I know what I'm talking about. Now, her question was this, how to be not affected. How do we do that? I will show you in practical demonstration of the power of gurushakti. I am going to cover this beautiful lady in a tissue cover – protection of the power of gurushakti so nothing can affect her. Okay, are you comfortable? She is now totally protected by anyone that can affect her. She’ll come. Come sit, touch my hand. You are feeling a certain coolness, so comfortable, thank you my lady. Anyone else? Come. Sit, relax come on, relax this lady came up – now I will show you something else how I will instil in her the spiritual energy which she is going to impart to my mother. Do you feel the beautiful calmness floating through your body? Yes? That is the power of the spiritual energy which I am giving from me to her to give to madre – to mother. What is your age? Public: Sixty four.


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