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2. SA77- 52 the path of evolution and evolution always takes a person towards self integration. Fine. Now it is believed by many that a retarded child suffers, that is not true. It has been proven clinically that if the brain does not function perfectly, normally as we would say, then the suffering is also less. Now highly sophisticated person with a very high IQ necessarily would have a high degree of sensitivity, now by having a high degree of sensitivity, his pleasure would be enhanced and at the same time his pain would be more intenser because of his sensitivity. Now the retarded child has not got the sensitivity and therefore its sufferings are less. I know of one experience and I know this very personally, it was this that a woman gave birth to a retarded child, fine. Something just happened in the mother's womb whereby the growth stopped. When I went deeply into this matter of the mother's life, her previous lives and the child's lives, this experience of retardation was so so necessary for this child that it was on the verge of self- realisation. This retarded child was on the verge of total integration. This retarded child was on the verge of having total unity consciousness but because of the experiences and because of the actions of previous lifetimes, it needed this process, it needed this incubation, it needed this birth to bring the ledger to a balance. Good, right. Now that is the experience which I personally have had about this child. Good. And the child is now in total unity consciousness. Good. Then you might take another retarded child that would go through life as a vegetable. Now people might say if a child is vegetating, or a person is vegetating, should that person be allowed to live? And this has been a question that has been very hotly debated not only here in South Africa, but also overseas. There's word for it where they put a person to sleep, euthanasia, yeah. Now I personally feel that euthanasia is totally against the laws of nature, totally against god’s will, if you wish to put it that way because the suffering the person is going through is measured with your eyes. We think that the person is going through this suffering but we hesitate to think that perhaps this suffering is necessary for this person to evolve further and yet if a person is vegetating, the suffering is so much less because of the lack of sensitivity. Now the question asked what happens to a retarded child after he leaves this body? Good. When a person leaves this body, what goes with him is not his mind, not the mind as we know it, but the total impressions that were created by the mind. So here is a differentiation between mind and his impressions. Good. Now the impressions that go with would naturally determine a future birth for the child. Those impressions formulate a mind and the formulation of the mind is that which brings individuality again to that person. So on the other side, that is a word which we use for the sake of convenience because what do we mean by the other side? If we say the other side where? It might all be here but in a different dimension and our senses are not developed enough to be able to perceive the other dimension. Good. Now to use that word for convenience on the other side, that child will become whole again. By saying whole again, it means that it will be just as if it was a normal person because the damage, the damage was a brain damage and the damage is a

3. SA77- 52 physical organ which is left behind with the body. So the totality that goes with him, the subtle body – the subtle body has contain – or does contain all the impressions of all lifetimes the child might have had lived, including the lifetime when it was mentally retarded. Now this will help, this will help that individual entity, that subtle body which is empowered with the spiritual body, this will help the person, he’s not a child abymore now. On the other side there's no children or no grownups. Fine, good. So it will help this entity to formulate its future birth where it will evaluate al the happenings and including the happenings that happened to him while he was with a retarded brain. So in that evaluation, it will formulate the process and in the process, it will find the right vehicle to be born, to the right combination of man and woman through whom it can take birth into this world which is a school. Now its not even necessary to come back to this world. There are thousands and thousands and thousands of other worlds in this universe which are similar to ours and you will find this for yourself as you progress in meditation, as you can lead your mind away to encompass the entire universe, you will know , you will see these other worlds that exist an d where there are human beings like us, there are other planets where there are begins that has a far refined mind than ours, far refined brain that does not even require verbal communication and all communication is done by thought, thought communication, feeling communication, emotional communication. Now we experience this to a certain measure ourselves here where we can communicate by thought, I have the experience of thinking of tea and someone will put on the kettle and say, “I've just put the kettle on”, right. So there is thought communication. Fine we experience these things and many of you might have had these experiences where you think of a friend and here is a knock on the door, the same friend turns up. We have emotional communication say between man and wife, without even uttering a word, the emotions becomes so together in oneness, the feelings become one, a mutuality develops. Now we on this planet, being subjected to certain limitations experience these things limitedly. We experience thes e things limitedly so it is not wrong to assume that these experiences can be experienced limitlessly. So if the mind is capable of this thought that we can go beyond the present limitations, then it definitely exists that one can reach there. After all the creation of the entire universe is noting but of the mind. Take the mind away and there's no universe, good. It is via the mind that the unmanifest becomes manifested and the mind being a cunning animal, s I always call it, stops us, veils our view, stops us from knowing the unmanifest, value that is within oneself, meaning divinity that's within ourselves. So we use the mind as an instrument. The very mind that blocks our view, we use the same mind as an instrument so that we could know what the entire manifestation is all about, and the entire manifestation means the entire universe. So the mind at a finer level is able to conceive of, is able to perceive the entire universe and when it perceives the entire universe, at that moment when he perceives the entire manifestation, at that moment he becomes aware of the unmanifest as well. So these are the stages that the mind takes on and develop right from the level of the retarded child upto the level of the self-realised being to whom the whole universe is within his embrace. So right from the

4. SA77- 52 damaged mind or brain, retarded child too, this self-realised person look at the vast range and scope and people say, “oh what a terrible world”, this is – this world is so wonderful, it is giving us the opportunity to use the mind with discrimination so that we could go beyond all our limitations and as we go beyond all limitation, we will find another limitation little further to go, and a little further to go. The road is there but there is a time and the place where the road ends. Good. So the scope, the scope is infinite and the retarded child, although he might not be able to conceive of the entirety of the universe as we used, as we said in the example earlier, he will conceive of that unitive state after he leaves the body and leaves the damaged brain behind. So whenever we see a person in unfortunate circumstances we feel sorry, perhaps for the retarded child and most people would scoff at the retarded child, but who are we to judge? Doesn’t the bible not say and I repeat this always, “judge ye not that ye be judge”? Who are we to judge the extent or the evolutionary status of even the retarded child. Who are we to judge even the sinner? What man is so qualified that could know the inner workings of the mind and heart of a murderer for example the thief. Who knows the inner workings? Who knows what prompted him to do the act he has done? So there too, in such severe cases of thieves and murderers and robber, we do not judge ,we are not entitled to do that because all judgements we make is just an expression of the limitation of our own minds. If you are qualified enough to become one with the mind of the object, then you will not judge at all, then you will help because most judgements as we know that are given, most judgements that are given are always very seldom. To the advantage of the person or the evolution of the person. I had a recent experience now, little story I would tell you of a man in England, I would not like to mention his name, but you’ve got his telegrams lying on the desk. This man was charged by law for fraud, for fraud involving – involving hundreds of thousands on the English VAT, Value added Tax, something to that effect. There were hundreds of thousands involved and he was part and parcel of the whole fraud that was perpetrated by this group of three men. Fine. He came to see me when I was in England last July. I said, “come let us go into meditation together and see what it is”. We went into meditation, I personally found that this man was a victim of circumstances and the judgement that would be given against him is not going to help his spiritual progress, is not going to help his path of evolution, his friends were involved in this fraud for more than a year before this young man met them an d he got drawn in, he got drawn in to this whole scheme. His lawyers advised him, “plead guilty, there is no hope for you”, the judge in his summing up said that this man must be put in jail for at least three years and then the jury went into recess and they pronounced him not guilty. He sends a telegram totally exonerated and acquitted. Good. So even that judge on the bench in the court, he too has a real no right to judge. Now we are discussing philosophy, good. If we discuss sociology it would be a different matter because there has to be some norm to keep society intact. To keep society intact and to help society to function well so

6. SA77- 52 Gururaj: Hmm. Public: Umm— you said tat – we’ve been listening to the English tapes and you’ve mentioned a number of things on there and one of them being that an avatar or an enlightened person is drawn back to the world because of the need of the world at a particular time and that it also effects not only the world but much – much – much greater system. Now if – if it is one little dust in the universe, this earth, it would draw such a soul. Is it possible that there would be a simultaneous incarnation elsewhere in the universe that the --- Gururaj: (Laughs) beautiful – beautiful yes, yes. The avatar or the incarnation that comes to help mankind, you’d find it said in the Gita, I think I've sais this before that when evil grows beyond control and the good is suppressed, I take birth from age to age. It has been said. Now there are many varying conditions attached to this, firstly an avatar is a being who is always on the fringe of unity consciousness and duality consciousness. He by his will can drop away into that unified state at any time. And he, by his will wants to help the process of evolution so that he would feel is the service he has to render, not only the world, but the entire universe. Now this world is less than a speck of dust as far as the universe is concerned, we know that even within this one galaxy there are thousands of solar systems. We also know that there are millions and millions of galaxies. Good. And we also know that with these millions of galaxies, they form into a universe and we also know that like the one universe which the human mind can perhaps conceive of, there are millions of universes so the whole process is infinite. Now if you put space and time to the universe which the mind is capable of, then you are limiting the universe. Now such limitations are necessary just for the purpose of explanation but when we talk of the totality the super universe to use that term. Good, fine. Now in this super universe do remember that this earth, this speck of dust is very – very important. If you study the atomic structure of this spec of dust or even of a grain of sand, you’d find the same structure existing in all matter everywhere. So if this planet did not exist, the entire universe would not exist either. So this little planet is just as important as the entire manifestation. If we take this little planet away, then the manifestation would lose its completeness, there’s something missing and the construction of the universe is such that you cannot add on a single ounce of energy to it and neither can you take away a single ounce of energy. So therefore this world, this world is just as important as the moon, the sun, whichever that you can see is just as important as the entire universe but its important, must be looked at and taken in its proper context as a part and parcel of universe and not because o f ego, not because of building up the ego saying, “ah, this world is so necessary, so therefore I am so necessary to it,” good, fine.

7. SA77- 52 Now the avatar would take an incarnation, say on this planet in – on our world. Now it would not take an incarnation if there was not a magnetic draw. It is the world itself that causes the avatar to come. Although the avatar has freedom of choice to come or not, but the avatar’s whose very nature is love and compassion can never refuse the draw of the magnetic pull. Why do you think we had Christ and Krishna and Rama coming to this little planet if it was so insignificant in this sense? It is significant, it is just as significant as the entire universe. Fine. Now human beings are so constructed that the human being has the ability within one lifetime to realise the entire universe and to realise god and to become self-integrated. The human life is at a transition point and this transition point is brought about because he has the ability to discriminate and it is this very power and ability of discrimination that could aid him to god realisation and it is the same power of discrimination that could block his path to realisation depending how it is used. Good. Now to the avatara who would take human form to us three score years in ten seems such a long time or even 33 years seems such a long time for an avatar to be here on earth, but to the avatar who is the master of the universe that lives a life within the boundaries of time and space and yet has full knowledge of timelessness and spacelessness. So you asked could he be simultaneously at another planet? He could, he could be at another planet simultaneously. As a matter of fact he is everywhere. So when you talk of another planet and if he is there simultaneously, we are judging it with our minds which are limited. We are differentiating between this planet and that planet or that planet. And yet to that avatar that has embraced the entire universe there's only one universe. There’s only one universe. Good. You can be in Wyneberg, and yet, sitting in Wyneberg, be aware of Cape Town. Now this is a distinct possibility which many human beings can do, where the awareness is there. So the awareness of the avatar is so universal and he is so beyond time and space that his awareness extends everywhere and he is everywhere. Therefore he is omnipresent. Therefore he is omnipresent. Now when an avatar comes to this world, we judge him not by his universalness, we judge him by that little frame of a body that he has worth One shilling and four pence and chemical value. Yeah – yeah, yes. We talk of Jesus, but how many people can differentiate between Jesus, the body and Christ? Two different things altogether. When we talk of Jesus, we talk of the man who used to wine and dine with the Pharisees and the Sadducees, fine, that is Jesus! But what Jesus contained within him, the Christ, that is Christ consciousness and that consciousness is universal. So now an avatar, after having captured the entire universe within his fold, now imagine – im agine the process the avatara has to go through, from that vast universal self right down – down – down to this little small body, and then we talk as we always do, how Jesus suffered for us. Good. We talk about this, about other avatars too. This is the suffering, this is the suffering. Not the little physical suffering, millions of men have left their body even in a worst way, millions of men. But the real suffering – real suffering was to capture his universal self and wilfully, because of the need, bring himself down into this little framework of a body. That was real suffering. When we say he came to save mankind, it is very true, what is

8. SA77- 52 the saving? The saving is to give you the necessary knowledge so that you can be on the path, because to the avatar I and my father are one, I don’t need to evolve, you need to evolve. So listen to these teachings and evolve because your salvation lies in your evolution. Your salvation lies in your evolution so that you could reach back home and what place is more comfortable than home? I have two friends here leaving for home tomorrow and we all feel a bit sad about it, but I'm sure – I'm sure home is home. Home is home. Good. So that is what we want to do, that – that is the whole purpose of life, that is the whole purpose of the avatar’s teachings. That is the whole purpose of the universe where even – even the little self that you are is a necessary must in this universe. A necessary must in this universe. You exist because god exists and god exists because you exist. You’re inseparable. The light cannot exist without its shadow. Heat cannot exist without coldness. The sun could never be there if there was no rain. Day cannot exist without night. All these opposites are there all the time and what we want to do is go beyond the law of opposites and reach that Christ consciousness or Krishna consciousness. Therefore it is said in the Bible and – and other scriptures of the world and no scriptures – no scriptures in the world are so so wrongly interpreted and misinterpreted. Wrongly understood when Christ said that “No man reaches the father but by me,” Krishna said the same thing, Rama said the same thing. What they meant was that consciousness. Reach in the stage of Christ consciousness, reach that stage and then you become one with the father. That is the message and when these messages gets misinterpreted, get misunderstood, get made a mockery of, then the avatar comes again and explains – explains the same laws all over again so that people could start re-understanding and using the proper interpretation of all these great words that was spoken, not only today but spoken ages and ages and ages. But the teacher comes, the teacher will always come, the avatar will always come and same old teachings are given of love and c ompassion. Same old teachings are given, but in a way that could be understood in the time and the age so that – so that evil can diminish and goodness can rise. That is the purpose of the avatar. You might even have one in this world now, who knows? Publ ic: < 0:44:00.6 > Gururaj: (Laughs) after 12 yeah? Now --- Public: < Inaudible > Gururaj: Yes, I think so, yes. Make a note of you question so you won’t forget it and we’ll start with yours first next week. Public: < 0:44:25.8 >

9. SA77- 52 Gururaj: < 0:44:27.1 > carry o n. Public: I just wondered if an avatar incarnate into a body that is defective in the sense that < 0:44:39.7 > Gururaj: Oh yes, oh yes. Public: What did – what would < 0 0:44:44.2 > Gururaj: Yes – yes, when the avatar takes onto a body, he is taking on certain limitations because of the body and the avatar too, because, having come down through this tunnel, this dark tunnel having come down, he too has to go beyond his mind and body and re -find himself, Rama only re-found himself after he was exiled for 14 years. Krishna also only re- found himself during his discourses with Arjuna and so did Jesus also re-find himself when he was 30 years old and he did all his teachings in three years yeah and those teachings are immortal, immortal not because the man Jesus said it, immortal because the consciousness that brought it forth, the Christ consciousness. Oh yes, so the avatar having a body also has to re-find himself, it is a process which is a necessary must and when he, by the time he re-finds himself, he might have lived a very strenuous life perhaps, that had broken down his body, yet, in spite of the broken body, in spite of the broken body, he lives on, he lives on by sheer will, that's how it works. Okay? Fine!

5. SA77- 52 there has to be certain laws, but when we come to the real realm of this – the spirit. When we come to the realm of the kingdom which is within, there man's judgement is of no value, no value at all. Fine. So when we see a retarded child, we must always think, we must always think that this experience is necessary for the child but at the same time knowing of the experience of the child, our hearts must fill with love and compassion and to be able to help in whichever way we can, we should help . if it is possible for us. Okay? Right Mike? Good fine – fine. Next? Public: < 0:24:29.9 > Gururaj: It is – it is. It is good for the people that looks after the child to have this experience of service definitely so and the benefit there – the benefit there would be more for the people that looks after rather than the recipient. Whenever we do any act of charity or any good act, always be sure to know that you are benefitting more than the recipient. In Victor Hugo’s book Les Miserables, there’s a lovely passage there which I love very much, life is made to give and not to take. So it is in this giving – giving of love, giving of service, giving of compassion that we are benefitting more than the recipient. As soon as man starts thinking that I have benefitted such and such a person, there is no reward for him, there is no reward for him because whatever he has done should be done in that spirit of love without any expectation of any reward, because as soon as you say “I have done this for so and so,” ask the question what I are you talking about. This little ego I, this little ego I that has, that could be so so low perhaps on the ladder of evolution, what are you capable of doing? Your little ego, what is it capable of doing and by thinking that way, you’re only strengthening the ego and the ego as you would know is the greatest lock to spiritual progress, yeah and the ego stems from the mind. So whenever we do charitable act or looking after this little sick child, serving it, there is selfless service involved because that child cannot give you any returns. So that service there would become more selfless. Fine. Then you have other people doing great works of charity. I know one particular case where a school and a temple had to be built and this one person promise to give 50,000 rant as a donation for the project , but he made one condition that in the grounds there must be a bust of me . Yeah, or a plac that this school was founded through the kind generosity of Mr. So and so, now who is so and so? Yeah, that is no charity, that is not selflessness, that is selfishness because even after the man leaves his body and the body goes dust to dust or ether to ether, he still wants to perpetuate the body that is now dust in the form of a statue of himself. So that is not charity. Yeah, good. Fine. Next? Public: Guruji,

1. SA77- 52 Satsang 52, 12 th of November, 1977, Satsang 52 Public: Gururaj, what happens to a mentally retarded person who suffered greatly in this life? What happens to him after death? Does he find peace and happiness, rest? Gururaj: Fine, lovely question. Mental retardation can be caused through various factors. A person, after growing to a certain age can also, through accident, stop brain growth, very young age, four, five, six, seven and then of course the one that we should really think about today is the person who is born mentally retarded. Now the question would be, why is this person born mentally retarded? Now we all regard divinity to be just and fair. Why should he give one person an IQ of 250 while another person to be sub-normal? Why should there be such injustice? But if we examine what happens, we will find that divinity has nothing to do with it whatsoever. The person of mental retardation has brought that upon himself because of past existences. In past existences <audio skips> of the concepts of the yin and yang, good. This stems from the beliefs of Taoism <audio skips> for his evolution. So the mentally retarded child might seem retarded to us but as far as evolution is concerned, he is progressing. He is progressing because even with the mental retardation, the child is gaining some experience and every experience gained in life adds to one's progress as far as evolution is concerned. The experience can be a good one or the experience can be an adverse one, but there is every experience that will always teach us something. Good. Some people find lessons hard to learn but you have an outlet and that outlet is repetition. That is one of the faculties and facilities that is given to man so that through repetition even of an adverse act or a not good act, he will come to the realisation one day that this act is not conducive to my peace of mind. Man is not interested in evolution. He is interested in the happenings here and now. He is interested in how much happier he can become in this life. Good, and he soon realises that the acts which I have been performing is not bringing me the necessary happiness and so through trial and error, repetition of the same error time after time after time, there comes a time when he would change his ways and he would cease to do the acts that had been producing unhappiness to him. Fine. Now that is done by a normal person and by normal person I mean a thinking person. Really speaking, we do not have normal people in this world (laughs) good. A nor ma l person is a person who is a self-integrated person and if a person is not a self-integrated person yet, there's no hope lost. If he's not a self-integrated person yet, then there is some form of imbalance within him and any imbalance is abnormal. So we have very few, perhaps you can count them on your fingertips. We have very few self-realised beings on this earth. Good. So the retarded child does not need to worry very much about his abnormality, he is in good company (laughs). Good. Now we have to look into the cause of the retardation of the child. Good. We have seen that the retardation was a necessary experience that the child needed in his progress in


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