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7. SA78- 79 Public: < 0:36:27.6 > Guru: Now this shows that the man could have not been there without a woman. Why should the seed always grow and not the ground? Why is the seed masculine and the ground feminine? And yet, the seed needs the support of the ground to flourish and flower ? Good, now men are equipped with certain abilities. Man is always a go -getter. I'm not talking of the modern society, liberated society. What they are liberated from? I don’t know, because what they talk of as liberation, I see it to be bondage. Now, because the man has the -- being the go-getter, being the eternal wanderer, a traveller, that body could be more conducive for the mission on hand and look, and yet, the Avatara has his beloved, Krishna had his Radha, Rama his Sita, had their beloved who was part and parcel of him -- part and parcel of him. So the Avatara too has to function not only through is masculine form, but also through his expression of the female form. So, in those spheres of the spirit, there is no man, neither woman. The spirit has no sex. Sex is only defined on this very mundane, transient level. The Avatara knows that I'm not only one with my beloved, but also one with the entire universe for I am the un iverse . Now, having the strength, having the force, the Avatara necessarily gets born in the male form where for him renunciation is required to be easy, to be practical. In the female form, the person is tied up with family responsibilities which could be <0:40:05.0> all of great universal or worldly rather mission and yet we see male form cannot be denied self realisation for even within the responsibilities of her household, she can still achieve self realisation. Ancient mythologies always have regarde d the women to be the expression of the mind. Shiva, the male figure expresses itself through this energy which is Shakti -- Shiva Shakti. How can Shakti be apart from Shiva? So Shiva and Shakti is one, the fragrance and this flower are not apart from each other. The Avatara contains within himself all the Shakti for it is his own manifestation. In subtler realms of the spirit, it is his own manifestation that is our assumed as conveniences and there is not a single theology that denies that these great personages were men. Even -- even when it comes to Adam and Eve, they say Eve was created out of the rib of Adam. Now, this does not mean that there is no equality between male and female, total equality, but there is a division of labour. There is a division of labour where the female forms the wife is forever serviceful and supportive to the husband. Subservient yes, but not servile and that brings about the equality between man and the woman. It brings about a togetherness, yet the division of labour is preserved, protected provider, the woman serves, participates, encourages, helps the right hand man. Oh yes. <0:43:02.7> of the seeds that have to grow to <0:43:07.8> . It is important to the Avatara, there is no male, neither female. It is all one -- it is all one, but because he chooses the male form for convenience, he still brings within his Shakti all the time anywhere he goes, everywhere he goes, but Shakti shall forever be there. The flower cannot go away leaving its fragrance behind. <0:43:46.3> fragrance all over, but the essence of the fragrance is inherent in the flower and with the flower all good. Okay.

8. SA78- 79 Public: < 0:44:00.0 > Guru: Um-hmm -- good. The awareness of the soul for activity on this level is nil. It only operates by a law of nature, a magnetic force and is only when that soul lives through the aid of the sperm germinates and develops and starts unfolding its consciousness that it cognises its activity. Until then, it is just propelled by the laws of nature, propelled by the law of evolution all the time. So in that case, that subtle body after reaching its evaluation in a different plain of existence formulates <0:45:31.5> and once that need for its own fulfilment, or evolution is recognised, that soul is forced through by the laws of nature, propelled by evolution. No consciousness there although the consciousness is in latent form, but in that state, it is not cognisant of this activity. <0:46:11.7> cognisant of this activity in the subtle body until the evaluation becomes complete and then the sum total of himself is that soul which know that no activity until it is given a chance to develop again and that is why it has to face birth. That is why the dormant latent consciousness has to be expanded and brought to free cognition. Public: < 0: 46:53.9 > Guru: At the moment, when the soul is < 0:47:09.1 > after evaluation, it is in a state of bliss and non - bliss. It exists because it is not aware of its activities, it does not have the consciousness and if it does not have the consciousness develo ped, then it could not experience bliss < 0:47:37.7 > . So, consciousness requires to be unfolded < 0:47:44.7 > and that gives in the experience of blissfulness, there is non - bliss . Good. Okay. Break for tea?

4. SA78- 79 within him to avoid the two million lives and find realization in this lifetime. That Karmic load can be got rid of, right thinking, right option, accepting the position and acting upon it, either through Karma or through Bhakti, or to analysis Gnan yoga which all ultimately combined as a whole when you think right, you do right, you love right, Karmic Gnan Bhakti and then with the help of Raj yoga, with the spiritual practices , whereby you can draw the energies within us, the spiritual energies within us grow upon them that would help in right action and right thinking. And so after conception in whichever manner it could have been, there is no hope lost for any man on earth. There is great truth when the Biblical scripture say that man is created in the image of God. It means that all that godliness is there within him already, it’s just the <0:19:40.6> and the burden of Samskaras to be thrown away, to be discarded and when he is there seeks what are you seeking for? Traveling? <0:20:05.5> you go no where, you come from nowhere, you -- your real self has always been is, was and forever will always be. It is there in its primal purity and these few little veils covering can be removed in this lifetime. That is the average man. Now you want to know what is the position of the Avatara? Good. (Coughs) The Avatara is the universal soul, the universal spirit. The Avatara contains within himself the entirety of the universe is here, there and everywhere. He permeates everything in existence for he is existence himself. Now, for any existence to be usef ul, it has to function in a harmonious manner. But as you find in the ocean, the waves rise and subside in big waves and small waves and at times greater and greater turbulence is caused, then because of the turbulence itself, it < 0:21:52.8 > a magnetic for ce, it would attract a counteracting power, a counteracting force to bring about a balance. This is what the Gita means when it says that when evil rises and to preserve the balance, I will be born again and again from age to age. This we have found in the life of personages like Christ and Buddha and Krishna and Rama. Now, this universal force is the largest of the largest and can make itself the smallest of the smallest. Now if that force ha s that power, then that force can also incarnate as a human being and he becomes totally human. He functions in the same way and manner as any other human being, but there is one difference, the difference is this that he knows I am that I am and I am using this instrument of a body to preserve, bring about the harmony that is missing. So, the Avatara, by will, incarnates; he can refuse if he wants to. Now this universal force has the characteristics of love and compassion. We are talking of the personal God. He has the characteristics of love and compassion so when he sees the imbalance, when he sees this magnetic force rising, he will not resist taking on a body. Now I have said many times before that the entirety of the universe is captured within one frail little human body; that is the suffering of the Avatara. When we say this great personage has suffered for us, this suffering was more because of a born. Whatever suffering they have in the ir span of life like Krishna or Buddha or Christ that they

5. SA78- 79 stand apart and watch it as a play. It is a play of no permanence, th e body is transient. Good. But the real suffering is to garner and gather all the energies of the universe and bring it down into that little body. Just imagine from the vastness of a great funnel and coming down through this little channel and becoming this little channel, yet the little channel carries the force within itself. It emanates the force without even trying where balance has become -- imbalance has become balanced. That is the great work of the Avatara. Now, does the Avatara need to choose a vehicle to be born? Yes, he chooses. He can choose any vehicle he likes, but he will not have any Karmic ties with the vehicles that he has chosen. Now this is the difference between the average man and the Avatara. The average man, because of his Karma, because of his Samskaras, has to choose a particular vehicle which would be conducive to him, that is the average man because he is still evolving while the Avatara is fully evolved. He can choose any vehicle while the average man by being born through certain parents has certain Karmic ties with those parents. The Avatara has no ties whatsoever. He takes birth for a purpose and the purpose is to bring about harmony which is synonymous with love. And for that in the short span of life, he might have to go through many trials and tribulations. He will have to go through many betrayals perhaps and we know of crucifixions etc. where people could not understand <0:27:50.2>, where people found whom to be a threat for the preservation of their own little personal eg os , where the transient ego tries to overcome that which is intransient, the eternal Avatara, the eternal wanderer that goes from planet to planet to planet all the time trying to bring about a balance, balance, balance. Whatever the Avatara does on this little planet earth does not only affect this planet earth, it affects the entire universe. The force and the power is so great, but it affects the entire universe. It is like if you have a pimple on your toe, your whole body does not feel well and if your beloved wife caresses your head when you're tired, your whole body feels well although the touch is only on the forehead. Likewise, the Avatara, whatever he goes through here in his spiritual state has an affect throughout the entire universe. To him, he and his body are apart, he does not identify himself with his body, but for practical purposes, to do work in the world, some identification is necessary and because the necessity of this identification, there is a faint glimmer of individuality and because of this faint glimmer of individuality and because of this faint glimmer of individuality, there is a faint ego. The ego is needed to preserve this body. It is needed to preserve individuality, yet this individuality of the Avatara is at the same time, simultaneously universe. It sounds paradoxical; it boggles the mind for it is not a subject for the mind, for the limited mind. Subject of realisation -- subject of realisation, an Avatara could pass you on the street and most -- most -- most people with the exception of a very few in this world will recognise that there goes God incarnate himself. You have to have the refinement yourself to recognise that, but yet you do not need total refinement for that

6. SA78- 79 recognition, for within you -- at your spiritual level, you are fully developed, you're fully refined and something shines from that inner spirit through you where your heart just accepts some feels. You see someone, I don’t know who, but there is something there. The mind cannot explain it, but the heart can feel to a certain extent. Now that is enough, let it feel to that little extent for that very staring of that feeling will become vaster and vaster and vaster and as you increase in that vastness, the greater the refinement of the subtle body would there be and when your spirit shines in its full glory through the cleaned window, when the spirit shines through without any obstruction, you will recognise the Avatara and so wait, the light in that Avatara in that little body is but me. So my light and his light is but one and that is how you merge away into the Avatara. You become one with the Avatara, for there we are dealing in the spiritual value of life and when we deal in the spiritual value of life, we find that this mind, this body, this subtle body is so transient -- transient, no permanency. To reach that stage, some effort is required, the effort is this to come to the realisation, not intellectualisation, but rea l heartfelt realisation that this all is transient and my salvation, my true happiness lies in realising the permanence amidst all these impermanent that surrounds me. So this comes with effort, this comes with understanding, this comes with spiritual practices and then you will see the Avatara, you’d be ready to meet him and if you are really ready to meet him, you will see his effulgent glory. Someone might sit here and be radiating spiritual force and light, how many could see it? Yes, but as we refine ourselves through spiritual practices, we have insight from the inner eye and this can be seen. Those that do not want to see will not see, those that do not want to hear will not hear. This is the goal of life, this is the difference between the average man and the Avatara and the goal of the Avatara is to bring about a greater balance and the goal and mission of the average man is to become one with the Avatara. And in that oneness, the so called average man of yesterday is part and parcel of the Avatara to bring tranquillity and peace, to bring harmony, to bring a new understanding, to open up hearts with <0:35:46.9> and love -- love -- love, that is the expression of divinity, nothing else -- nothing else -- nothing else. Okay? Fine, next question? Public: < 0:36:04.3 > Guru: Um-hmm good. Public: < 0:36:11.5 > Guru: Very good -- very good. Why are Avataras always a man? Why should they not be men?

1. SA78- 79 Guru: Himself. Public: < 0:00:02.3 > Guru: There is subtle < 0:00:14.7 > when a child is born or as the < 0:00:21.4 > much lower what is strongly believed to be. There are many people that believes < 0:00:32.3 > believe is that there is soul where the individual ity of the being takes from or enters the room < 0:00:46.3 > believe that a < 0:00:50.7 > has the ability to enter the room by the time of conception it could also change its mind and say “This is not right for me and < 0:00:59.9 > believe that the soul only ent ers the body, then the child is form ed . Now these are misconceptions , they are based on fixtures of the mind because by nature people want to find answers, believing they want to find answers or to please their minds and as a blind person < 0:01:39.5 > so th ey invent answers. The real truth as far as conception goes is this that contained within the sperm that impregnates the woman; the entire individuality including the subtle body and the spirit is there already. At this very moment around us there are mill ions of entities in a different plain of existence floating around . Now < 0:02:17.9 > human being emanates a certain kind of aura depending upon his evolutionary status. In other words, it also means that contained within the same work of the physical body, there is a subtle body. Now this subtle body has to permeate this physical body, but because it is so powerful that it abstains across the boundaries of the physical body . The more highly evolved person will have a larger aura to use that word. Then this < 0:03:00.6 > person will have an aura surrounding his physical body , perhaps just an inch and is it more? The life of the spirit shines through. The greater the clarity there is in the subtle body, the less Samskaras there are, the less turbulence release d s o much more the spiritual life shine through it. Now, the physical body has certain abilities and certain strengths as well as limitations, the subtle body have full greater strength, greater ability, but it is still confined within limitations which are more extended than the physical body, but the spiritual self of man is endless and vigorous, it could extend itself to the entire universe . So if the subtle body is pure, if the subtle body has reached a certain state of purity , then it gives a chance of t he spiritual body to shine through or emanate, gives forth its radiance and the aura of such a man could extend across the entire city. That is why we say that even the presence of a holy man has a uplifting effect. Why has it got an uplifting effect? Beca use what he emanates, call it vibration, call it magnetism, call it spiritual force , extends far and wide and in the extension of the spiritual force, he embraces one and all. Now, the average person is emanating a certain vibration all the time. Simply ca ll it -- call it the extension of the subtle body.

2. SA78- 79 With the millions and millions and millions of soul entities that are floating around here and now in different dimension are knowingly affected to that which is conducive to it. That means if the soul has reached a certain level, say it has reached six inches, it will be affected by the force which is generated by itself in the person whose -- or his extension is also six inches. So surrounding everyone, there are millions of these souls penetrating your body all the time. Now, we have found -- scientists have found that a little atom, if you magnify it large enough, you will find wide -- wide spaces in it. So it actually means that even the minutest atom is <0:06:28.4> likewise, this body being composed of all these atoms is very - - very close and being porous, a subtle substance could penetrate through it all the time. As I am sitting here or you are sitting there, millions of these cells are going right through me -- going right through me all the time back and forth, back and forth all the time and wherever the person goes, those are the entities which are light to that person is always around him all of the time. Now, being around him all the time, naturally it penetrates the sperm. Now, <0:07:35.8> in these entities of like nature, there would be one that could see more perfectly than the others and that is the entity. That will be born to one particular form. If every ejaculation it is said that three to five million forms are ejaculated and yet only one impregnates. That one impregnates not because it is stronger than the other sperms, but it is made stronger by that particular entity that haven’t touched itself to that particular sperm and that is why -- that is why conception takes place. The life essence, soul essence, spiritual essence, all these Sa m skaric and Karmic values are contained within that one sperm. Good. And that is how a particular person is born into this world. No person is born into this world by accident. There are many accidents i n the laws of nature, everything functions precisely , accurate ly , timelessly , every second, every fraction of a second is of equal importance in its intensity as an eternity. So when the time is ready, when the proper vehicle is found, or vehicles are foun d, then that entity takes birth. That is why all of us have individual characteristics because we come to this earth, to the school of life by choosing the proper vehicle to learn the lessons that we have to learn . That is why one person is born in Siberia and other in Americ a, one in China, one in England. It would be b orn in a -- in such a environment which would be most conducive to his evolution. Now, the laws of nature is not interested in your happiness and neither in your unhappiness for the present moment which means one life span. The laws of nature takes into account your entirety, from the very first primal atom to the time when one merges into divinity , all that is taken as a whole by the laws of nature. So, the laws of nature puts you into a ce rtain environment through certain parents to make you evolve. Now the very happiness that you’d be experiencing in a certain environment is also because of the laws of nature that you have the ability to use by your own Karma. So if your Karma demands that happiness for your evolution to learn lessons, you will hear that and if your Karmic values demand according to the laws of evolution and happiness, you will also have that. So, within the context, within the entirety, these

3. SA78- 79 little happiness ’ and unhappin ess’, these little pleasures and fames are of no constituents whatsoever, they have meaning, they have purpose for your evolution, but they are not important within themselves in the framework of evolution. Now when the entity is born within, s ay unhappy circumstances, because of his past Karma. Good. Now if he, to be involved in this unhappiness all the time, no -- no. If he allows himself to drift all the millions of lives, he will still reach the goal, he will. But man having developed the intellect, man having the ability to portray intelligence through his intellect, he can also become a master of the laws of nature and becoming a master of the laws of nature, he can guide his destiny from unhappiness to happiness. From a <0:13:38.3> from darkness to light. How is this done? I have come into this world with a big bundle of Karma and I have to carry this big bundle on my back uphill. How difficult and tough. So what do I do? The first thing one does is admittance and acceptance of the burden. I admit I have this problem, I accept I have this problem and having that attitude of acceptance, one develops what is called self surrender. Thy will be done -- thy will, the will of the spirit, the will of the laws of nature and the will that has been formulated b y my own Karma, I accept these unconditionally and when I accept these shortcomings in me unconditionally, I will develop a different attitude in climbing this hill. Now as soon as a person develops a different attitude through understandings gained, thro ugh realizations that have come, that path is not going to seem as others as it does seem now, that burden is not going to seem as heavy as it might have been with a negative attitude. So, the requirement is understanding and realization of the truth and w hen that happens, man assumes responsibility for himself. The greatest cu rse on mankind is this that he < 0:15:59.3 > responsibility. The greatest curse of mankind is this that always someone else is to blame for my misfortune; never say that I am responsibl e. Good. Now with this attitude, you're climbing the hill, but now you get worried, you get tired. But remember the very truth from your long way now how is it to strengthen himself. How he will strengthen himself is by doing the spiritual practices there by the impurities that are contained < 0:16:49.1 > Sam skaric burden that the subtle body contains become more lighter and lighter and lighter, becomes more and more clarified and as greater and greater clarification takes place, so the burden becomes lighter and lighter. Now this is evolution. Evolution can be expedited by proper understanding, proper realizations, spiritual practices, evolution then can be expedited. So the man who says “ I'm born so I'm happy ” , he too can say that, “I will turn my unhappines s into happiness ” yes, it is all within his power. Two million lifetimes can be lived in one lifetime, that in the normal course of time where two million lifetimes are required for self realization man has the power


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